TNA IMPACT 03 15 2010


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: March 15, 2010 (Taped: March 9th)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

DARK MATCH: Homicide defeated Ken Doane with an Ace Crusher..

DARK MATCH: Jay Lethal defeated Kazuchika Okada with an Elbow Drop..

TAPED FOR XPLOSION: Frankie Kazarian & Amazing Red defeated Brian Kendrick & Christopher Daniels..

VIDEO PACKAGE: Featuring last week’s highlights…. Rob Van Dam’s début, Jeff Hardy’s return, Sting’s shocking heel turn, Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair’s TNA in ring debut and the tag team main event match which ended with Abyss pinning A.J. Styles.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Hulk Hogan & Abyss & Rob Van Dam & Jeff Hardy (with his face was painted) arrived at the iMPACT Zone from inside a hummer.

A.J. Styles & Ric Flair + Jeff Hardy: A.J. Styles & Ric Flair came down in suits to start off the show. A.J. called Abyss a scary but stupid monster. He wanted to know if Abyss really believed that some magical ring was going to help him. Both of them had had classic battles since their first encounters in the old Asylum. They took each other to their respective limits, but the result was always the same – A.J. Styles up, and Abyss down. A.J. said he doesn’t know where Abyss got his inspiration, but he (A.J.) doesn’t believe in the Easter Bunny or Santa Clause or magical rings. A.J. said what he does believe is that he’s the best wrestler in the world, and a gift from God (and this Sunday Abyss will find out first hand). Ric Flair took the mic, and said that he wished he could be as in control as A.J., but he can’t. Flair pointed to the cut on his forehead, and noted that Hogan didn’t do it with his fists, but with the steel guardrails. Flair gauged himself on the face face and busted himself open again. Flair spurted blood at the camera. Flair flipped at Abyss, Hogan, RVD, but mostly Jeff Hardy, who interfered right when A.J. & Flair had Abyss & Hogan where they wanted. Jeff Hardy came out (huge pop). A.J. wanted to know why Hardy has come to “A.J.’s house.” A.J. pointed out that Jeff’s done nothing in TNA (well he has made two appearances), so who does he think he is to lay his hands on Ric Flair and the champ? A.J. said that if Jeff wanted the spotlight, why doesn’t he take it tonight – because the spotlight doesn’t get any bigger than the champ. A.J. challenged Hardy to a match right there tonight! Hardy said that it will be a breeze. Flair suggested that he go back and paint, then get high on the paint fumes, since he’ll needed to be flying high tonight to beat AJ. Whoo! Hardy said he would be flying high on the backs of his creatures of the night!

Eric Bischoff & Mick Foley: Eric Bischoff was shown shouting at Mick Foley for trying to help Jeff Jarrett last week. Bischoff said tonight he will shave Mick Foley bald in the middle of the ring to achieve a “corporate image.”

VIDEO FOOTAGE: Earlier today the Nasty Boy’s and Jimmy Hart attacked Jesse Neal putting him through a table so he will not be able to compete tonight.

The Nasty Boys (Jerry Sags & Brian Knobbs) & Jimmy Hart + Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon) + Brother Runt: Brian Knobbs announced the match was now a handicap match. Team 3-D came out and rejected the idea and announced a new partner – Brother Runt ( Spike Dudley! )

The Nasty Boys (Jerry Sags & Brian Knobbs) & Jimmy Hart defeated Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon & Runt): While Jimmy Hart distracted the referee, Brian Knobbs used the helmet to smack Brother Ray and got the pin. During the match, you could hear “Nasty Boycott!” and “Nasty Boys Suck!” chants. After the match, Jimmy Hart came in and set up a table but before any damage occurred, Jesse Neal came down, bandaged ribs and all, to help clean house. All of Team 3D did the 3D on Knobbs through a table!

Christy Hemme & Angelina Love: Angelina was upset the Beautiful People won the TNA Knockouts Tag Team titles, she issued a open challenge to any Beautiful People member and will cleanse TNA one Beautiful Person at a time.

