TNA IMPACT 08 19 2010


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: August 19, 2010 (Taped: August 10th)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

IMPACT ZONE SEGMENT: This weeks show started rather abruptly as Jeff Hardy & Abyss were shown brawling backstage where they went past the interview set, then into the arena with only the VIP guests in attendance. Mike Tenay & Taz were in the middle of a sound check and were caught off guard, having too pull things together on the fly. They then fought throughout the iMPACT Zone, where you could see people entering the arena. Then they both fought to the entrance of the arena where you could see people waiting to get in the building. They had to blur out Jeff’s butt-crack the whole time. The TNA security Gunner & Murphy showed up with billyclubs to get between Jeff Hardy and Abyss, by restraining Hardy.

IN THE RING: Eric Bischoff came out not looking happy. He said he had never seen anything in his entire 20 year career in the wrestling business, like what happened last week. Bischoff promised Dixie Carter that they would hold Ric Flair responsible for what happened last week, when his group (Furtune) attacked EV2.0. Bischoff continued to say that what Abyss did last week was borderline homicidal, and he does not know what was coming to him, courtesy of Hogan & Bischoff. Bischoff said he visited RVD at hospital today and suffered 117 stitches from the neck down to the ankles, multiple puncture wounds, and head trauma. Bischoff said RVD will always have a home in TNA, but that “the show must go on and it will.” Bischoff said he, Hogan, and Dixie met early today and they vacated the TNA World Heavyweight title. Bischoff said an eight man tournament would begin tonight and would end at Bound For Glory. The tournament will be made up of the eight top contenders in the Top 10..

Jeff Hardy defeated “The Freak” Rob Terry: Jeff Hardy was in street clothes and selling his injuries from the previous brawl with Abyss moments ago. Hardy eventually won with a Swanton-bomb.

Madison Rayne + Mystery Biker Girl: The interviewer asked Madison a bunch of questions. Madison said she needed a bodyguard because she was the “champion” and needed protection. Madison said tonight she will kick Angelina Love’s ass to get back her title, which Love stole. Madison added that nobody needed to know the identity of her best friend (the biker chick).

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Fortune arrived, Ric Flair came out of the limo first and then greeted everyone once they came out of the limo, including new member Douglas Williams.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Hulk Hogan was on the phone with someone and said he was thinking about quitting because of what happened last week. Hogan said he built the whole company around RVD, and taking him out was like trying to take out the President. Hogan said he did not like the tournament idea and said nobody could replace RVD as the World Champion. Hogan said Abyss did it and it was part of “THEIR” plan, whoever “THEY” are. Hogan said he needed some time out and said “I love you” to the other person on the other end of the line.

Mr. Anderson defeated Jay Lethal: Taz questioned Jay Lethal’s red and yellow ring gear saying “is he kissing butt now, what’s up with that?” Mr. Anderson advanced to the Semi Finals with the “mic drop.” There was a handshake of respect after the match between the two.

Christy Hemme & Angelina Love: Angelina Love said it’s obvious that Madison Rayne needed a bodyguard because she’s scared. Angelina said last time she literally had to give the title back to Madison because she threw a little hissyfit. Angelina Love promised she will retain her title and show the world why she is five time Knockouts champion. Angelina told Madison to bring her bodyguard because she was bringing backup for the match tonight.

VIDEO PACKAGE: TNA Reaction recap with the Motor City Machine Guns celebrating there best out of five series win over Beer Money Inc. and calling themselves the greatest tag team in the world. They will be in action next week.

Angelina Love w/Velvet Sky defeated Madison Rayne w/Mystery Biker Girl to retain the TNA Knockout title: Madison came out on the back of her bodyguard’s motorbike. Angelina brought her former partner Velvet Sky out to watch her back! Before the match started, a brawl broke between all four ladies on the floor. Eventually the match began. Velvet Sky distracted Madison Rayne by holding her foot, and she turned around Angelina hit her with the Botox Injection and scored the pinfall. After the match, Angelina Love celebrated with Velvet Sky, until Madison Rayne & the biker chick attacked them from behind and gave them a brutal beat down. Madison picked up the Knockout title and screamed “this is mine!” but then dropped it again instead of stealing it.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT : Fortune were shown making their way down to the iMPACT Zone, being led by Ric Flair..

