TNA IMPACT 03 08 2010


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: March 8, 2010 (LIVE)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

RINGSIDE: Mike Tenay & Taz hyped the show and the camera showed Dixie Carter (she was looking hot) in the crowd being pumped up for the show. Taz teased the big tag team match being up first and the crowd were electrifying massive “TNA! TNA!” chants. Great atmosphere in the iMPACT Zone

Hulk Hogan & Abyss: Hulk Hogan & Abyss came down to massive roars from the crowd “Hogan, Hogan!” chants. Hogan took the mic but had to pause as a loud “TNA” chant occurred. He called tonight the biggest night in the history of TNA. The camera showed Dixie Carter’s facial expression which was a huge smile. Hulk Hogan called out A.J. Styles & Ric Flair they wanted the tag team match right now.

Hulk Hogan & Abyss vs. A.J. Styles & Ric Flair ended in a No Contest: When the babyface team was down, suddenly the lights went off, Sting’s music played and the TNA crowd erupted. When the lights came back on, Sting was standing in the ring but he turned HEEL and hit Abyss & Hulk Hogan with his baseball bat! A.J. Styles & Ric Flair also inflicted damage and hit Abyss & Hulk Hogan with chairshots. Security ran down, but the damage was done, when the heels left the ring Hulk Hogan grabbed a mic and said things are not over and the tag team match was still on and it will be tonight but No Disqualification. Editor’s Note: What a start!

RINGSIDE: Mike Tenay & Taz were shocked after witnessing the night’s events..

Sting & Dixie Carter: Sting was walking in the back when Dixie Carter questioned what he was doing. Sting then grabbed her by the neck and shoved her against the wall, saying “I don’t owe you anything, Dixie!”

RINGSIDE: Mike Tenay & Taz are hyping the main event and Sting’s shock heel turn.

Jeremy Borash & A.J. Styles & Ric Flair: A.J. Styles & Ric Flair were celebrating and said they have made pro wrestling history. Jeremy Borash asked what were Sting’s motives. Ric Flair said he always knew Sting was on theid side and promised to make a global impact after coming out of retirement tonight which will shock the world.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Abyss was screaming “why Sting, why?”..

Brooke Hogan & Jennifer (Hulk’s fiancee): Brooke Hogan was being consoled by her twin sister, no that’s her father’s fiancee, Jennifer..

Kazarian + Christopher Daniels + Doug Williams + Eric Bischoff: Kazarian talked about walking away two years ago because he had a lot of doubt. Now, the doubt has gone. Kazarian said that he has come back to reignite the flame in the X-Division! Kazarian said that if TNA is going into war, then the warriors of the X-Division should lead them, massive “X-Division” chants from the crowd. Daniels cut Kazarian off and said that if anyone is going to lead them into battle it is going to be him and no one else. Daniels mentioned him being the longest reigning X-Division champion ever. Daniels announced that he will carry the X-Division to the highest of heights. The TNA X-Division Champion Doug Williams came out and called both Kazarian & Daniels “old geezers.” Williams assured them that the X-Division was alive and well. Kazarian brought up seven years ago talking about being a pioneer in the business. Daniels cut Kazarian off asked what has he done in the business. Kazarian called Daniels a selfish prick. Eric Bischoff made his way out to the top of the ramp way. Bischoff said that he was really excited to work for TNA because of the X-Division. Bischoff announced that tonight their will be a three way dance for the TNA X-Division Championship right now!

Doug Williams defeated Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels to retain the TNA X-Division title: Massive “TNA” and “X-Divison” chants. This was like the X-Division matches from the Nashville days. The action was hard to follow and this was what the X-Division is supposed to be about. Doug Williams picked up the win after hitting the rolling chaos theory on Daniels.

AFTER-MATCH SEGMENT: Shannon Moore came down and attacked Doug Williams and hit him with a head scissors and spin kick. Eric Bischoff announced Shannon Moore as Doug Williams new opponent at Destination X.

Jeremy Borash & Dixie Carter: Dixie was happy Sting had signed a new contract, because he will be in action tonight against a mystery opponent.

