TNA IMPACT 12 03 2009


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: December 3, 2009 (Taped: November 16-17)

Desmond Wolfe + Kurt Angle: Desmond Wolfe opened the show standing in the middle of six sides of steel, intending to set the record straight. Wolfe said people are saying Kurt Angle beat him at Turning Point, and admitted that he tapped out to an illegal move. Wolfe said beating somebody is owning them so they know they are nothing compared to you, which is what he’s done to Angle week after week. Wolfe said last week he read Angle like a book, and knew by spitting in his face he would cost him the World Heavyweight title. Wolfe said now that he has had his jollies, he will END KURT ANGLE! Wolfe said he wanted to face Kurt Angle inside Six Sides of Steel in a “Three Degrees of Pain” match. Wolfe explained that it was a 2/3 falls match; 1) by pinfall, 2) by submission, and 3) escape the cage. Wolfe said he won’t need to escape the cage, because he will pin Angle, and then make him submit, but then he would climb out of the cage just so he can embarrass Angle three times! Kurt Angle came out to the stage and said if there was one thing he has learned from Wolfe, it’s to always be prepared when they are in the same arena. Angle said he was in his wrestling gear, and he thinks he will come down and kick Wolfe’s ass! The door to the cage was chained shut, so Angle climbed up the side of the cage and started brawling with Wolfe! Wolfe pulled out a set of brass knuckles and knocked Angle down with one punch! Wolfe tossed Angle head-first into the side of the cage, and then did it again. Wolfe dangled the key over Angle’s face and said “what did you say, Kurt? Always be prepared!”

Jeremy Borash & Mickie Foley + Kurt Angle: Mick Foley was upset about Dixie Carter not returning his calls, and suggested Borash sent out a Tweet (of course, then flashed Dixie’s twitter account on the screen – “TNADixie”). Jeremy Borash said Dixie was a busy woman, and he’s sure she’ll get back to him. Foley said she will get back to him when Hogan and his cronies are running the place, with Beefcake sitting in his chair and Knobbs holding the microphone. Kurt Angle burst in and said he’s had enough of that S.O.B., and demanded a match with Demonde Wolfe tonight! Foley said he doesn’t even know what his role in TNA is any more. Angle said if Foley can’t book matches, then he will find someone who will! Foley said he can book matches, and agreed to book the match if Angle told him what he knows about Hulk Hogan. Angle said Foley has a big match in two weeks, and he’s worried about somebody who isn’t even here yet. Angle suggested that Foley is jealous of Hogan and stormed off..

Alex Shelley (w/Chris Sabin) defeated Doug Williams (w/Brutus Magnus & Big Rob Terry):

Pope D’Angelo Dinero & SUICIDE: Pope D’Angelo Dinero approached SUICIDE with a peace offering. Dinero talked about an eight man tag team match at Final Resolution, and wanted SUICIDE to be the fourth man on his team. SUICIDE said the Pope may have earned the trust of Matt Morgan & Hernandez, but his trust comes at a higher price. Dinero gave Dinero a piece of the table from one of their past battles, and asked SUICIDE to think about it..

Jeremy Borash & Mick Foley + D-Lo Brown: Mick Foley talked to Road Agent D-Lo Brown and asked him what he knows about Hulk Hogan coming in. D-Lo said every time he worked with Hogan, he treated him with the utmost respect. D-Lo said Dixie Carter is bringing Hogan in to help TNA. D-Lo asked to be excused, so he could go and help the young generation. Nobody knows that D-Lo worked for TNA, so I’m sure that segment really confused the viewers. Foley took a fit and yelled, having learned nothing about Hogan’s arrival in TNA.

SUICIDE defeated Homicide: After the match, Homicide attacked SUICIDE and tried to rip his mask off until D’Angelo Dinero ran down to make the save!

The Beautiful People (Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne & Lacey Von Erich) + Christopher Daniels: The Beautiful People said they were on their way to the set of the latest episode of Meanest Girls. Christopher Daniels showed up and said he had an idea for the plot and wanted to talk in private..

ODB & Tara: ODB introduced Tara, who said she couldn’t wait for their match at Final Resolution. ODB told Tara to cut the crap, because her talk show was all about being REAL. ODB said Tara was a Diva in the WWE, and thinks she can come in and be a Knockout when the rest of them have been busting their butts for 7 years. ODB accused Tara of sleeping her way to the top. Tara said she broke her WWE contract to come to TNA, because she didn’t want to be remembered as a joke. Tara started crying as she talked about coming to TNA with respect for the TNA Knockouts. ODB apologized and slapped Tara’s face and said she wouldn’t buy that crying crap! ODB said Tara will always be nothing but a Diva to her!

Pope D’Angelo Dinero defeated Jesse Neal: After the match, Jesse Neal bashed The Pope from behind and took him down with a Spear! The lights went out and SUICIDE appeared, knocking Neal out of the ring with a Missile Drop-kick! SUICIDE shook hands with the Pope and agreed to be his partner at Final Resolution. Team 3-D & Rhino hit the ring to join Neal and they surrounded The Pope & SUICIDE until Matt Morgan & Hernandez made the save!

Eric Young & Kevin Nash defeated Beer Money Inc. (Robert Roode & James Storm): After the match, Mick Foley came out and said he had to take care of a little business with Kevin Nash.

