TNA IMPACT 07 09 2009


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: July 9, 2009 (Taped: June 23-24-25)

Mick Foley + Jeff Jarrett: Mick Foley came to the ring with his nose bandaged and said he has had to make some hard decisions. Foley said he doesn’t think TNA can have two deciders in the front office, so he thinks either he or Jeff Jarrett should step down tonight. Jeff Jarrett came out with a bandage on his forehead and asked Foley if he considers what he says before he says them. Jarrett said they were cut from the same mold, and knew that Foley would want to get back in the fold. Jarrett said Foley proved to the World that he’s still got it by becoming the TNA World Heavyweight champion. Jarrett said the story probably should have stopped there, but it didn’t. Jarrett said Foley’s quest for a rematch with Angle has put TNA in danger. Jarrett said no matter what happens at Victory Road, Foley will ALWAYS be a true legend in this business. Jarrett asked Foley to start thinking about why he came to TNA and the young athletes who need them to co-exist so they could build the company to new heights. Jarrett said it was their goal from day one to do that, but if the Mafia walks away from Victory Road with all the belts, that’s a mountain they may not be able to climb. Foley admitted that it was stupid of him to say he would only defend the title once a year. Foley said he hit Jarrett six or seven times, and Jarrett hit him once, so in his books they are even (really?). Foley said he had something to prove by wrestling the greatest wrestler in the world today (Kurt Angle)! Foley said he would do it for Jarrett and for all the guys who made TNA what it is today. Foley suggested they book Angle in a tune-up match against Jeff Jarrett – non-title of course. Jarrett said he was liking it, but “tweeked” the match and made it a triple threat match including Mick Foley. Foley agreed, and added that they would allow Kurt Angle to choose a special referee. Jarrett agreed but said it cannot be a member of the Main Event Mafia nor can it be Matt Morgan. Foley said they booked themselves one heck of a main event! Foley and Jarrett shook hands and Foley told them to hit Jarrett’s music!

Lauren Brooke & The British Invasion (Brutus Magnus & Doug Williams & Rob Terry): Doug Williams said he was going to give someone an opportunity to win the Feast or Fired briefcase (which actually belongs to Homicide) in a Ladder match tonight. Brutus Magnus said as individuals they are deadly enough, but as a unit they are the best you’ve ever seen. Magnus said they don’t care for American wrestling fans, but they are there to make the big money. Magnus said they don’t want to pander to the American fans like Team 3-D, but they are there to take their place on top of the tag team division..

Homicide defeated Doug Williams (w/Brutus Magnus & Rob Terry): Doug Williams went to the ring first and issued a challenge to anybody in the back for the Feast of Fired match. Williams said he wanted a real wrestler and not a joker! Homicide came out to try to regain posession of the Feast or Fired briefcase – which actually belongs to him! Late in the five minute match, Homicide climbed the ladder and Team 3-D grabbed Williams and prevented him from getting in the ring. Homicide grabbed the briefcase to regain his title shot. Sheik Abdul Bashir & Kiyoshi attacked Team 3-D and were joined by the British Invasion in a vicious beatdown of Team 3-D!

Mike Tenay & SUICIDE: Mike Tenay said that SUICIDE wrote the lyrics to his own entrance music. Tenay read some of the lyrics and said it sounds like a very tormented and troubled soul. SUICIDE said his torment is not his alone, but it is shared. SUICIDE said he was left with two choices – life or death. Tenay read more lyrics saying that “SUICIDE comes alive.” SUICIDE said he chose to come alive, and he is the dark savior. SUICIDE does not represent the end, SUICIDE represents the beginning. Editor’s Note: Kind of like the Death Card for Tarot Card readers.

Sting + Samoa Joe: Sting came out with the TNA World Heavyweight title – which he took from champion Kurt Angle last week. Sting said he’s got Kurt’s belt, and if he wants it just come and get it. Sting said in the meantime he wants to talk to Samoa Joe. Joe came out and Sting said he was the reason why wrestling is as bad as it is right now (did he just say that?). Sting said it was because of guys like Joe that the Main Event Mafia was originally created. Sting said Joe took a pay-off at his expense. Sting said right now things are very very wrong because Joe pissed him off! Sting told Joe to do something about it. Joe said he has been instructed to keep his temper, but Sting’s time will come. Sting wanted to know who was in Joe’s ear. Sting said Joe wasn’t capable of doing this on his own. Sting wanted to know who the Oz was behind the curtain (Editor’s Note: Does that mean it’s Kevin Nash?). Joe said Sting will find out at Victory Road. Sting said he would go into the darkness, find out who it is, put him in the ring, tear him apart piece by piece, and feed him to the people!!