The Beautiful People (Madison Rayne & Velvet Sky w/Lacey Von Erich) defeated Sarita & Taylor Wilde and Angelina Love & Tara to win TNA Knockout Tag Team titles: It was announced that Awesome Kong & Hamada had been stripped off the titles as they had not defended the belts for thirty days. After both Sarita and Taylor Wilde were tripped by Lacey Von Erich. Tara hit the widow’s peak on Madison Rayne but Daffney came in and hit Tara with the Knockout’s belt. Madison Rayne pinned Tara to win the titles.

Christy Hemme & Pope D’Angelo Dinero + Desmond Wolfe: Christy Hemme mentioned that Dinero was facing Desmond Wolfe tonight, but Desmond Wolfe attacked The Pope’s injured ankle and hit him with some sort of chain. Their match was canceled.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Sting leaving the rafters..

Jeremy Borash & the Beautiful People (Madison Rayne & Velvet Sky & Lacey Von Erich): J.B was watching the Beautiful People celebrate their win. Lacey asked if she was a champion and Madison Rayne said yes (Free Bird Rule like the Spirit Squad). Champagne was popped and poured all over Jeremy Borash.

RINGSIDE: Mike Tenay & Taz speculated who the mystery opponent was for Sting and revealing Dixie never interfered with match making but was pushed to the limit by Sting.

Rob Van Dam defeated Sting: Sting was waiting in the ring when the letters “RVD” came up on the screen; the crowd went nuts as RVD came through the crowd from behind and hit Sting with a missile drop kick and a rolling thunder for the pin in less than ten seconds!

Rob Van Dam + Sting + Hulk Hogan + Bubba The Love Sponge: Sting attacked RVD from behind and proceeded in hitting him with the bat. Sting was leaving when he hit two referees and returned to the ring to further hurt RVD. Hogan came down but was prevented to enter the ring by security and Bubba. Sting kept attacking RVD and then hit Hogan a few times and walked to the back and hit a few security guards on his way. Hogan had to be physically helped to the back.

Kevin Nash & Eric Young + The Band (Scott Hall & Sean Waltman) + Eric Bischoff: Kevin Nash & Eric Young walked out to address their issues with Sean Waltman & Scott Hall. Nash said that for the last month, no matter what he’s done, Hall and Waltman have found their way into the arena. He said he has in his hands a contract for a one-time exception allowing Hall & Waltman to wrestle at Destination X against he and Young. Nash called them to the ring. Waltman & Hall entered the ring and security followed as a precautionary measure. Waltman & Hall entered the ring and Hall said “Hey yo!” right in Nash’s face. He asked if he’s got it right that two-thirds of the legendary Wolf Pac are in the building. Hall called Nash a “Big Sellout.” Hall asked Nash if he’s a stooge for Hogan. Hall said after what Sting did to Hogan, it’s obvious Hogan ain’t running the “shiz-ow!” Hall said he and Waltman want in on TNA because it’s starting to get cool.. Hall said when they beat them, they want some “fat money contracts” so they get their share. Nash said Hogan said he can have the match. Hall asked Easy E if he wants in on. Eric Bischoff came out and told Waltman & Hall that if they beat Nash & Young, he’ll make sure they get a fat contract. Eric said he can make that happen. Eric added that if they lose, though, they have to ride off into the sunset and do whatever they do, but outside of TNA. Waltman said, “deal!” and Hall agreed. Nash said he’d see them at the PPV. Nash and Hall shook hands. Waltman slapped Young, and Young attacked him furiously. Security broke them up quickly. Bischoff said he’s sick of paying overtime for security to get Hall & Nash away from ringside. Bischoff told Eric Young he has license to kill and to “slap that punk upside his bitch ass!” Editor’s Note: Should be good at Destination X.

Eric Young defeated Sean Waltman: The brawl continued. After Sean Waltman missed the bronco buster, Eric Young hit the piledriver for the win.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: A military vehicle pulled up and some soldiers came out..

