TNA IMPACT 02 25 2010


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: February 25, 2010 (Taped: February 16th)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

Jeremy Borash & Abyss + some X-Division wrestlers: Abyss was showing off his WWE Hall of Fame ring given to him by Hulk Hogan last week. Abyss said he thought last week would be the worst day ever, but it ended up being the best day in the history of his life!

VIDEO PACKAGE: The Highlights of Abyss and Jeff Jarrett getting beat down last week and then Hulk Hogan saving Abyss’s mask.

A.J. Styles & Ric Flair + Abyss + Hulk Hogan: A.J. Styles said that The Pope tried to turn his home into his own temple. Styles said that Dinero was telling people he is going to be the champion of the people. Styles thought that was cute that Pope wanted to be the golden boy or the chosen one. Styles said to be the man you gotta beat the man, and HE’S THE MAN!.. Styles said that Pope will not be walking for a long, long, time. Ric Flair began to speak and said he has been driven crazy over the fact that Hulk Hogan gave his Hall of Fame ring to Abyss. Flair said that Hogan has his own little Hall of Fame. Flair called Abyss a challenged person at best. Flair said that Hogan was never and will never be in Ric Flair’s Hall of Fame. Flair called out Abyss, who came out to the “American Made” theme song. Flair said he is a Hall of Famer. Flair said he wanted to puke when looking at Abyss, because he makes them all look bad. Flair said that Abyss will only be good at shining the champs boots. Flair called Abyss a clown. Abyss spoke up and said he would be happy to take Styles boots off and shove them up Flair’s ass! Flair went nuts and said he is a God. Styles called Abyss a pathetic piece of crap. Styles told Abyss that the fans came to see him and not Abyss. Styles called Abyss a disgrace.. Styles called Abyss an ugly disgrace. Styles wanted Abyss to take the ring off and Flair wanted Abyss to put it on Styles’ hand. Hulk Hogan came out and accused Styles of kissing Flair’s ass. Hogan believed that Styles running down Abyss makes him weak. Hogan said that the history book will be written that A.J Styles was the weakest champion and asked Styles if he wanted that to happen. Flair asked Hogan what he was thinking when he gave Abyss his ring and challenged Hogan to do it right now. Flair and Styles took off their jackets. Abyss removed his shirt and Hogan took off his sun glasses. However, Flair and Styles backed off and headed to the backstage area. Flair said that Hogan and Abyss bought some time tonight. Flair told them that before the night was over, the ring will be on Styles finger.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Mick Foley arrived and did not look happy.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Jimmy Hart helping the Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs & Jerry Sags) beat Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon) at Against All Odds.

Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon) defeated The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs & Jerry Sags w/Jimmy Hart): The ending of the match was when Jesse Neal came down and prevented Jimmy Hart from interfering. Jesse Neal then threw Hart’s helmet to Brother Devon, who used it against Brian Knobbs. Team 3-D then gave Jerry Sags the 3D through the table to win the match!

Mick Foley & Eric Bischoff: Mick Foley said that it was all a set up last week for Eric Bischoff to have Abyss all alone and try to take his mask off. Foley wanted Bischoff to admit to it. Bischoff called Foley paranoid. Foley said that Bischoff’s actions made people paranoid. Bischoff wanted to look at the end result and said that Abyss is happy, the happiest he has ever been. Bischoff wanted to know why Foley was making it all about Foley. Foley said he was not about him and granted Bischoff the fact that Abyss was happy. Bischoff told Foley that Abyss and Jeremy Borash are fine and he is living up to his end of the bargain. Bischoff asked Foley where the new suit was. Bischoff wanted Foley to live up to his end of the bargain. Foley said he would…

VIDEO PACKAGE: Daffney’s attack on Tara last week..

ODB defeated Daffney by DQ: Daffney was disqualified after using the steel steps onto ODB’s knee many times. During the match their was a split screen in which Christy Hemme interviewed Tara and she said she would be ready next time. After the match, Daffney started to hit ODB with a broom and Dr Stevie took her to the back.

Jeremy Borash & Matt Morgan & Hernandez: The Tag Team champions got pissed after Jeremy Borash mentioned about what happened at Against All Odds. Matt Morgan said they will be defending the belts against any team and they are cool with each other. Morgan said it was JB’s job to stir the pot..

