TNA IMPACT 12 18 2008


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: December 18, 2008 (Taped: December 9)

Rhino defeated Lance Rock: After the match, Rhino called out the TNA Frontline.

Rhino & The TNA Frontline: Rhino was joined in the ring by Samoa Joe, A.J. Styles, Eric Young, ODB, Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Jay Lethal, and Consequences Creed. Rhino screamed into the camera at the Main Event Mafia for what they did to Brother Devon last week. Not sure why Brother Devon was not in the ring. Rhino said he would beat Sting at Genesis for “Bubba Ray” and every member of the Frontline. Why did Rhino get the title shot? He lost at Final Resolution. A.J. Styles said he hoped Matt Morgan & Abyss rip the heads off of Scott Steiner & Booker T tonight. Styles said he and Joe have Sting & Kevin Nash in Six Sides of Steel tonight. Samoa Joe said what the Mafia did to Brother Ray last week is nothing compared to what he will do to them tonight. Joe said the Mafia will step into the cage and realize, “Joe, is going to kill you.”

Jeremy Borash & Kurt Angle: Kurt Angle said there will be bloodshed tonight, and it’s going to be from the TNA Frontline. Angle said if you ask for the gun, you’re gonna get the bullets too. Angle said tonight he will pay tribute to Jeff Jarrett tonight, because after Genesis, Jeff Jarrett will be extinct. Angle said he had a special guest tonight and you’re not going to want to miss it – Bang! Bang!

Lauren Brooke & The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley): Chris Sabin talked about his tournament match tonight and said Lauren has the chance to be the meat in a Motor City Sandwich later tonight. Lauren wondered what would happen if Shelley and Sabin met in the finals of the tournament?

Chris Sabin w/Alex Shelley defeated Sonjay Dutt w/So-Cal Val: Sheik Abdul Bashir came out with the bloody towel wrapped around his head and sat in a chair on the stage.

Lauren Brooke & The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky) & Cute Kip & the Fake Sarah Palin: They are really beating this gimmick into the ground. Velvet & Love were dressed in unsexy outfits picked out by the fake Palin. Sarah Palin (who was played by the infamous Daffney) suggested they get their hair and make-up done. Cute Kip stepped in and said he was the fashion consultant and they don’t need any of Palin’s help. Kip tried to tell the Beautiful People that Palin was a FAKE, but once again the dumb blondes wouldn’t listen to him. Cute Kip stormed off and Angelina & Velvet sat down to get their hair done.

ODB & Christy Hemme: ODB made comments about Christy Hemme’s boobs and she jumped up and down a little bit. ODB mentioned how Hemme won the Diva Search and posed for Playboy. ODB also said that the carpets matched the drapes, if you know what I mean. ODB asked about Hugh Hefner’s balls and Hemme laughed. ODB said her pet peeve is the Playboy Diva girls putting on wrestling boots and thinking they are wrestlers. Christy said there is a lot of that going on, and that is why she is glad she is in TNA where she can learn from being in the ring. ODB gave Hemme credit for stepping into the ring with Kong at Final Resolution. Raisha Saeed showed up and attacked Christy Hemme, and ODB tried to help her but she was attacked by Rhaka Khan!

Jeremy Borash & The Main Event Mafia (Sting & Kurt Angle & Kevin Nash & Scott Steiner & Booker T) & Mick Foley: Mick Foley was hanging out with the Main Event Mafia again this week. Foley was having a good time but said he was concerned about what happened last week (with Brother Ray). Foley said Brother Ray challenged Kurt to a wrestling match, not a gang [bleep]. Angle defended his actions, saying it turned into a Street Fight. Foley said he would have taken the challenge one-on-one. Angle said the business was built on brotherhood, and when you fight one of the Mafia, you fight all of them. Foley wanted Angle to promise that there would be no more beat-down, and then they shared some champaign.

ROUGH CUTZ: Beer Money Inc.’s Robert Roode.

The Main Event Mafia (Scott Steiner & Booker T w/Sharmell) defeated Matt Morgan & Abyss: Late in the match, Abyss took a blind swing at Sharmell and missed by a mile, but Sharmell pretended like Abyss cold-cocked her. In the ring Booker T & Scott Steiner double-teamed Matt Morgan and finished him off.

Kurt Angle + Jeff Jarrett: Kurt Angle walked to the ring displaying the new TNA DVD entitled “Kurt Angle: Champion.” Angle said he would like to talk about Jeff Jarrett and his career. Angle showed pictures of Jeff’s early years as a pro-wrestler, saying he won the rookie of the year. Angle then talked about “Double J” making it to the World Wrestling Federation, winning 7 Intercontinental titles and a Tag Team title with the late great Owen Hart. This started an OWEN chant. Angle said Angle went to WCW and beat guys like Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner, Ric Flair, and Diamond Dallas Page to become a 4-time World champion. Angle said that Jarrett then started his own wrestling company and TNA was born. Angle said within six years TNA became a world reknowned company. Angle said Jarrett built an empire. Angle said Jarrett came out of retirement and screwed him at Bound For Glory. Angle talked about Genesis, where the story book will come to a tragic end. Angle said Jarrett did everything he could to survive in the business but he will drown in a pool of his own blood at Genesis. Angle said the wrestling community can live without Jeff Jarrett. Angle showed pictures of Jarrett’s three daughters and said they would become orphans after Genesis. This was a really great promo up until this point. Angle said that “Uncle Kurt” might adopt them and make them his. Jeff Jarrett came out and called Angle a worthless son of a bitch. BG James, Scott D’Amore (he still works for TNA?), and Terry Taylor came out to stop Jarrett from going to the ring. Angle jumped out of the ring and a team of security had to hold him back.

