TNA IMPACT 06 17 2010


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: June 17, 2010 (Taped: June 14th)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

Taylor Wilde defeated Daffney: Daffney used a chain to win the match, the referee restarted it and Taylor Wilde picked up the win after a quick roll-up.

Magnus defeated Suicide: Magnus got on the mic and said he’s had 3 months off to reassess and refocus and there’s only one thing on his mind – championship gold. He accepted Rob Terry’s open challenge. Terry came out and said the good news is he never backs out from a challenge. The bad news is Homicide went to Eric Bischoff first and took the challenge. Magnus said what really is happening is Terry is afraid of him. Terry came to the ring and got in his face. Magnus slapped him and ran.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Video package from Slammiversary this past Sunday: It focused on Kurt Angle’s win over 10th ranked Kazarian, “Nice Surprise” Tommy Dreamer debuting, A.J. Styles in trouble after losing to Jay Lethal, The Extreme Enigmatic Assholes defeating Beer Money Inc and Jeff Jarrett’s return in the main event.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Eric Bischoff announced The Band had been stripped of the Tag Team Titles due to Scott Hall’s actions. He said there would be a tag team tournament and the winners would face the Motor City Machine Guns at Victory Road for the Tag Team Titles.

Ink Inc. (Jesse Neal & Shannon Moore) defeated The Band (Kevin Nash & Eric Young): During the match,Mike Tenay announced tonight’s main event would be Abyss vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson because the Championship Committee was tied on who should be the new #1 contender in the new Championship Rankings. The ending came when Nash tried to set up Moore for a Jack-knife Powerbomb, but Neal speared Nash .Neal and Moore hit there finisher on Young for the pin and the win.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Highlights of Slammiversary 2010..

Chelsea & Abyss: She begged Abyss to let her stay with him as Desmond Wolfe has been abusing her for years, Abyss said he’s too tired and cannot do it. Chelsea was left distraught

Ric Flair & A.J. Styles & Beer Money Inc (Robert Roode & James Storm) & (Frankie) Kazarian & Desmond Wolfe + Jay Lethal: Flair was in the ring and announced he’s reforming the Four Horsemen,but he’s going to call it Fortune. Flair said it’s going to change the direction of TNA forever. Flair said the Four Horsemen was the most dominant group ever because they lived, died, and breathed being The Best. Flair said he was the best love-maker in the business. Flair then got in A.J. Styles’s face and told him he needs to be Arn Anderson. Kazarian is playing Barry Windham. Roode is Tully Blanchard and James Storm Ole Anderson. He gave them all pep talks that the Original Horsemen would eat all of them alive. Desmond Wolfe was left off to the side. Flair said he forgot about him. He said he’s the Lex Luger because he thinks he’s a big-time player, but he’s nothing. Flair said it’s Fortune, TNA, and it’s time for a change. Then Flair got in Styles’s face again. “Lethal? Are you kidding me?” Flair said he committed suicide at the PPV on Sunday. Lethal interrupted to bring out Lethal. Lethal interrupted with a Whoo! Before doing his Flair impression and he asked about hearing something about the Four Horsemen. Lethal said it looks like the Horsemen showed up, took a dump in the ring, and left what’s in the ring. Flair started stripping before telling Lethal to come down to the ring. Flair wanted to see it. He wanted to see it real bad. Lethal took off his jacket and started strutting before dropping an elbow on his jacket. “You can’t do me!” Flair shouted. They exchanged Whoos! Desmond Wolfe tried to interrupt and called him a cheap imitation of a legend. He said he’s out here trying to make a name for himself, so he suggested Lethal try to make a name for himself in the ring against him tonight. Lethal said it’s big talk from a man who can’t even control Chelsea. He said Chelsea told him he tried Wolfe, but the old man is a 60-minute man. Flair shouted at Lethal that he doesn’t know what 60 minutes is in the bedroom or in the ring. Flair said he wanted Lethal all night long tonight. Lethal repeated another Flair line, which prompted Flair to scream, “That’s my line.” Flair chased off Lethal, then brought in Wolfe close. He said if he wins, he becomes the first member of Fortune. But, if he loses, he’s history forever.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Lacey Von Erich was getting a massage, before her match and she looked completely naked with her tag team title over her butt.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Mr. Anderson arrived and a guy off screen asked will we see the real Mr Anderson and Mr Anderson replied back with it depends who you think it is.

Samoa Joe defeated Hernandez: This is a PPV quality match and they give it away with no hype whatsoever. Mike Tenay announced that it will be Matt Morgan v Hernandez in a steel cage match at Victory Road. Hernandez hit a shoulder block that sent Joe to the outside. From behind, Matt Morgan snuck in and low-blowed Hernandez with the ref distracted. Morgan then slid out of the ring .Joe then hit an suplex on Hernandez for the pin and the win. They recapped the finish and Joe saw the replay of Morgan helping him pick up the win.. Morgan started dancing in the ring telling Joe to come get some. Morgan was suddenly trapped between Joe and Hernandez, so he jumped over the top rope and smiled after escaping the trap.

A.J. Styles & Desmond Wolfe: Wolfe said he’s getting ready to do what Styles couldn’t do. Styles said he heard Chelsea doesn’t want to be with Wolfe anymore. He doesn’t care what the issues are, but he needs to get his mind on wrestling tonight. Styles reminded him he’s out of Fortune if he loses tonight.

