TNA IMPACT 11 13 2008


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: November 13, 2008 (Taped: November 10)

Jeremy Borash & Jeff Jarrett & Mick Foley: Jeff Jarrett addressed the Main Event Mafia’s string of victories at Turning Point and said it doesn’t matter how many times you get knocked down, it’s how many times you get yourself up. Mick Foley said somebody needs to go out and address the TNA Originals personally. Foley said that he was embarrassed at Turning Point and pointed the finger at the Motor City Machine Guns.

“Executive Shareholder” Mick Foley + The TNA Originals: Mick Foley said it wasn’t a stellar night at Turning Point for some of the TNA Originals. Foley called out A.J. Styles, Samoa Joe, the Motor City Machine Guns, Eric Young, Petey Williams, Black Machismo (Jay Lethal), and Consequences Creed. Foley said he wasn’t embarrassed by their efforts, and praised the heart they all showed at Turning Point. Foley noticed Alex Shelley “playing with a booger” and reamed him out in front of the others. Foley said he would deal with Alex Shelley next week. Foley told the group that they need to learn how to learn from their mistakes or the Main Event Mafia will beat them every single time. Foley announced that Eric Young earned a shot at Sheik Abdul Bashir’s TNA X-Division title and gave him that match tonight! Foley praised A.J. Styles & Samoa Joe and booked them against TNA World Tag Team champions Beer Money Inc. (Robert Roode & James Storm). Foley then booked “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal in a match with Sting for the TNA World Heavyweight title. Foley looked at the troops and suggested that they step up to the plate and hit one out of the park tonight!

Lauren Brooke & Christian Cage + The Main Event Mafia (Kurt Angle & Sting & Kevin Nash & Scott Steiner & Booker T & Sharmell): Christian was distraught over being forced to join the Main Event Mafia. The Mafia showed up and sarcastically welcomed Christian into the group. Angle said they would give Christian a welcoming party tonight. Steiner gave Christian his “uniform,” but Cage threw it in the trash..

Lauren Brooke & ODB: ODB was building a “set” for her new talk show that was debuting next week. ODB was using materials that she found in the dumpster to build her “set.”

Awesome Kong & Rhaka Khan w/Raisha Saeed defeated Roxxi Laveaux & Taylor Wilde:

Lauren Brooke & The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin): Alex Shelley said he didn’t know how Samoa Joe & A.J. Styles got to the front of the line. Shelley continued to cut a Detroit-style promo and said they should be in the front of the line. Chris Sabin said they will do it like they do it in Detroit…. by any means necessary.

Lauren Brooke & Tracy Brooks & Raisha Saed & Awesome Kong & Rhaka Khan: Raisha Saed demanded that Tracy Brooks give her some new opponents, and if she doesn’t then next week she will start feeding on innocent civilians. Lauren asked Rhaka why she abandoned Taylor Wilde last week, and she replied “who wouldn’t want to be on the side of the beast.”

Eric Young defeated Sheik Abdul Bashir to win the TNA X-Division title: The Sheik continues to have problems with referee Shane Sewell – why would they keep letting Sewell ref the Sheik’s matches when there is a conflict of interest? The Sheik hit Eric Young with a low-blow and went for the pin behind the referee’s back, but Shane Sewell stopped the count after sensing that something was wrong. The Sheik scolded Sewell for not doing his job and shoved him to the ground! Sewell ripped off his shirt and went after the Sheik, punching him repeatedly, slapping him, and taking him down with a drop kick! Eric Young hit the EY-driver and scored the 1-2-3 to capture the TNA X-Division championship!! All of the TNA Originals ran down to celebrate with Eric Young while senior referee Earl Hebner showed up to yell at Shane Sewell for not being a professional.

Lauren Brooke & Eric Young & The TNA Originals: Lauren congratulated Eric Young on winning his first TNA X-Division title. Young dedicated the victory to Mick Foley. Young told the troops that Mick opened their eyes and from here on out it was their time to shine. Young seemed to really motivate the troops, but A.J. & Joe remained calm off to the side..

ROUGH CUTZ: Featuring LAX Hernandez..

