TNA IMPACT 10 07 2010


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: October 7, 2010 (Live! “Before the Glory” )
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Abyss was dragging a terrified Dixie Carter backstage with Janice (a 2X4 with large spikes) and Bob (a branding iron) over his shoulder. Abyss was yelling abusive things at Dixie and said he was just getting started. Dixie screamed for HELP and yelled for the someone to call somebody! Abyss dragged Dixie out into the iMPACT Zone where we could see that Dixie was chained to Abyss by the wrist. Standing amongst the fans, Abyss cut a promo about the smell of power, hyping the 10.10.10 revealing of who THEY are – promising to take over TNA. Abyss said Dixie would be GONE, and asked her if she preferred Janice or Bob? Eric Bischoff ran out to try to talk sense into Abyss. Bischoff convinced Abyss to release Dixie, and he did it. Dixie ran off under the protection of the usual road agants. Bischoff yelled “cut damnit!” into the camera and they went to commercial.

Eric Bischoff + Kevin Nash & Sting & Pope D’Angelo Dinero + Jeff Jarrett & Samoa Joe: Now a well-produced wrestling show would go straight into a match, but this is iMPACT, where momentum is not important, and everyone needs 15 minutes of mic time to get one simple point across. The Pope said he had to retract what he said last week, that Eric Bischoff was a “no good son of a Bischoff.” The Pope said if Bischoff is running this show then maybe he is good. The Pope said everything would be revealed soon. The Pope said at Bound For Glory the walls are going to come crashing down, and the walls are gonna fall on Bischoff. Eric said he respects the hell out of the Pope, but he doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about. The Pope said Bischoff had made it clear that it is much bigger, and wanted to know what it was really about. Bischoff said the Pope is following Nash & Sting around like they know something about what is going on. Bischoff said they were leading the Pope around like a dog, and he was chasing his tail in the wrong direction. The Pope said he wanted to know what it was about, and Bischoff said it was about Sting and Hogan. Sting said he was DEAD ON about that; what started 10 years ago would come crashing down at Bound For Glory. Sting said the best way to go about it was for Hogan to get back in the ring. Sting said it wasn’t about wrestling, it was about life… about two men taking two different roads. Sting asked if Hogan was ready to put everything on the line at Bound For Glory? Sting said when Hogan’s true character is revealed, will he be ready to walk away? Sting got in Bischoff’s face and demanded an answer, but Eric said he had nothing to say to Sting. Jeff Jarrett & Samoa Joe ran down to help out, but Bischoff told them not to enter the ring and let him handle it. Bischoff said if they want answers, he will give him the answers. Bischoff said Sting wants something to fill the big black hole that his ego is trying to fill. Bischoff said Sting was challenging a guy who happens to be in intensive care, but that doesn’t matter to them. They showed clips of Hogan undergoing his eigth back surgery. Bischoff asked the three guys if they were man enough, and they were silent. Doctors told Hogan that he will be out for a minimum of six weeks. Bischoff said at Bound For Glory it will be Nash, Sting, & Pope against Jarrett & Joe in a handicap match.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Mickie James arrived at the iMPACT Zone!

VIDEO PACKAGE: Hyping.. Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson..

VIDEO SEGMENT: Team 3-D cut a promo from New York “Mother Trucking” City. Brother Ray said they were going to Bound For Glory to make the biggest announcement of their career that will change tag team wrestling forever. Oh gezz, another promise TNA can not and will not keep.

The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky) defeated The Beautiful People (Madison Rayne & Tara): Madison Rayne has gone brunette. Both teams came out to the same Beautiful People entrance music. All four of these women will battle for the TNA Knockout title at Bound For Glory this Sunday. Midway through the match, Miss Tessmacher made her way down to ringside to keep an eye on the match. It was kinda anti-climatic, but the original Beautiful People won the match to secure the rights to the gimmick they created. After the match, Madison started yelling at Tara before Miss Tessmacher interrupted. She said at Bound For Glory, for the fourway KNockout title match, there will be a special guest referee! Mickie James came out to her “Hardcore Country” entrance theme. Mickie said everyone knew she would make an impact in TNA, but who knew she was bound for glory. Mickie said it would be an honor to crown the new TNA Knockout champion. Mickie said but as she raised the champion’s arm victorious, she had one thing on her mind, because Mickie James makes history. Mickie said it would be a pleasure to take the Knockout championship and become the first woman to every prestigeous women’s championship in wrestling.