The Band (Sean Waltman & Scott Hall): The Band (Sean Waltman & Scott Hall) looking for weapons to fight Kevin Nash & Eric Young outside the arena later on.

Beer Money Inc (James Storm & Robert Roode) + Hernandez: Robert Roode talked about forming a tag team two years ago with James Storm. Roode said that they promised each other to be the best they can be each and every night. Roode & Storm spoke about building a reputation of pride. All they wanted to do was be the best, and said they are the greatest tag team in all of professional wrestling. Storm grabbed a microphone and said they are not going to be having a war of words with Eric Bischoff or Hulk Hogan. Storm mentioned that they have been there since day one, and they have had to carry this company and they have done just that. Storm said that they have made the company a lot of money as their merchandise has been outselling everyone. Storm said that management wanted them to sit on the sidelines and that was not going to sit well with them because Roode needed to make money to buy Storm’s beer. Storm said that TNA is at it’s all time high and for TNA to get to that next level, they need more Beer Money Inc. – and if ya don’t.. SORRY ABOUT YOUR DAMN LUCK! Hernandez music hit and he came out to the stage. Hernandez said that they don’t need to prove anything to anyone here. Hernandez put over how good they really are. Hernandez said he and Morgan want to be the best. Hernandez said he is going to Hulk Hogan’s office and is going to get Beer Money a title shot at Destination X. Robert Roode accepted the challenge.

Jeremy Borash & Kevin Nash & Eric Young: Kevin Nash said that they are not looking for a ring or a jackass in a referee outfit. All they wanted was Scott Hall and Sean Waltman. They wanted to bust them up and crack some skulls. Young did not want a match, but a piece of television time. Young said that their ratings will be the highest segment on this program. Young will be going to send Hall & Waltman packing for good. Nash said that he can live with the physical pain, but the emotional pain was different.

Jeff Jarrett & Eric Bischoff: Jeff Jarrett burst into Eric Bischoff’s office and complained that he sent six thugs to beat him up just because he did not follow the rules. Jarrett said he has been through much more than that. Jarrett told Bischoff that it was going to take a lot more to run him out. Bischoff apologized to Jarrett for last week, but Jarrett did not want to hear any of that. Bischoff said he was doing the best he can. Jarrett asked Bischoff if he wanted him to feel sorry for him. Bischoff put over Jarrett standing up for himself and said that Jarrett did the right thing. Bischoff wanted Jarrett to meet him in the ring, and wanted to give Jarrett a better opportunity in front of his fans. Jarrett said he will be out there to talk to Bischoff later.

VIDEO PACKAGE: The Jeff Jarrett & Eric Bischoff feud..

Eric Bischoff & Jeff Jarrett: Eric Bischoff thanked the fans for their response. Bischoff said he loved the fans. Bischoff said that he was man enough to admit to his mistakes, and he has made a lot of them. Bischoff said you have to learn from your mistakes and you have to grow from them as well. Bischoff wanted Jarrett to come out as he was wrong about him. Jeff Jarrett entered the ring and Bischoff told Jarrett that he knows it has been a tough situation between them. Bischoff asked a producer to get something out of his office, and it was a barbed wire bat. Bischoff said that it was a disgusting thing to ask Jarrett to use that on one of his peer’s. Bischoff told Jarrett that he did the right thing. However, the problem was that Jarrett did not do the right thing for him. Bischoff gave Jarrett one more chance to do the right thing. Bischoff gave Jarrett a spatula and told him to flip some burgers for the fans here in the iMPACT Zone. Bischoff gave Jarrett a hair net and put it over the hair of Jarrett to follow health codes. Bischoff said that Jarrett could always quit so it would be making easy for them. Bischoff said happy flipping. Editor’s Note’s: What the hell?

Matt Morgan & Hernandez: Matt Morgan was upset that Hernandez went out earlier their without him and gave Beer Money Inc. a title shot.. Morgan said that they need to be on the same page. Morgan agreed that Beer Money Inc. will get a title shot but they need to be on the same page. Morgan and Hernandez shook hands and appeared to be on the same page.

(Frankie) Kazarian defeated Brian Kendrick: Kazarian will face Doug Williams at Destination X.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Kevin Nash & Eric Young were taping their fists for the fight later.

