TNA IMPACT 04 26 2010


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: April 26, 2010 (Taped: 20th)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

DARK MATCH: Miss Betsy vs. Daffney (Daffney was injured during this match)..

TAPED FOR XPLOSION: Desmond Wolfe w/Chelsea defeated “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal..

VIDEO PACKAGE: Highlights of last weeks amazing Impact with Rob Van Dam beating Jeff Hardy in a number one contender match then defeating A.J. Styles for the TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Hulk Hogan + Rob Van Dam + A.J. Styles & Ric Flair: Hulk Hogan said he knows all about being World champion, but to be TNA World champion, it’s big time, brother. “To be R-V-D right now means you have a big target on your back,” Hogan said. He said because of what’s going on in the back, every single “talent” is trying to step up and Eric Bischoff has a new Top 10 ranking system that involves the fans. Hogan said when he thinks about last week and what he witnessed with RVD winning the TNA Title. “Let’s bring out our brand new TNA champion, R-V-D,” Hogan said. Rob Van Dam’s music sounded and he came out with the belt around his waist. RVD said he came to TNA because he knew management would let him just be Rob Van Dam – “and look where that got us.” RVD said a lot of people are never going to understand his connection with the fans or “mother earth’s finest.” RVD said they don’t get the balance it takes to be a cool, laid-back dude and still kick ass. RVD said you don’t have to understand what it’s like to be RVD, but he’s the best at what he does and from this day forward, he will continue to be the greatest World champion TNA has ever had. “And that’s why I’m the whole f’n show!” A.J. Styles came out accompanied by Ric Flair. Hogan said no one invited them two out here. Styles asked Hogan if he was done talking yet. Styles said RVD’s right that millions of people don’t get RVD because he’s a hippy-freak from Southern California. Styles questioned RVD on being the greatest World champion ever before shouting, “are you high, right now?” Styles said RVD must be high because he was beating the piss out of him and right when he was going for the kill, he slipped on the top rope and that’s how RVD became World champ.. Styles said now he’s stuck in some b.s. tag match tonight when he should be getting his title re-match tonight. Styles said he’s getting his re-match when he wants it, so put that in your pipe and smoke it! Flair and Hogan then took the mics. Flair cut off Hogan and said Hulk had talked enough. Flair said he has a new deal with God and he doesn’t care about RVD’s lifestyle. Right now, he has a personal problem with Hogan on where they are and where they’re going to end up. Flair took off his jacket and told Hogan he made a mistake putting the hall of fame ring on Abyss and he’s going to take out all of his past scars on Abyss tonight. Flair said Abyss was done and all this mockery dies tonight. Flair said he’s going to walk that aisle, style and profile, and Abyss has to beat the man tonight because he’s spent a lifetime specializing in working over big guys.

The Beautiful People (Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne & Lacey Von Erich): The Beautiful People complained about BPD (Beautiful People discrimination) for making Madison Rayne defend her new title in a triple threat tonight with Lacey Von Erich & Velvet Sky banned from ringside. Rayne said he has a chance to cleanse TNA of TWO ugly people at a time!

VIDEO PACKAGE: Tara and Angelina Love’s relationship disintegrating..

Madison Rayne defeated Tara and Angelina Love to retain the TNA Knockout title: Madison Rayne rolled up Angelina Love to retain her title. Tara and Angelina Love brawled after the match and the referees had to stop them. Tara begged Angelina to stop and apologized for the dispute. Angelina turned her back and Tara bashed her from behind!

(Frankie) Kazarian defeated Shannon Moore to retain the TNA X-Division title: The commentators said that Doug Williams was still stranded in the UK when this was taped on Tuesday the title was not there. They announced Doug Williams will be on next weeks live iMPACT episode. Shannon Moore prepared for a top-rope move, but Matt Morgan hit the ringside area and shoved Shannon off the top rope to the floor. Morgan rolled Shannon into the ring, and then Kaz hit a reverse piledriver for the win!

POST-MATCH SEGMENT: Samoa Joe’s music hit and he came down the ramp and beat the crap out of Kazarian, hitting him with kicks and then finished him off with a Muscle-buster.

BACKSTAGE PROMO: Abyss explained that there’s nothing he cannot do with this ring, He said what he has planed for Ric Flair tonight, which will be for both Hall of Fame rings!

Matt Morgan + Jesse Neal: Matt Morgan was trying to convince Jesse Neal to be his partner tonight. Neal refused, as he does not want to face his mentors, Team 3D. But Morgan reminded him of the promise that he made his fallen friend; that he would one day become a world champion. Morgan said if he decided to join forces with him, he knows where to find “them.” Morgan still refers to himself as “WE”

A.J. Styles & Sting defeated Jeff Jarrett & Jeff Hardy: AJ and Hardy battled it out in the ring while Jarrett chased after Sting and they fought on the stairs leading to the rafters. Jeff was dominating, until Sting brought out his bat and hit Jarrett! A.J. was laid out on a table, and Hardy was climbing a ladder to set up for a HUGE swanton off the stage! But Sting had double J beat, and got the 3-count on the stairs. Hardy was standing on the top of the ladder when the bell rang, and another referee pulled Styles off the table. Hardy didn’t get to jump.

