TNA IMPACT 02 18 2010


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: February 18, 2010 (Taped: February 15th)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Eric Bischoff was shown getting out of a limo on the phone, telling this person he has everything under control. Bischoff finished by saying “let the games begin.”

VIDEO PACKAGE: Against All Odd’s highlight video with The Pope winning the Eight Card Stud Tournament and A.J Styles retaining the TNA World Heavyweight championship beating Samoa Joe.

Pope D’Angelo Dinero + A.J Styles & Ric Flair: The Pope said he can put his money on the fact that the ‘pope is pimpin’. Pope defied the odds and overcame all the obstacles and mentioned that he is the number one contender to the TNA World Championship. Dinero said that A.J. Styles and ‘Dick’ Flair are the only people standing in his way to getting the title around his waist. Dinero said that Ric Flair was a dick so it is all good. Dinero told Flair that he will never be like him. Dinero believed he will be the new TNA World champion at Lockdown. A.J. Styles & Ric Flair walked their way down to the ring with several ladies. Flair asked Pope if he can read and write and tells Pope to read his coat which says Armani. Flair reminded Pope that his name was RIC Flair and said that Pope was praying to be just like Flair when he get’s older. Flair was exhausted as he has been with A.J. Styles and all the ladies since Against All Odds. Flair put Styles over as the greatest wrestling machine. Flair said that Styles was the greatest wrestler alive. Pope repeated that in his eyes Ric Flair was a Dick. Dinero said you can do whatever you want to Styles, but he was still a piece of crap. Flair called Dinero a thug. Flair insulted Dinero family poverty saying Styles has more than them combined. Styles grabbed the microphone and called Dinero a nobody and that Dinero was going nowhere. Dinero said he was everywhere and proceeded to hit Styles. Dinero knocked Flair down. Flair low blowed Dinero. Styles said that he is the champ and that Dinero was a nobody. Flair brought a chair into the ring and placed Dinero’s ankle between the chair and stomped onto it. Styles proceeded to lock in the figure four as Flair held Dinero arms. Editor’s Note: Good promo but Pope was always talking about Ric Flair not the TNA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION A.J Styles.

RINGSIDE SEGMENT: Mike Tenay & Taz hyping March 8th when TNA is moving to Monday nights. Mike Tenay also told us that a former TNA Champion is returning tonight.

TNA Knockout champion Tara defeated Daffney by DQ: The match ended when Daffney hit Tara with a tool box and went crazy. Daffney slammed the railing onto Tara. Dr Stevie came down and carried a maniacal Daffney backstage.

Eric Bischoff & Mick Foley: Mick Foley apologized for his performance on Sunday, but surprisingly Bischoff said not to worry about it. Bischoff said he had someone to give Foley a brand new look and two designers came over and took his measurements. Bischoff dismissed them to, ‘uh, go shopping.’ Bischoff happily waved them off, but as soon as Foley left, he picked up the phone demanding to see Abyss in his office.

BACKSTAGE SEGENT: Kevin Nash entered the iMPACT Zone and looked angry..

Orlando Jordan defeated Samoa Joe: Before the match on the titantron, Samoa Joe was speaking to Eric Bischoff and Bischoff gave him one last chance to impress him…… Editor’s Note: They edited out Orlando’s controversial pre-match ritual of kissing his male valet before he came into the ring. The crowds reaction told the story after the result of the match.

Eric Bischoff & Abyss: Eric Bischoff said he told Abyss what would happen if he did not use the bat in his match last Sunday. Abyss said he used the tacks, but Eric said he asked him to use the bat instead, he declared it’s going to cost him his mask. Abyss pleaded, but Bischoff said the unmasking will take place tonight.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Eric Young was looking for ‘The Band’ backstage and said he knows they are in the building..

Eric Bischoff & Jeff Jarrett: Eric Bischoff gave Jeff Jarrett the barbed wire baseball bat and told him to use it tonight against Abyss.

