TNA IMPACT 05 13 2010


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: May 13, 2010 (Taped: May 4th)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz


VIDEO PACKAGE: The video hyped up the recent events between Hulk Hogan, Sting and Jeff Jarrett. Highlights of the RVD/Desmond Wolfe title match were also shown during the video. AJ Styles attacking RVD was the last clip of the video.

Eric Bischoff + TNA World Heavyweight champion Rob Van Dam + A.J. Styles + Jeff Hardy: Eric Bischoff started off by telling everybody that he really loves the fans. Bischoff introduced the TNA World Heavyweight champion “Mr. TNA” Rob Van Dam. Bischoff talked about the poll that TNA uses to determine challengers. Bischoff also talked about there being 500,000 votes for the poll. Bischoff booked a title match between Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy. Bischoff mentioned that no one was able to find Jeff Hardy and was forced to give RVD the night off. RVD talked about being the best champion and having fun as champion. RVD would talk about giving fans the “Whole F’n Show” but was cut off by A.J. Styles. Styles told Rob Van Dam to watch his mouth because of the children and to be a role model like himself. Styles told RVD that he was in the mood to hurt people and told RVD that the fans didn’t come to see Rob Van Dam but rather to see him! Styles said the fans didn’t come to see some Cheech & Chong sideshow and challenged Rob Van Dam to a match tonight. Styles told RVD that he was going to break his legs and take back his title at TNA Sacrifice in three days at Sacrifice. Styles called RVD a chump but was cut off by Jeff Hardy. Hardy joked that the 8pm timeslot was confusing to him and that he wasn’t sure what day the show was even on because he doesn’t have a secretary. Hardy told both men in the ring and let it be known he was ready for his match for the night. Styles said he and RVD had a match. Hardy wanted to make it a three way but Styles was against it. RVD told Eric Bischoff to make the match and he did so! Styles flipped out in the ring and almost assaulted Bischoff.

Jeremy Borash & The Beautiful People (Madison Rayne + Velvet Sky + Lacey Von Erich): Madison Rayne told Tara that she needed to realize that she wasn’t the champion but rather Rayne is. Rayne said she would prove to everyone that she deserved to be the TNA Knockouts champion. Velvet Sky said that all the titles will be remaining the champions at Sacrifice. Lacey ran out of the scene because she had to pee. Madison reminded Velvet that Lacey was pretty and that is why she was with them.

Tara defeated Taylor Wilde w/Sarita: The referee sent Sarita backstage before the match after Tara protested her presence. Tara delivered a kick to Wilde’s midsection as Wilde attempted a cross body off the middle rope. Tara would cover Wilde after that and picked up the win. Tara beat down Wilde with her knee brace until Sarita ran back down to save her partner.

Desmond Wolfe + Chelsea: The camera man ran over to Wolfe & Chelsea who are with security. Chelsea was crying as officials were trying to find out what happened. Wolfe shoved the camera away from Chelsea several times and aggressively told him to get out of there.

Desmond Wolfe + Chelsea: Christy Hemme was standing by and said that Chelsea was claiming that she was attacked in a location unknown. Wolfe was heard saying he would sue everyone.

Brian Kendrick defeated Douglas Williams: Doug Williams said Kendrick didn’t deserve a title shot so it was a Non-title match, even though he isn’t really the champion (but is claiming to be champion). The REAL champion, Frankie Kazarian walked down and joined Mike Tenay & Tazz on commentary. Tazz asked him why he didn’t just go over and grab his belt. Kazarian left the announce table, but Williams grabbed the championship away and was rolled up by Kendrick for doing so. Kazarian came down to taunt Williams for the loss.

Christy Hemme & Pat Kenney: Christy Hemme ran over to Pat Kenney who said he wasn’t at liberty to talk about who allegedly attacked Chelsea. He did say that he can’t believe what he heard.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT (CONTINUED): Christy Hemme said that she was able to find out who attacked Chelsea. However, local police were not allowing her to reveal the name of the attacker. Editor’s Note (Brad Dykens): Someone was attacked at a wrestling show? Oh my!

Matt Morgan vs. Generation Me (Max & Jeremy Buck) ended in a No Contest: Morgan dominated Generation Me and asked Hogan if it looked like he was joking around. Morgan continued his attack until Samoa Joe came down to the ring. After the match, Samoa Joe got the upper hand on Morgan and drove Morgan down with a 300+ lbs Muscle Buster. Joe grabbed his towel and simply left the ring.