U.S. Soldiers + Kurt Angle + Mr. Anderson: Kurt Angle walked out with soldiers surrounding the. Angle lectured Mr. Anderson on the sacrifices the troops make for what America stands for. Angle said they put their lives on the line, and sometimes die, defending those principles. He said as a proud American, and it is his duty to protect and serve the soldiers “when bitches like you degrade them.” He said Mr. Anderson should learn that you don’t mess with a U.S. soldier and he’ll learn a lesson at Destination X when he kicks his ass all over the iMPACT Zone. Mr Anderson appeared on the screen from the interview area and said their issue was between the two of them, not the soldiers. Anderson mentioned the “International Object,” pointing to the soldier’s dog tag that Anderson stole from Angle. Angle found Anderson and jumped him from the side. Angle dragged him into the arena and threw him into the ring. Anderson, though, dropped Angle with the “Warrior Medal.” Anderson tried to back out of the ring, but bumped into soldiers.. Angle got up and yanked Anderson back into the ring, then threw him to ringside where U.S. soldiers bashed him briefly at ringside and then threw him into the ring. Angle threw him out the other side so those soldiers could get a piece. Angle got rid of Anderson and the soldiers entered the ring and lifted Angle into the air. Editor’s Note: They had a chance to book a Lumberjack match on PPV but wasted it.

Hulk Hogan + Bubba The Love Sponge + Earl Hebner: Bubba the Love Sponge consoled Hogan and tried to convince him not to wrestle again. Hogan said this is the biggest night in TNA. Hogan said he didn’t want to, but events forced his hand. Earl Hebner walked in and asked for a second chance. Hogan said he couldn’t think about him right now. Bubba insisted Hogan give Earl a second chance because everyone deserves a second chance. Hogan said he can give Earl a second chance. He asked Earl to stop the match if it gets out of control and he’s down and out.

Jeff Jarrett & Mick Foley + Beer Money Inc. (Robert Roode & James Storm): Jeff Jarrett & Mick Foley were talking when Beer Money came up. Jarrett asked James Storm if Bischoff forced them to wrestle tonight. Storm said he wasn’t forced, he volunteered! Jarrett was upset, saying when he founded TNA, he hand-picked James Storm for the TNA roster. Jarrett said he put, Storm and Robert Roode together as a team. Storm said “Sorry about your damn luck!” Jarrett jumped him. Roode jumped Jarrett. Mick Foley ordered them to take it into the ring.

Beer Money Inc. (Robert Roode & James Storm) defeated Jeff Jarrett: Guest referee Mick Foley gave Jeff Jarrett a barbed wire baseball bat, but before he could use it, referee Slick Johnson ran down and took it away from him. Beer Money picked up Jarrett and hit him with the DWI for the win. Are they heel now?

Hulk Hogan & Abyss + Brooke Hogan: Abyss told Hogan that he owes Styles & Flair big-time for what they did to him. Brooke walked in crying (bad acting). Hogan assured her that he’s okay. He told her with Abyss with him, he’ll be okay. She sat and held his hands and told him how tough it was to watch him go out there like that because to everyone else, he’s the Hulkster, but to her, he’s her dad. Hogan said this was his second chance. He said the fans called him. He said she should know what that means. He said Abyss has his back. He said Abyss is big and strong and his no. 1 Hulkamaniac. Brooke asked him to promise her one thing, that this would be his final time “because we’ve lost so much and I don’t want to lose you, too.” Hogan said his family has been to hell and back in the last two years and promised it would be his last time. They shared a hug.

Hulk Hogan & Abyss defeated A.J. Styles & Ric Flair: Abyss picked up the win after a black hole slam on A.J. Styles; he faces A.J. Styles at Destination X for the TNA World Heavyweight title.

POST-MATCH SEGMENT: Desmond Wolfe came out and hit Abyss with a chair across his back. Hogan blocked a follow-up chair shot. Flair clipped Hogan’s leg. They beat him down. The Pope came out for the save, but he was quickly taken down by Styles. Then, JEFF HARDY’S music played! The crowd roared and Hardy ran to the ring. Hardy attacked all three heels as the crowd went nuts. Hardy gave a big DDT to Wolfe and hit everyone with twist of fates. “What an incredible night! What a monumental night! Thanks for being a part of history!” Taz yelled, “I told you Monday nights would never be the same!” As Hardy climbed to the top rope and was about to do a Swanton bomb, they went off the air! Let the war begin! Editor’s Note: Great Show.