TNA IMPACT 04 19 2010


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: April 19, 2010 (LIVE!)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

VIDEO PACKAGE: Highlights of TNA’s Lockdown PPV, which was described as “terrific” and Eric Bischoff’s true feelings by siding with Hulk Hogan instead of Ric Flair.

A.J. Styles + Rob Van Dam + Jeff Hardy + Hulk Hogan: TNA World champion A.J Styles made his way to the ring, wearing a suit and having a smile on his face. He said because of the big celebration last night, Ric Flair wouldn’t be arriving until later. Styles bragged about being “pound for pound, the best wrestler in the world.” He said he was dominant last night and outwrestled Pope D’Angelo Dinero. He told Pope not to get down on himself because he joined Sting, Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Angle, Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, Abyss and Desmond Wolfe. He said he’s the best on TV, best on PPV, and best on house shows. He said his title isn’t going anywhere. Rob Van Dam’s music interrupted and the crowd erupted with “RVD chants”. Atmosphere was great. RVD said, “that might confuse you, A.J., but that’s called a crowd reaction.” RVD has finally arrived in TNA. RVD said he was in the back and heard Styles doing a lot of talking, including saying he’s the best wrestler in TNA. RVD said maybe Styles was the best at one time, but I think it’s obvious to everyone else that times have changed. RVD said he knows A.J. was upset that he used to get all of the attention in TNA, but truthfully he’s never been quite as impressed with him as everyone else has. “And I damn sure am not as impressed with you as you are.” Crowd chanted “A.J. sucks!” RVD said TNA is where all the wrestlers want to be. Jeff Hardy’s music then played for a big pop. Hardy said Styles has a rather little head for being so big-headed. Hardy then said, “the movement has begun.” Hardy said he’s got his eyes set on the TNA World Heavyweight Title. Hulk Hogan then came out. “Now this is exactly what I’m talking about and this is exactly the reason everybody’s talking about TNA.” Hogan said everyone was in the back watching the monitor. Hogan said it’s time for everyone to raise their game. Hogan said when you’re the World Champion; it means you’re the best at what you do. Hogan said the reason people want to be champion is because of all the doors that open. Hogan said it’s about jets and limousines, it’s about all the good looking girls, and it’s about big fat pay checks. Hogan said when he was the World’s champion, it changed his life. Hogan said each and every night there’s a target on the champion’s back. Hogan said every night when you leave another guy lying in the middle of the ring that ups your lifestyle and your paycheck. Hogan said it’s time to cut the crap because he has a question. Hogan asked RVD and Hardy how badly they want it. Hogan said he wanted to know if they want it bad enough to put their friendship aside and battle each other to earn a title shot. RVD and Hardy nodded and the crowd popped. Styles looked unhappy, and told Hogan that he should have consulted with him first. Styles said he won’t be ready to defend his title again at Sacrifice. Hogan said he made the match already, “but who said anything about Sacrifice, brother?” Hogan said he’s talking about the man who wins between RVD and Hardy will get a title shot at Styles tonight right here on iMPACT. Styles freaked out! Editor’s Notes: Great Segment.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Ric Flair arrived at the iMPACT Zone and a worker told him about the news regarding A.J. Styles and he went berserk.

The Beautiful People (Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne w/Lacey Von Erich) defeated Daffney & ODB to retain the TNA Knockout Tag Team titles: Lacey sprayed hairspray onto ODB and then Sky scored the pin with a roll-up. Editors Note: Are Daffney and ODB babyface now?

A.J. Styles & Ric Flair + Jeremy Borash: JB spied through a crack in the door and found A.J. Styles & Ric Flair arguing about the match tonight and Flair said this was not what they had planned. Flair said tonight A.J. will win. But the most important thing was that Flair wanted a rematch between Team Flair and Team Hogan. JB came in and Flair said they have 5-minutes to answer the challenge or they forfeit the match.

Abyss & Jeff Jarrett + Ric Flair & Sting & Desmond Wolfe & Beer Money Inc (Robert Roode & James Storm) + Rob Terry + Eric Bischoff: Jeff Jarrett pointed out a fan sign in the front row that said “Team Hogan”. Abyss stood in the ring and said the war between Team Flair and Team Hogan happened last night at Lockdown when we did exactly what we said we were going to do and beat your ass. Abyss said if RVD & Hardy weren’t already scheduled for a match, then Team Hogan would have no problem continuing the beat down on Team Flair from pillar to post and throughout the iMPACT Zone. Flair came out followed by his team. Flair said to kiss his ass, he doesn’t take crap from anyone like Abyss. Screw you, screw Hogan, and screw the whole building. Team Flair was here to kick your ass. Team Flair rushed the ring and they brawl and gained the advantage after Sting hit everyone with a baseball bat. Rob Terry came down for the save and cleaned house. Big Rob could barely lift Desmond Wolfe, and then fell over when he did a Yakuza kick. He looked ridiculous like a fish out of water. Ric Flair was livid and asked Bischoff for a rematch, he can have it. It’ll be Terry & Abyss & Jarrett and a mystery partner in the back waiting to join in the crazy match later tonight.