The Band (Kevin Nash & Scott Hall w/Eric Young) defeated Matt Morgan to win the TNA World Tag Team titles: Kevin Nash walked down with his Feast or Fired tag team title shot (which everyone had forgotten about because he hasn’t carried it around with him all this time – genius). Nash lazily covered the laid out Matt Morgan and picked up the quick win for the Band. Hall & Nash acted like they were just in a grueling match, as Eric Young presented them with the title belts.

Ink Inc. (Jesse Neal & Shannon Moore): Shannon Moore was seen pumping up his tag team partner Jesse Neal.

Ink Inc. (Jesse Neal & Shannon Moore) defeated Beer Money Inc. (Robert Roode & James Storm) and The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) and Team 3-D (Brother Ray & Devon): Jesse Neal managed to pin Brother Ray following a running spear.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Ric Flair discussed the three way match between Hardy, Styles and RVD. Flair sensed a rift between RVD & Jeff Hardy. Flair believed that Styles will be the champion once again and that RVD would limp his way into Sacrifice.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Rob Terry was shown walking to the ring.

Jeff Hardy + Rob Van Dam: Jeff Hardy was putting makeup on as RVD entered the room and mocked the makeup for a second. Hardy thanked RVD for putting him into the match. RVD talked about them taking over TNA and having the fans on their side. They appeared to be on the same page.

TNA Global champion “The Freak” Rob Terry vs. Abyss never happened: Abyss no-showed and they threw to something going on backstage.

Abyss + Desmond Wolfe + Hulk Hogan: Abyss was getting arrested saying that he didn’t do anything. Abyss wanted to get some answers but the police were not giving him any. Abyss wanted to talk to Dixie Carter or Hulk Hogan but they are nowhere to be seen. Desmond Wolfe ran over and attacked Abyss briefly. Abyss called out for “Vince” – I’m assuming RUSSO. Hulk Hogan showed up and Abyss swore that he didn’t do what ever his accused of. Hogan told Abyss to not worry about it. The police wanted Abyss to take his mask off, so Hogan took it off as he was placed in the police car. Abyss was driven out of the arena as Hogan chased after the car telling Abyss “I’m right behind ya!”

RINGSIDE SEGMENT: Mike Tenay & Taz discussed the situation with Abyss..

Orlando Jordan + “The Freak” Rob Terry: Orlando Jordan slid into the ring from behind and attacked Big Rob with a low blow. Jordan grabbed a pipe and nailed Terry across the back. Jordan placed a card that read “The Wild Card” on Terry’s back and then threw the rest of the deck at him. Terry was helped to the back by security.

Orlando Jordan: Orlando Jordan had remained in the ring and said it was time to cut the foreplay. Jordan said that he acted the way he wanted to because he was the TNA Wild Card. Jordan offered a challenge to anyone in the back to take him out of the ring.

Orlando Jordan defeated Tomko: Tomko is looking extra beefy and no longer looks like a walking welness violation. Orlando Jordan was able to win the match with a chokehold.

Hulk Hogan + Lacey Von Erich: Hulk Hogan was stressing out about Abyss. Lacey came into the office and showed Hulk Hogan a video that proved that Abyss was innocent.

Eric Bischoff + Tara: Eric Bischoff told Tara that she had a bad attitude lately and she will be facing Sarita on the same show. Tara said that what she did was just a sample of what she would do at Sacrifice. Tara would then storm off to wrestle Sarita.

Tara defeated Sarita: Tara whacked Sarita with her knee brace after Sarita accidentally elbowed the referee in the face to cause the referee to not see what happened. After the match, Tara beat down Sarita with her knee brace.

A.J. Styles defeated TNA World Heavyweight champion Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy: A.J. Styles planted RVD with a DDT on the floor and pinned RVD in the ring while having his feet on the ropes for leverage to win the match. During the contest, Mr. Anderson had gotten involved with Jeff Hardy & RVD. After the match, Hardy told RVD that he would take care of Mr. Anderson. Anderson tried to escape, but he was stopped by Hulk Hogan! Anderson brawled with Jeff Hardy all around ringside. Hardy ended the show taking Anderson out with a Swanton Bomb off the announcers table through a table on the floor!

BACKSTAGE HIDDEN VIDEO (supplied by Lacey Von Erich)
Desmond Wolfe + Chelsea: Desmond Wolfe was recorded in a bathroom ripping Chelsea’s dress and helping her act out the whole ordeal that had played out that night with Abyss.

VIDEO PACKAGE: A video highlighting everything that had happened on the show was shown to close out the show.