TNA IMPACT 07 15 2010


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: July 15, 2010 (Taped: July 12th)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

Suicide defeated Eric Young:

Orlando Jordan defeated Homicide:

VIDEO PACKAGE: The new Top Ten Rankings were announced. 10) “The Freak” Rob Terry… 9) The Pope… 8) Kurt Angle… 7) Hernandez… 6) “The Phenomenal” A.J. Styles… 5) “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal… 4) Samoa Joe… 3) Mr. Anderson… 2) Jeff Hardy… 1) “The Monster” Abyss…. Editor’s Note: How is Abyss number 1?

Abyss: Abyss came out with his spiked 2X4 and a side of raw beef. Abyss said “THEY” had a plan for RVD like never before, and it’s beyond extreme. Abyss said beyond anything RVD has done ever in this business. Abyss said he was awaiting instructions from “THEM.” . Abyss introduced us to his spiked 2X4 “Janice,” who is supposed to be beautiful, tall, sophisticated, sexy, and she is sharp! But there was a dark side to his “girl” in which she likes pain, he then started to hit a side of raw meat with his bat and started to bite it. Abyss said she is also one hell of a cook. Abyss warned RVD that he will realize what a bitch his girl is!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Taylor Wilde & Sarita were found brawling. I’m guessing their scheduled Street Fight started early. They tried to use various weapons against each other including a steel pipe and chairs. They fought outside of Bischoff’s office, but never went inside. They brawled to various other places backstage, eventually making there way to the ring.

Sarita defeated Taylor Wilde by referee stoppage: This was a straight up brawl between two former partners. They fought around the ring until Sarita threw water into Taylor’s face and hid under the ring. Sarita then sneak-attacked Taylor from behind. Sarita pulled up a piece of the safety mats and tried to slam Taylor onto it. It was quite stiff and it seemed that Sarita hurt her elbow after she crashed into Taylor while she held a steel chair. The action was around the ring and never inside. Taylor hit a dropkick to Sarita who went over the guard rail into the front row. Sarita then got someone’s handbag and choked Taylor until she was choked unconcious.

BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Rob Van Dam said Abyss had one hell of a weapon, but he does not get intimidated that easily. RVD said he will rise up to the challenge and Abyss better be ready to use it tonight.

Miss Tessmocker + Kevin Nash: Eric Bischoff was away, so Miss Tessmocker was running the show (I guess). Tessmacker was sitting on the desk, complaining to someone on the phone demanding they send someone immediately. She added that when she is in charge of TNA, that person will be the first one to go! Suddenly Kevin Nash came in to a big pop by the fans and said he had a interview with Bischoff. Tessmocker said “something came up,” but they didn’t get around to telling Nash. She asked Nash if she could do anything for him and Nash eyed her up and said no. Then Nash set up a meeting with her at 10pm tonight..

Brian Kendrick defeated TNA Knockout champion Douglas Williams: Referee Brian Hebner had a microphone in his hand, and the match could only end when a participant yelled “I Quit” into the mic! Kendrick has become obsessed with Douglas Williams and the X-Division title. Kendrick won after he made Williams scream “I Quit I Quit!” into the mic via the cobra clutch.

Brian Kendrick + Kevin Nash + Jeff Jarrett: Kevin Nash came out and asked for a mic. Kendrick started bad-mouthing Nash, and he got pissed and choke-slammed Kendrick. Nash said Hogan & Bischoff are dodging him and he cannot find any TV Time. Nash said when he dies no one will able to replace “big sexy” because he is 6 ft 10, built like a god – proportionate (adding “Miss Tessmocker will find out in a minute”) and he is a living legend. Nash said if he cannot get their attention he will take out some of the “young boys” to get it. Nash was about to jack-knife Kendrick, when Jeff Jarrett’s music hit and he came out. Jarrett warned Nash he will get suspended and he has a personal problem with Hogan & Bischoff just like Sting did. Jarrett said it’s not about Nash, Jarrett, Sting but the young guys like Jay Lethal. Nash said he just wanted Hogan & Bischoff’s attention and does not care about Lethal. Jarrett said it was business as usual and called Nash a gloryhound, egotistical, son of a bitch! Nash said there are people who call him the greatest working in the buisiness. Nash said he always gets what he wants and questions why Jarrett was taking up for Hogan & Bischoff, but if he wants trouble with Nash he has just got it. Nash said as far as who gets his way, stay tuned, they will find out!

BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Kevin Nash was asked about Jeff Jarrett. Nash told the interviewer to ask Jarrett about what he is doing, but Jarrett ran this company and it was taken over by these guys, then he was sent home and now he defends them? Nash said he was one of the smarted people in TNA and around 10:00 he’ll have all the answers.