Ric Flair & Fortune (A.J. Styles & Kazarian & Douglas Williams & Matt Morgan & Robert Roode & James Storm + Dixie Carter + EV2.0 (Tommy Dreamer & Mick Foley & Rhino & Stevie Richards & Guido Maritato & Tony Luke & Sandman & Sabu & Raven): Ric Flair asked did someone use the word power? Flair called his group, impact WITH power. Flair said Kazarian, A.J., Beer Money, and now two new members; “some European flavour, big bad Doug all the way from London, England” and to make sure the Nature Boy stays cool, smooched, pampered and loved, he hired a insurance policy, Matt Morgan. Flair added, “so don’t screw with the Nature Boy!” Flair said Fortune are TNA and learn to love it because they were not be going anywhere soon. Flair changed topic to EV2.0 and continued to call them circus acts and undisciplined animals. Flair dared them to call themselves wrestlers; they make him sick and called them a disgrace to wrestling. Flair said the marquee said PRO WRESTLING, not GARBAGE CANS not TABLES. Flair said he crashed in an airplaine and is still around to talk about it. Flair said using weapons does not make them professional wrestlers. Flair said they can kiss the Nature Boy’s and Fortune’s ass. A.J. Styles took the microphone and said EV 2.0 wanted another Hardcore finale and that is exactly what they got! Styles said he has wrestled for TNA longer then them and he was TNA. Styles said this was the house that A.J. Styles built. Suddenly, Dixie Carter came out to the stage. Dixie said A.J. might have helped build the house, but she owned it – and if it is her house, it is THEIR house. Suddenly, all bruised and battered EV2.0 guys came out and stood with Dixie. She said Hulk & Eric tied to tell her all about Ric Flair but she wouldn’t listen. Dixie said she gave Flair every benefit of the doubt since he showed up, but that is OVER. She said Hardcore Justice should have been the last time you saw them, but as of tonight, they now all have TNA contracts, which Tommy Dreamer took out of his back-pocket and displayed. Ric Flair argued back saying “hey, I’m talking to you good looking,” adding “what on my resume says I take any crap from women?” Tommy got the mic and tried to show praise for Flair ass by calling him a living legend, but before he finished the sentence Flair screamed “I Know!” Tommy then got serious and said if Dixie hadn’t asked them to sit back, EV 2.0 would come down and kick Fortune’ ass right now. Fortune got themselves ready and Flair hilariously fell on the mat pretending to be scared. Tommy said what Dixie did was a acknowledge the past, but now they’re moving forward! Tommy said forget the past, because it’s all about TNA! Flair said no, and Tommy started to mock the Nature Boy and get under his skin. Mick Foley got the microphone and said on the December 26th, he got a drunken phone call from Flair, who was down on his luck. Foley said he told Flair that it was great to work for TNA and suggested Flair make the jump if the time was right. Foley said shortly after that Flair showed up and now Foley wishes he could take back that phone call. Flair challenged Foley to “roll in the thumbtacks” one more time. Foley said he doesn’t take orders from Ric Flair, he works for Dixie Carter! Flair said he works for RIC FLAIR and Fortune. Flair told Foley to go home and get soft, sit in a chair, and talk to his kids. Dreamer got the mic and said they will get revenge on Abyss for what he did to Rob Van Dam. Dreamer said they had nothing but respect for A.J. Styles until last week. Dreamer then challenged A.J. to a match tonight and it will be Extreme. Ric Flair is awesome. Where were Team 3D?

BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW : Kurt Angle praised Doug Williams as a good technical wrestler, but he has gone through tough challengers and is only three wins away from retaining the TNA World title.