Jeremy Borash & Abyss: Abyss said he has the power of the ring and will be the monster of the rings.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Global Championship history and Big Rob winning the title at the Cardiff house event.

Christy Hemme & Mr. Anderson: Mr. Anderson had his own microphone lowered down to him. Anderson asked who was being unstoppable since coming to TNA? Anderson talked about leaving Kurt Angle laying in his own pool of blood. Anderson said tonight he will get his first taste of TNA gold. Anderson puts over Rob Terry’s strength as being as strong as six gorillas. Anderson actually said he beat six gorillas by DQ once. Anderson said he will be the TNA Global Champion, and repeated his name twice, the second time in Christy Hemme’s face.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Kurt Angle was shown walking to the ring.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Brutus Magnus told Rob Terry that he and Doug Williams carried him for a year. Magnus told Big Rob that he will answer to him and poked his chest. Terry grabbed his finger and told Magnus to piss off.

Big Rob Terry defeated Mr. Anderson to retain the TNA Global title: Before the match, Mr. Anderson cut a promo on Kurt Angle, and pulled out a set of dog tags – saying they were given to him by the widow of a fallen soldier. Suddenly, Kurt Angle rose up from his trap door elevator with a chair in his hand. Angle let Anderson say a few more words before bashing him in the back with the chair! Angle took back his dog tags and called for Big Rob to come pick up the pieces. Big Rob walked over and carried Mr. Anderson back to the ring to start the match. It was over in less then ten seconds after a scoop slam by Big Rob Terry.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Jeff Jarrett was shown flipping burgers..

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Mick Foley was shown with a black trench coat on.

VIDEO PACKAGE: The history of The Band (Scott Hall & Sean Waltman) in TNA.. if they are not under TNA contract why are they doing video packages to promote them?

Eric Young & Kevin Nash vs. Scott Hall & Sean Waltman: Outside the arena, Eric Young went after Sean Waltman, while Scott Hall hit Kevin Nash with a pipe on the knee. Hall punched and chopped Young. Hall told Young to stay out of this. Waltman delivered a standing spin kick which knocked Young out. Waltman tagged Young with a spray paint “4-LiFe” and mocked Nash.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Jeff Jarrett chopping onions..

Eric Bischoff + Mick Foley: Eric Bischoff was shown on the phone and proclaimed celebrity guest hosts was the worst idea ever. Mick Foley entered the room and showed off his new suit. Bischoff was not impressed with a mustard stain on the jacket and said Foley needed to go to etiquette school. Editor’s Note: Funny by Bischoff.

“The Monster” Abyss defeated Desmond Wolfe: This was a 4 minute match. Abyss got the win after he hit the Black Hole Slam out of nowhere.

Abyss & Desmond Wolfe + A.J. Styles & Ric Flair + Hulk Hogan: A.J. Styles & Ric Flair came down and started to beat down Abyss (Desmond Wolfe joined in the assault). Abyss fought back but Ric Flair low blowed him. Desmond Wolfe had a pair of handcuffs and handcuffed Abyss to the ropes. Suddenly Hulk Hogan hobbled to the ring and gave shots to Styles, Flair, and Wolfe. Then, Ric Flair chopped blocked Hulk Hogan’s knee and they proceeded to beat him down. They ripped off Hogan’s shirt and chopped his chest as Abyss helplessly watched, hand-cuffed to the ropes! Hulk Hogan was busted open bloody after Styles hit him with the TNA World Heavyweight title belt. Abyss used the power of the Hall of Fame ring and managed to break out of the handcuffs and the heels quickly retreated. After the commercial, Abyss helped Hulk Hogan up to his feet. Hogan booked Flair in a match for Monday (March 8th) on iMPACT. Flair said Hogan would not force him out of retirement. Hogan had Flair’s mic cut off and told him that Flair would team with Styles in a tag team match against Abyss and a partner. Styles wanted to know who Abyss’s partner would be. Hogan looked to the crowd who were chanting his name. A bloody Hogan smiled and told them that they will be facing Abyss and his tag team partner HULK HOGAN!!!!!! Mike Tenay screamed “Holy Shit!”. A.J Styles and Ric Flair were livid. “See you guys Match 8th!!!”