Jeff Hardy + Mr. Anderson: Hardy talked about his #1 contender three-way match in the main event. Hardy said he’s looking forward to the match with his new favorite friend, the asshole, and Abyss. Anderson then knocked on his door and asked “sweetheart” if he’s ready. Hardy said he is, then Anderson walked off. “A-hole,” Hardy whispered under his breath.

Douglas Williams: Douglas Williams announced the death of the X Division. Williams said he beat everyone X Division move at the PPV on Sunday. He said they’re going to see it again tonight, he guaranteed it. Williams said the X Division will become synonymous with the mat-based, ground-and-pound style he’s known for. said he’s going to offer a presentation now. Out came Max Buck.

Douglas Willams defeated Max Buck: Williams gained the pinfall after hitting Max Buck with a jumping tornado ddt. After the match Williams started choking Max Buck, Brian Kendrick made the save and he put Williams in a cross face chicken wing.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Jeff Jarrett & Sting’s history in the last few months.

VIDEO PACKAGE: They showed clips of TNA president Dixie Carter unveiling the new line of Jakks action figures. Editor Notes: They look pretty good, that’s why I have ordered four of them

Angelina Love: Angelina made her return after injury and She vowed to go through all of the Beautiful People before re-taking the Knockouts Title from Madison Rayne at the next PPV.

Lacey Von Erich defeated Angelina Love by DQ: Angelina Love DDT’d Lacey Von Erich on a steel chair.

Hulk Hogan & Jay Lethal: Hogan told Lethal they saw something big out of him when TNA wasn’t doing anything with him. Hogan said they’re trying to push Lethal to another level. He said it’s big to see him going for main event status, because it’s not about the childish stuff. Hogan told Lethal to work on a Hogan imitation.

Christy Hemme & Jeff Hardy + Mr. Anderson: Hardy said he’s looking forward to the three-way, then Mr. Anderson interrupted and told Hardy not to listen to people trying to stir it up between them. Anderson reminded Hardy of him fighting with his brother all the time. Anderson said they’re going to fight tonight, but be friends after the match.

Beer Money Inc. (Robert Roode & James Storm) defeated Team 3D ( Brother Ray and Brother Devon): Ink Inc joined commentary, when Team 3D were getting ready to hit the 3D,Brother Ray spotted Ink Inc and ran over to them, Brother Devon got pinned after being sprayed with beer. Next week its Ink Inc v Beer Money in the finals.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Desmond Wolfe told Chelsea she has a chance to redeem herself tonight.

Jay Lethal defeated Desmond Wolfe w/Chelsea: Desmond Wolfe is now out of the Fortune group. Tommy Dreamer was in the crowd. Desmond missed a lariat and Lethal finished him off.

Jay Lethal & Desmond Wolfe + Ric Flair + Hulk Hogan: After tte match, Wolfe attacked Lethal. Flair came out and beat Lethal. Hogan’s music hits and he came out for the save(well he walked and the heels fled). Hogan said enough is enough. This is the reason TNA is on fire. Hogan said all the gimmicks, the Macho Man and the Flair stuff is hee hee ha ha stuff, but the reason Lethal is in the ring is because he’s got the talent. He said Lethal has been running at main event level for months and is proving himself. Hogan then called Flair out to hear this big announcement. It’s time for him to make a man’s dream come true. At Victory Road it will be Ric Flair vs. Jay Lethal!!

UP IN THE RAFTERS: Sting was shown leaving..

RINGSIDE SEGMENT: Mike Tenay and Taz announced the rankings: #10 is Kurt Angle. #9 is Desmond Wolfe. #8 is The Pope. #7 is Jay Lethal. #6 is Samoa Joe. #5 is Sting. #4 is A.J. Styles. That leaves Anderson, Abyss, and Jeff Hardy who are all tied (they never really said, but that’s what I’m thinking).

Jeff Jarrett + Sting: Jarrett called Sting out because he has some things to get off his chest. Sting came out without the makeup . Double J asked him to take his glasses off so he can look him in the eye. Jarrett said Steve was the first person he called for his leadership, his ability, his professionalism and his true icon status. Even though they weren’t always on the same side of the fence, whenever paths crossed they treated each other with dignity and respect. That all changed after Sacrifice. That wasn’t a wrestling match that was an attempt to end his career. He made a mistake though and left him standing. Now he’s got a rematch and has to deal with him. Sting is laughing. Jarrett said when this goes down he’s fighting for Bischoff, he’s fighting for Hogan and most importantly he’s fighting for the TNA fans. Sting never said a word.

The Monster Abyss vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson ended in a triple countout: After the match, Abyss looked angry. Abyss then turned into a rage KO’ing Anderson and Hardy. Abyss threw Hardy out of the ring as the bell continued to sound. Abyss then dropped Anderson with the Shock Treatment. He grabbed a bag of thumbtacks. Abyss then retrieved some weapons, including a Kendo Stick. Hardy took a shot to the ribs, then back. Abyss re-entered the ring with said shards of glass and spread them across the ring. Abyss then snapped on Anderson with Kendo Stick shots. He proceeded to drop Anderson into the “glass” with the Black Hole Slam. Abyss walked off and Hardy tried to fight back against him, but Abyss grabbed him by the hair and ripped his shirt off. On the stage, Abyss grappled Hardy and gave him a choke slam off the stage through a table below. Hulk Hogan walked out on stage asking Abyss what’s wrong with him, asking Abyss, “What was that?” The show abruptly ended with Abyss and Hogan in mid-confrontation. Editor’s Note: Where was the champion Rob Van Dam?