Jeremy Borash & The Band (Scott Hall & Sean Waltman) + Kevin Nash & Eric Young: The Band didn’t think they have anything to worry about this Sunday. Scott Hall said when they say they’re going to get something done, they always do. Hall said that Eric Young will learn not to get involved in other people’s business. Next Monday they’ll be the newest big money player’s in TNA. Kevin Nash & Eric Young came in, and Nash pointed out that Pac didn’t look so good last week against EY. If they’re interested in money though, he has some. Nash said he was willing to shell out for five minutes — if Hall can last five minutes in the ring with him, he’ll get $25,000. Hall accepted.

Kurt Angle & Pope D’Angelo Dinero defeated Desmond Wolfe & Mr. Anderson: After Kurt Angle was dominated by the heels for a while, Kurt tagged in the Pope, who came in limping. The Pope connected with clotheslines, then a series of elbows. Anderson ran in for assistance, but Pope knocked him back out with a throat thrust. Wolfe charged Pope, who connected with a reverse heel trip that Anderson has to break up at two. Angle came in behind Anderson and connected with an Olympic Slam, but when he goes for another on Wolfe. Wolfe slipped out and connected with a Hammerlock Takedown. Wolfe went to finish off Pope with a Figure Four Leg Lock, but it was reversed into a Small Package for three.

POST-MATCH SEGMENT: After the match, Desmond Wolfe attacked the Pope’s injured ankle, then tossed him over the top rope and onto the entrance ramp. Wolfe lifted him up and nailed a European Uppercut. Back in the ring, Mr. Anderson surprised Kurt Angle with a Lights Out. Wolfe and Pope fought to the back. Anderson grabbed the Warrior Medal and drove it into Angle’s forehead again. Anderson called down his mic, and then taunted Angle. Anderson said that Angle’s bleeding now is just a small example of what he has coming this Sunday…. Sunday…. Sunday! This post match beating and ass-whoop’n was brought to you in part — no, in full — by MR ANDERSON…ANDERSON! Anderson drove his mic into Angle’s wound a few times and inflicted more damage.

Hulk Hogan & Rob Van Dam & Jeff Hardy + Eric Bischoff: Hulk Hogan was psyching up TNA’s newest additions and announced that Abyss will be the special enforcer for tonight’s main event. Eric Bischoff came in while Jeff Hardy & RVD left. Eric thought that it was brilliant to bring those two into the company, but he should have been in on the decision. Hogan apologized, but said that Bischoff seemed to have his plate full with Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley. Bischoff apologized for even bringing it up, but Hogan said
that they’re a team, and Eric does not need to apologize.

Angelina Love defeated Daffney by DQ: Before the match, Velvet Skye introduced, for one night only, an honorary member of the Beautiful People – Daffney! Daffney attacked from behind. Daffney wanted to use a hammer from the toolbox but the referee prevented this. Angelina used the advantage to take control, however the rest of the Beautiful People came down and interfered – so the match is thrown out. After the match, Daffney helped out with the beating, swinging Angelina Love head first into the side of the ramp. Daffney went to get the Ugly Stick from the entrance-way. While she’s gone, Tara snuck in and took out all three Beautiful People. Madison Rayne was hit with the widow’s peak. Tara stared down Daffney.

Hulk Hogan + Sting + Rob Van Dam + Eric Bischoff: Hulk Hogan entered the ring. He played to the crowd for a minute, and then angrily yelled to cut the damn music. Hogan said that he’s been around the block, but what happened last week was a train wreck. Hogan wanted to know what could have possibly caused Sting to turn on a company he helped build. Hogan knew that Sting was there, so he called for the lighting guy to shine a spotlight on the rafters. Sting was up there watching. Hogan said that Sting was afraid to come meet him in the ring, so Sting slowly walked downward. Right when he arrived at the ramp-way, RVD came out and jumped him from behind. RVD dropped a leg on Sting on the ramp, then jump kicked him. Sting tried to flee, but RVD followed and beat him around the ring. Hogan cheered on approvingly from the ring as RVD connected with another jumping side kick. RVD thrusted Sting into the ring post. Sting grabbed his bat, but RVD kicked it away from him and tossed it to Hogan. RVD rolled Sting into the ring. Eric Bischoff ran down to the ring, screaming for Hogan to stop. Bischoff said that this wasn’t the right thing to do. Bischoff said Hogan was a leader now, not a wrestler, and he has to let that part of his life go. Bischoff asked security to make sure Sting was safe. Last week Hogan made a promise to his daughter that he was done with it, so that’s why he should be done with wrestling. Bischoff left the ring and Hogan commiserated with his family at ringside.

