TNA IMPACT 08 20 2009


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: August 20, 2009 (Taped: August 17-18)

Mike Tenay + Taz: Mike Tenay said that Don West had accepted a job with the TNA merchandise department, and announced his replacement – TAZ!

The Main Event Mafia (Kurt Angle & Scott Steiner -w/Jenna Morasca- & Booker T -w/Sharmell– & Kevin Nash -w/Traci Brooks– & Samoa Joe) + Main Event Mafia: Kurt Angle began to talk but he was immediately interrupted by “the Blueprint” Matt Morgan. Morgan said that minutes before the biggest match of his life, Angle came to him and made him an offer of a lifetime. Morgan said Angle went into business for himself and screwed him over when he took away the biggest moment of his life. Morgan wanted to know WHY in 10 seconds or else. Angle said he and Morgan were working as a well-oiled machine until MORGAN went into business for HIMself. Angle said he pulled the referee out of the ring because he thought Morgan was the one getting pinned. Angle said he was still messed up in the head when he went to get a chair. Angle said all he did was fall on the fallen opponent and the referee counted 1-2-3. Angle said he would give Morgan another chance to make it up to the Main Event Mafia. Angle said they would team up tonight and face Team 3-D in a Tables match. Morgan threatened to split Angle’s skull with the axe handle he was carrying, but then changed his mind and agreed to team with Angle tonight!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Lauren Brooke tried to ask A.J. Styles about his big announcement, but he just walked past her without answering..

Beer Money Inc. (Robert Roode & James Storm) defeated The British Invasion (Brutus Magnus & Doug Williams): The referees banned Rob Terry & Sheik Abdul Bashir from ringside before the match. Doug Williams was already a bloody mess when James Storm shattered a beer bottle over his head! Beer Money then hit their finisher on Brutus Magnus on top of a trash can for the win!

Lauren Brooke & The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky): The Beautiful People were pissed off at Madison Rayne for costing them the Knockout title and said that she was going to PAY for it tonight.

Jeremy Borash & Mick Foley + Cody Deaner & ODB + Abyss: Mick Foley talked to Jeremy Borash about his bloody match with Kevin Nash at Hard Justice. Cody Deaner & ODB showed up argueing over the TNA Knockout title (which Cody Deaner won at Hard Justice). Deaner called himself King of the Knockouts. ODB said it was ODB “with” Cody Deaner, so everyone assumed she would get the title if they won. Deaner said when you assume you make an ASS out of U and ME. Classic. Abyss showed up and Mick Foley thanked him with a brown paper bag. Abyss opened it and found a blue flannel shirt, just like Foley’s red one. Abyss was over-joyed and started to cry, so Foley said “there’s no crying in wrestling!” Abyss gave Foley a big hug and Foley said he’s going to need his barbed wire bat back..

Angelina Love defeated Madison Rayne: Madison Rayne walked to the ring with a scowl and was attacked from behind by Angelina Love! Love made short work of Rayne. After the match, Velvet Sky came down and helped Love put the boots to Rayne. They gave Rayne the brown paper bag treatment to humilate her (probably last appearance). Tara & Christy Hemme ran down to make the save and chase the Beautiful People away..

The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley): The Motor City Machine Guns said they haven’t been on iMPACT because they don’t play politics and kiss the right asses. They said that they are all about three things; 1) Entertaining the fans, 2) getting laid, and 3) getting paid! The Guns said their paychecks have gotten smaller so they’re offering their services to the fans for $2000 an hour to play video games or do outdoor activities. They said they would be more than happy to sit on your couch while you make them dinner..

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: The Beautiful People continued their attack on Madison Rayne while being separated by TNA officials..

Samoa Joe defeated Homicide to retain the TNA X-Division title: It’s hard to watch this having experienced their amazing matches in Ring of Honor..

Lauren Brooke & Tara & Taylor Wilde & Christy Hemme & Sarita: Lauren said Christy Hemme and Sarita will be involved in a fourway match tonight with Traci and Awesome Kong. Lauren announced that there would be a tournament to crown the first ever TNA Knockout Tag Team champions! Awesome. Tara said that the WWE never would have thought in a million years to do that.

