TNA IMPACT 06 25 2009


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: June 25, 2009 (Taped: June 23-24-25)

Brother Ray vs. Brutus Magnus: Eventually, Rob Terry, Doug Williams, Kiyoshi, and Sheik Abdul Bashir interfered in the match. Brother Devon came out and smashed everyone with a chair! Team 3-D put Kiyoshi through a table in the middle of the ring as the rest of the heels retreated.

Lauren Brooke & Kurt Angle + Samoa Joe: Lauren desperately asked Kurt Angle how long he had been talking Samoa Joe, but he ignored her. A sport car drove up and Joe got out, while Angle went around and shook hands with the mystery driver. Lauren then tried to get Joe to talk, but he also ignored her. Angle greeted Joe and said they had big plans tonight!

The Main Event Mafia (Kurt Angle & Scott Steiner & Kevin Nash w/Jenna Morasca & Booker T w/Sharmell) + Samoa Joe + Mick Foley: Kurt Angle is growing out his hair with a beard to look more Mafia-like. Angle introduced himself as the NEW TNA World champion, and then introduced the newest member of the Mafia, Samoa Joe! Samoa Joe came out and hugged all the Mafia guys. Angle said it was a masterpiece orchestrated by him. Angle said Joe’s price was a little steep, but when Jenna Morasca invested her millions in the Main Event Mafia they could afford him. Angle said they staged Joe taking out everybody in the Mafia week after week to advance the plan – praising the Mafia guys for taking one for the team. Angle said he forgot to tell Sting, and hoped he could forgive him – adding “what you didn’t know, didn’t hurt you.” Mick Foley came out next and said Angle didn’t owe him an explanation, but he might owe Sting an explanation, and Joe might owe A.J. (Styles) an explanation. Foley did say Angle owed him a rematch at Victory Road. Angle talked about Foley crying at the end of Slammiversary. Angle said Foley can sign all the contracts, but he (Angle) has the power. Angle said it was in his contract that he gets to choose his opponents. Foley pointed out that he pinned Angle during the King of the Mountain match. Foley said at Victory Road, this little crybaby will kick your ass! Angle said it was his night to celebrate, but if Foley wants something from the Mafia then he’ll have to give something back. Angle said they should go to the back and have a few drinks and work out an agreement. Foley grinned for a moment.

Lauren Brooke & A.J. Styles: Lauren tried to ask A.J. Styles about Samoa Joe but he yelled at her (obviously not in the mood). Styles asked Kip James (who was fixing some equiptment backstage) where Joe was, and he said last time he saw Joe he was hanging out with the Mafia..

Mike Tenay & Jeff Jarrett: Jeff Jarrett said it was time for him to step up and resolve his issues with Mick Foley. Jarrett said he would be there next week!

VIGNETTE: Sarita is coming to TNA..

Kevin Nash defeated Abyss: Dr. Stevie showed up and shocked Abyss with a taser gun – a little shock therapy. Kevin Nash dropped the chair and pinned Abyss to win the match. Lauren ran down to the ring to check on Abyss, giving Dr. Stevie an ugly look as she passed him on the ramp..

Beer Money Inc. (Robert Roode & James Storm) + The Main Event Mafia (Booker T & Scott Steiner) + Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon): Robert Roode said they stood there as the greatest tag team in the World! Roode praised Team 3-D as Legends, but at Slammiversary, Brother Ray make a mistake by taking his eye off the ball. Roode said they capitalized on Ray’s mistake and became three time World Tag Team champions. Roode offered Team 3-D a rematch any time, any where, any place. The Main Event Mafia (Booker T & Scott Steiner) interrupted and made it clear that they wanted a tag team title shot. Booker T reminded Beer Money of two great tag team known as Harlem Heat & the Steiner Brothers. Steiner rambled on about Angle making a deal with Foley. Booker T said Foley will get his rematch with Angle, Kevin Nash will get a Legend’s title match with A.J. Styles, and he (Book) & Steiner will get a tag team title match. Booker T added that they will have singles matches tonight with Roode & Storm. Team 3-D came out and said nobody can understand what Booker T & Steiner are saying. Brother Ray said Beer Money already gave them their rematch and they’re gonna take it at Victory Road. Steiner said it was already etched in stone, they are getting the title shot. Brother Ray said they would go to Mick (Foley) and make him an offer he can’t refuse…

Taylor Wilde defeated Daffney: Don West said every time he sees Daffney in person, she reminds him of his first wife – hilarious! A minute into the match, Daffney climbed the pole and grabbed the bag of tacks. Taylor kicked Daffney and got the bag, but then Daffney hit Taylor and poured the back of 10,000 thumb tacks out in the ring! After a few minutes of back and forth, Taylor finally picked up Daffney and dropped her on the tacks to win the match! Not as spectacular as it sounds.