Mick Foley & Kevin Nash & Eric Young: Mick Foley said he knows that Kevin Nash & Hulk Hogan are buddies, and Nash knows exactly why Hogan is coming to TNA, and exactly who he is bringing with him. Foley said he could flaunt his authority to threaten Nash’s job, but instead appealed to Nash as a guy who he has known for 18 years. Foley asked Nash to tell him what Hogan is up to, and why he was coming to TNA. Nash said Foley should have passed on buying TNA stock, and got a haircut and a suit – because they will come in handy when he doesn’t have a job in a few weeks. Foley said he deserves to know exactly what is going on between Dixie Carter & Hulk Hogan. Nash accused Foley of being paranoid and told Foley to just call Hogan. Foley asked for Hogan’s phone number, but Nash said Hogan asked him not to give it to Foley. Nash concluded by saying he was thinking about putting the band back together…

Bobby Lashley & Kristal Lashley: Bobby Lashley said he had nothing to say to Scott Steiner, because he will do all his talking at Final Resolution. Kristal snatched the microphone away from her husband and said she would do the talking. Kristal said Steiner was sick, dillusional, and obsessed. Kristal said she just wanted to come watch the show and support her husband – not be apart of it! Kristal said she has never been harassed or disrespected by any sick weirdos at any of Bobby’s MMA fights, but she guessed they do things differently in TNA. Kristal said Bobby won’t be held responsible for the damage he does to Steiner at Final Resolution. Kristal said when she barks, Bobby bites, and the big dog is going to have Steiner for lunch!

Lauren Brooke & Christopher Daniels: Christopher Daniels said there was change in the air here at TNA. Daniels said he asked for something, and he wasn’t punished for it, and he got what he wanted – a shot at A.J. Styles and the World Heavyweight title. Lauren suggested Daniels focus on his match with Abyss tonight. Daniels said it was sweet that Lauren was thinking of her boyfriend, and they really do deserve each other..

Christopher Daniels defeated “The Monster” Abyss: TNA World champion A.J. Styles joined Mike Tenay & Tazz on commentary.. Styles started by saying he was already down one friend this year, and asked Sting to please return his phone calls because everyone is worried about him.. Styles said he didn’t have anything to say about Daniels, and simply wanted to take a seat at ringside and scout him for their match at Final Resolution. .. .. Late in the match, video of the Beautiful People attacking Lauren Brooke in the bathroom was shown on the big screen! Abyss was distracted, and Daniels easily pinned him (even though Daniels’ shoulders were down too – SLOPPY). Daniels challenged Styles to come into the ring, but the mystery masked man in black showed up and attacked Styles from behind!

Mike Tenay & Dixie Carter: Dixie Carter talked about the speech to the TNA employees a few weeks ago. Dixie said she wanted it to be documented so that she could be held accountable. Dixie addressed her recent conversations with Sting, and was disappointed when he didn’t show up for his scheduled interview. Dixie said she’s not calling Sting, and she is waiting for him to call her. Dixie addressed Jeff Jarrett, saying there was a personal situation that put everyone in a difficult position. She added that Jarrett was put on leave and would like to leave it at that. Dixie spoke about calling Hulk Hogan and working out an agreement for him to come to TNA. Dixie put over Hogan for bringing world-wide exposure to TNA, and being one of the greatest minds for the wrestling business. Dixie said Hogan will be working closely with her in a variety of capacities. Dixie said she was excited about what Hogan will bring to the table. Dixie said she knows TNA was united in their goal to make TNA the best wrestling promotion in the world. Dixie said in the next few days everyone will see how serious they are about taking TNA to the next level.

Mick Foley & Desmond Wolfe: Desmond Wolfe said Kurt Angle came in and asked Mick Foley for a match and he got it, and wondered if that was how things worked around there. Foley said Angle wasn’t getting his match because he has something else for him. Foley said his door was always open for Wolfe, and assured him that he still has the stroke around there. Wolfe left, and Foley got an idea from saying the word “stroke.” Foley dailed a number on his cell, and eventually Jeff Jarrett answered. Foley asked Jarrett to come to iMPACT because he’s the only person who can put the kaibosh on Hulk Hogan! Jarrett took a fit and said “SCREW YOU AND SCREW TNA!!”

HAMADA defeated Sarita: Sarita is one half of the TNA Knockout Tag Team champions!

Jeremy Borash & A.J. Styles: A.J. Styles said whoever attacked him tonight has had his attention since the first time he attacked him! Styles said the next time the mystery man puts his hands on him again it will be the last thing they do!

Kurt Angle defeated Dr. Stevie & Raven w/Daffney: Mick Foley came out and informed Kurt Angle that he wasn’t facing Desmond Wolfe tonight because Angle didn’t tell him everything he knows about Hulk Hogan. Foley instead book Angle in a match with Dr. Stevie & Raven. Foley said he may hurt them, or they may hurt him, but either way HE WINS! Late in the match, Angle clothelined Dr. Stevie over the top rope and he started to leave. Abyss showed up and scared Daffney and then gave Dr. Stevie a Black Hole Slam on the stage! Angle forced Raven to tap out to the Anklelock inside the ring to win the match! Desmond Wolfe slipped in from behind and gave Angle an Inside Keylock driving Angle’s face into the mat!