Shannon Moore + Matt Morgan: Matt Morgan came up to the prince of punk and said management was forcing US to find a partner. He said with his tattoos and hair spray, he can be a good partner. Mogan said WE need a parter, and Moore asked if he was counting his ego as a second person. Moore said he’s preparing for his X Title shot next week. He told Morgan: Both of you guys can kiss my tattooed ass. Morgan said that was a big mistake…

Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff + Miss Teesmocker: Hogan told Bischoff backstage that he was very proud of how he put the knife into Flair’s back. Bischoff said, they say the easiest man to con was a con man. Hogan said the World Title match later was going to make history. Hogan asked about his revolutionary new ranking system for World Title matches. Bischoff said he’s going to unveil it next week. Fans are going to love. Bischoff called his assistant to get the files on his ranking system concept so he could show Hogan. She was kind of a flake. Bischoff said, “she takes great dictation.” Hogan said, “you didn’t just say that, did you?”

Rob Van Dam defeated Jeff Hardy: RVD nailed Hardy on the top rope with a spin wheel kick to the head. RVD followed with a superplex attempt. Hardy shoved him to the mat and went for a Swanton. RVD moved and then hit the Five-Star Frog Splash for the win and title shot. Editor’s Note: Great 10-12 minute match.

Christy Hemme & Rob Van Dam & Jeff Hardy: Christy said RVD insisted that Hardy would be present for this post-match interview. RVD said he’s still his bro and shook Hardy’s hand. RVD said whoever got the title shot; the other one would support them. They watched highlights of the match together and added commentary. RVD said he knows he has Hardy’s support, so now he’s shifting his focus to A.J. RVD said they always bring out the best in each other. Hardy said it’ll be a breeze against Styles if he brings that same RVD to the ring against Styles. RVD said he’s got a few minutes to recover and he’s going to take it and get ready.

Abyss & Rob Terry & Jeff Jarrett: Abyss thanked Big Rob, and said he did what he had to do, raise his game. Team Flair, they have no idea what kind of ‘freak’ he is. Terry said at the end of the night, they will know he is the freak. Abyss trusted Bischoff & Hogan, and said the partner, will be a bombshell.

Team Hogan (Abyss & Jeff Jarrett & Rob Terry & Samoa Joe) defeated Team Flair (Sting & Desmond Wolfe & Beer Money Inc. (Robert Roode & James Storm): This was like war games without the cage, and also fought under tag team rules. Sting and Jeff Jarrett started things off, then Desmond Wolfe (w/Chelsea), and Rob Terry. Orlando Jordan came out to observe Rob Terry. Robert Roode joined the match, followed by Abyss during commercial. James Storm and lastly the returning SAMOA JOE! “Joe’s gonna to kill you!” chants. Joe proceeded in destroying all of Team Flair and got the winning pinfall after a Muscle-buster on Robert Roode.

POST-MATCH SEGMENT: Ric Flair was berated and challenged Abyss next week in a one on one match for the hall of fame rings, Abyss accepted.

Rob Van Dam defeated A.J. Styles to win the TNA World Heavyweight title: RVD bled from his cut in the opening seconds and the match. They went to commercial after a dive onto the outside by RVD on Styles. RVD went for a clothesline as Styles got up, but A.J. ducked and nailed the Pele. A.J. went for the Styles Clash, but RVD elevated him up and out of the ring with a Back Body Drop. A.J. landed on the apron, but when he comes back in with a springboard RVD took a step back and caught him with a Power Bomb. RVD went on the top rope and hit a Five Star Frog Splash for 1-2-OH MY GOD 3! The commentators and crowd went nuts. The iMPACT Zone was electrified and so was Rob Van Dam.

POST-MATCH SEGMENT: Confetti matching RVD’s attire dropped from the rafters covering the ring. Hardy joined RVD to congratulate him as Styles took in the events at ringside, looking disappointed (pouting). Hogan led Dixie Carter into the ring. Jeff Jarrett, Abyss, Eric Bischoff, Team 3D, Jeff Hardy and Rob Terry joined the celebration. Team 3D held RVD on their shoulders as the show ended. Styles broke into tears at ringside. What an iMPACT, the best since January 4th!