TNA IMPACT 08 26 2010


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: August 26, 2010 (Taped: August 23rd)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

Madison Rayne defeated Katie Lea Burchill: Rumour is TNA officials were very impressed.

Eric Young w/Orlando Jordan defeated Jeremy Buck:

Douglas Williams defeated Brian Kendrick and Amazing Red and Jay Lethal:

VIDEO PACKAGE: They showed the making of “Fortune” and how the idea came about, in which it would be remake of the Four Horseman. The video introduced the members and then the events of the last two weeks in which they formed, attacked EV 2.0, and then the great segment between Ric Flair and Dixie Carter which led to the main event in which A.J. Styles defeated Tommy Dreamer, thanks to Abyss – where a brawl ensured to end last week’s show.

Dixie Carter & Eric Bischoff: Eric Bischoff tried to persuade Dixie Carter not to go to the ring to confront Ric Flair, but she was being stubborn and said she will do it, no questions asked.

Dixie Carter + Ric Flair + Fortune (A.J. Styles & Douglas Williams & Matt Morgan & Kazarian & Robert Roode & James Storm) + Serg Salinas + Hulk Hogan & Kurt Angle & Jeff Hardy & Mr. Anderson & “Pope” D’Angelo Dinero + EV 2.0 (Tommy Dreamer & Sabu & Raven & Rhino & Stevie Richards & Guido Maritato & Tony Luke): Before calling Ric Flair out, Dixie Carter said this company has had a lot of amazing things happen over the years, but challenging times as well, which makes success sweeter. She said TNA had gotten stronger and more unified through the hard times and become a family. The critics said they wouldn’t last eight weeks, yet here we are eight years later and praised everyone who has worked there. Dixie said she would not allow anyone to hurt this company as she took an oath, and called out the Nature Boy! Ric Flair made his way out and eyed Dixie up, who was looking amazing. Flair called her “drop dead gorgeous” and asked her to go back to the hotel room and “resolve” the problem not on national tv as everyone knows Ric Flair wants her. Dixie questioned Flair and said she was so excited that he came to TNA and promised he would mentor the young guys backstage, but has failed miserably. Dixie said the advice by Hulk & Eric was that Flair only cared about himself, and she sees now that it is true. His actions since Hardcore Justice have been despicable, cowardly, and pathetic – and will gain no favouritism as he will be treated the same as every man and woman in the company. Dixie suspended Flair for the next 90 days without pay! Ric Flair then asked if Fortune was suspended, and she said no just Flair. Flair then said Flair & Fortune are the same and called out his boys who made their way to the ring all suited. Flair declared that they are TNA! Flair praised them by saying they are the greatest bunch of wrestlers he has ever seen and Dixie agreed, but said they were with her, building the company, before Flair came along. Dixie then explained they will be wrestling over the next 90 days without Ric Flair by theid side suddenly Flair got pissed off and started being the real Nature Boy (shouting at the top of his lungs) and took his jacket off and was about to show Dixie what Ric Flair is really about. Suddenly a man ran in the ring but was taken down by Styles & Roode. Matt Morgan cornered Dixie who was screaming like it was a soap opera. The announced explained that the man was Dixie’s husband, Serge. Ric Flair then got pissed and was about to whip him, when Hulk Hogan came out with Kurt Angle, the Pope, Mr. Anderson, and Jeff Hardy. Flair warned Hogan not to get involved and threatened to shove Angle’s medal up his ass. Hogan and his cavalry came in the ring and said since day one Dixie and him would run the company fifty/fifty, but now because Dixie is over her head in crap, he is running the company now and reversed Dixie’s decision to suspend Flair. Hogan explained Flair has pissed him off and called the semi finalists the real TNA. Flair said “shut up” and called Fortune TNA and they will be taking over the company when Flair’s ready. Hogan challenged the semi finalists versus four members of Fortune as he is running the company! Flair was pissed off and advised to leave the ring by Fortune, but EV 2.0 attacked Fortune from behind and a brawl ensued until the commercials.