Jeff Jarrett & Hernandez + Eric Bischoff: Jeff Jarrett was walking around backstage, when Hernandez found him. Hernandez thought that the way Beer Money treated him last week was B.S., and unlike some other people, he still remembered that Jeff gave him his first shot. Hernandez suggested that they take care of business old school. Jeff was ready to go, but Bischoff came up behind them, and he’s not happy to hear that Jeff was booking his own matches. Those days are over. If Hernandez wanted to get in a ring that badly, he’ll be involved in the handicap match against both members of Beer Money. And if Jeff wanted to be in the ring with Hernandez, he can do it as a referee. Bischoff said if Jarrett didn’t call it right down the middle he would be setting up the ring from now on.

Scott Hall defeated Kevin Nash: Scott Hall threw a toothpick at Kevin Nash. Nash laid in with clubbing blows to the back, then shoots Hall into the ropes and nailed him on the rebound a couple times. When he went for a third, Hall came back swinging with rights. Hall hit a few arm wrenches then slapped Nash on his head, but Nash came back with a Short Armed Clothesline. Nash backed Hall into the corner, where he hit the standard array of knee lifts and back elbows. Sean Waltman ran through the crowd and clipped the back of Nash’s legs.. Pac handcuffed Nash to the ropes, and they start beating him down. Eric Young ran down to make the save, but he can’t keep up with the numbers. Pac connected with an X Factor on Young. Waltman & Hall took the $25,000 from the referee and celebrated.

Jeremy Borash & Beer Money Inc. (Robert Roode & James Storm): Robert Roode told “Seacrest” to shut up. All they’ve wanted was an opportunity to show Bischoff & Hogan who they are, but ever since those two took over, Beer Money have been pushed to the side like a couple of rookies. Roode asked if that was any way to treat the hottest commodity and the best tag team in pro wrestling? The answer’s not just “no”–it’s “hell no!” Bischoff gave them an opportunity last week, but unfortunately that chance came at the expense of the TNA founder, but from now on Beer Money was just looking out for Beer Money.

Beer Money Inc. (Robert Roode & James Storm) defeated Hernandez: The special guest referee was Jeff Jarrett. Matt Morgan came down and joined Mike Tenay & Taz on commentary for the match. Tenay asked if Morgan was going to go help his tag partner? Morgan heeled up on commentary while Hernandez was getting beat down. Morgan said Hernandez put himself in this situation by getting involved in other peoples business. Morgan left before the match concluded, which saw Hernandez get demolished by the DWI finisher. Beer Money looked around a bit, and when they didn’t see Morgan, they decided that this would be a good time to destroy Hernandez. Jarrett tried to help out, but Storm shoved him back. Jarrett ripped off the referee’s shirt, then unloaded with rights on Storm & Roode. They stumbled right into a Slingshot Double Clothesline from Hernandez and retreated.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Eric Bischoff was shown with hair clippers and a mirror..

Eric Bischoff + Mick Foley: A barber’s chair was set up in the ring, with Eric Bischoff standing next to it. Bischoff said that Jarrett’s ass was his next week, but right now was about cleaning things up, not just in terms of what happened inside the ring, but in terms of the very look of the company. For weeks now they’ve been trying to make something of Mick Foley, but it’s impossible. So he’s going to take matters into his own hands. Bischoff told Mick to come down to the ring, and Mick reluctantly strolled down wearing his new suit. Mick sat in the chair and Bischoff informed him that he’s going to take all of it off. When he starts to come closer with the clippers, Mick grabbed his arm. Foley suddenly pulled a sock out with his other arm, then locked Bischoff in a Mandible Claw! Bischoff passed out and fell onto the chair. Foley ripped off his jacket, grabbed the clippers, and shaved Bischoff’s head! Foley woke Bischoff up, and then showed him a mirror. Bischoff was not happy, and he tried to pick up his hair and put it back on.

