TNA IMPACT 12 10 2009


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: December 10, 2009 (Taped: December 8)

Jeremy Borash & Mick Foley + Kevin Nash: Mick Foley arrived at his office only to find Kevin Nash sitting at his desk. Nash said he has arranged for Foley to meet with “Hulk.” Nash gave Foley plane tickets and asked Foley if he could run the show while Foley is gone. Foley said “you got a deal, man!” and took Borash with him. Foley also gave Nash a DVD with footage of him searching for Jeff Jarrett in Nashville.. Nash gave them $100 and Foley & Borash left for their trip. Nash picked up the phone and asked to see security tapes from the office for the last three months..

Kevin Nash & Eric Young: Kevin Nash said the fans were in for a show tonight. Nash clarified that he worked out a deal where he was in complete charge of iMPACT and gets to make the matches. Nash said it was because he set up a meeting between Mick Foley and “Hulk.” Nash set up the British Invasion vs. Chris Sabin in a 3-on-1 handicap match, Scott Steiner and a knockout of his choice vs. Bobby & Kristal Lashley, Global champion Eric Young vs. HAMADA, Tara vs. ODB in a trailer park throwdown (each girl must drink a six-pack of beer before the match), Team 3-D & Rhino & Jesse Neal vs. The Pope & Matt Morgan & Hernandez & SUICIDE, Lacey von Erich vs. Velvet Sky in a mud wrestling match with Madison Rayne as the referee, and the person with the highest bid gets a title shot with A.J. Styles. Nash said he had two hours left on his viagra so he may make a run-in tonight..

THE SEARCH FOR JEFF JARRETT: Mick Foley entered the TNA offices in Nashville and sarcastially talked to a TV monitor showing the recent Dixie Carter interview. Foley walked into a creative meeting with Vince Russo on screen and asked them to write him a vignette where he gets to talk to Dixie Carter. Foley talked to one crew member who was a long-time Jeff Jarrett supporter. The guy said he hadn’t talked to Jeff in months and was worried. He advised Foley to look for Jarrett at a place called Meat And Three.

Chris Sabin defeated The British Invasion (Brutus Magnus & Doug Williams & Rob Terry): They continued to make Big Rob look like a baffoon, and he ended up costing the British Invasion the match.. Magnus & Williams yelled at Big Rob after the match and poked him in the chest, blaming him for the loss!

Christy Hemme & Scott Steiner: Christy Hemme replaced Jeremy Borash for the night, and asked Scott Steiner which TNA Knockout he would choose to be his partner tonight against the Lashleys. Steiner said if Nash wants him to find a freak, he will find a freak to come to ringside and watch him beat up the Lashleys. Steiner had a picture of Kristal on his shirt and said it wasn’t the first time she was on his chest. Steiner also threatened Lashley’s 2-year old son not to mess with him (hilarious!).

THE SEARCH FOR JEFF JARRETT: Mick Foley entered Ruby’s Restaurant and met with a woman named Ruby. Foley asked Ruby if she has seen Jeff Jarrett, and she said it’s been a month-or-so since she’s seen him. Foley finish by asking Ruby to tell Jarrett he was there if she sees him.

Scott Steiner & Awesome Kong defeated Bobby Lashley & Kristal Lashley: Awesome Kong wanted to be tagged in, but Scott Steiner was confident about fighting all by himself. Kong entered the ring, and argued with Steiner, allowing Lashley to regain the advantage. Steiner shoved Lashley into the ring steps on the floor, and Kristal went over to check on him. Steiner intimidated Kristal, causing her to back into the ring. Kong flattened Kristal and went up to the top rope. Steiner blocked Kong’s move off the top rope and covered Kristal in a suggestive manner and got the 1-2-3.

