TNA IMPACT 01 04 2010


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: January 4, 2010 (LIVE ON SPIKETV)

OUTSIDE THE BUILDING: Bubba the Love Sponge interviewed fans outside the iMPACT Zone..

Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin vs. Homicide vs. Kiyoshi vs. Jay Lethal vs. Consequences Creed vs. SUICIDE vs. Amazing Red: The match ended in a No Contest when Homicide pulled out a baton and started whacking everybody in sight. The fans were pissed and started chanting “this is bullsh*t!” Homicide wanted to make an impact so he started to climb up the cage to escape through the little hole at the top. The only problem was Homicide couldn’t gather enough strenth to pull himself through so it became a really awkward moment. SUICIDE got up and saw what was happening, and the other guys started improvising by climbing up the cage. Homicide couldn’t hold on and he fell to the mat and they all started fighting again. Then some music began playing and Jeff Hardy walked down through the crowd! There’s the first shots fired in the war with WWE! Hardy took out Homicide with a chairshot and climbed up the side of the cage and sat down on the roof looking out at the fans who were cheering wildly!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Jeff Hardy went backstage and was met by friend, Shannon Moore..

Christy Hemme & Kevin Nash: Kevin Nash talked about Hulk Hogan arriving at TNA. Nash said it was an epic night for TNA and he was looking forward to seeing an old friend. Nash said people say he’s the smartest man in wrestling, and it’s true, and his first mentor was Hulk. Nash said whatever company he’s worked for has been the #1 company in the world, and now that he is in TNA they were on their way to becoming #1! Nash said he was going to be making more money than he has in his life, so there is a lot of reasons for him to be excited tonight. Nash said he just talked to Hulk and he said he is on his way and he is not alone.

ODB defeated Tara to recapture the TNA Knockout title!: After the match, Tara kicked ODB in the gut and hit her with the Widow’s Peak! Tara took her spider out of its cage and let it crawl all over ODB. Tara picked up the Knockout title and held it over her head!

PARKING LOT: A white limo pulled into the parking lot and “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair stepped out! There’s the second shot fired in the war against WWE!

Christy Hemme & Mick Foley: Mick Foley arrived at the building saying he was just going to work. Christy asked if Foley got the memo (that management didn’t want Foley to be apart of the show). Foley said he understands the historical signicance of Hulk Hogan coming to TNA and he wants to be apart of it. Foley said he will be on his best behavior. Foley tried to enter the building but he was stopped by security at the door..

Bobby Lashley & Kristal Lashley: Kristal Lashley said tonight is the biggest night in TNA history, and Bobby has a personal message for Hulk Hogan. Kristal said no one in wrestling or MMA can match Bobby’s talent. Kristal called the fans a bunch of embred toothless degenerates. Kristal turned Bobby Lashley heel, and said he was asking for his immediate release from his TNA contract because he has better things to do!

Velvet Sky + Lacey Von Erich & Madison Rayne: Velvet Sky went into a room and sat down to play poker with Lacey Von Erich & Madison Rayne. Velvet said the Beautiful People wanted to make the biggest impression, so they were going to play live poker. Lacey “acted” like a brainless bimbo. Lacey ended up with a royal flush but didn’t understand. Suddenly it turned into a game of strip poker and Lacey said “it’s too bad they are so bad at the game!”.. Desperate!

UPDATE: They are following Hulk Hogan’s limo on its way to the iMPACT Zone..

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Sean Waltman & Scott Hall showed up and tried to get in the building, but were stopped at the door. They tried to strong arm their way in but they were restained by more security guards!

UPDATE: Hulk Hogan’s limo is only a few blocks away from the iMPACT Zone.. After a commercial break, the white limo suddenly stopped on the street. Another limo (black) stopped next to it, and someone got out and jumped into Hogan’s limo.. the white limo then continued it’s journey to the iMPACT Zone..

IN THE ARENA: Scott Hall & Sean Waltman somehow got into the building and walked through the crowd. It looks like they bought tickets and joined the fans. Scott Hall looked into the camera and yelled “bring out the Hulkster!”