Kurt Angle & Jeff Hardy & Mr. Anderson & Pope D’Angelo Dinero: Kurt Angle said the TNA Heavyweight championship means a lot to him and the other three, however tonight is about the company TNA and repaying the opportunities given to them by Dixie Carter, Eric Bischoff, and Hulk Hogan. They promised to kick Fortune’ asses tonight and they all agreed.

Samoa Joe defeated Orlando Jordan: Before the match, Orlando Jordan had Samoa Joe’s figure wrapped around him and then started to moleste So Cal Val. Joe kicked Jordan’s ass and won with a Muscle-buster.

Jeff Jarrett & Samoa Joe + Kevin Nash: Jeff Jarrett came out and said it has been five years since he scouted Joe in the independent scene and wanted Joe to become part of the greatest wrestling company in the world. Jarrett said everyone knows that Joe has become something in the past few years along with other talent, he wanted Samoa Joe to be in his corner for his match versus Kevin Nash tonight. Jarrett said Kevin Nash & Sting are trying to ruin TNA from the inside beginning with the fans because of greed and as they are not top dogs anymore. Jarrett said Samoa Joe knows what Nash is like and asked him to take out Sting if anything occurs and wanted to make this deal. Samoa Joe said he only has one team, which is his own and walked out. Kevin Nash made his way to the ring and tried to bring a chair to the ring.

Kevin Nash defeated Jeff Jarrett: Jarrett had a sleeper hold on Nash, predictably the referee got squashed and taken out. Jarrett and Nash carried on fighting and Jarrett gained the upper hand and it the Stroke, but with no referee, Sting came down in the Wolfpac paint and hit Jarrett with the baseball bat and Nash picked up the win.

Sting & Jeff Jarrett & Kevin Nash + Eric Bischoff + Hulk Hogan: Sting was about to carry on the damage when Hogan’s music played, but out came Easy E instead?! Eric Bichoff called Sting scum and really low because of what he was doing, Sting said he wants Hulk Hogan right now,Eric says because what you wish for and suddenly Hulk Hogan came in from behind and smacked Sting with a chair shot to the back.

Hulk Hogan & Tommy Dreamer: Hogan said he and Tommy are on the same side no matter what. He said the 4 semi finalists will beat Fortune and told EV 2.0 to have a rest tonight and Tommy agreed. However they have another problem and Hogan told Dreamer to take out Abyss by cutting his legs off by any means necessary.

Beer Money (Robert Roode & James Storm) defeated The FBI (Guido Maritato & Tony Luke): A very one sided match with Beer Money picking up the win after hitting a DWI. .After the match James Storm smashed a beer bottle over Guido’s head bursting him open and Tony Luke got a last call superkick.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: The Original Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky) are on their way to the ring..

Mick Foley & Tommy Dreamer & Sabu & Rhino & Stevie Richards: Tommy rallied his troops and said revenge is needed for what Abyss did to Rob Van Dam. Tommy asked who will give him Abyss’ head and internet favourite Stevie Richards screamed that he will do the job that needed to be done.

The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky) + Madison Rayne & Mystery Girl + TNA Security: Angelina Love said she has made a lot of mistakes In her life, and so has Velvet, but we all learn. She said they had a friendship which no one could have and when they went their separate ways everyone felt upset. Angelina said she’s not always a pretty Angel but also can be a pretty mean bitch. Angelina wanted to reunite with her BFF. Velvet Sky took the mic and said there is no need to rehash the past, but they created a monster in Madison Rayne. Velvet said let’s move on and dominate the Knockout’s division again – and they hugged. The Beautiful people’s music hit but out came Madison Rayne and the mystery biker from the side. Madison got the mic and said she will file a lawsuit against Angelina & Velvet for copyright infringment if they ever use her music again! Madison called herself the most natural beauty while they are silicon whores. Madison explained to Angelina that she brought her to TNA because the Beautiful People needed youth, beauty, and class – and Velvet Sky has always been her own little bitch. Velvet speared Madison and Angelina attacked the mystery woman. The TNA security guards including Gunner & Murphy came down to separate the women.