Lauren Brooke & Jenna Morasca + Awesome Kong & Raisha Saed: Lauren said that Sojourner Bolt will be training Sharmell for her match with Jenna at Victory Road and wondered how Jenna was preparing. Jenna said she won a million dollars on Survivor and invested it and made millions more. Jenna said could buy Sharmell with just the money in her pocket right now. Jenna said she went out and bought a trainer of her own. Awesome Kong came in and Raisha Saed proclaimed “Kong will destroy!!”

Beer Money Inc. (Robert Roode & James Storm) defeated The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin): Main Event Mafia members Booker T & Scott Steiner joined Mike Tenay & Don West on commentary. West kissed up to the Mafia guys during the whole match….

The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne): Angelina Love was freaking out about Tara‘s spider (tarantula actually) saying she was going to call NASA and PETER (she meant PETA) and complain. Velvet Sky confronted Angelina about leaving her high and dry last week and letting Tara put the tarantula on her unconcious body. Velvet said she’s not a puppet or a pawn, and last week was unacceptable. Velvet said tonight if Angelina doesn’t have her back, then they are finished! Velvet walked off and Angelina told Madison “I know that spider crawled up her butt last week, but I didn’t know it died up there!”


Tara defeated Velvet Sky (w/Angelina Love & Madison Rayne): Tara came to the ring with a clear glass box containing a live tarantula. After the match, Tara threatened to put the taratula on top of the unconcious Velvet Sky. Angelina grabbed the microphone and agreed to defend the TNA Knockout title against Tara if she didn’t put the spider on Velvet.

Tara defeated Angelina Love (w/Madison Rayne) to win the TNA Knockout title!: Within minutes, Madison Rayne was ejected from ringside for interfering in the match! Tara finished off Angelina with the Widow’s Peak! Tara celebrated and started crying – overcome with emotions!

Lauren Brooke & TNA Knockout champion Tara: Tara said there was a point in her career when she didn’t think she could have happiness. Tara said she was happy to be apart of the TNA family. Tara thanked Angelina and Poison (the tarantula).

Abyss + Dr. Stevie: Abyss went to Dr. Stevie’s office to get revenge for Stevie abducting Lauren last week. Stevie drugged Abyss so he was paralyzed. Stevie verbally harassed Abyss and repeatedly slapped him across the face.

A.J. Styles & Christopher Daniels defeated Kevin Nash & Matt Morgan: After the match, Kevin Nash attacked A.J. Styles from behind. Christopher Daniels tried to jump in but he was attacked from behind by Matt Morgan! Morgan wrapped Daniels’ leg in a folding chair and gave it a leg-drop! Styles broke loose from Nash and chased Morgan away with a steel chair..

Lauren Brooke + Sting + Samoa Joe: In the parking lot, Lauren observed a mystery vehicle pulling in. Sting snuck up to the car and started choking the driver, who is supposed to be Samoa Joe’s mystery adviser. Joe slipped out from the shadows and choked out Sting as the car drove off…

TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle defeated Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley: Kurt Angle was allowed to name the referee, as long as it wasn’t a member of the Main Event Mafia or Matt Morgan. “Showtime” Eric Young came out wearing a referee t-shirt. . . . . Midway through the match, Jarrett smashed Foley into the ring steps. A few minutes later Scott Steiner whacked Foley with a lead pipe! Jarrett had Angle pinned, but Eric Young purposely did a slow count so Foley could break up the pinfall. The finish saw Angle put Foley in the Anklelock and Foley screamed “No! No! No!” but Young ended the match anyway, claiming Foley submitted. Jarrett attacked Eric Young after the match and got a little payback. Meanwhile in the ring, Foley went after Angle once again! Foley put the Mandible Claw on Angle until Samoa Joe ran down and saved Angle! Steiner & Nash came down with barbed wire and wrapped it around Foley’s body. Mike Tenay said A.J. Styles took Chris Daniels to the hospital so there was nobody to help Mick Foley. Booker T showed up and bashed Foley with a barbed wire baseball bat! Foley’s security team ran down but they got beat up by the Mafia as well..