TNA IMPACT 09 23 2010


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: September 23, 2010 (Taped: September 6-7th)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Rob Van Dam showed up and was being restrained by TNA security and Jeff Hardy..

“The Freak” Rob Terry defeated “The Monster” Abyss by DQ: Abyss dominated Rob Terry while they showed clips of Jeff Hardy trying to get RVD to chill out backstage. However, Jeff was walking RVD towards the ring! Abyss was disqualified for using the guard rail as a weapon. RVD showed up from the upper deck and limped his way towards the ring. Abyss picked up Janice (the 2X4 with spikes in it) while a team of Agents & Security got between them to prevent an incident. Abyss retreated, while RVD whacked one of the security guys with a chair and entered the ring!

Rob Van Dam + Eric Bischoff: RVD had his several body parts wrapped in tape to help the “puncture wounds” heal from the attack by Abyss several weeks back. RVD called out Eric Bischoff for a discussion. RVD said he was upset about not being given the chance to come out and defend his title before they stripped him and set up a tournament. RVD said he was okay with it, and wished Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, and Mr. Anderson luck – but challenged the winner to a title match. RVD said he hates being seen looking vulnerable (they why did you show up?). RVD said his doctor has already given him a date of clearance, on 10.10.10 – and said he wanted Abyss at Bound For Glory. Bischoff said RVD wants it, the fans want it, and he wants it – so he’s got it!

Eric Bischoff & Pope D’Angelo Dinero: While Eric Bischoff was in the ring, The Pope came out and asked him for a favor. The Pope said he can smell crap a mile away and Bischoff is full of it! The Pope hyped his recent accomplishments. The Pope asked why RVD was getting a title shot after Bound For Glory, and why are Angle & Hardy in the title match when they didn’t win their match. The Pope called Eric a “con man” and Bischoff said they should talk about it in the back.

The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky) & Lacey Von Erich: Angelina & Velvet were talking about starting the Beautiful People when Lacey came in pouting and sat down behind them. They asked her if something was wrong and Lacey flipped out saying she was pissed off about Madison Rayne!

Eric Bischoff & Pope D’Angelo Dinero: The Pope demanded that Eric Bischoff put him in the title match at Bound For Glory because he didn’t win his match, just like Angle & Hardy. Bischoff caved and said if the Pope can get by Samoa Joe he will make it a fourway!

Chris Sabin defeated Jeromy Buck : Chris Sabin won but Max Buck hit the ring and attacked him after the match! Generation Me double-teamed Sabin and took him out with a vicious DDT! Generation Me then stole Sabin’s tag team title belt..

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: The Pope wanting the TNA World Heavyweight title..

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Jeff Jarrett called the Pope “100% Ego” and told him to go out and perform like Angle or Hardy and get the reaction they get. Jarrett told the Pope to get the respect of the fans!

Taylor Wilde & HAMADA defeated Velvet Sky & Lacey Von Erich to retain the TNA Knockout Tag Team titles: Madison Rayne showed up and whacked Lacey with a helmet on the back of the neck to help the champions retain! Angelina Love joined Velvet in the ring to check on Lacey and then went after Madison, who had already retreated.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Hyping Jesse Neal..

RINGSIDE SEGMENT: Dixie Carter joined Mike Tenay & Taz on commentary, to announce a LIVE iMPACT on October 7th which will include a $100,000 Battle Royal featuring everyone on the TNA roster. Taz also asked Dixie about the big surprise she has been hyping on Twitter for months, and she said it would begin to unfold at Bound For Glory!

Samoa Joe defeated Pope D’Angelo Dinero by submission: Late in the match, Jeff Jarrett came down cheering for Joe. Moments later, Kevin Nash & Sting came down and attacked Jarrett at ringside. The Pope was in control, but Joe countered and forced him to tap out with the Kokina-clutch! Joe went right after Nash, while Jarrett brawled with Sting.

Christy Hemme & Tommy Dreamer & EV2.0 (Rhino & Raven & Sabu & Mick Foley & Stevie Richards): Tommy Dreamer said A.J. Styles made him forget who he was, but EV2.0 made him remember! Tommy said they just left Dixie’s office and she gave them a Lethal Lockdown match with Fortune at Bound For Glory.

Mr. Anderson + Kurt Angle: Mr. Anderson called out Kurt Angle and said neither of them got into the business to play politics. Anderson said for that reason he can say Angle is the best in the business, but on 10.10.10 he plans on being a little bit better by about 3 seconds. Angle said he respects that Anderson said that to his face like a man. Angle said when he started in the business he had the same mindset as Anderson. Angle said he wanted to be better than Sting, Hogan, Flair, all those guys. Angle said 10 years later he’s accomplished everything he set out to do. Angle said he laid a heavy burden on himself, when he promised everyone that if he lost on his way to the World Heavyweight title he would retire. Angle said Anderson needs to understand what he does in the ring is who he is. Angle said he has sacrificed everything; his family, everything! Angle said people don’t know where his drive and determination comes from and they think he’s a freak. Angle said he respects Anderson but he will not lose at Bound For Glory because without wrestling, and without the fans, he doesn’t have anything! They shook hands. Anderson raised Angle’s arm and said “Kurt Angle everybody, for the very last time!” Angle pulled his arm back and glared at Anderson (the self proclaimed a$$hole).

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Ric Flair preparing Fortune for tonight then they made Flair chug an adult beverage..

Kevin Nash & Sting + Pope D’Angelo Dinero: Kevin Nash asked if the Pope had any information that can help them out. Pope said he’s not just going to give up information to them. Nash reminded Pope that they had his back tonight. Nash asked about Tessmocher, and the Pope asked “you know?” and Sting said “what do you think we’ve been fighting for all this time?” And suddenly the Pope was on board. Wow finally some progress in this storyline!

A.J. Styles defeated Sabu: There was a key hanging above the ring, and whoever got it first would get the man advantage in Lethal Lockdown at Bound For Glory. Midway through the match, Mick Foley came out and they went straight to commercial. Back from commercial all hell broke loose with EV2.0 and Fortune brawling at ringside while Styles and Sabu fought in the rnig. Sabu did a springboard and launched himself onto everybody at ringside. Back in the ring, Sabu and Styles climbed opposite sides of the ladder leading to Sabu knocking Styles off. It looked like Sabu was going to win but James Storm came in and smashed a beer bottle over Sabu’s head! Storm then helped Styles up the ladder so he could grab the key and earn a man advantage for Fortune at Bound For Glory.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Jeff Hardy told RVD that after he wins the TNA title RVD will get the first shot. RVD thanked him and said he doesn’t have any doubts. RVD left, and Abyss showed up and attacked Hardy! Abyss said “you’re going to the same place your little buddy went!” adding “10! 10! 10! My Friend!”

Abyss & Jeff Hardy: Abyss dragged the lifeless body of Jeff Hardy to the ring and said seeing RVD tonight was like seeing a ghost. Abyss said RVD was never supposed to come back, and the fact that he did proves that RVD is as ignorant and pathetic as he thought! Abyss said “THEY” gave him strict orders to eliminate RVD from TNA, and he made one mistake when he left him breathing. Abyss said he would correct his mistake on 10.10.10 because at Bound For Glory, “THEY” will finally reveal themselves and begin the takeover of T.. N.. A!! Abyss said on 10.10.10 he and his girl Janice is going to finish the job once and for all. Abyss said Janice doesn’t want to wait until 10.10.10, she wants another piece of RVD tonight! RVD finally limped out and Abyss started beating the crap out of him again. Abyss picked up Janice and threatened to attack but Ink Inc. (Jesse Neal & Shannon Moore) made the save!