TNA IMPACT 09 11 2008


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: September 11, 2008 (Taped: August 25-26)

Jeremy Borash & Sting: Jeremy Borash asked Sting what he has in store tonight, and Sting said “two words JB…. Jeff Jarrett!”

TNA World Heavyweight champion Samoa Joe + Kevin Nash: Samoa Joe said he wasn’t leaving tonight until he gets Sting’s head on a silver platter. Kevin Nash came out to the stage and said he invested six months of his life in Samoa Joe. Joe said after he’s done with Sting, Kevin Nash is next! Nash said he tried to teach Joe not to lose his temper, and he (Nash) lost his temper and it cost him a match with Kurt Angle. Nash said while Joe was looking up in the rafters, he’s got three other guys looking to take his title away. Nash said he has set something up tonight to prove that Joe isn’t ready. Nash said if Joe can go through three guys in one night he will know that Joe is ready. Joe said he keeps his promises and agreed to take Nash’s challenge, but after that he’s going after STING!

Lauren & The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky w/Kip James): Lauren said Angelina Love is focusing on a bogus beauty pageant tonight when she should be preparing for her title match at No Surrender. Angelina Love said that she will win the Knockout’s title at No Surrender, but tonight she is on a mission to humiliate Taylor Wilde!

Christian Cage defeated Abyss by DQ: The match ended when King Angle & Booker T attacked Christian Cage. Angle & Booker gave Abyss a chair and held Christian’s arms. Abyss dropped the chair and went after Angle & Booker, thus saving Christian. Angle held Abyss’ arms and Booker grabbed the chair but Matt Morgan hit the ring to save his tag partner (Abyss). Morgan & Abyss challenged Angle & Booker to a tag team match later tonight!

Taylor Wilde defeated Angelina Love (w/Velvet Sky & Kip James): The judges for this three part contest were the Prince Justice Brotherhood (Shark Boy & Curry Man & Super Eric). Angelina went first, followed by Taylor, and even though Angelina clearly had the more glamourous evening gown, the judges chose Taylor Wilde two votes to one!

Karen Angle & Steve Borton (Sting): Sting said he isn’t just demanding respect for the veterans, it’s respect for the entire wrestling business. Sting said he was ready to walk away from the business, but he had the nagging question of what would happen to wrestling? Sting said before he leaves he wants to bring respect back into wrestling. Sting said he wouldn’t treat a Ric Flair or Hulk Hogan the way A.J. Styles and Samoa Joe treated Kurt Angle and Booker T at No Surrender. Sting said that those guys (Joe and A.J.) need to learn respect and called it “tough love.” Sting said he doesn’t know where Jeff Jarrett stands but he’s on the edge of his seat waiting to find out.

A.J. Styles + Frank Trigg: A.J. Styles called out Frank Trigg to the ring. Trigg came out and called Styles a hillbilly, and belittled Styles’ accomplishments. Trigg said when they fight at No Surrender, they will fight his style – where you win by knockout or submission. Styles agreed and they shook hands. Trigg said “not a bad handshake for a little [BLEEP]” Styles tackled Triggs and they rolled around for a few seconds before a team of TNA security guards pulled them apart.

Lauren & Christian Cage: Christian said talked about the law of survival, saying he might not be the strongest or the fastest but he knows how to fight. Christian said No Surrender meant more to him because it is taking place in Toronto – one hour from where he grew up went to wrestling school.

Angelina Love (w/Velvet Sky & Kip James) defeated Taylor Wilde : The judges for this three part contest were the Prince Justice Brotherhood (Shark Boy & Curry Man & Super Eric). Taylor Wilde went first and was wearing a cute red, white & blue bikini (I guess in honor of 9/11). Angelina went second and scored extra points by giving Shark Boy & Curry Man a close-up of her aqua-colored bikini. Personally I think Taylor should have won, but Shark & Curry were influenced to vote for Angelina, giving her the win two votes to one.

Awesome Kong w/Raesha Saed) defeated Roxxi Laveaux: The finish saw Kong throw a chair at Roxxi’s head, and she suffered a big gash on her forehead – resulting in instant blood! Kong finished the bloodied Roxxi off with an Awesome-bomb and scored the 1-2-3. After the match, Saed ordered another Awesome-bomb, but ODB ran down and made the save! ODB didn’t like something the referee did so she whacked him across the back with a steel chair!

Samoa Joe defeated Johnny Devine: Samoa Joe easily finished Johnny Devine in a matter of thirty seconds.

Samoa Joe defeated Lance Rock (w/Christy Hemme & Jimmy Rave): It took Samoa Joe twice that amount of time to force Lance Rock to tap out to the Rear Naked Choke.

Samoa Joe defeated Tomko: This was a much tougher match, but Samoa Joe still managed to win after a Muscle-buster! After the match, Kevin Nash climbed into the ring and said he now believes that Samoa Joe was more than ready for No Surrender. Kevin Nash said he has taught Joe all he knows, and said “you’re on your own now, kid!” and they shook hands before parting ways.

Taylor Wilde defeated Angelina Love (w/Velvet Sky & Kip James): Angelina’s talent was an “oral presentation.” That comes off as lame and very desperate. Velvet Sky told a knock knock joke which insulted Taylor Wilde. Angelina read a poem for Taylor, “there once was a girl named Taylor, who sent to a school called Bailor. She scored first rank, in the class of skank, cause the whole football team nailed her!” Angelina & Velvet then sang “row row row your boat,” which had all three judges plugging their ears. Taylor Wilde’s talent was playing the drugs, and she actually rocked the iMPACT Zone pretty good! Curry Man voted for Angelina (as he did in every competition). Shark Boy voted for Taylor Wilde. Super Eric voted for Taylor Wilde, making Taylor the winner of the 1st Annual Beautiful People Beauty Contest! Jeremy Borash crowned Taylor and called her the “most beautiful person in TNA.” Kip James yelled at Taylor, so Taylor slapped “Cute” Kip! The Beautiful People attacked Taylor Wilde while Kip James held off the Prince Justice Brotherhood. Eventually Rhino ran down to make the save for TNA Knockout’s champion Taylor Wilde.

Kurt Angle & Booker T defeated Matt Morgan & Abyss: Team 3-D interfered and helped Angle & Booker get the victory over Morgan & Abyss. Team 3-D faces Morgan & Abyss at No Surrender.

Sting + TNA World champion Samoa Joe + Jeff Jarrett: Sting said he knows Jeff Jarrett is in the building so “come out come out wherever you are!” Sting said he had no problem with Jeff Jarrett, but Jarrett seems to have a problem with him, so come out and talk about it. Samoa Joe appeared in the rafter’s (Sting’s usual hiding place) and said Sting says he is disrespectful, or is Sting just insecure. Joe said Sting says he is a Punk – or does Sting just see him as a threat. Joe invited Sting to come to No Surrender, because he’ll be there but he won’t be coming alone. Jeff Jarrett’s music hit and Jarrett came out to the stage holding his trademark guitar over his head while looking in Sting’s direction!