Traci Brooks (w/Sharmell) defeated Awesome Kong (w/Raisha Saed) and Sarita (w/Taylor Wilde) and Christy Hemme (w/Tara): Awesome Kong was about to finish off Christy Hemme. Kong climbed to the top rope, but Traci slipped in and pinned Hemme to steal the victory!

Pope D’Angelo Dinero defeated Consequences Creed: Before the match, the referee sent Black Machismo Jay Lethal backstage.. they are pushing increased control of the referees. After the match, SUICIDE ran to the ring and fought with the Pope – who quickly bailed out of the ring!

Lauren Brooke & Matt Morgan: Matt Morgan said everybody knows whatever comes out of Kurt Angle’s mouth is gospel. Morgan said he and Angle will show everybody around the world that they are on the same page!

A.J. Styles + Sting: A.J. Styles came out to the ring with tears in his eyes and said it was one of the hardest things he’s ever had to do in the ring. Styles said he’s had it rough the past couple weeks, but it’s nothing new. Styles said he had it rough when he was a kid, but he NEVER quit. Styles talked about his family moving from trailer park to trailer park, living with a father who didn’t know how to show his children that he loved them. Styles said he wasn’t saying all of that to get sympathy, but to say that he is proud of the man he has become. Styles said he wasn’t proud of losing the Legend’s title, losing to Matt Morgan, and losing friends like Eric Young & Samoa Joe, Styles said when you have his passion, it affects you. Styles said he always promised that he would be a better dad than his father. Styles said he doesn’t get to be at home with his kids, and when he is home all he can think about his problem at work. Styles said it affects him when his son tells his mom (A.J.’s wife) “don’t listen to him, mom!” Styles fought back tears. He said he had to look into the mirror and ask himself if it was worth it. Styles said the answer is NO, it’s not worth it. The fans were very supportive and chanted “AJ! AJ! AJ!” Styles said it was time for A.J. Styles to say good-bye to professional wrestling. Styles said he loved the fans and apologized. Sting walked to the ring without facepaint. Sting asked Styles if this was the legacy he wanted to leave behind. Sting said what Styles was saying was that he’s quitting. Sting said there was a whole bunch of kids who want to BE A.J. Styles, and he’s quitting on them too. Sting took off his glasses and said Styles was quitting on him, too. Sting said Styles was a loser right now and loser’s quit. Sting said he has suffered hardship professionally and personally over the past 20 years, but he NEVER quit. Sting said that was an example of what is wrong with this generation (of wrestlers). Sting said for months he’s been talking about bringing honor and pride back into the business so he could pass the torch to somebody. Sting said A.J. Styles was the person he’s been talking about this whole time – he WAS the chosen one. Sting said they can flush that down the drain because he decided to say good-bye to wrestling. Sting wanted Styles to look him in the eye and say I QUIT, I GIVE UP, I CAN’T, I’m a LOSER! Sting said either do that or get his head back in the game and claim what is supposed to be HIS. A.J. Styles turned around and hugged Sting! Sting left the ring, and Styles followed him backstage.

Lauren Brooke & Hernandez: Lauren asked Hernandez when he was going to cash in his Feast of Fired briefcase. Hernandez said he would do it when the opportunity presented itself. Eric Young confronted Hernandez and wanted to talk about him joining the World Elite.

Mike Tenay & Taz + Bobby Lashley: Bobby Lashley said TNA president Dixie Carter will make her TNA iMPACT debut next week.

Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon) defeated Kurt Angle & Matt Morgan: Bobby Lashley stayed with Mike Tenay & Taz on commentary for the main event. Kurt Angle made his entrance and confronted Bobby Lashley. Angle pie-faced Lashley, and Lashley took a swing at Angle for payback! Everyone stepped in and kept the two grapplers separated. Lashley was sent backstage by TNA officials so he wouldn’t feel the need to interfere. Late in the match, Kurt Angle put Devon on a table and ordered Matt Morgan to jump off the top rope! Morgan hesitated because he had a knee injury, but eventually climbed to the top rope. Team 3-D recovered, took out Angle, and double press-slammed Morgan off the top rope through the table to win!