TNA IMPACT 09 18 2008


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: September 18, 2008 (Taped: September 16)

TNA World Heavyweight champion Samoa Joe: Samoa Joe praised Christian Cage and Kurt Angle for busting their asses for the TNA fans at No Surrender. Joe said while they were busting their asses for TNA, where was Sting? Joe said he would die defending his belt, and asked when was the last time Sting sacrificed anything for TNA. Joe said at Bound For Glory it won’t be about respect, it will be Sting asking for his respect, and Joe promised to kick Sting’s ass around the ring. Joe finished by saying Sting can kiss his ass!

Jeremy Borash & Jeff Jarrett: Jeff Jarrett said he has something to say tonight and he hopes Sting will be listening.

Christian Cage & A.J. Styles defeated The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley): After the match, everybody shook hands but then Shelley & Sabin flipped them off with the middle finger! Mike Tenay said “this is what Sting has been talking about…the lack of respect from the young wrestlers here in TNA.”

Jeremy Borash & Booker T & Sharmell: Booker T said those two punks disrespected Christian Cage and that is exactly what Sting has been talking about. Booker T said that Jay Lethal has been disrespecting Randy “Macho Man” Savage. Jeremy Borash said he thinks Lethal is trying to honor the Macho Man because he was a fan when he was growing up. Booker T he would show Jay Lethal honor tonight. Sharmell said Booker T will watch and listen to what Jeff Jarrett has to say and then react. Borash noticed Booker T was holding a briefcase and asked what was inside, but Booker dismissed him on the spot!

Lauren & Sheik Abdul Bashir: Lauren said she guesses congratulations are in order for the Sheik winning the TNA X-Division title at No Surrender. The Sheik cut another great promo asking what John McCain and Barack Obama can do for him. The Sheik said he has a deep hatred and the X-Division belt is his hostage! The Sheik dared somebody to take it away from him. The Sheik asked if they were willing to lose everything, because he has nothing to lose.

The Prince Justice Brotherhood (Super Eric & Shark Boy & Curry Man) defeated Petey Williams (w/Rhaka Khan) & Johnny Devine & Jimmy Rave (w/Christy Hemme): Am I the only one who thinks the Prince Justice Brotherhood needs female super hero? How about Daffney? After the match, Johnny Devine & Jimmy Rave turned on Petey Williams. Lance Rock pushed down referee Shane Sewell, and Sewell ripped off his shirt and took the fight to Rock! Petey Williams joined Sewell in disposing of the three heels. Earl Hebner ran down to try to calm Shane Sewell down.

Jeremy Borash & Sting: Sting said he will be listening to Jeff Jarrett tonight, so speak now Jeff or forever hold your peace. Sting turned and climbed up to the rafters of the iMPACT Zone.

Mike Tenay & Matt Morgan: Mike Tenay announced that Matt Morgan has signed on to have his DNA sent to the international space station in October for “Opperation Immortality.”

Lauren & Matt Morgan & Abyss + Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon): Matt Morgan admitted that he was wrong at No Surrender, and apologized to Abyss for assuming that he hit him with a chair. Abyss said it was okay, and ripped out some of his hair to give to Morgan as a gift. Morgan said that he and Abyss are unstoppable and they proved it at No Surrender by defeating Team 3-D. Morgan said he signed them on for a Tag Team Invitational Tournament at Bound For Glory. Team 3-D showed up, but security held them back as they bad-mouthed Abyss & Morgan. Brother Ray spewed a series of excuses for why they lost at No Surrender and said they would be in the match at Bound For Glory too.

Jackie Moore & Hector Guerrero + Robert Roode & James Storm + LAX (Homicide & Hernandez) + Tracy Brooks: Jackie Moore entered the iMPACT Zone through the LAX entrance and picked a fight with Spanish Announcer Hector Guerrero. Hector took off his headset, but was sneak-attacked by Robert Roode & James Storm. They threw Guerrero into the ring to continue the assault but Homicide & Hernandez hit the ring to save their mentor. Tracy Brooks came out and ordered Jackie and Hector to report to Jim Cornette‘s office right now.

Roxxi Laveaux: Terry Taylor, Tracy Brooks, Taylor Wilde, and others talked about Roxxi being “hardcore” and bringing something different to the TNA Knockout’s division.

Jim Cornette & Tracy Brooks & Jackie Moore & Hector Guerrero: Jackie Moore and Hector Guerrero were yelling at each other when Tracy Brooks screamed “shut up!” Tracy said Jackie took out Salinas at No Surrender, and now she is going after Hector Guerrero. Tracy said there was no man-on-woman violence in TNA but in the case of Hector and Jackie she is going to allow it. Tracy booked Beer Money & Jackie against LAX & Hector Guerrero at Bound For Glory.

Sting: Sting said Samoa Joe’s words cut right to the bone. Sting said Joe was not smart enough to know what is going on. Sting said when Joe was sucking his thumb he (Sting) was running up and down the road wrestling 340 days of the year wrestling in small gymnasium’s for $20 – $50 on a good day. Sting said he hasn’t forgotten where he came from. Sting said he learned respect from the best in the business, and took example from the greatest. Sting asked Joe what he’s going to do in fifteen years when disrespect gets up in his face. Sting said he learned from Magnum TA, Nikita Koloff, Dusty Rhodes, Tully Blanchard, and the Nature Boy Ric Flair! Sting said Joe was bigger, faster, stronger, and younger than him, but he has a few tricks up his sleave. Sting said Bounce for Glory will be SHOWTIME!