Lauren Brooke & Samoa Joe + Beer Money Inc. (Robert Roode & James Storm): Lauren Brooke hyped the Feast of Fired match, and revealed that Samoa Joe was the first official entrant. Joe talked about being in the main event of Turning Point, and being left out of the Championship Series. Joe said there was someone in TNA who wants to keep him far away from the TNA championship. Joe said he would go into Feast or Fired and get his title shot. Beer Money Inc. came in and James Storm pointed out that Joe could get fired too. Robert Roode said they aren’t allowed to get another tag team title shot so they are going to enter the Feast of Fired match too. Joe said “sorry about your damn luck, cause I’m getting my title shot” and walked off. Storm said they have double the chance of getting their title shot, but Roode pointed out they have double the chance for one of them getting fired. Roode said it could be the end of Beer Money Inc., but it was worth the risk.. Storm wasn’t sure if he agreed that was worth the risk..

COMMERCIAL BREAK: Kevin Nash was overseeing the construction of the mud pit..

The Beautiful People (Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne & Lacey Von Erich) + Kevin Nash: The Beautiful People were complaining about having to compete in a mud wrestling match, but Madison Rayne seemed a bit upset that nobody asked her to do it. Kevin Nash showed up and said he didn’t want to humiliate teh Beautiful People, but it was for the ratings. Nash said millions of eyes will be on them tonight and no one will want to change the channel. Nash told the Beautiful People to imagine the attention they will get, and money on top of that. Nash included Madison by giving her a special hot referee shirt. The Beautiful People went from being frustrated to very excited about their job tonight..

VIDEO FOOTAGE: Hulk Hogan appearing on UFC programming to announce a three-hour episode of iMPACT going head-to-head with WWE RAW on Monday, January 4th..

Lauren Brooke & Tara: Tara said she was a world class athlete, and shouldn’t have to drink before her match. Tara said it didn’t matter because she would drink three 6-packs to get her hands on ODB. Tara promised to demolish ODB tonight! Tara continued chugging from the bottle and fell over as she left the interview area..

Christy Hemme & Eric Young: Christy Hemme talked about Eric Young defending the Global title on American soil for the first time ever against HAMADA. Young said he wouldn’t break his own rules for anyone except Kevin Nash. Young said HAMADA is not American, and the World Elite has had their eyes on her for a long time. Young said he will treat this like any other championship match, and he wants HAMADA to do the same.

Eric Young defeated HAMADA to retain the TNA Global title: Eric Young pinned HAMADA with his feet on the ropes for leverage..

The Beautiful People (Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne & Lacey Von Erich): Velvet Sky said if they break a record tonight they will get a bonus in their pay, and wanted to know how they could do it. Madison Rayne suggested a wardrobe malfunction, and all three girls giggled over the idea. Lacey Von Erich said they should just go out there and have a straight up wrestling match with no gimmicks. They laughed it off and Velvet suggested they kiss on television tonight.

THE SEARCH FOR JEFF JARRETT: Mick Foley arrived at Barefoot Charlies looking for directions. Foley was about to leave when he heard a voice say “are you looking for somebody?” Foley turned and saw Jeff Jarrett sitting at the bar looking like a bum!

COMMERCIAL BREAK: ODB “preparing” (drinking) for her trailer park throwdown..

Christy Hemme & TNA Knockout champion ODB: ODB said a trailer park throwdown match where the participants drink before the match is a business as usual match as far as she is concerned..

TNA Knockout champion ODB defeated Tara: ODB took a drink of liquid courage and spit it in the face of Tara. They used a trash can, a garden hose, a tiki torch, a steel chair, a walking cane, a 2-foot ladder, a 10-foot ladder, and other weapons. Tara actually swung a trash can lid at ODB’s head and it flew into the crowd! Late in the match, Tara tried to climb the ropes but fell because she was “drunk.” ODB panted Tara face-first into a chair and got the 1-2-3 to win the match!

THE SEARCH FOR JEFF JARRETT: Mick Foley told Jeff Jarrett that he looked like hell. Jarrett said he has been living in hell, and wondered what part of last week’s phone call he didn’t understand. Foley said Jarrett’s feelings were pretty clear, and he knows things have been tough. Foley said he and Jarrett go back 20 years and he knows Double J cannot stay away from professional wrestling. Jarrett said the old Double J can’t stay away, but Jeff Jarrett can. Jarrett said “are you kidding me? after what she did to me?” Jarrett blew off Foley and asked the bartender for another drink..