Amazing Red & (Frankie) Kazarian & Generation Me (Max & Jeremy) defeated Doug Williams & Brian Kendrick & The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin): We saw the return of Kaz (calling him Kazarian). This match was so fast paced and only lasted 5 or 6 minutes. Great action with a lot of “this is awesome” chants from the crowd. Kazarian picked up the win after he hit X-Division champion Doug Williams with a slingshot DDT. Just Awesome.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Abyss trying to leave but Slick Johnson caught him and told him his match is next.

Abyss vs. Jeff Jarrett ended in a No Contest: Jeff Jarrett came out with no music but with the bat. Halfway through the match, Eric Bischoff came onto the ramp to watch. Bischoff told Jarrett to use the barbed wire bat and Jarrett picked up the bat. Abyss begged Jarrett not to use it and Jarrett looked at Bischoff and dropped the bat on the floor. Bischoff said he knew he couldn’t trust him to get the job done. Bischoff called out his ‘boys’ to attack Abyss & Jarrett..

POST MATCH SEGMENT: Raven, Homicide, Tomko, Desmond Wolfe, and Rhino stormed the ring and beat down Abyss and Jarrett. Abyss was held by all five men in the ring. Bischoff entered the ring and said that Abyss didn’t believe him that he was going to take his mask off. Bischoff was about to take Abyss’ mask off until Hulk Hogan made his way down to the ring. Bischoff had said Hogan was off taking care of some other business. Bischoff was shocked and told his ‘boys’ to let Abyss go. Hogan grabbed the microphone and told Abyss to get to his office RIGHT NOW!

BACKSTAGE SGEMENT: Abyss escorted to Hulk Hogan’s office..

Beer Money Inc. (Robert Roode & James Storm) defeated The British Invasion (Brutus Magnus & Big Rob Terry): After the match, Brutus Magnus got a microphone and screamed at Big Rob saying he should be the Global champion. Magnus said Big Rob was a disgrace to the British Invasion and took his championship away from him. Big Rob clotheslined Brutus Magnus and grabbed his title and left.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Kevin Nash prepared to talk with Scott Hall & Sean Waltman in the ring.

Hulk Hogan & Abyss: Hulk Hogan said he was sick of Abyss’ shaky hands. Hogan took off his WWE Hall of Fame ring and said he destroyed his body for 30 years to earn this ring. Hogan then gave Abyss the ring and told him it will make him ten times the wrestler he ever was! Editor Notes: Push for Abyss!

Kurt Angle defeated Christopher Daniels: The match was over in three minutes, Didn’t Christopher Daniels main event Turning Point and Final Resolution?

POST MATCH SEGMENT: Kurt Angle said Mr. Anderson beat him at Against All Odds, but that’s not what pissed him off. Angle had taken off his dog tag and explained the traditional military use. Angle explained that the last year and a half was very hard. Angle mentioned his troubles from the past year, and said he prayed to God while in jail and asked him why this was happening. After he was released, Angle said he met a lot of soldiers, and one came up to him saying he believed in him, explaining that he was the one who gave the dog tag to him. He read the inscription entitled “Warrior.” Angle’s point was that when Mr. Anderson used that dog tag to cut him on Sunday, he did not just make him bleed, he made those proud soldiers bleed. Angle said when he spat on him, he spat on those same soldiers and the USA. Angle then vowed to make Anderson suffer, and Anderson’s music hits. Anderson came out to the stage and made fun of Angle’s emotional speech. Anderson told Angle to come get some! Angle made his way up the ramp and a brawl occured. Anderson low blowed Angle and hit him with the Mic Check. The microphone lowered down and said “welcome to TOTAL NON-STOP ANDERSON.. . . .ANDERSON!”

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Jeremy Borash & Samoa Joe were talking until masked thugs abducted Joe and bundled him into a van..

Kevin Nash & Eric Young + The Band (Scott Hall & Sean Waltman) + Hulk Hogan: Kevin Nash questioned why he chose Sean Waltman & Scott Hall to be his friends so many years ago. Nash said he carried their asses on his back for the last time. Nash beckoned them to the ring saying he’s the gray-haired SOB in the middle of the ring. The Band came out, but Eric Young started to attack Sean Waltman outside the ring.. Hall flicked a toothpick in Nash’s eye, but Nash still managed to ground him. Security stepped in and Hogan observed from the top of the ramp. The show concluded with Nash yelling that it’s on next week!