Kurt Angle defeated Douglas Williams by submission: Great technical match for what it was. Angle won by making Williams tap out to the Anklelock.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Kevin Nash & Sting were shown making their way down to the ring. No Wolfpac paint for Sting unfortunately.

BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Mr. Anderson said he should be happy for advancing, but he is not due to the circumstances brought upon this title tournament. But said a win is a win and he has been in that kind of situation before.

Kevin Nash & Sting + Jeff Jarrett + Hulk Hogan + Fortune (A.J. Styles & Kazarian & Matt Morgan & Douglas Williams & Beer Money [Robert Roode & James Storm]): Kevin Nash got the mic and said he has known Sting for twenty years and even if the have had there differences he respects him the most. Nash said he’s been called a cancer in the business, amongst other things, but after twenty years and 28 knee operations, he was not there just for the money. Nash said he was out here because he loves what he does, and no one will tell him it was his time to step outside. Nash said if you want his spot come, and take it. Nash said TNA are close to going big places, but the cancer is not in this ring but at the back. Nash said if everyone wants to know the truth, he’ll tell them, but Jeff Jarrett interrupted. Jarrett said the truth was Nash is full of b.s. tonight and a leopard never loses its spots and it’s always been about “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash. Jarrett said Nash never gave a damn about anybody and that’s never gonna change. Jarrett said Sting is a bad person and could tell the world the whole truth – but he won’t. Jarrett threatened that the whole lockeroom was sick of the games being played by Nash & Sting. Jarrett then stood up for Hogan & Bischoff, saying the company has done very well since they showed up and the whole company was better off. Jarrett said he was going to come down with a chair and beat them both up in honor of Hulk Hogan. Hulk Hogan then came out and said Jarrett wasn’t going to go to the ring by himself. Hogan said Jarrett built TNA from the ground up and he & Bischoff came in to finish the job. Hogan said everyone in the building knows what Sting & Kevin Nash are about. Hogan said they were jealous because the spotlight was shining on the young guys now. Hogan asked Sting to put the bat to the side, and he threw it at Hogan. Hogan & Jarrett made there way to the ring and got in, but suddenly the lights went out. When the lights came back on, Fortune was in the ring. Hogan, Jarrett, and Nash were beaten down and they were surrounding Sting.. Fortune then ganged up on Sting and kicked his ass!

BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: “Pope” D’Angelo Dinero explained said it was sad what happened to RVD, but he needed to take his chances and eliminate Matt Morgan like he has done before and advance to the semi finals.

Tommy Dreamer & Raven + Stevie Richards & Tony Luke: Raven said they should have killed FORTUNE tonight, but Tommy said Dixie invited them and gave them contracts – adding that there was a plan. Tommy told Raven not to be a rebel for a change. Raven said there always is a bigger picture and complained. Tommy said Raven never sees it, and Raven said he’s always got to be talked down to like a child. Stevie Richards came in and said Raven was just being himself, instead of attacking Fortune they will respect Dixie Carter’s wishes. Tony Luke got involved saying he has known A.J. Styles since he was a baby and now he thinks he is big because he has a title and hanging with Ric Flair.

“Pope” D’Angelo Dinero defeated Matt Morgan: Matt Morgan tried to do the running boot to the face against the ring post, but the Pope avoided it. The Pope shoved Morgan into the ring and pinned him to advance to the next round!

BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Mick Foley promised to be part of EV 2.0 and vengeance was coming. Foley will be medically cleared in a few weeks and promised to be with Tommy Dreamer all the way.

A.J. Styles defeated Tommy Dreamer: Tommy Dreamer was bloodied for the second week in a row. Later on in the match, when Dreamer hit the DDT, Fortune came down the ramp, but were attacked by EV 2.0 and a brawl ensued. While the referee was distracted, Abyss came from under the ring and gave Dreamer a black-hole slam. A.J. quickly stole the pin to win the match! Abyss left through the crowd and the brawl continued until they went off the air!