Jeremy Borash & The Main Event Mafia (Kurt Angle & Sting & Kevin Nash & Scott Steiner & Booker T & Sharmell) + Petey Williams: Jeremy Borash said that with Eric Young’s victory that the TNA Originals were on a roll. Kurt Angle said that Eric Young didn’t beat anybody in the Main Event Mafia. Petey Williams came in and Booker T wanted to throw him out. Scott Steiner, who has a history with Petey Williams, told Petey that if he wanted to talk to him privately then he can do it after his match..

Lauren Brooke & “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal: Jay Lethal was pumped about his title shot and said “God bless the new President and God bless my new boss!” Petey Williams wished Black Machismo luck with three hand slaps. Lauren reminded Petey to be careful when he talks to Scott Steiner tonight, but Petey said he and Scotty were friends.

“Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner defeated “The War Machine” Rhino: Kurt Angle joined Mike Tenay & Don West on commentary until he saw that Rhino was setting up for the GORe! Angle got up and hooked Rhino’s leg and Scott Steiner hit his finisher on Rhino for the win!

Jeremy Borash & TNA World champion Sting: Sting said he’s heard it all before, and promised that the TNA Originals are their own worst enemy. Sting said the TNA Originals don’t respect the veterans, they don’t respect each other either..

Sting defeated “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal to retain the TNA World Heavyweight title: The Motor City Machine Guns showed up and tried to interfere on Jay Lethal’s behalf but Lethal physically tossed them out of the ring. Sting took advantage of the lack of focus and scored the victory and left with his championship. A.J. Styles & Samoa Joe hit the ring and yelled at Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin. ODB, Consequences Creed, and Eric Young joined in and the TNA Originals were clearly not on the same page!

Petey Williams & The Main Event Mafia: While the TNA Originals were falling apart in the ring, Petey Williams was getting assaulted by Scott Steiner and the Main Event Mafia backstage. Steiner pushed Williams up onto a ladder and pushed him down to the hard floor (off camera)!

Lauren Brooke & Petey Williams & The TNA Originals: The TNA Originals returned backstage to find their buddy Petey Williams laying unconcious in a pool of blood….

Jeremy Borash & TNA World Tag Team champions Beer Money Inc. (Robert Roode & James Storm w/Jackie Moore): Robert Roode said just because Mick Foley is an “executive shareholder” in TNA doesn’t mean he can tell them what to do. Roode told Mick Foley to hit the road – and James Storm started singing “hit the road, Jack.. and doncha come back no more no more no more!”

Samoa Joe & A.J. Styles defeated TNA World Tag Team champions Beer Money Inc. (Robert Roode & James Storm w/Jackie Moore) by DQ: Team 3-D joined Mike Tenay & Don West on commentary. Late in the match, Brother Ray spit beer in James Storm’s eyes and caused the disqualification. Team 3-D knocked Robert Roode & James Storm out of the ring, but this did not make Samoa Joe & A.J. Styles happy! A.J. & Joe confronted Team 3-D but it didn’t turn into anything too explosive..

The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky) & Cute Kip James: The Beautiful People were wearing sexy Sara Palin glasses. Angelina Love said that they admire Sara Palin and anybody who spends $150,000 of campaign money on a wardrobe deserves a position with the Beautiful People. Velvet Sky invited Sara Palin to join them in the iMPACT Zone in exchange for a $50,000 check to a charity of her choice. Good luck with that! Angelina said if Sara Palin becomes a member of the Beautiful People she will finally know what it’s like to be apart of a winning team. Kip James turned around and said “I’m Cute Kip, and I approve this message!”

The Main Event Mafia (Kurt Angle & Kevin Nash & Booker T/Sharmell & Scott Steiner) + Christian Cage: Kurt Angle called out Christian Cage for his welcoming into the Main Event Mafia. Christian came out with his hands in his pockets. Angle told Christian that when they give him a suit to wear, he should wear it. Angle said they were there to welcome Christian into their family. Angle went through each member of the Main Event Mafia, saying what they offer the group. Angle addressed the rumors that Christian was planning to jump ship to the WWE. Angle said they all had that offer from WWE, but they all stayed in TNA. Angle said this wasn’t a welcoming party, it was a “going away party.” Angle said that tonight Christian will sleep with the fishes, and suddenly the Main Event Mafia jumped him and took turns beating the crap out of him!