TNA IMPACT 04 09 2009


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: April 9, 2009 (Taped: March 30-31)

The Main Event Mafia (Kurt Angle & Kevin Nash & Scott Steiner & Sting) + Jeff Jarrett + The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin): Booker T was not there because he were planning their revenge on Samoa Joe for abducting Sharmell last week. Sting said he wanted to talk to Jeff Jarrett but didn’t want to do it behind closed doors. Jarrett came out to talk to Sting. Sting said he wanted to know why Jarrett allowed Foley to book his matches last week. Sting wanted to know who was running the company – Foley or Jarrett. Sting said Foley pulled rank on him last week and wanted to know what Jarrett was going to do about it. Jarrett said he was knee deep in business and didn’t need Sting in his face. Sting said if Foley is running the company, Jarrett should tell the boys and the public now. Jarrett said HE was still running TNA. Sting demanded that Jarrett book Mick Foley in a “warm up” match tonight. Jarrett asked Sting what gave him the right to question his authority? Sting said he’s been doing this for 23 years and he’s still standing, saying he had a little bit of stroke around here and he’s going to use it for the first time tonight! Scott Steiner stepped in and said Jarrett was losing control. Steiner said Foley was making matches that don’t make any sense. Steiner said it didn’t have to be that way and there were easier roads to go down. Jarrett said that wasn’t an option. Steiner asked if Jarrett would throw away all his work for the last seven years. Steiner wanted to talk to Jarrett privately backstage. Surprisingly, the Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) took a break from playing video games to come out to the ring and sympathize with Sting. Alex Shelley said that’s what happens when Mick Foley was the boss around here. Shelley said the Motor City Machine Guns were a tag team for hire tonight. Shelley remembered the Thanksgiving show when he had to put on a turkey suit and was humiliated by Mick Foley. Shelley said not one day has gone by without thinking about it. Shelley suggested the Machine Guns vs. Mick Foley tonight, and the Mafia members liked that idea. Jarrett said if Shelley & Sabin want Foley in a Handicap match, they got’em!

Jeremy Borash & Mick Foley: Mick Foley was taping up his wrists and he said he was at a loss for words. Foley quoted KC and the Sunshine Band, “that’s the way, uh huh, uh huh, I LIKE IT!” – Foley said he was excited about the match, but he was going to “tweek” it a little bit…

Jeremy Borash & Mick Foley & Jeff Jarrett + Scott Steiner: Mick Foley praised Jeff Jarrett for booking one hell of a main event tonight. Foley said he loved the match but he was going to tweek it a little bit. Jarrett took his guitar away from Foley and Foley left the room. Scott Steiner showed up and kicked Jeremy Borash out so he could talk to Jarrett privately..

Sheik Abdul Bashir (w/Kiyoshi & NO LIMIT) defeated SUICIDE: Kiyoshi & NO LIMIT blatantly interfered and the Sheik DDT’d SUICIDE head-first on the X-Division belt.. The Sheik celebrated with his troop, but the lights went out for 3 seconds and SUICIDE disappeared into thin air!

Lauren Brooke & Rhino + Jesse Neil: Rhino said he loves this country and the troops all around the world. Rhino said he talked to Officer Jesse Neal and he told him a story. Neal told a story about losing his best friend in a terrorist attack. Rhino said Neal and his best friend always wanted to be wrestlers. Rhino offered to train Neal to become a wrestler so he can live his dream in honor of his best friend..

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne) attacked Raisha Saed and cut off some of her hair. Mike Tenay proclaimed, “wow, is Awesome Kong going to be PISSED!!”

ROUGH CUT: Team 3-D talking about their 3-D Academy (training school) and about being with the TNA Frontline in its war against the Main Event Mafia..

