TNA IMPACT 06 10 2010


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: June 10, 2010 (Taped: May 4th-6th)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

A.J. Styles & Desmond Wolfe & Frankie Kazarian & Beer Money Inc. (Robert Roode & James Storm) + “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal + “The Monster” Abyss + Mr. Kennedy + Jeff Hardy: A.J. Styles came out with his stable mates and said Ric Flair was not with them tonight. Styles said due to Flair’s absense, he will take control of the situation. Styles said he just learned that they were in an eight man tag due to Hulk Hogan. Styles said he knows that an 8-man tag consists of two teams of four, but the problem was there was five guys in the ring. Styles said in the world they live in, five does not work. Styles said there were four Beatles, the Fantastic 4 was a great comic book, and who can forget the 4 Horsemen. Styles said he had a solution and told Kazarian that he didn’t make the cut! Kazarian told Styles that he couldn’t do that. “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal came out doing his now infamous Ric Flair impersonation. This got under Styles’ skin pretty quickly. Styles and Kazarian bickered as they both tried to defend Flair’s honor. Lethal turned his Flair impression up a few notches and the crowd went nuts. Lethal said there would be an eight man tag tonight, and introduced his partners – The Monster Abyss & Mr. Kennedy. The three of them hit the ring and Lethal dove over the top rope taking out both Styles & Kazarian. The brawl continued and the heels took over until Jeff Hardy showed up to even the odds and send the heels packing.

VIDEO: Brian Kendrick cut a psychology-based promo about going after the X-Division title.

Brian Kendrick defeated Homicide: Ring of Honor fans would be happy to see these two doing battle, but would probably be disappointed that wasn’t an ROH-style match. Before the bell, X-Division champion Douglas Williams came out and joined Mike Tenay & Tazz on commentary. Interesting trivia note, all three of these guys were on the first ever ROH event, and two of them (Williams & Kendrick) were in the main event. Homicide tried to use his wrist tape but the referee took it away, so Homicide took off the tape from the other wrist and used it to choke Kendrick while the ref’s back was turned. Homicide found a tool box under the ring and pulled out a hammer and a screw driver. He brought it in the ring, but thankfully the referee took the deadly weapons away from him. Kendrick took advantage of the sitation and rolled up Homicide for the 1-2-3 to win!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Brother Ray was brawling with Jesse Neal as Brother Devon tried to pull them apart along with a team of backstage crew members..

Jesse Neal & Shannon Moore + Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon): Jesse Neal called out Brother Ray to talk man to man. Brother Ray stormed out while Devon, road agent Terry Taylor, and some security guys tried to stop him. Neal asked why Ray laid them out and put cards on them. Ray didn’t know what he was talking about, and accused Neal of letting his ego get huge. Ray said Neal thinks he’s tougher than him, but added that he was one of the most legit tough guys in the business. Ray said he brought Neal into the business and can take him out. Ray said before Neal came to Team 3-D. Neal was nothing more than a failure in the Navy. Neal flipped out. Ray said after Slammiversary, Neal will be a failure in the wrestling business also. Ray asked if Shannon Moore had something to say. Moore said Ray was a bully and the biggest douchebag on the planet. Moore told Ray to take his puppet (Devon) and get out of there. Devon said he gave Moore a pass because Neal has a pass because he is their product. Devon said Ray had to get his head on straight and leave the kid alone. Devon dropped the mic and walked out.

ADVERTISEMENT: Slammiversary 2010..

Sting destroying Jeff Jarrett: Sting destroyed and bloodied Jeff Jarrett with a baseball bat. Sting bashed Jarrett’s shoulder. Jarrett was being taken away on a stretcher, but Sting pushed him over once again. Hulk Hogan came out to oversee the emergency evacuation of Jeff Jarrett.

Eric Bischoff & Miss Tessmacher + Matt Morgan: Matt Morgan said he wanted to know who his tag team partner was at Slammiversary. Eric Bischoff said they had a tag team partner for Morgan, and he was going to love Morgan to death. Morgan clued in and was worried about it. Bischoff said Morgan wouldn’t have to wait until Slammiversary to meet his partner, because Hulk Hogan going to introduce them to each other next!

TAPED INTERVIEW: Jeff Jarrett talked about being assaulted by the evil possessed Sting..