Lauren Brooke & The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne): Velvet Sky said nobody comes on their turf to take their TNA Knockout’s title. Velvet said Tara is short for Tarantula, and suddenly a tarantula appeared on Angelina Love’s shoulder. Bizarre.

Jeremy Borash & Mick Foley & Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon): Team 3-D asked Mick Foley to put them in the TNA World Tag Team title match at Victory Road. Foley seemed unsympathetic to their request, but booked Team 3-D vs. Booker & Steiner next week with the winner facing Beer Money at Victory Road. Brother Ray told Foley to tweak it again, while holding up a barbed wire bat. Foley begged Team 3-D to take the match until they agreed..

Scott Steiner defeated TNA World Tag Team champion Robert Roode:

Jeremy Borash & TNA World champion Kurt Angle: Kurt Angle said he will take care of Mick Foley next week, adding that you don’t cross the boss. Angle said he was the Godfather of the Mafia, not Sting. Borash said Sting was on his way to iMPACT now and he wants answers. Angle said he doesn’t answer to anybody, not even Sting.

Jeremy Borash & Mick Foley: Mick Foley said he was in the mood to reconcile with Jeff Jarrett, and if Jarrett wants to apologize he was listening. Borash said Kurt Angle doesn’t like the Tag Team match next week. Foley started to take a fit and told Angle to just deal with it!

Lauren Brooke & Eric Young + Rhino: Lauren said some of Eric’s friends say they don’t even know him any more. Young said he has learned that there are no friends in this business, only acquantences. Young said he didn’t care about them. Rhino showed up and said he had a problem with Young walking out on him at Slammiversary. Young told Rhino to join him in Foley’s office so they can settle it next week. Rhino wanted to do it this week. Young sucker-punched Rhino and ran away.

Lauren Brooke & Booker T: Blah blah blah, greatest tag team of all-time. Sharmell showed up and said the deal was done, and she wanted Jenna Morasca’s little butt in the ring at Victory Road!

TNA World Tag Team champion James Storm defeated Booker T w/Sharmell by DQ: Sharmell passed James Storm’s beer bottle in to Booker T and he smashed it over Storm’s head for the DQ..

A.J. Styles + Samoa Joe + Matt Morgan + Christopher Daniels + The Main Event Mafia + Sting: A.J. Styles was angry, and he told “Mr. Nation of Violence” to come out and face him like a man! Joe came out with the black towel over his head (like Taz). Styles scolded Joe for “doing it for the money” and the fans chanted “you sold out!” Styles said they had a plan to do whatever it took so one of them left Slammiversary with the World title. Styles said Joe screwed him, screwed the fans, and screwed himself for handing Kurt Angle the championship. Styles wanted to know who the mystery adviser was and what he said to make Joe think it was worth it. Joe said Styles could ask him personally at Victory Road. Joe turned his back and Styles attacked him! They brawled for a few moments before Matt Morgan showed up to help Samoa Joe. Christopher Daniels ran down and helped A.J. Styles. The Main Event Mafia ran down and helped beat down Daniels & Styles until Sting finally showed up to put an end to the violence.

Sting & The Main Event Mafia (Kurt Angle & Kevin Nash & Booker T & Scott Steiner & Samoa Joe & Matt Morgan): Sting said he expected this from Kurt Angle but not from Booker, Kevin, and Scotty. Sting said it was because of punks like Samoa Joe that they started the Mafia to begin with. Sting said Angle brought Joe in behind is back, and wondered what else he doesn’t know. Sting asked if Angle brought in Matt Morgan to sick him too. Angle said Morgan just wanted to prove himself to get in the Mafia, and he had nothing to do with it. Morgan admitted that Kurt didn’t have a little to do with it, he had everything to do with it. Sting said he really wasn’t surprised at Booker T & Scott Steiner, but really expected more from Kevin Nash. Nash said when Angle didn’t want Sting in the Mafia, he stuck up for Sting. Nash said when Sting talked about respect and dignity, he believed in that. Nash said when Kurt wanted Morgan to take Sting out, he thought it was a pretty good idea. Sting asked WHY? Nash said Sting’s plan wasn’t working, and Kurt has the belt. Nash said he would love to be Sting’s friend, but he’s not going to fight the rest of the Mafia. Sting said Nash’s son wanted to learn about respect and he wanted to learn it from his father. This segment is going on way too long. Sting gave Nash a baseball bat and turned his back. Nash teased hitting the Mafia, but went after Sting. However Sting pulled out a second back and whacked Nash, then went after the Mafia. Joe picked up the bat and smashed Sting in the GUT. The entire Main Event Mafia proceeded to destroy Sting in the middle of the six sided ring.