Jesse Neal & Team 3-D (Brother Ray & Devon): Jesse Neal said Matt Morgan asked him to be his tag partner tonight against them. He needed their blessing so he could be tag champion just like them. Ray reminded Neal that Morgan punked out Amazing Red in the same situation. Ray told Neal good luck because they’re going to bring it harder with him than they’ve ever brought with anyone else. Devon told Neal not to put his full trust in Morgan.

Pope D’Angelo Dinero + Mr. Anderson: Pope had a patch over his eye and a his arm in a sling. Pope asked who A.J. thought he was, and said while he no longer has the gold, he hasn’t forgotten about him. Pope said he’s going to be watching him! Pope said when a member of his congregation falls, they get back up, and he will be back because the Pope is pimping “amen”! But before he can step out of the ring, Mr. Anderson walked to the ring and said he’s going to start calling him the Kool Aid man.! Anderson then pointed out Pope’s injuries and made fun of Angle for now being at home. Anderson asked the Pope if he’s going to stay at home, too. Pope asked him to get to the point or shut up! Anderson said the question was whether he’s going to go home, or meet him in the ring at Sacrifice. Pope said his arm maybe in a sling, but his pimp hand was still good and chops him brutally with his good arm. Anderson took the Pope down, poking him in the injured eye before being retrained by security.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Team 3-D have taken out Sean Waltman and laid him out with blood all over him. Devon told Waltman when he wakes up from his coma to STAY HOME!

Matt Morgan & Jesse Neal vs. Team 3D (Brother Ray & Devon) ended in a No Contest: A minute into the match the Bands music played and Team 3D brawled with them on the ramp. Back in the ring Matt Morgan brutally attacked Jeese Neal and hit him with a chokeslam.

POST-MATCH SEGMENT: Jesse Neal was on the mic upset with Morgan. Neal started yelling and screaming calling out Morgan while Team 3D tried to restrain him.

Christy Hemme & Matt Morgan + Hulk Hogan: Christy Hemme caught up to Matt Morgan to tell him Neal was yelling for him. “Who?” Morgan quietly asked with sarcasm. Morgan walked off, then bumped into Hulk Hogan, who told Morgan to deal with Neal or deal with him.

Jesse Neal + Matt Morgan: Matt Morgan walked out and tried to play posem by doing the classic Ric Flair “begs on his knees,” but he low-blowed Neal and smashed him with a belt. Shannon Moore’s music hit and he came down and hit Morgan with a dropkick. Morgan retreated and called Shannon Moore a deadman.

Eric Bischoff w/Miss Tessmocker + Jay Lethal: Easy E, announced the new TNA ranking system. He said it’s new and never-been-done before. Bischoff said they’re going to let the fans help them determine the Top 10 rankings. Bischoff told the audience to go to TNA’s website to vote on who deserves to receive a title shot. Bischoff told the fans to vote early and often. Jay Lethal came in and wanted these 10 guys to be in the ranking system, names such as Andre The Giant, Koko B. Ware, the Red Rooster, and One Man Gang were mentioned.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Orlando Jordan announced he has a new show, starting from next week called the “The O-Zone,” his first guest is “the freak” Rob Terry.

RECORDED PROMO: Ric Flair said that he’s coming out of retirement tonight (March 8th 2010?). Flair talked quietly about Abyss being a joke that’s trying to ruin everything he’s tried to work for over his 38-year career. Flair said that’s the bottom line cause he said so – adding he was saying that long before Steve Austin.

Interviewer & The Band (Kevin Nash & Scott Hall): A random interviewer asked Nash for thoughts on what’s going on here. Nash was angry and worried for Sean Waltman, while Hall tried to calm down Nash. Scott told the camera to back off, that he’s the nice one, and now was not the time to mess with Kevin. Nash said that they’re not stupid, and he knows they’re a man down. Maybe they should get someone else? That’s what they’ll do next week. There will be three of them again. I guess they’re hinting that Shawn Michaels will join them.

“The Monster” Abyss defeated “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair: Ric Flair got up in the corner, and when Abyss went over to him Flair low blowed both him and the referee. Flair grabbed a brass knucks and punched Abyss in the face. Abyss no-selled it, so Flair punched him in the crotch instead. Flair held the knucks out of sight as Earl Hebner turned around and counted to three. While Hebner held Flair’s arm up he saw the brass knuckles and rang the bell for the match to continue. Flair tried to punch Abyss, but Abyss hit a black-hole slam and got the win. Flair was a bloody mess (as usual). After the match, Hulk Hogan’s music hit, and he came down to the ring. Hogan & Abyss shared a hug, then Abyss held Flair down as Hogan ripped off the ring and put it on himself. Hogan said that he knows exactly who he’s going to present this ring to, right here NEXT WEEK.

Editor’s Note: This is my last report due to exams… Hope you readers have enjoyed my work thus far and I look forward to returning after June 25th… ”Oh its real… its damn real!”