TNA IMPACT 07 08 2010


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: July 8, 2010 (Taped: June 29th)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

Max Buck defeated Okada: According to Max Buck’s Twitter, this match was supposed to be quite good.

Sarita defeated Taylor Wilde: Sarita used the ropes for leverage, full heel turn for her.

Big Rob Terry defeated (Brutus) Magnus:

VIDEO PACKAGE: Mr. Anderson highlights and his actions last week (“accidentally” hitting Jeff Hardy with a chair at the end of the show).

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: They opened the show with Mr. Anderson making his way down through the backstage area heading to the ring with a steel chair in hand.

Mr. Anderson + Jeff Hardy: Mr. Anderson came out with the chair he used last week when he “hit” Jeff Hardy. Taz & Mike Tenay questioned Anderson’s actions. Anderson quickly introduced “The Leader of the Creature of the Night” Jeffrey Nero Hardy! Hardy came out to a good reaction and a lot of “Hardy” chants. Anderson said he hit Hardy with a chair last week but didn’t do it on purpose. Anderson explained that he was innocent and claimed if he did do it he would have bragged about it because he is a “ass-hole” – in fact, the whole iMPACT Zone was full of ass-holes. Anderson said they have a match tonight and he will bring the chair to the ring, and if he uses it, Jeff will know he’s got a problem with him. But if Jeff decides to use it on him he might have had it coming, but he will know he has a problem with Hardy. They face each other one-on-one later!

A.J. Styles: A.J. Styles was upset that he had to prove himself to Ric Flair, but he will do it tonight against Kazarian and rip him apart. Get ready to feel the consequences Flair.

Jeff Hardy: Jeff Hardy always questioned who hits him with a chair and everyone will find out what “Kens” real agenda was later on.

A.J. Styles vs. (Frankie) Kazarian ended in a No Contest: There was a visible sign saying “Stone Old Sucks!” After some intense X-Division action, and brawling on the mat, Ric Flair came out to a lot of “wooo” chants. Good match, typical TNA booked ending. Kazarian and Styles started fighting after, Flair came in the ring and firstly said “shut up” to a crowd member. Love it when he does that. Flair ordered them to co-exist and form Fortune; otherwise there is hell to pay. Flair set them up for a tag match at Victory Road against mystery opponents.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Angelina Love was getting changed, she was TOPLESS, but her back was against the camera.

Angelina Love defeated Daffney: Daffney was back from injury and was buried in two minutes. Angelina won with a DDT! A visible sign “WWE Diva’s pose, TNA Knockout’s wrestle.” After the match, Angelina said Madison was scared and in three days she will get her title back, Madison Rayne came out and said she was putting her title on the line, but what’s Angelina doing? Nothing. And challenged her to a title vs. career match – and Angelina foolishly accepted. But there was one new stipulation if Lacey Von Erich or Velvet Sky interfere, Madison will be disqualified and loses her title.

Brother Devon: The invisible interviewer asked Devon what he was going to say, Brother Devon said wait and find out, as he was heading to the ring.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Brother Ray & Jesse Neal’s feud and the problems within Team 3-D..

Brother Devon & Ink Inc. (Shannon Moore & Jesse Neal) + Brother Ray: With Ink Inc. in the ring, Devon called out Brother Ray. Devon questioned what Brother Ray’s problem with Jesse Neal was, as previously he gave them nothing but respect when joining there school and Jesse has gone through a lot when serving the army. Brother Ray’s problem was he does not answer to Devon as he was the leader of Team 3-D, so Devon answers to him. Ray called Neal a disrespectable punk and questioned Devon’s loyalty and called him a back-stabber. Devon said he loves both of them and will never choose sides.. Brother Ray said Bischoff booked a three way between Ray vs Devon vs Neal and Team 3-D may come to a end 15 years and 23 tag team titles later.

