TNA IMPACT 09 02 2010


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: September 2, 2010 (Taped: August 24th)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff & Miss Tessmocher + Mr. Anderson + “Pope” D Angelo Dinero + Jeff Hardy + Kurt Angle + Abyss & Janice: Hulk Hogan opened the show saying he loved working backstage with the greatest talent in the world and called the semi finalists “the fatal 4.” Hogan told them to come out one by one and first to come out was Mr. Anderson, then The Pope, then creatures of the night leader Jeff Hardy, and last but not least “the baddest man in the planet and especially in TNA”… Kurt Angle! Hogan said everyone knows what happened to Rob Van Dam and the next TNA champion needed to raise the bar to another level and cannot allow what happened to the previous champion strike twice. Eric Bischoff took the mic and said the tag team match tonight is controversial but he had to do it and come Sunday it will be the biggest night of their careers. Suddenly Abyss came through the crowd with Janice and made his way into the ring. Hogan said he was not invited, but Abyss interfered and said he has come because “THEY” have some news. Hogan then explained everyone knows “THEY” are really Ric Flair and Fortune. Abyss said Hogan is ignorant like everyone else and “THEY” will be revealed on 10.10.10 (Bound For Glory) and “THEY” will turn TNA upside down, starting with the systamatic removal of Dixie Carter, then Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, The Pope, Jeff Hardy, and Mr. Anderson. Suddenly Jeff Hardy attacked Abyss and then they went to commercial!

VIDEO PACKAGE: The battle between the reunited original Beautiful People members Angelina Love & Velvet Sky against Madison Rayne and the mystery biker chick.

Madison Rayne & Mystery Biker Chick defeated The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky): All four opponents came out to the Beautiful People music. There was a brawl before the match actually started. Madison Rayne picked up the win after the mystery chick hit Velvet Sky with the motorcycle helmet. The mystery chick then hit Angelina with the helmet and took off her mask and it was Tara!!!

BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Stevie Richards said he was not scared to face Abyss because he has gone through knee surgeries, throat surgeries, and two broken necks!

BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Kurt Angle believed Abyss was brought up wrongly and “THEY” are just made up characters in his mind, in which he worshipped them like a God.

ANNOUNCMENT: Rob Van Dam to speak next week for the first time since being attacked by Abyss.

Stevie Richards defeated “The Monster” Abyss: Abyss brought in a chair but out of nowhere Stevie Richards hit a Stevie kick for the win. After the match, Abyss hit Stevie with the shock-treatment. On the other screen, security and referees were splitting up Fortune and EV 2.0, as it seemed Mick Foley was attacked and hurt his ankle. Back in the ring, Abyss hit a Black-Hole Slam on Stevie and then was about to go get Janice, but Brian Kendrick came down and drop-kicked Abyss and grabbed Stevie and retreated to the back.

Mr. Anderson + “Pope” D’Angelo Dinero: Mr. Anderson said he has had rocky relationship with the Pope, but he has saved the Pope like ten times now and should be his best friend. The Pope came in and said he does not trust Mr. Anderson or like him. The Pope said he does not want to get screwed tonight. They agreed to help each other tonight.

EV 2.0 (Tommy Dreamer & Rhino & Sabu & Mick Foley) + Fortune (A.J. Styles & Ric Flair & Kazarian & Douglas Williams & Matt Morgan & Robert Roode & James Storm): EV 2.0 were pissed and Tommy called out Fortune to get their asses out so they can sort this out once and for all. All of Fortune came out to the ring. A.J. was speaking and said he makes the rules and called the people out, not EV 2.0, because they do not stand a chance against Fortune, Douglas Williams will beat Sabu and retain the X-Division title, Rhino will get his ass kicked by Abyss, and finally A.J. will make the innovator of violence quit like a little baby. Tommy Dreamer retaliated and said let’s not wait till the PPV and lets do this right now because this may be the house you built, but the people in the house think you suck. Tommy challenged them to a 4 on 4 match tonight.

Jeff Jarrett & Samoa Joe: Jeff Jarrett once again tried to persuade Samoa Joe to help him against Nash/Sting tonight. Jarrett said he was doing this for TNA and the young guys in the back. Samoa Joe told Jarrett to mind his own business and walked off.

Sting & Kevin Nash: Kevin Nash said to Sting that he has his back so not to worry, and whether Joe came out or not he will beat Jarrett. Sting expected someone to come out and when he did he will put him in the ring.

BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Jeff Jarrett said if he does not do this Sting & Nash are going to tear down what everyone has built in the last eight years. Jarrett said he hoped someone came out to help him.

“The Icon” Sting w/Kevin Nash defeated Jeff Jarrett: Sting was in his wolfpac gear again. Kevin Nash interfered throughout the match. Jarrett had Sting up for a overhead suplex, however, Nash tripped Jarrett up and Sting stole the three count.