Matt Morgan + Hulk Hogan + Hernandez: Matt Morgan came out first and waited to find out who his tag team partner would be. Hulk Hogan came out and said Morgan was the biggest crybaby he’s ever known. Hogan said he’s never seen anybody stab so many people in the back so fast. Hogan said Morgan knows about energy, and all that energy is about to come back to him. Hogan brought out HERNANDEZ!! Hogan joined in on commentary and said “what goes around, comes around.” This was supposed to be a tag team title match against The Band, but it turned into a brawl between Hernandez and Morgan. Hernandez destroyed Morgan and left the ring. Hogan raised Hernandez’ arm and book an official grudge match for Slammiversary! Morgan was put on a stretcher, but suddenly The Band showed up for thier tag team title defense.

The Band (Scott Hall & Eric Young w/Kevin Nash) defeated Matt Morgan (alone) to retain the TNA World Tag Team titles: The Band just got up on the ring apron, and Eric Young entered the ring and pinned Matt Morgan to win and retain the championship. My girlfriend was watching this with me and asked “why is he with those two old guys?” in reference to Eric Young.

Christy Hemme & Rob Van Dam + Sting: Hemme is hot. RVD said his strategy was the same, and there was a reason he was the champion and Sting isn’t. Suddenly Sting attacked RVD from behind and choked him out before stealing the World title. After the commercial, RVD slowly recovered and Christy told him Sting took his title. RVD got up and stormed off in search of Sting.

Kurt Angle: Kurt Angle talked about facting the 10th rated Kazarian at Slammiversary. Angle put Kazarian over as an excellent X-Division wrestler. Angle said to prepare for Slammiversary he invited the greatest X-Division wrestler to face him tonight and told him not to hold back.

Kurt Angle defeated Amazing Red: Amazing Red is great, but the “greatest?” I’m thinking Christopher Daniels would have been a better tune-up choice. Oh yeah, they foolishly let Daniels leave the company. Red actually pulled out a big performance, due partly to Kurt I’m assuming. Angle took a lot of big bumps for Red, but managed to hold on and finish him off with an Angle-slam! Angle helped Red up and praised his performance.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Sting said he had the title now, but at Slammiversary he will own it. Sting said when he beats RVD the veil wil be lifted. Sting held up the stolen title belt and showed that he has written the word “DECEPTION” on it. Sting said change is COMING – it’s SHOWTIME!

HYPE: Top matches at Slammiversary 2010..

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Rob Van Dam went up to the rafters looking for Sting..

A.J. Styles & Desmond Wolfe & Robert Roode & James Storm defeated Jay Lethal & Abyss (w/Chelsea) & Mr. Anderson & Jeff Hardy: There has still be no follow-up on what’s been going on with Chelsea spending 30 days with Abyss. She just comes out with him on iMPACT and sits there uncomfortably. Of course, Wolfe is being driven crazy by being away from Chelsea all this time. Late in the match, chaos broke loose and everybody was hitting their finishers. Abyss and Wolfe were left in the ring, and Wolfe called for Chelsea to give him her chair. Wolfe said “in three more days, you’ll be mine!” Chelsea hesitated before passing the chair into the ring. Abyss punched the chair into Wolfe’s face! A few moments later, Styles hit Lethal with the Styles-clash for the win!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT / IN THE RING: Sting said he wasn’t going to make it that easy for RVD (who was looking for Sting in the rafters, but Sting was not in the rafters). Sting said it was all about DECEPTION, but “Robbie” was getting warmer. Sting said he would be waiting for him RIGHT HERE! After the commercial, they showed RVD lookingf or Sting in a different location. Sting jumped out of the dark and attacked RVD from behind! Sting opened his jacket and revealed the vandalized TNA championship around his waist. RVD mounted a come-back and choked Sting with a coat rack. RVD bashed Sting with a chair and continued the revenge beating. He made no attempt to get the belt off of Sting’s waist. Sting turned the tables and threw RVD to the ground. Sting rammed RVD head-first into a trash can. They made their way out into the iMPACT Zone, where RVD mounted another comeback. They climbed onto the ramp and made their way into the ring. RVD pulled off Sting’s jacket and choked him with it. RVD finally ripped the belt off of Sting’s waist and then continued the attack. RVD left the ring and found a chair. RVD re-entered the ring and set the chair up in the corner between the corner pads. Sting countered, then RVD countered. Sting flung RVD head first into the steel chair. Sting grabbed the chair and smashed RVD on the back. Sting grabbed the TNA belt and told RVD it was DECEPTION and it belonged to RVD until Sunday!