Mike Tenay & Sting: Sting said he was surprised when Sting hit him with a chair (both times) because there was a 20-year friendship all over the world. Sting said Foley was not a dummy and was smart enough to start at the top. Sting said Foley went after him because HE was the World champion. Sting said it was impossible to get into the mind of Mick Foley. Mike Tenay asked Sting about retirement. Sting said he’s no spring chicken, and talked about his knee being reconstructed. Sting said he couldn’t come back from that kind of injury now. Sting said he watched Foley vs. Vader in Germany when Foley lost his ear. Sting told the whole story and Foley’s reaction, “I think I lost my ear, BANG BANG!” Sting said his match at Lockdown could very well be his last match.

Lauren Brooke & Abyss: Lauren confronted Abyss and expressed her displeasure that Abyss was being abused by therapist Dr. Stevie.. Lauren wanted to report him but Abyss begged her not to, so Lauren said she would go to Abyss’ next session..

Mick Foley: Mick Foley said that his son Dewey has begun to idolize Alex Shelley and even got his hair styled like him. Foley said their match tonight would be a First Blood match and invited Sting to be the special guest enforcer. Foley concluded that no kid will want to look like Alex Shelley when he is done with him…

Jeremy Borash & Booker T: Booker T said Sharmell hasn’t been the same since last week when she was abducted by Samoa Joe. Kurt Angle showed up and said that Samoa Joe’s tribal manslaughter ends tonight..

Samoa Joe defeated Booker T w/Kurt Angle: Kurt Angle interfered on Booker T’s behalf until A.J. Styles ran down and took Angle out.

VIDEO FOOTAGE: ODB on a date with Cody Deaner..

ROUGH CUT: Team 3-D talking about their legacy..

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Kevin Nash was shown sweet-talking Jenna Morasca..

Lauren Brooke & The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin): Alex Shelley talked about Mick Foley and said if he can beat them he can have the IWGP Junior Heavyweight titles..

James Storm w/Robert Roode defeated Scott Steiner w/Kevin Nash by DQ: Team 3-D joined Mike Tenay & Don West on commentary, but Brother Ray did all the talking… Late in the match, James Storm was setting up for a super-kick when Kevin Nash whacked him with the lead pipe for the DQ. Nash tossed the pipe in and Steiner used it to bash both Storm and Roode. Team 3-D jumped into the ring and chased the Mafia members away and save Beer Money from further damage..

Jeremy Borash + The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne): JB hyped some news on TNA Mobile.. then turned his attention to the Beautiful People and Madison Rayne.. Angelina said she wants the TNA Knockout title, and she is going to get it at any cost. Angelina said the Beautiful People would clense the world by getting rid of one ugly person after another. Angelina predicted that Kong would get her very own make-over – which they all agreed was long over-due!

Awesome Kong defeated Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne w/Angelina Love: After the match, the Beautiful People triple-teamed Kong and threatened to cut off some of her hair until Taylor Wilde ran down and saved Kong!!

Jeremy Borash & Jeff Jarrett: Jeremy Borash asked Jeff Jarrett what he talked to Scott Steiner about, but Jarrett blew off the question. Jarrett announced that he would name the forth member of his team next week and that person will take on Kevin Nash in the last match of the man advantage challenge..

The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) defeated Mick Foley: TNA World Heavyweight champion Sting came down to ringside to act as special guest enforcer. Mick Foley brought a barbed-wire baseball bat in an attempt to intimidate Sting. Alex Shelley started bleeding from the mouth but managed to keep it hidden from the referee. Late in the match, Foley used the Mandible Claw on Shelley, and got Shelley’s blood on his hand sock. The referee noticed the blood on Foley’s hand sock and wanted to end the match but “Executive Shareholder” Mick Foley ordered him not to. Foley grabbed the microphone and said half a thimble of blood was not enough. Foley grabbed the barbed wire bat and stalked Shelley. Foley started to rip at Shelley’s forehead but Sting whacked him with a chair! Foley was busted open and officially lost the match. Foley and Sting had a pull-apart brawl as the show came to a close…