Hulk Hogan + Scott Hall & Sean Waltman + Kevin Nash + Eric Bischoff + Sting: Hulk Hogan came out wearing all black, possibly teasing an nWo heel twist or something of that nature. Hogan spotted Scott Hall & Sean Waltman and grinned at them. They showed Hulk’s daughter Brooke in the crowd with Hulk’s fiance Jennifer. Hogan milked the crowd reaction and might have shed a few tears. Hogan said TNA and the maniacs are making history tonight! Hogan said he’s been backstage all day long and there is a lot of old faces, but there are some new faces too, and TNA is going to be the biggest company in the world! Hogan kept talking, until Scott Hall & Sean Waltman jumped the rail and had to be held back by security. Hogan said if those guys had something to say bring them in the ring! Hall & Waltman entered the ring and Hall said “hey yo!” Hogan said he was all about the party, but if they have something to say, say it right now. Hall said “say hello to the bad guy!” Hall said he heard that Easy E (Eric Bischoff), Hogan, and Nash was there then it meant big money and big parties. Hogan said that was a different time and it doesn’t work that way now. Waltman said it was the same place, and the same people, and they were there to party! Hall said the Hulkster was the biggest name in the industry and now he wants to change the way things happen. Hall said things were changing in TNA. Hogan said it was time that they all grow up and they do the right thing for the business. Hall said he grew up watching Hogan and he paved the way. Hall said things have changed, and they are going to change “with ya, or without ya.” Kevin Nash showed up and greeted Hall & Waltman and explained that Hulk has a role to play tonight. Hogan said it wasn’t a role, because when he partnered with Dixie Carter he agreed to make a change in the company. Nash said he’s been talking to Hulk for five or six weeks and that’s not the same conversation they’ve been having. Nash asked when did Hogan become so corporate. Hogan said the three guys need to do it for real because it’s a different time. Next up, Eric Bischoff made his way to the ring and stood next to Hulk Hogan. Bischoff looked at the three guys and said it’s been a while, and it brings back memories. Bischoff remembered taking the gorilla (WWE) and put him in a cage and spanked him! Bischoff said he was the one who put this “band” together in the first place. Bischoff said he knows a little something about it and there has been a serious breakdown in communication. Bischoff said what Hulk is trying to say is that everybody has got to earn their position in TNA. Hall gave that the thumbs up, and Nash said he heard him loud and clear. Nash, Hall, and Waltman left the ring and went backstage. Hogan said at TNA everybody has to earn their spot, adding he doesn’t care about past relationships. Bischoff said the team of Hogan & Bischoff has done it before and he’s damn sure they can do it in TNA because there is a whole lot of talent around there. Bischoff said he doesn’t care who it is, everybody is going to be under a microscope. Hogan said the change starts tonight. They showed Dixie standing in the crowd watching Hogan’s speech. Hogan said the change will keep on going until they are on top of the mountain. Bischoff asked where the producer is, and demanded to see a format for the show. So-Cal Val handed the format to Bischoff, and he proceeded to rip it up! Bischoff handed a new format to Val and told her to give it to the director. Bischoff said they would turn the company up-side-down and they were going to get started right now! Hogan said if you can’t talk and you can’t wrestle, then pack your bags and head up north! Hogan ended by saying “whatcha gonna do when TNA and all the Hulkamaniacs become number one in the world and run wild on you!” As they threw to commercial the cameras found Sting standing up in the rafters watching all of the “change” unfold in the iMPACT Zone..

Awesome Kong & HAMADA defeated Taylor Wilde & Sarita to win the TNA Knockout Tag Team titles!: During the match, they showed footage backstage of cameras finding the Motor City Machine Guns beaten up and unconcious on the floor!

Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne & Lacey Von Erich + Sean Morely: The Beautiful People continued playing strip poker in their bras until Sean Morely (aka Val Venis) showed up and “inserted” himself into the game. The girls didn’t appear to be impressed with the bald-headed Morely. Morely was only wearing a towel, and pointed out that he only had to lose one hand and it would be all over!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Two security guards let Mick Foley in the backdoor. Suddenly, the Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs & Jerry Sags) showed up and scolded the two guys for letting Mick Foley into the building. Oh my God, I can’t believe the Nasty Boys are in TNA.

Hernandez & Matt Morgan defeated Raven & Dr. Stevie w/Daffney: The match lasted less than one minute, so they could get back to the non-wrestling portion of the show..

Christy Hemme & Pope D’Angelo Dinero (aka Elijah Burke) + Orlando Jordan: The Pope talked about his match with Desmond Wolfe tonight, saying the great Hulk Hogan wants to see him in action tonight! The Pope continued to cut a promo on Wolfe, until Orlando Jordan showed up looking for Hulk Hogan. Jordan said the Pope reminds him a little bit of himself. Jordan tried to shake hands but the Pope just looked him in the eye.

Pope D’Angelo Dinero defeated Desmond Wolfe: The match lasted about two minutes, but what an upset victory for the Pope! I can’t believe they treated Desmond Wolfe like that.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Jeff Jarrett arrived at the iMPACT Zone!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Cameras found Rhino laid out backstage, and Bubba the Love Sponge was there on the spot to report what was going on. I can’t believe stupid Bubba the Love Sponge got a job with TNA.

EDITOR’S NOTE: It’s been an amazing show, but they have gone to way too many commercial breaks and showed Mike Tenay & Taz talking way too much!

Jeremy Borash & A.J. Styles + Eric Bischoff: A.J. Styles said he was there for seven years and has never experienced the excitement of tonight. Styles said he couldn’t wait to see what happens next! Styles said he knows he is World Heavyweight champion, but he needs to know that he can beat Kurt Angle. Eric Bischoff showed up sarcastically clapping, saying everywhere he goes he hears about how great A.J. Styles is. Bischoff said the bad news is that Styles vs. Angle at Genesis wasn’t going to happen. Bischoff said the world gets to find out who the best wrestler is tonight because Styles will face Angle for the World Heavyweight title!

Jeff Jarrett + Hulk Hogan: Jeff Jarrett came out and slapped hands with many of the rabid TNA fans in the front row. Jarrett said it felt great to be back home in the iMPACT Zone. They showed Dixie Carter standing in the crowd with an uncomfortable look on her face. Jarrett said years ago he decided to take his money and found an organization and call it TNA. The fans chanted “Thank you, Jeff!” Jarrett said every critic in the world said they wouldn’t last six weeks. Jarrett said he was standing in the ring on a Monday night for the greatest company in history! Jarrett said he tried to convince Hogan to come to TNA for years, and the timing wasn’t right, but tonight the timing is right! Jarrett said the most rewarding thing he has ever done is give hundreds of young guys the opportunity to step in the ring.. guys like Beer Money, the Motor City Machine Guns, Daniels, Samoa Joe, and TNA World Heavyweight champion A.J. Styles! Jarrett looked in the camera and told the fans that they haven’t seen anything yet! Jarrett said with Hogan teaming with Dixie Carter and himself anything can and will happen in TNA! Hulk Hogan came up on the big screen and said that was enough of the gaga, because nobody cares. Hogan threatened to bring out the security and have Jarrett escorted out of the building. Hogan said Jarrett ran the company into the ground and Dixie Carter ressurrected it. Hogan said Jarrett has to straighten up, and his minority partnership is out the window and he (Hogan) is Dixie’s business partner now. Hogan said nobody cares about Jarrett’s past and he and Dixie are going all the way to the top. Hogan said Jarrett has no stroke, and told him to grab his boots and prove himself just like everything else!

Christy Hemme & Christopher Daniels + Jeremy Borash + Mick Foley: Christopher Daniels said he wasn’t worried, and has faith that his ability will appeal to Hulk Hogan. Jeremy Borash interrupted and tried to stop Mick Foley from going on a rampage. Foley said he has a problem with Hulk Hogan and he doesn’t care who he has to go through to get to him!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Shannon Moore was with Jeff Hardy backstage praising Hardy for his painting ability.