Jeremy Borash & Jeff Jarrett & BG James + Mick Foley: BG James was trying to talk some sense into Jeff Jarrett and calm him down when Mick Foley walked in. Jarrett walked out and BG James told Foley that it was half his fault!

Kiyoshi (Akira Raijin) defeated Consequences Creed: Since TNA won’t push anybody unless they own their name, Kiyoshi is the TNA name for All Japan wrestler Akira Raijin, who is a protege of The Great Muta and has actually stolen the Muta gimmick. He looked like and even acted like the Great Muta. Kiyoshi used the Muta Moonsault to finish off Consequences Creed!

Lauren Brooke & The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky) & Cute Kip & the Fake Sarah Palin: Cute Kip protested what the fake Sarah Palin did to the Beautiful People. Velvet & Angelina whined and complained about what they looked like without make-up. The fake Sarah Palin asked if the girls wanted to be wrestlers or roll-models. The fake Palin somehow convinced the dumb blondes to get back on board with her plan.

ANNOUNCEMENT: They showed clips of Brother Ray getting destroyed by the Main Event Mafia last week. Mike Tenay said they Ray suffered a concussion, multiple broke ribs, and a busted ear-drum. They said that Ray would be out indefinitely.

Mike Tenay & Shane Sewell: Mike Tenay talked about the three physical altercations with Sheik Abdul Bashir which led to his suspension as a referee. Shane Sewell talked about wrestling all over the world, and dreaming of wrestling in the big leagues. Sewell explained that he injured his neck in a match in Puerto Rico. Sewell said he had a hard decision to make so he applied for a referee job at TNA. Sewell said he needs this job, and can’t afford to lose the job. Sewell said he doesn’t want to referee the Sheik’s matches, but that’s not his decision. Sewell said he won’t back down from anybody, and if the Sheik costs him his job he will not leave peacefully.

ODB & Christy Hemme defeated Raisha Saeed & Rhaka Khan: After the match, Awesome Kong showed up and destroyed Christy Hemme & ODB with a pair of Implant Busters. SUICIDE (Frankie Kazarian) flew into the ring on a zip line and Kong quickly bailed out. The lights went out for a few seconds and SUICIDE disappeared.

Jeremy Borash & The Main Event Mafia (Sting & Kevin Nash): Jeremy Borash asked Sting if things had gotten out of hand and Sting asked Kevin Nash to answer. Nash said nobody has more integrity than Sting, and scolded Borash for his question. Nash said Sting was the Gold standard for years and he (Nash) never spit in Sting’s face like A.J. Styles did. Nash said that the TNA Frontline started the war. Nash said he can’t go out there by himself, and asked Sting if he was with him. Sting took his baseball bat and followed Nash out the door.

Jeremy Borash & Mick Foley: Mick Foley said Jeff Jarrett was upset and he will settle it with Kurt Angle in the ring at Genesis. Foley said Angle sometimes says things that he doesn’t mean and will give him a pass this time (that’s a line Kurt used on Mick a few weeks ago). Borash asked Foley whose side he was on, and Foley explained that he doesn’t really have a side – but cited that he’s been disrespected every week by a little punk named Alex Shelley. Foley said sometimes you have to go with a proven winner and had to consider his options. Foley said he wasn’t okay with what happened to Brother Ray and the Main Event Mafia has told him that kind of stuff will not happen again. Foley got fired up and said he would do things that were right for business.

Samoa Joe & A.J. Styles defeated The Main Event Mafia (Kevin Nash & Sting): Only one person had to escape the cage to win the match. Lame. Of course it was A.J. Styles who used Kevin Nash as a step ladder and climb up the cage and down the other side to win the match. This meant that Samoa Joe was locked inside the cage with Kevin Nash & Sting. The Mafia guys put the boots to Joe and Nash smashed Styles in the head with the cage door! Joe mounted a come-back on Nash, and knocked Sting out the door. Kurt Angle ran down with a chair, but Joe kicked the chair into Angle’s face! Booker T ran in next and he got thrown into the cage by Joe. Scott Steiner stepped into the cage and Joe crotched him on the middle rope. Joe flattened a chair in the middle of the ring and set up Angle for a Muscle-buster, but Nash waffled Joe in the back with the chair. Steiner locked the door, which meant Samoa Joe was trapped inside the cage with four members of the Mafia – Sting being left outside on the floor. Where the hell is the TNA Frontline? Styles tried to scale the cage but kept getting knocked down. Finally the Frontline showed up and attacked Sting at ringside, while some of them tried to bust into the cage. Inside the structure, the Mafia assaulted Joe’s arm and Angle put him in the Anklelock as the show went off the air. Don West screamed “where the hell is Mick Foley?”