TNA IMPACT 08 05 2010


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: August 5, 2010 (Taped: July 27th)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

Tommy Dreamer + Raven + Abyss + Rob Van Dam + Mick Foley: Tommy Dreamer came out and immediately called out Raven and asked him why he did what he did last week (attacked him at the end of the show). Dreamer said when Raven comes to his house his kids call him “Uncle Scotty” – of course the crowd started chanting UNCLE SCOTTY! Raven said they’ve known each other for 30 years and he will never forgive Dreamer for taking away his girl (Beulah). Raven said Dreamer stole her from him and Dreamers kids should have been his. Raven said he waited until Dreamer was passionate about something again and he’s shattered it into a million pieces. Raven said Dreamer’s kids shouldn’t be calling him Uncle Scotty, they should be calling him DADDY! Dreamer dropped the mic and went after Raven. Raven said he would find some Hardcore Justice of his own and Dreamer’s wife will be the one calling him Daddy. Dreamer finally reached Raven and knocked him on his ass! Abyss showed up and pounded Dreamer. Abyss threatened to choke-slam Dreamer, but Rob Van Dam made the save! RVD bashed Abyss with a chair! Raven picked up Dreamer and planted him with the EvenFlow DDV on the stage! Mick Foley showed up from behind and bashed Raven with the barbed wire bat! Foley picked up the mic and said at Hardcore Justice it will be the final showdown between Raven and Dreamer and there will be a winner because he will be the special referee!

RINGSIDE: Mike Tenay & Taz hyped Hardcore Justice and this week’s iMPACT..

Taylor Wilde & HAMADA defeated The Beautiful People (Velvet Sky & Lacey Von Erich) to win the TNA Knockout Tag Team titles: They’re finally doing something with other members of the Knockout division. I hate when my girlfriend walks into the room and Lacey Von Erich is wrestling. Midway through the match, the myterious biker chick drove down to ringside on her motorbike and TNA Knockout champion Madison Rayne came out on top of the stage to watch the match. The biker chick appeared to be cheering for the Beautiful People. The biker chick passed a chair into Lacey but she didn’t know what to do with it. Taylor kicked the chair into Lacey’s face and scored the pinfall to win the TNA Knockout Tag Team titles! Velvet Sky was visibly pissed at Madison Rayne for her biker chick costing them the titles!

A.J. Styles defeated “The Freak” Rob Terry to retain the TNA Television title: A.J. Styles renamed the Global title, which used to be the Legend’s title, to the Television title. Styles retained the TV title with his best buddy Kazarian supporting him at ringside.

VIDEO PROMO: Kurt Angle talking about going through the Top 10 to get his title shot so he could prove to the fans that he can do something nobody’s ever done.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT (EARLIER TODAY): Jay Lethal talked about beating Ric Flair with his own move, the Figure-4, at Victory Road. Lethal said he needs to change from a boy into a man, and for tonight’s Street Fight he is going to leave that little boy at home and bring the man to the street fight.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne were screaming and catfighting while TNA officials pulled them apart. Lacey Von Erich was knocked out during the altercation and Velvet called for someone to call an ambulance.

The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) & Beer Money (Robert Roode & James Storm): Before the match, Robert Roode said that Beer Money and the Machine Guns have taken tag team wrestling to a whole new level. Roode said he and Storm are on a mission to become the best in the world, and they need the tag team titles to do that. Roode said they will win tonight and become four time (holding up the four fingers) tag team champions! Chris Sabin said the belts were around their waists and THEY ARE the champions and the best in the world! Sabin said they chose Ultimate-X because it was their world and the only way Beer Money will get the belts is when they prey them from their cold dead fingers! Roode said why don’t they stop talking and just DO IT!

TNA World Tag Team champions The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) defeated Beer Money (Robert Roode & James Storm): The Machine Guns dominated with some high-flying offense at the beginning of the match. Sabin tried to climb the cables, while Shelley went after Roode, but Storm pulled Sabin down and the action continued. Sabin & Shelley repeatedly tried to climb the cables but Beer Money pulled them down. Roode & Storm argued over who should climb, and since Storm was drunk, Roode had to climb. Sabin & Shelley recovered and took down both members of Beer Money. Roode opened up the cut on his forehead which he got in the steel cage match last week. More hard-hitting action followed. Shelley tried to climb but Storm easily pulled him down. My non-wrestling girlfriend was impressed by this match. Beer Money figured out a cool spot to help Roode across the cables, with Roode standing on Storm’s shoulders, but it didn’t work. Roode climbed up and walked on top of the cables holding the scaffold to keep his balance. Meanwhile, Sabin went the traditional way, hand-over-hand, and beat Roode to the X. Roode crashed and burned after crotching himself on the cable allowling Sabin to snatch the X and win the match!

Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff & Miss Tessmocker + Kevin Nash + Jeff Jarrett + Sting: Bischoff said he wanted to get down to business and began hyping the Whole F’n Show next week, which will feature PPV quality matches on free TV thanks to their friends at Spike. Bischoff hyped the “Stairway to Janice” match involving Abyss and Rob Van Dam. Bischoff also named himself the special referee for that match (why?). Bischoff hyped the final match of the Best of 5 between Beer Money in the Motor City Machine Guns. Bischoff hyped #7 Kurt Angle vs. #6 A.J. Styles, plus Madison Rayne vs. Angelina Love for the TNA Knockout title, plus Jeff Hardy‘s open invitation to anybody in the wrestling world, plus Mr. Anderson vs. Matt Morgan vs. The Pope – right here for FREE! Kevin Nash made his way out to the ring in not too good of a mood. Bischoff told Tessmocker to leave the ring. Nash complained about his name not being mentioned. Hulk Hogan told Nash to open his eyes, and notice they guys like him and Jarrett have stepped back. Hogan said Nash’s time was over and it’s time for guys like them to pass the torch. Hogan said there was no more minimum effort maximum money. Hogan said Nash’s games were over, brother. Nash asked if Hogan was talking to him about politics. Bischoff said Nash’s whole career has been nothing but politics. Nash said in life sometimes you meet someone you wouldn’t mess with, well that’s HIM! Nash knocked down Bischoff, but Hogan started bashing Nash (he just had back surgery!). Nash easily turned the tables and started beating the crap out of Hogan. Nash jumped out of the ring and grabbed So-Cal Val’s chair. Nash got back in the ring and prepared to Jacknife Power-bomb Hogan on it. Bischoff tried to help but he got thrown out of the ring by Nash. Nash picked up the chair and prepared to destroyed Hogan, but Jeff Jarrett ran down and made the save! Jarrett took the fight to Nash until Sting suddenly showed up wearing Wolfpac face paint to help Nash! Sting bashed Jarrett with the baseball bat and then gave the bat to Nash. Nash knocked Jarrett out with the bat, while Sting bashed Hogan with a steel chair! Shocking!

Christy Hemme & Kevin Nash & Sting: Christy Hemme tried to get an interview with Kevin Nash & Sting but they just got up and walked away from her…

“Pope” D’Angelo Dinero defeated Orlando Jordan: This week Orlando Jordan tried to put his lollipop in So-Cal Val’s mouth but she was too disgusted and wouldn’t let him. The Pope came down to his usual entrance, which includes fake money falling from the ceiling. As the match began, Jordan “had an affair with his index finger,” as Taz put it. Midway through the match, crazy Eric Young ran down and started stuffing all the “dinero” (the fake money) into his tights. Jordan was distracted by his former tag team partner’s craziness and the Pope capitolized and won the match! After the match, Matt Morgan attacked the Pope until Mr. Anderson ran down with a chair and Morgan quickly retreated. Anderson invited Morgan back into the ring, but Morgan said it was not the time to do it. Anderson offered to shake hands with the Pope, but he remembered that Anderson injured him months ago. TNX Security (the two thugs who are doing a storyline lately) ran down and removed Anderson from the ring.

Christy Hemme & “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair: Christy Hemme asked Ric Flair if he thinks he can beat Jay Lethal tonight and the Nature Boy told her not to ask any stupid questions. Flair cut a promo hyping his street fight with his “smallest black brother” Jay Lethal. Flair finished by saying he was a wrestling God and “Jay Lethal, tonight you die!” WOOOO!

“The Nature Boy” Ric Flair defeated #5 “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal: Ric Flair came out wearing a $2500 suit. but Tenay said his strut was worth a million bucks! Flair started the match with a thumb to Letha’s eye. My girlfriend says “Ric Flair’s actually fighting?” followed by “he actually fighting in a suit?” I love hearing her virgin opinions of the wrestling product. Lethal was thrown out of the ring, and crawled under the ring to the other side, thus tricking Flair and referee Earl Hebner. Lethal ripped off Flair’s jacket and shirt and then began chopping his bare chest! Lethal picked up the kendo stick and bopped Flair on top of the head! Flair cut himself and started bleeding (why should this match be any different). X-Division champion Douglas Williams came down to ringside to watch the match and confused everybody. Lethal ripped off Flair’s pants, revealing some colorful underwear. Lethal ripped off Flair’s belt and began whipping him with it! Lethal ripped off Flair’s sock and shoe. At this point all Flair was wearing was his underwear, one sock and one shoe. Lethal whacked Flair with a trash can lid. Lethal planted Flair with a top rope Superplex. Lethal went for a pin but Douglas Williams pulled him out of the ring by the leg! Lethal did a top rope sunset flip on Flair and almost pulled Flair’s underwear off! Flair squirmed out of it, and Williams whacked Lethal with the X-Division belt, allowing Flair to get his victory back over Jay Lethal!

Christy Hemme & TNA World Heavyweight champion Rob Van Dam: Christy Hemme talked about RVD’s upcoming schedule; a big hardcore tag team match tonight, a title defense against a mystery opponent this Sunday at Hardcore Justice, and the “Stairway to Janice” match with Abyss next week. RVD said he takes things one day at a time, and that he will give the fans what they want. RVD said he will get through tonight and look forward to Hardcore Justice. Suddenly Jerry Lynn showed up and wished RVD luck tonight and said he’ll see him on Sunday. RVD was STUNNED!

Tommy Dreamer & Rob Van Dam defeated The Monster Abyss & Raven: They started fighting on the ramp before the match but eventually made it into the ring. Raven tagged in, pulled out a rag and blew his nose, then rubbed it in Dreamer’s face. That’s EXTREME. Taz talked about Raven’s history with Beulah McGillicutty, who is now Tommy Dreamer’s wife. Taz also talked about some rumors about who might be at Hardcore Justice, but didn’t want to spoil anything for the fans. After the match, Abyss attacked RVD and choke-slammed him in the middle of the ring! Abyss then picked up Dreamer and prepared to choke-slam him but Stevie Richards ran down to stop him. Abyss took out Stevie and then Rhino ran down. Rhino punched Abyss and set up for a GORE but Abyss kicked him down. Team 3-D ran down and set up Abyss for the 3-D but Raven bashed them with a chair! Abyss & Raven stood victorious in the ring but the lights went out! When the lights came back on, Sandman was in the ring and he bashed Raven & Sandman with a kendo stick as the fans chanted EV2.0! Mick Foley walked down to join the former ECW guys in the ring, bringing Al Snow, Pat Kenny, and some others behind him.