TNA IMPACT 02 28 2008

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There are several major news items for report from Thursday’s “iMPACT!” broadcast as TNA Wrestling counts down the days until the March 9 “Destination X” Pay-Per-View event:

– On Thursday’s broadcast, Kurt and Karen Angle were still arguing about their career and marriage. In fact, Kurt was especially mean-spirited to Karen, making her cry as a result. Karen’s “other husband” AJ Styles came to her defense, with AJ even asking Angle to apologize to her, but the TNA World Heavyweight Champion wouldn’t hear any of it.

Kurt Angle faced Kevin Nash in the main event on the broadcast – Nash looked to have it won after hitting his Powerbomb on Angle, but referee Earl Hebner was on the outside (along with AJ Styles) tending to Karen Angle, who had been knocked down inadvertently by Angle during the bout. Kurt Angle took that opportunity to hit Nash with a low blow and score the pin with the Olympic Slam.

– In addition, Booker T called out Robert Roode to settle their war once and for all, but Roode’s manager Payton Banks came out instead – telling Booker that Roode was en route and would arrive later. When Payton ended up slapping Booker, Traci Brooks came out and the two ladies brawled in a catfight! Later in the broadcast, all four TNA superstars ended up fighting again – and this time Roode and Banks handcuffed Booker and Brooks to the ring ropes and beat them unmercifully!

– Shark Boy and Curry Man were scheduled to face Team 3D, but neither Brother Ray nor Brother Devon could make weight this week. As a result, Shark Boy put out an open challenge, which was answered by Black Reign and Rellik. Team 3D and Johnny Devine got involved in the bout as did Kaz and Eric Young…but once again, Young was afraid to get near Rellik and Black Reign!

– In tag team action, “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner (along with Rhaka Khan) and “Maple Leaf Muscle” Petey Williams defeated X Division Champion “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal and “The Guru” Sonjay Dutt when Williams beat Dutt with the Canadian Destroyer. Prior to the bout, Steiner told Williams that he was almost ready for his “initiation”…but Steiner didn’t elaborate what that meant.

– Also on the broadcast, Eric Young faced James Stom in a Ladder Match for the Drinking Championship. Due to an apparent fear of heights, Storm was hesitant to climb the ladder – so Jacqueline did it for him and pulled down the title! However, after the bout “The War Machine” Rhino hit the ring and nailed Storm with a GORE – and also took the Drinking Championship in the process!

– In singles action, TNA Women’s Champion Awesome Kong annihilated Angelina Love, even injuring her during the bout. After the match, both ODB and Gail Kim hit the ring to attempt to inflict damage on Kong before the three-way title match at Destination X.