TNA IMPACT 02 19 2009


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: February 19, 2009 (Taped: February 10)

Jeff Jarrett & Jim Cornette + Mick Foley:

Kurt Angle: Kurt Angle told Jim Cornette to step aside and let the founder of TNA (Jeff Jarrett) finally make a right decision. Angle said everybody got their wish, the total demise of the Main Event Mafia. Angle said that he always said that the only way it would be brought down is from the inside. Angle said that Sting has put himself first and the family last. Angle said tonight it will either be Sting or him, and said he wanted to clear the arena so there would be no distractions.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Lauren Brooke interviewed the Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin). Sabin said that the Frontline locker room is starting to make him sick. Sabin said all he and Alex have done since day one is put others before themselves. Jay Lethal & Consequences Creed suddenly showed up and attacked Sabin & Shelley!

The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) defeated Lethal Consequences (Jay Lethal & Consequences Creed): They used chairs and a ladder as weapons.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Jeremy Borash asked Jim Cornette to announce the decision that was made by himself, Jeff Jarrett, and Mick Foley. Cornette said he wanted it known that he doesn’t agree with the decision. Cornette announced that everybody would leave the building except the camera men and the announcers so Kurt Angle and Sting will be given the ring and the opportunity to settle their differences.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: The rest of the Main Event Mafia tried to talk Kurt Angle out of facing Sting in an empty arena match later tonight. Angle said tonight it will be him or Sting. Steiner said it didn’t have to be that way. Angle said Sting has been disrespecting all of them. Booker T disagreed, saying he’s been down the road with Sting many times and he’s never disrespected him. Angle said maybe it should be Booker T & Sting against him in a Handicap match. Kevin Nash stepped in before things got out of hand. Nash kicked Booker T & Sharmell out of the dressing room along with Jeremy Borash. Booker T was shocked that he was kicked out of the clubhouse. A.J. Styles suddenly showed up and attacked Booker T. Sharmell screamed and ran to get help but nobody showed up!

Beer Money Inc. (Robert Roode & James Storm w/Jackie Moore): Robert Roode said tonight’s show has been extremely boring. (Editor’s Note: *speechless*) – Roode said they were the tag team champions and that means they were the best. Roode said they have come up with a very special idea called the “Off The Wagon Challenge.” James Storm explained that they would put the World Tag Team titles on the line against any place, any time, against anybody! Storm said if you win, you become the World Tag Team champions, but if you lose you have to leave TNA forever.

Lauren Brooke & Roxxi & Taylor Wilde & The Governor: Roxxi said she hopes the Beer Money challenge applied to the Knockouts too. Roxxi made some vulgar comments and the Governor (Daffney) said it was a family show. Lauren Brooke asked if the hijinx were over, and the Governor said why stop now when it’s so easy to screw with those Beautiful People. Taylor Wilde asked why the Beautiful People can’t take a joke. Taylor said up until now they have lived in their own little world. Taylor challenged the Beautiful People to a match and said two against three that their odds suck.

Abyss & Dr. Stevie (Richards): Abyss talked about the river of crimson flowing freely like the mighty Mississippi. Abyss said he doesn’t know what it is about pain, his or theirs, that gives him a sense of pleasure that can’t be matched. Dr. Stevie ended the session and said he would see Abyss next week.

LAX (Homicide & Hernandez) & Shane Sewell defeated Matt Morgan & Brutus Magnus & Sheik Abdul Bashir: Mike Tenay pointed out that Matt Morgan was an American Gladiator, while Brutus Magnus was a UK Gladiator. Tenay also reminded viewers that both Homicide and Hernandez have Feast or Fired title shots owed to them in the future.

HARDCORE HISTORY 101: Mick Foley talked about praying for his own safety. Foley talked about his feud with Sting in WCW. Foley described the famous flying elbow off the ring apron and said it the elbow he dropped on Sting was his favorite of all-time.

RINGSIDE SEGMENT: Jim Cornette told Mike Tenay & Don West that two guys from the locker-room have already accepted Beer Money Inc’s challenge..

BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Lauren Brooke asked Scott Steiner about what happened with the Main Event Mafia tonight. Steiner said Angle said a side of him that is as dark as his. Steiner ranted for a minute and said the Main Event Mafia will be stronger because of it. Steiner told Lauren to take her clothes off and work out with him. Lauren asked Steiner about Samoa Joe’s threats. Steiner rambled on about not being afraid and ordered Lauren to take her clothes off! Steiner was bench pressing when Joe showed up and pushed the bar against Steiner’s chest. Joe talked about his nation of violence and said Joe is gonna kill you!

BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Lauren Brooke asked Sonjourner Bolt how her title shot is sitting with the rest of the Kongtourage. Sojourner said she earned her title shot and she’s going to take it! Raisha Saed showed up and yelled “SILENCE!” Saed told Bolt she talks too much. Bolt said nobody tells her what to do unless you’re her mama, and said Saed was NOT her mama. Saed said there is going to be BIG PROBLEM.

Taylor Wilde (w/Roxxi & The Governor) defeated Angelina Love (w/Velvet Sky & Cute Kip James): Taylor Wilde said earlier that due to SpikeTV’s rules, Cute Kip can’t lay a hand on any of the Knockout’s so the odds were in their favor. It took less than a minute for Cute Kip to violate those rules, so referee Rudy Charles ejected him from ringside!

VIGNETTE: Win a date with ODB contest. Billed as spend the night with ODB. This is kind of creepy. They are making it sound like the winner will get to have sex with ODB.

BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Sting told Jeremy Borash that whatever Kurt Angle wants he is gonna get! Sting said he went in to win at Against All Odds and Kurt should have known that he wanted the belt just as much if not more. Sting said Kurt was jealous of what he has. Sting said if anybody on the TNA roster gets their hands on the TNA world title it will be tarnished. Sting said get everyone out of the building, but make sure the cameras are rolling because he’s at his best when it’s SHOWTIME!

ROUGHCUT: The Ultimate-X Match..

Beer Money Inc. (Robert Roode & James Storm w/Jackie Moore) defeated Team Canada (Petey Williams & Eric Young) to retain the TNA World Tag Team titles: After a long match, Petey Williams tried to give Jackie Moore the Canadian Destroyer, but Robert Roode hooked his leg while James Storm super-kicked him right out of TNA! Since Petey was pinned, he is gone from TNA forever. Eric Young led the TNA fans in the iMPACT Zone in a standing ovation for Petey Williams, who was legitimately brought to tears….

Lauren Brooke & Rhino & Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon): Rhino said he doesn’t agree with what Kurt Angle and Sting plan to do tonight. Rhino talked about injuries the wrestlers get, and said nobody was out there to stop Kurt and Sting. Rhino said he hopes Kurt and Sting survive. Brother Ray asked Rhino why he cares? Ray said he hoped they cripple each other tonight. Ray said hopefully next week neither one of them will be around. Ray said Kurt and Sting are poison to this company. Ray suggested they go to the strip club and forget all about this stupidity.

Kurt Angle vs. Sting ended in a No Contest: They showed lots of footage of fans, wrestlers, and crew members leaving the building. They did allow fans to watch on a big screen from outside the iMPACT Zone. Lauren Brooke stood with a group of rowdy TNA fans. Jeremy Borash asked random fans who they thought was going to win. Mike Tenay & Don West were still in the building and they hyped the match saying history was about to be mad.  They still did their full entrances even though there was nobody in the building to see them. They started out hot and heavy, and you could hear every grunt and bump. The fight quickly spilled out of the ring and into the empty seating area. Sting violently dumped Angle over a balcony down fifteen feed to a concrete floor. Looked careless, but hopefully they took precautions. Angle basically no-sold the fall and dragged Sting back to the six-sided ring. Sting smashed Angle with a chair and Kurt started begging. Sting said Kurt deserved it. Kurt continued to beg and said he was sorry. Angle said he had kids and begged Sting to stop. Kevin Nash suddenly showed up and Angle got nasty towards Sting again, “come on, BITCH! Hit me!” Sting swung the chair back, but Nash pulled the chair out of his hands. Scott Steiner showed up and held Sting back as Nash screamed “that’s enough!” Nash furiously ordered Angle to make it right with a handshake. Sting extended his hand and said he could do it. Angle thought about it and then shook Sting’s hand, but then went rogue again and spit right in Sting’s face! Another intense brawl broke out as they cut to commercial.

BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Lauren Brooke tried to interview Sting but he was too pumped up to be interviewed. Sting cut a major intense promo on Kurt Angle saying in all his years he has not been disrespected like that! Sting said he doesn’t care when or where, he’s all in! Sting said Kurt hates him, well the feeling is mutual!

BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash tried to interview Kurt Angle but he just ranted about demanding Jeff Jarrett to give him a match with Sting at Destination-X. Kevin Nash said it was all Kurt’s fault. Angle looked in the camera and ordered Jarrett to, “make it happen! MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!”