Sting & Jeff Jarrett & Kevin Nash + Hulk Hogan + Samoa Joe: Sting began choking Jarrett with the bat and took Jarrett to the outside. Suddenly Hogan’s music went off and he made his way down to the ring. Samoa Joe hit the ring from behind and took down Nash and wanted to go up against Sting, but he and Nash retreated.

VIDEO PACKAGE: The Shore are coming to TNA (this will be a group made up of Rob Eckos & Becky Bayless doing a “Jersey Shore” gimmick)..

RINGSIDE SEGMENT: Mike Tenay & Taz hyped No Surrender..

London Brawling (Desmond Wolfe & Magnus w/ Chelsea) + The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley): London Brawling were in the ring and Desmond Wolfe said while “Queer Money” and The Motor City Cap Guns” were trying to prove themselves by beating each other up, London Brawling have been beating every team of wankers on Xplosion to prove they are the best tag team in TNA and come No Surrender they will prove it. Magnus took the mic and said the fans are embarrassed that the Guns are tag team champs, but fear not because Wolfe and himself will save the day for “fatboy” and “a gorgeous lady” – in reference to the specific crowd members. The Motor City Machine Guns came out. Alex Shelley took the mic and said the crowd appreciated the five match series and they are the best tag team, do you want to know why? – ask the TNA fans. Chris Sabin said they may be the number one contenders but they have not seen London Brawling beat anyone and the only tag teaming they have done is with each other. Wolfe said you think Magnus and I fancy each other and we are a couple of poofs? Wolfe said they are the only fella’s in the ring with a bird. Magnus told the Guns to stop their jokes and told them to grow some hair on their nuts. Alex Shelley said he is four years older then Magnus. Shelley said Chelsea is very lousy and said what can $10, 5 minutes, and dog tag get with you? Sabin said Chelsea is very miserable but needed an income like any other call girl. Wolfe told Chelsea to tell those wankas how he is the biggest man in this side of the pond. Chelsea got the mic and said Wolfe’s weapon is a little short and suddenly London Brawling attacked the Guns and laid them both out. Editor’s Note: London Brawling can do some great promos!

EV 2.0 (Mick Foley & Rhino & Sabu & Tommy Dreamer: Dreamer was pissed and said they are losing the battle because they have lost Guido, Tony Luke, and now Foley. Brian Kendrick came in and offered his services to them because he loves their reality and creativity, Foley said he will name their replacement and said Kendrick is perfect for the job. Dreamer welcomed Kendrick to the group.

VIDEO PACKAGE: TNA house show plugs.

Jeff Hardy & Kurt Angle: Jeff Hardy said he has never been TNA World champion and he was going to do it for his boy Rob Van Dam, Jeff then said if Kurt loses to him this Sunday his TNA career may be over. Angle then spoke, saying he was correct, but he does not plan on losing. Angle said tonight he is focused and Jeff should be as well, because if a injury occured to someone, he has no plans in losing.

Fortune (A.J. Styles & Kazarian & Robert Roode & James Storm w/Ric Flair & Douglas Williams & Matt Morgan) defeated EV 2.0 (Tommy Dreamer & Rhino & Sabu & Brian Kendrick w/Mick Foley): Sabu was cleaning house on Kazarian when suddenly Douglas Williams tripped Sabu and Kazarian rolled him up and Sabu was eliminated. Sabu then hit Kazarian and jumped onto Douglas Williams and they brawled to the back. Kendrick eliminated Kazarian with a spinning heel kick to the head. Kendrick took out the referee and a brawl broke out. Suddenly, Mick Foley came out and they cut to commercial. During the break, Kendrick was disqualified for hitting the referee. Rhino was clearing house and preparing himself for a Gore on Roode when Abyss came out and they brawled. Rhino was counted out as he and Abyss brawled to the back through the crowd. Dreamer lined up Roode for a spike DDT, but A.J. hit Storm with a flying forearm by mistake. Dreamer eliminated Roode after he hit the DDT. Dreamer chucked A.J. over the ropes and then rolled up Storm for the three count. Flair and Foley started to brawl and Morgan tried to interfere but Dreamer got rid of him. A.J., out of nowhere, hit the Pele kick for the three count to win the match. A.J. Styles was the sole survivor!

Pope D’Angelo Dinero & Mr. Anderson defeated Jeff Hardy & Kurt Angle: Jeff Hardy went for the Whisper of the Wind but hit Angle instead. Anderson hit the Mic-check on Angle and the Pope stole the pinfall. Pope & Anderson had some exchanges and started hitting each other. Pope speared Anderson though the ropes! In the ring, Angle & Hardy exchanged words and started to brawl — iMPACT ended with all men brawling against there oppenentes this Sunday and carried onto ReAction!