TNA IMPACT 01 31 2008

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– The big news coming from the broadcast was that TNA Management Director Jim Cornette delivered on his promise to offer Samoa Joe a new contract, but things didn’t work out as Cornette planned. During the in-ring contract signing, Matt Morgan made the mistake of ticking off Samoa Joe – leading to Joe brawling with Morgan and putting him through a table. Joe left without signing the contract, which obviously enraged Cornette.

– In the main event of the broadcast, TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle battled Tomko with AJ Styles appointed special referee by Cornette. AJ was forced to call it down the middle, or Cornette told him his TNA contract would be terminated. During the bout, Christian Cage got involved and ultimately helped Tomko win, although Tomko didn’t realize it and AJ was knocked cold on the outside. After the match, Crystal caught up to Christian Cage, who said “Tomko wants to do what’s best for Tomko….well so do I!” has learned that after the broadcast, Cage was telling people he hopes Tomko will resolve his differences with “The Instant Classic” next Thursday night! Will Tomko agree to hear Cage out?

– Also on the broadcast, Booker T appeared in a taped interview talking about Sharmell’s recovery. However, Booker was actually setting up Robert Roode, who he attacked after a mixed match with Sonjay Dutt, Eric Young and Traci Brooks against Roode, Payton Banks and James Storm. Booker got a small measure of revenge, but nothing compared towhat he will try to do to Roode at Against All Odds next Sunday.

– Footage also aired on the broadcast of Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar discussing their history and Lesnar’s upcoming UFC Pay-Per-View debut.


– “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner and “The Maple Leaf Muscle” Petey Williams teamed up to take on The Rock N’ Rave Infection. During the broadcast, Steiner took saw his opportunity to take possession of both Feast Or Fired briefcases and left Williams to fend for himself. However, when Williams tried to stop Steiner from leaving, Steiner smashed him with one of the cases – leading to the win for the Rock N’ Rave Infection.

– Kip James of the Voodoo Kin Mafia faced Hernandez of the Latin American Xchange in singles action. But, VKM’s voodoo queen Roxxi Laveaux cost Kip the match when her interference backfired. After the bout, an enraged Kip James went off on Roxxi and told her to “hit the bricks” because she was fired! However, there’s no word on if BG James agreed with Kip’s decision.

– Team 3D and Johnny Devine continued their war of words with “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal and The Motor City Machineguns on the broadcast leading up to their Hardcore Street Fight at the Against All Odds Pay-Per-View. The Machineguns and Lethal attempted to mock Team 3D’s past, but it resulted in a hardcore beating from the legendary tag team.

– Kaz challenged Black Reign to face him in a bout next week where Reign’s pet rat Misty will be up for grabs in a pole match.

– In a three-way TNA Knockouts Match, Angelina Love defeated Roxxi Laveaux and ODB.