RINGSIDE ANNOUNCEMENT: Mike Tenay said SpikeTV would not allow them to show shocking footage of Dr. Stevie & Raven burning Abyss on TV, but right after iMPACT you can go to (or YouTube) and see it in its entirity..

Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon) & Rhino & Jesse Neal defeated Matt Morgan & Hernandez & SUICIDE: The winner of the match gets a numbers advantage at Final Resolution. Jesse Neal came out wearing the Pope’s jacket and Brother Ray said tonight’s match would be a handicap match because the Pope wasn’t going to make it to the ring tonight. Jesse Neal speared Hernandez and scored the pin to win the match for the heels.. After the match, the heel team continued the assault until Pope D’Angelo Dinero (with his injured leg) hobbled down to make the save!


Velvet Sky defeated Lacey Von Erich with sexy referee Madison Rayne: They showed Mike Tenay & Taz wearing rain gear and holding up umbrellas (really cheesy stuff). That’s right folks, porn has come to Total Nonstop Action. They did a lot of goofing off before getting down to business. It was the fakest wrestling match in the history of fake wrestling matches. Referee Madison Rayne got a good laugh watching her partners roll around in the mud, so they tripped her and got her dirty too! Velvet pinned Lacey to win the match. Velvet got up to celebrate with Madison, and Lacey tripped both of them. They acted like it was the greatest thing ever, but it was totally wasn’t. The Beautiful People all hugged in the middle of the mud pit..

Lauren Brooke & “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal: Jay Lethal hyped the return of the Black Machismo Invitational next week..

THE SEARCH FOR JEFF JARRETT: Mick Foley talked about buying into TNA because Jeff Jarrett told him there was no safer investment he could take. Foley said Dixie Carter goes and partners up with Hulk Hogan and putting what he’s worked for in jeopardy. Jarrett asked Foley if he remembered what Foley did to him. Jarrett said HE founded TNA with his blood, his sweat, and his tears – and in the last 10 months it disappeared. Foley said Jarrett brought that on himself. Jarrett claimed that the punishment did not fit the crime. Foley said he didn’t like the new Jeff Jarrett and told him to continue hiding his problems at the bottle of the bottle. Foley suggested Jarrett find someone else to raise his two little girls (is he talking about Karen Angle?). Jarrett turned and said “it’s three Mick; sit down, we need to talk!”

A.J. Styles defeated Desmond Wolfe to retain the TNA World Heavyweight title: Desmond Wolfe was the highest bidder, and literally paid Kevin Nash to give him this shot at the World Heavyweight title. Kurt Angle came down to ringside wearing a suit and joined Mike Tenay & Taz on commentary. Angle said he wanted to see the guy who outbid him for a title shot tonight. The finish saw Christopher Daniels walk down and hook Wolfe’s leg. Wolfe turned around and yelled at Daniels, allowing A.J. Styles to get a surprise roll-up and pin Wolfe to retain the TNA championship! The announcers said that Daniels wants to be the one to beat Styles for the title at Final Resolution. After the match, Wolfe confronted Daniels and they started to fight! They were pulled apart and Wolfe called Daniels a WALKER!

THE SEARCH FOR JEFF JARRETT: Jeff Jarrett said it’s been a long five months since he talked to Dixie Carter, and what about Kurt? Foley said they’ll deal with Kurt when they get there but Dixie is the bridge they need to cross right now. Jarrett asked if Dixie won’t talk to Foley, why would she talk to him? Foley said he may be the hardcore legend, but Jarrett founded TNA and there is a respect between him (JJ) and Dixie. Foley said Dixie knows without Jarrett there wouldn’t be a TNA. Foley suggested Jarrett go into the iMPACT Zone next week with his head held high with a clean slate and it’s the only way they’ll get this thing done. Jarrett told Foley “let’s do this” and they shook hands as teh show went off the air!