#4 ranked Samoa Joe defeated #10 ranked “The Freak” Rob Terry and Desmond Wolfe w/Chelsea: Magnus came to the commentary table and well was excellent at it. Magnus praised Desmond and complained about Rob Terry. Magnus said he was a big fan of Chelsea. One humorous thing Magnus said was Wolfe was good at card tricks, because he pulls the cards out and women disappear. He also referred to Taz & Tenay as “babes.” At the start Rob Terry and Samoa Joe ganged up on Wolfe, sending him out of the ring. While the two men fought, Terry took out Joe but then Wolfe dominated the proceedings and dominated over Terry’s knee. Big Rob hit that flying kick to Wolfe, then Joe hit Terry with a flying legdrop. Suddenly “Joe Joe Joe” chants erupted, and Joe hit the dazed Wolfe with the rear naked choke and he quickly submitted. Wolfe jobbed again! Chelsea was disgusted with her man. Magnus was obsessed with commenting on Chelsea. Joe and Terry had a stare-down, but Joe gave Terry a pat on the back.

BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Ric Flair announced that tonight will be another major announcement which will spiral TNA and make history; do you know why he can do that? Because he is Ric Flair.

Beer Money Inc. (Robert Roode & James Storm) defeated The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley): First match of the best of five series was a ladder match. A contract was hung above the ring which stated the winners of the first match could choose whatever the stipulation they wanted in match number two next week. They are coming off a match of the year contender at Victory Road. There was a spare referees at ringside in case the referee in the ring was taken out. They did some really awesome ladder spots, using multiple ladders as weapons. The action really escalated as the match progressed. They tore down the house just like they did at Victory Road. Sabin and Storm were fighting at the top of the ladder, until Roode pushed it over. Storm crashed down to the floor but Sabin balanced on the top rope and pushed back up! Shelley helled Sabin center the ladder in the ring. Roode kicked Shelley and he took out the referee on his way out of the ring. Roode met Sabin at the top of the ladder and they exchanged punches. Sabin knocked Roode off the ladder and over the top rope – then grabbed the contract while Earl Hebner was tending the knocked out referee (Brian Hebner) at ringside. James Storm quickly snuck up behind Sabin and smashed a beer bottle over the back of his head and snatched the contract away. Earl Hebner turned around and awarded Beer Money the victory. They are now 1-0. It was a good 12 minute ladder match full of action. This series is likely to conclude at Hard Justice.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Abyss was shown smashing a watermelon with “Janice” (the spiked 2X4) and licking the juice off of the deadly weapon..

#9 ranked Pope D’Angelo Dinero defeated Matt Morgan: The Pope came out and money fell from the rafters. The Pope got a win after a DDE (D’Angelo Dinero Experience), which is what the announcers called it but it was back-cracker in reverse. After the match, Matt Morgan attacked The Pope and gave him a fall away slam and then the carbon footprint. Morgan put the Pope’s head against the ring post and threatened to kick it, but suddenly Mr. Anderson’s music hit. Anderson came out with a chair and teased that he was going to join Morgan in the beatdown of the Pope. The backstory is that Anderson put the Pope on the sidelines several months ago. Anderson instead saved the Pope and scared Morgan away with the chair. Anderson pushed the Pope into the ring and once again teased that he would hit him, but he threw down the chair and offered to shake hands. The Pope but he refused to shake hands but did give him a nod of the head.

Lacey Von Erich & Velvet Sky: Velvet was pissed that Madison added a “4th member” to the Beautiful People without consulting them. Lacey tried to play peacemaker, and hoped Madison had a good explanation. Velvet threatened to shove her foot right up Madison’s ass.

Madison Rayne + Velvet Sky & Lacey Von Erich + Angelina Love + Mystery Attacker: Madison said she was there to protest against the decision made last Sunday, when she was stripped of her Knockout title. Madison said the stipulation clearly stated that if any member of the Beautiful People, Velvet or Lacey, interfered that she would be disqualified and lose her title. Madison demanded that the decision be reversed within seven days and the title given back or she will sue TNA for every penny the company is worth (insert jokes here). Suddenly, Velvet Sky & Lacey Von Erich made their way out and complained why she added her 4th member without their approval or even letting them know. Madison said Velvet has been taking her dumb blonde pills and explained that she took matters into her hands. Velvet said Madison overdosed her pills and explained that Madison said she does not need them. Madison said FOUR WORDS; “I don’t need you!” Velvet threatened to kick Madison’s ass and they started screaming at each other. Angelina Love came out and said she does not know what is worse, the bitches on ‘The Hills’ or ‘In the ring.’ Angelina said Kim Kardashian is an Oscar winner compared to the Beautiful People. Angelina accused Velvet of being the mystery biker chick due to recognizing her big fake boobs. Velvet disagreed and said she was insulted and said the mystery biker chicks had a dumpy ass compared to hers (pointing at that round piece of beauty). Velvet said “this bitch” – directing towards Madison Rayne – is all yours because she is out. Velvet walked out and Lacey followed her but was conflicted. Madison challenged Angelina to come to the ring and she did. A catfight broke out until the mystery biker chick showed up and attacked Angelina. Lacey watched with confusion from the stage, not understanding what was happening. Madison gave Angelina a DDT on a steel chair. Madison and the mystery attacker wearing black leather rode off on the motorcycle

BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Jeff Hardy praised Jay Lethal saying him and Flair tore the house down at Victory Road, but the question was tonight can he beat Jeff Hardy?