Samoa Joe defeated “The Monster” Abyss by submission: Samoa Joe replaced Rhino because Rhino was taken out earlier in the show by a mysterio assailant.. They also quietly dropped the barbed wire stipulation. They showed Sting watching from somewhere in the iMPACT Zone.

Eric Bischoff + Kristal Lashley: Eric Bischoff told a writer to take the script and reformat a certain segment that was too long. Kristal Lashley showed up with some attitude and demanded a meeting with Hulk Hogan. Bischoff said if Kristal wants to meet with Hulk Hogan go take a number and get in line with everyone else. Bischoff said when she does get to meet Hogan to check her attitude at the door. Kristal said her husband was going to hear about this and Bischoff would be in trouble!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Cameras found Beer Money Inc. (Robert Roode & James Storm) laid out backstage, and Bubba the Love Sponge was there on the spot to report what was going on. Bubba said he doesn’t know who did it but he’s got a really good idea!

The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs & Jerry Sags) + Bubba The Love Sponge: The Nasty Boys were trying to get into the building, but security would not let them in because they weren’t on the list. Bubba the Love Sponge showed up and distracted the security guard so the Nasty Boys could sneak into the building..

Jeremy Borash & Kurt Angle: Kurt Angle said when he lost his title in September, and incredible wrestler named A.J. Styles became champion, but Styles never beat him. Angle said a lot of things have happened since September, but Styles still can’t beat him! Angle said it was time for him to reclaim HIS TNA title!

PARKING LOT: Jeff Hardy & Shannon Moore were leaving the building when three crazy teenaged girls ran up screaming that they loved Jeff Hardy. Jeff gave them his painting and they ran off screaming their little hearts off..

The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs & Jerry Sags): The Nasty Boys entered Team 3-D’s locker room and started trashing the place. Some security guards came in and apologized, offering them some donuts. They beat up the security and continued trashing the locker room. Team 3-D were in Japan and not at the iMPACT Zone..

A.J. Styles defeated Kurt Angle to retain the TNA World Heavyweight title: A few minutes into the match, the mystery masked man in black attacked A.J. Styles! The same guy who has attacked Styles several times in the past. Kurt Angle came to the rescue and knocked the masked man out of the ring. Angle helped Styles up and they shook hands, agreeing to continue the match and find out who the better man was. About 20 minutes into this incredible match, Ric Flair walked out to the stage to get a closer look at the action in the ring. A.J. Styles was triumphant and retained his championship. They showed TNA President Dixie Carter smiling and applauding from her place within the audience. Angle raised the arm of Styles after the match to show respect for the champion. Suddenly, Hulk Hogan came out with modified nWo music and pointed at at the ring saying “those are the two greatest wrestlers in the business today!” Hogan praised both wrestlers, saying Styles has raised the bar to a whole new level! Hogan said you guys have made history tonight! Somebody came out and whispered in Hogan’s ear and he immediately bolted backstage.

Mick Foley + Sean Morely & The Beautiful People + Eric Bischoff + Kevin Nash & Scott Hall & Sean Waltman + Hulk Hogan: Mick Foley barged into a locker room and found Sean Morely playing strip poker with the Beautiful People (and thankfully winning). Mick Foley demanded to know where Hulk Hogan was, and Morely told him “down the hall and to the left.” Foley went down the hall to the left and entered his former office to find Eric Bischoff sitting at the desk. Bischoff said even Foley has to have figured it out by now, he has no power and no influence. Bischoff told Foley to put his boots on and fight for his job like everybody else. Foley said he made himself a promise to never work for Eric Bischoff again. Foley said if he’s going to make the choice to get fired he will give Bischoff a reason to fire him. Foley charged Bischoff, but suddenly Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Sean Waltman showed up and destroyed him. Hulk Hogan walked in and surveyed the damage as the show went off the air.