Christy Hemme & Shannon Moore: Shannon Moore said that the X-Division will be spotlighted more so than ever this Sunday at Destination X.

Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) + Generation Me (Max & Jeremy) + Brian Kendrick + Amazing Red + Christopher Daniels + Frankie Kazarian: Ultimate X structure was set up over the ring. The Motor City Machine Guns came out and Sabin said that this Sunday will be a night to remember. Not only was it the return of the Ultimate X Match. Not only was it the case that the winners of the Ultimate X will get a shot at the tag titles. It will be forever remembered as the start of the rise of the Motor City Machine Guns. The crowd seemed really psyched by that. Sabin wanted to know who Generation Me thinks they are to be in this match. What dues have they paid? Who have they beaten? Sabin’s was speaking in a heelish voice, but the crowd was still chanting “Motor City!” Generation Me hit the ring, and Max made the obvious point that a couple months back in their debut they beat The Guns. Shelley acknowledged that, but said there was such a thing called luck. Any time anyone steps into that ring, there’s a chance they’ll win. He’ll even give them credit — Generation Me are good, but they (The Guns) are great! They’re the X-box to Generation Me’s Atari, and Generation Me was the Station Wagons to The Guns’ Ferraris. In fact, while they’re on the subject of getting lucky, Shelley would like to discuss the night they spent with Max & Jeremy’s girlfriends. Max hit him before he can go into further detail and a brawl ensued.. Brian Kendrick ran down to help out The Guns, so Amazing Red came out to help Generation Me. Red hit a Sunset Flip on Kendrick into the ring, then Daniels ran to the ring and floored Red with an STO. Kazarian ran down to the ring with a ladder, which he hurled right into Daniels’s face. The Guns attacked Kazarian, but Generation Me took them out to the floor. They banged the Guns into the UX scaffolding, and then climbed about halfway before jumping off it onto them. Daniels and Kendrick tried to take out Red with a ladder, but Red ducked beneath it and he and Kazarian thrusted it back into their faces. Kazarian and Generation Me set up the ladder in the ring, and Red flipped off the top all the way out and over onto Daniels, Kendrick, and the Guns at ringside. ”Holy shit!” “this is awesome!” Editor’s Note: Great segment.

Jeremy Borash & Abyss: Abyss said X marked the spot, and Destination X marked the spot where Abyss finally gets his hands on A.J. Styles. Ever since Hogan gave him the ring with all the power in it, Flair & A.J. have been trying to take it. Abyss just figured out the reason — for the first time in his life – someone is jealous of him! Now he’s the one who’ll be doing the taking, when he takes A.J.’s title Sunday. Abyss said he hoped Flair got involved tonight so that he can learn what it’s like to come face-to-face with The Monster of the Ring. Abyss wants to know what they’re gonna do when The Monster Abyss runs wild — and crazy — on you!

“The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy defeated TNA World Heavyweight champion A.J. Styles w/Ric Flair: Special ringside Enforcer was The Monster Abyss… A.J. charged, but Hardy elevated him up and over the rope. A.J. landed on the apron and came back with a Springboard Cross Body Block that ended up catching both Jeff Hardy and referee Slick Johnson. A.J. went to grab a chair, but Abyss cut him off on his way back into the ring. A.J. dropped the chair and went for a 450-Splash, but Hardy got out of the way and connected with a Twist of Fate. Hardy went to the top, where he nailed a Swanton Bomb. Abyss came in to count the three. After the match, Ric Flair snuck up behind Hardy as Abyss raised his arm. Flair whacked Hardy with a chair, then went to work on Abyss. Flair beat Abyss a few steps up the ramp before Abyss started to Hulk up and no-selling the shots. Abyss punched the chair away, did the loud Hogan “You!” then Choke Slammed Flair through the surprisingly chintzy ramp. A.J. was shown holding onto his belt while looking worried after what just happened!