#2 ranked Jeff Hardy defeated #5 ranked Jay Lethal: Jay Lethal did a dive onto the outside when suddenly in the crowd Tommy Dreamer, Rhino, Raven and Stevie Richards appeared and an “ECW” chant began. Hardy hit a Twist of Fate out of nowhere and then a Swanton-bomb for the win. The ECW applauded the match. Lethal dominated the whole match but for some reason lost; it was pretty good for what it was.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Abyss was looking at “his girl” (the spiked 2X4) and making his way towards the iMPACT Zone.

Ric Flair & A.J. Styles & (Frankie) Kazarian + Desmond Wolfe + Abyss: Ric Flair said Jay Lethal was still on his list but announced the first two new members of “Fortune” were A.J. Styles (because he is the face of TNA) and Kazarian (because he is a “movie star”). Flair said they were the two greatest wrestlers in TNA right now. Suddenly, Desmond Wolfe came out and demanded to be put in Fortune instead of “these two wankers.” Wolfe said the Americans don’t like to give the English any credit for anything, and proceeded to take credit for Styles & Kazarian’s win at Victory Road. Wolfe put his hand on Flair and said “you listen to me, Sunshine!” Flair said you do not touch God, when suddenly Abyss came out. Everyone bailed out because Abyss had his weapon.

The Monster Abyss + Rob Van Dam + Mick Foley: The Monster Abyss told RVD to come out now and he did. Abyss put “Janice” down on the mat so that RVD would be comfortable entering the ring. Abyss said he decided to tell RVD the plans that “THEY” are coming and taking TNA over and there is nothing RVD, Dixie Carter, or anyone can do about it. Abyss said “THEY” have instructed him to continue paving the way and to take the TNA title off of RVD. Abyss said “THEY” laid out a blueprint. Abyss proposed they hang “Janice” 15-feet above the ring and he and RVD have the most extreme match in the history of professional wrestling. Abyss said there would be ladders, chairs, tacks, glass, barbed-wire, whatever, but “Janice” told him she wants a piece of RVD’s ass. Abyss wanted to know WHEN & WHERE they can get EXTREME? Rob Van Dam took the mic and said he was going to try to not take this personally. RVD said he gets to set the standards while he is champion for his challengers. RVD then hit Abyss with the mic and hit him with a flurry of offense. Abyss countered and hit RVD with a choke-slam! Abyss was about to grab “Janice,” when suddenly Mick Foley appeared on the stage!!!

Abyss/RVD + Mick Foley + The ECW Originals (Tommy Dreamer & Rhino & Stevie Richards & Raven) + TNA Security + Magnus & Douglas Williams & Okada + more TNA Security + Road Agents (NOT SURE) + Desmond Wolfe & Brian Kendrick + D-Lo Brown & Terry Taylor + Rob Van Dam & Al Snow & Pat Kenney + Jay Lethal & Pope D’Angelo Dinero + Matt Morgan & Eric Young + Brother Devon + Jeff Jarrett + Police + Dixie Carter: Mick Foley walked out on the stage and Abyss acted surprised. From behind, suddenly the “ECW originals” came out of the crowd and attacked Abyss! Two TNA security guys ran down well and one got thrown over the top rope by Stevie Richards and the other gored by Rhino. Suddenly Douglas Williams, Magnus, and Okada came out but were quickly overtaken by the invaders. Taz said “this is bad, but I have a feeling there’s more coming!” More security & referees ran down, only to get beaten up and thrown out. Two fat guys came out, could have been road agents, but were immediately destroyed. Desmond Wolfe & Brian Kendrick joined the big brawl. D-Lo Brown & Terry Taylor representing management tried to help out but they were beaten up too. TNA Road Agents Al Snow & Pat Kenney showed up and started helping the ECW contingent. As did TNA World champion Rob Van Dam. Jay Lethal & the Pope came down to help and were followed by Matt Morgan & Eric Young. Brother Devon appeared and aligned himself with the ECW group. Jeff Jarrett came running down complaining about what was going on – specifically trying to talk sense into Tommy Dreamer. Dixie was shown on camera worried and the police came down to help the situation. Dixie Carter got a mic and ordered everyone to STOP!! Dixie dropped a bombshell and revealed “I INVITED THEM!”

REACTION: Everyone looked shocked, even Al Snow & Pat Kenney, who had aligned themselves with the ECW guys. What the hell; Taz kept saying the ECW boys were not contracted to TNA, but if look on the website 3/4 are on the roster list. Editor’s note: Chaotic segment, but I loved it! A few Internet reviewers have complained that it was difficult to make out the teams, no it wasn’t!!!