Rob Van Dam defeated Samoa Joe: What a match! Joe did a great dive onto RVD near the die hard fans which got a “Joe Joe” chant. Then suddenly Tommy Dreamer, Rhino, Raven, and Dr. Stevie entered the arena and a “ECW” chant broke out. Joe and RVD both made eye contact with the four ECW veterans during the match. Joe got RVD into a rear naked choked, but RVD somehow reversed it into a pinfall and got the win! Joe was pissed off so he slapped and then gave referee Jamie Tucker a Muscle-buster!

Kurt Angle: Kurt Angle said he wanted to start from the bottom because he loves working under pressure and warned Jeff Hardy about Mr. Anderson.

Jeremy Buck defeated Doug Williams: The goal was to climb the ladder and reach the “X” above the ring. No hype for the match whatsoever, yet it was pretty good. Doug Williams was afraid of heights, and the reason why was because the announcers decided in Britain they have flats not apartments. Jeremy Buck wrestled the match of his life, which means he’ll probably be fired soon.

VIDEO PACKAGE: The Motor City Machines making fun of Beer Money Inc. This was video which was published a few months prior.

Matt Morgan & Beer Money Inc. (James Storm & Robert Roode) defeated Hernandez & Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin): Sabin got the tag to Hernandez and he started to clean house on Beer Money and then ran after Matt Morgan up the ramp. Sabin took James Storm with a dive over the top rope. Shelley hit Roode with a cross-body from the top rope, but Roode reversed it and got the pin by using the tights.

Pope D’Angelo Dinero: The Pope said Mr. Anderson was very deceptive and he lies, cheats, and was manipulative. The Pope said Anderson put him out and hyped the match against Angle and said he has to bring his A-Game against a very focused Kurt Angle at Victory Road.

Kevin Nash + Hulk Hogan: Kevin Nash was waiting for Eric Bischoff and suggested he may have to give him a kiss on the rump to make sure he’s still got a job. Nash said this was a guy who before jumping to WCW, Bischoff was going with the Dungeon of Doom. Hogan came in and said there was a problem with Nash getting a contract for his boys. Nash said Hogan did the same for Knobbs & Sags. Hogan explained that the difference was he gave the Nasty’s a opportunity but it didn’t work out, while Hall & Syxx wasted their opportunities. Hogan cannot help him out this time.

Jay Lethal + Ric Flair: Jay Lethal was pissed about watching his brother get beaten up, and promised to rip Flair’s heart out. Lethal said his mother has been sick after what happened and Lethal promised that he will be the greatest son in the world by beating Flair this Sunday. Out came Ric Flair who claimed Lethal’s mother was after Flair. Flair lectured Lethal and said he was, Rick ‘by God’ Flair, a living legend, and since the age of 15 was limousine riding. Flair called Lethal a “punk” and himself crazy. Flair said his “ex-wife” is still after him hence the term “all night long!” Flair said Lethal has three days to live. Flair called Lethal a street punk from New Jersey, himself a God, Icon, living breathing machine. Flair said hospitals wanted him to donate his body parts so they know how the nature boy functions. Flair kept on saying “three days” and left with a “woooo!” Lethal looked nervous and worried. I love TNA Flair.

PPV HYPE: Taz & Mike Tenay plugged Victory Road..

Jeff Hardy defeated Mr. Anderson: Mr. Anderson missed the “Kenton Bomb” and Hardy got the win with a Twist of Fate. So the chair didn’t come into play and Hardy/Anderson are friends again.

POST-MATCH SEGMENT: Abyss came with a 2×4 with nails attached to it. The referee took the weapon and Anderson & Hardy double-teamed Abyss, but then were each hit with a clothesline. Abyss got his “girl” (weapon) and was getting ready to hit Anderson but he moved and the turn-buckle ripped off. RVD came out but was thrown out of the ring after a flurry of weak punches on Abyss. Anderson from behind teased that he was going to hit Hardy with a chair, but then told him to move, so he could whack Abyss with the chair! RVD came in and hit the Van-daminator on Abyss and he went through the ropes. The show ended with Hardy, Anderson, and RVD exchanging handshakes but preparing for there match this Sunday which should be good.