Jeremy Borash & Christian Cage & A.J. Styles: A.J. Styles said Booker T was trying to stir the pot and get between he and Christian. Styles said people are chosing sides and he and Christian were definitely on the same page. Christian asked which side that was, and Styles said “our side.” Christian said he doesn’t like when people make decisions for him, and told Styles not to forget who put him in the spotlight.

EDITOR’S NOTE: That makes EIGHT non-wrestling segments in a row. Half the audience just went to bed.

Lauren & “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal: Jay Lethal said he doesn’t need anybody’s pity, and he is in a really bad mood! Lethal said he was betrayed by Sonjay Dutt and So-Cal.. I’m not even gonna say her name.. and he’s going to kill them if he sees them. Lethal addressed Booker T accusing him of disrespecting Randy Savage. Lethal said he takes pride in honoring Randy Savage, and tonight there will be a whole lot of disrespecting when he disrespects Booker T all over the arena!

Booker T w/Sharmell defeated “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal: Mike Tenay remembered the time Jay Lethal scored an upset victory over Kurt Angle.

Lauren & The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky w/Kip James): Angelina Love was crying over waking up this morning with a blemish on her face. Lauren asked if it was a pimple, and the Beautiful People freaked out saying only skanks get pimples. Angelina said she needed to see her dermitoligist, and that she pays him by the hour.

Rhino & Taylor Wilde defeated “Cute” Kip James & Velvet Sky: Angelina Love ran down and gave Velvet a steel pipe, but Taylor ducked and scored the pinfall to win! The Beautiful People & Kip James proved to be sore losers with a post-match assault on Rhino & Taylor. Kip James planted Rhino with the famousser (or whatever he’s calling it these days). Taylor Wilde snuck in and took out both of the Beautiful People. Kip James was thinking about hitting Taylor when Awesome Kong (w/Raesha Saed) hit the ring! Taylor jumped over the top rope onto Kong and took some shots at Raesha Saed. Just as it was getting hot, they cut to commercial. Back from commercial, both Taylor Wilde & Rhino received the brown paper bag treatment at the hands of Love, Sky, James, Kong, and Saed.

Jeff Jarrett + Sting + Kurt Angle: Jeff Jarrett walked down to the ring with his trademark guitar and was greeted by chants of “welcome back!”. Jarrett started by admitting that he is the founder of TNA Wrestling. Jarrett said when WCW went out of business he had a vision of creating a wrestling organization to give young hopefuls a start in the business. Jarrett said he wanted TNA to be the place for guys who deserve their big break. Jarrett thanked the “good Lord,” his precious wife Jill (who passed away over a year ago), a great financial partner (Panda Energy), and millions of fans around the world. The fans chanted “thank you, Jeff!” Jarrett there have been some things going on that he cannot ignore. Jarrett said he had some things to say to Sting, and asked him to come out to the ring. Jarrett told everybody that he and Sting have been in the game a long time. Jarrett said that his father gave Sting his break in the business, the break that he has been trying to give to others. Jarrett said he has been listening to what Sting has been saying lately, and got in Sting’s face when he said “you are full of crap!” Jarrett said he had a dream, which became a reality, and then it became a phenomenon because of guys like A.J. Styles & Samoa Joe. Jarrett said in the past six years, guys like Joe & A.J. have literally carried TNA on their back. Jarrett said every step of the way, they showed him (Jarrett) respect just like he showed them. Jarrett said it wasn’t about disrespect, it was really about WCW going out of business because the veterans wouldn’t pass the torch to the young guys. Jarrett said the old guys wanted to keep their spot, their position, their stinkin’ fat pay check! Jarrett said it’s about 20-30 guys in the dressing room – not one of them a day over 30 years old nipping at Sting’s heels. Jarrett that Sting, Booker T, and Kurt Angle only want to take take take and not give give give. Jarrett looked at Sting and said “this ain’t WCW… it’s TNA! And I’m not gonna stand for it!” As if things weren’t tense enough, Kurt Angle showed up next to confront Jeff Jarrett. Angle asked why Sting gets to talk face-to-face, but Jarrett talks behind him back. Jarrett said when he had to step back to take care of family issues he hand-picked Kurt Angle to fill his shoes, and said that was the worst decision he’s ever made in his life. Jarrett said he was ashamed to say it, but Angle has lost his family, his wife, his TNA title, and his Gold medals. Jarrett said the only thing Angle has left to lose is his stinkin’ dignity. Angle said Jarrett left the business two years ago because he was over the hill.. expired! Angle said two years ago at Bound For Glory, Sting kicked Jarrett’s ass. Angle said Jarrett went out and found Kurt Angle, a younger better version of himself. Angle said he carried TNA, not A.J. and not Joe, and not once did Jarrett thank him for saving the company. Angle said Jarrett, and the fans, were assholes! Angle demanded respect, and suggested that he and Jarrett trade punches at Bound For Glory. Jarrett said he is the founder of TNA Wrestling, not a wrestler, and has nothing left to prove. Angle said if Jarrett was not a wrestler, then get the hell out of his ring and don’t come back! Jarrett warned Angle not to push him, saying that Angle wants no part of him….. Jarrett said “BUT!” and pointed at the big screen where Mick Foley’s face came up and Foley said “Hi Kurt, remember me? Hello everybody in the iMPACT Zone! Kurt I think what Jeff is trying to say is… it’s REAL… it’s DAMN REAL! Bang Bang!”