The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley): Alex Shelley said as champs they get perks and have the new guitar hero set. Chris Sabin explained they had a lot of people after them like Magnus & Desmond Wolfe, but they want what they have which are the tag team belts and Alex Shelley said there is a lot of competition, with teams such as Generation Me and their bad hair cuts, because they paved the way for young high-flying tag teams and are the champs.

VIDEO PACKAGE: New #1 contenders Magnus & Desmond Wolfe with Chelsea went shopping. Chelsea was treated like rubbish, with Desmond Wolfe saying they are not eating because she ate yesterday and she can buy her own stuff when she earns her own money. Magnus brought a credit card out with no limit and cleverly Chelsea took it and went a separate way than Magnus & Wolfe. Wolfe finished the segment off with “London malling here we come!”.

The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) defeated Generation Me (Max & Jeremy Buck): Great pop for the Bucks, who I call “Mr. Friday Night”, as they are always on Xplosion aired on Friday’s here in England. That was a freaking awesome match, way better then their previous two outings. There were a few really good high spots that got loud reactions from the crowd. After the match, they all posed together in a act of respect after knowing they just put in a good match.

Ric Flair + Sting & Kevin Nash: Ric Flair was pissed off and said tonight the semi finalists will get there asses kicked by Fortune because they are TNA and the 6 best superstars here today. Suddenly, Sting came in from behind and choked Ric Flair with the bat and said after he and Nash solve the Hogan problem, Fortune and Flair have a receipt coming next in line from Kevin Nash and the Stinger.

RINGSIDE SEGMENT: Mike Tenay & Taz hyped No Surrender with the line up.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Abyss and Stevie Richards were brawling at the back. Abyss got the upper hand and then they cut to inside the arena.

IN RING SEGMENT: Rhino called out Abyss for a fight right now. Abyss came down and a brawl ensued through the crowd, up to the Spanish announcers table and into the technical area where Rhino finished Abyss off with a Gore.

Fortune (A.J. Styles & Kazarian & Matt Morgan & Douglas Williams) & Ric Flair: A.J. Styles explained like last week he built TNA not the Pope, not Anderson, not Angle, and certainly not Hardy as he hasn’t been here long enough. Styles said with Fortune he is not scared to bring down what he started right from the bottom.

Kurt Angle & Jeff Hardy & Mr. Anderson & Pope D Angelo Dinero defeated Fortune (A.J. Styles & Kazarian & Douglas Williams & Matt Morgan w/Ric Flair): Fortune have a new theme tune which has a good beat to it. Mr. Anderson came out first, then the Pope, Jeff Hardy and then Kurt Angle. Hardy was dominated for a while and then got the hot tag to Angle who started to clean house on Fortune. Belly to Belly to A.J Styles, backdrop on Kazarian, then a german suplex and Anklelock on Kazarian who was about to tap when Styles hit the flying forearm onto Angle. The Pope hit the trip/clothesline combination, then Williams hit Pope with some sort of overhead suplex. Anderson hit Williams with a fireman’s carry. Anderson was clotheslined by the insurance policy (Matt Morgan). Suddenly, Hardy hit the Whisper in the Wind on Morgan. Kazarian hit a front-slam to Hardy. Angle got up and hit the Angleslam on Kazarian, but Pope made the blind tag and stole the pinfall.

POST-MATCH SEGMENT: The Pope and Kurt Angle had a heated confrontation and Mr Anderson got between them to prevent them from fighting, but Fortune attacked and Beer Money came out as well. A.J. Styles & James Storm set up a table on the outside until EV 2.0 came out to clear house. Mick Foley fought with Ric Flair. Tommy Dreamer fought with A.J. Styles to the stage. Sabu hit a legdrop/chair move to Douglas Williams through the table even though it missed by 7 or 8 inches. The brawl ensued which was shown on TNA Reaction which came up next.