VIDEO SEGMENT: Mick Foley hyped his “Countdown to Lockdown” book and they hyped his Last Man Standing match with Ric Flair tonight. Foley reminded the viewers that Flair promised to kiss his ass if he lost to Foley and that was a promise he was going to make sure he keeps!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Eric Bischoff was talking to an upset Dixie Carter, who was demanding that Bischoff fire Abyss tonight! Dixie said they should have done it a long time ago, and called it his responsibility. For some reason, Bischoff protested, but Dixie said she wanted it done tonight! Dixie said she wanted it done in the ring, and she wanted Eric to humiliate Abyss like he humiliated her earlier.

Mick Foley defeated “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair: Mick Foley has gotten into amazing shape. About one minute into the match, Foley was already bleeding from the head. Foley found a barbed wire bat under the ring and used it to bloody Flair’s head. Get ready for a blood bath on national television. They fought up onto the stage and ripped at each other’s bloody forheads. Suddenly Flair launched Foley off the stage through a DVD/merchandise table on the floor! WOW!!!! That was the biggest Foley bump since he left the WWE. Back from commercial they were back in the ring pounding each other. Flair was using Foley’s book as a weapon. Flair found a bag of thumb tacks and poured them out in the ring (spreading them out good). Flair ended up taking a backdrop into the tacks and he wasn’t wearing a shirt! Foley found a barbed wire board and slid it into the ring. Foley picked up the barbed wire board and ran it face-first into Flair’s face. Flair beat the count and started chopping Foley’s chest. Foley found a table and slid it into the ring and set it up in the corner. Flair begged off Foley and gave him a low-blow. Flair placed Foley onto the table and knocked him senseless. Flair bashed Foley with the barbed wire board. Flair climbed to the top rope and did a splash onto Foley through the table and they both landed on some tacks too. Flair got up and did the famous Flair flop right into the tacks. The referee counted Flair down and raised Foley’s arm in victory! Flair has an argument because he was on his feet for a moment and that should have broken the count. Flair got up and tried to bolt, but Foley grabbed the mic and reminded him that there was another stipulation. Foley said he would have been content to shake Flair’s hand but a deal is a deal. Foley demanded that Flair come back and kiss his ass! Flair reluctantly came back but instead of kissing Foley’s ass, Foley had his ass beaten up by the whole Fortune (A.J. Styles & Kazarian & Robert Roode & James Storm & Matt Morgan & Douglas Williams) group until EV2.0 (Tommy Dreamer & Raven & Rhino & Sabu & Stevie Richards) made the save! Ric Flair grabbed the mic and said on Sunday they were going to kick all their asses!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Eric Bischoff headed into the iMPACT Zone..

Eric Bischoff + Rob Van Dam: Eric Bischoff was ordered to fire Abyss so he came out and demanded that Abyss come to the ring. Rob Van Dam came out instead, and said he will quit TNA if he is screwed out of his opportunity to get revenge on Abyss at Bound For Glory. RVD told Bischoff to go tell Dixie what he just said, and immediately left the ring.

VIDEO FOOTAGE: Tommy Dreamer & Rhino on the streets of Philadelphia..

VIDEO SEGMENT: Orlando Jordan & Eric Young at the fair being best friends and talking about facing Ink Inc. tonight. The gimmick is that Eric is just happy to have a buddy, while Orlando actually thinks they’re dating. At least I think that’s what they’re trying to do.

Orlando Jordan & Eric Young defeated Ink Inc. (Jesse Neal & Shannon Moore): Eric Young had a bunch of fake tatoos done in crayon and showed them off to Ink Inc. before the match. After the match, Eric grabbed the mic and offered to forfeit the match (his gimmick is he’s going crazy). Eric said he would pull some strings and get a rematch at Bound For Glory.

VIDEO SEGMENT: Jay Lethal cut a promo from the house where he grew up in New Jersey. He said he lives in Tampa, FL now but New Jersey will always be his home. He didn’t find any time to hype his X-Division title match at Bound For Glory.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Dixie Carter told RVD that after Bound For Glory, win lose or draw, Abyss would be fired. RVD was okay with that. Eric Bischoff presented Dixie with the termination papers and she signed them without looking closely. Dixie asked RVD to destroy Abyss this Sunday.

The Shore (Robbie E & Cookie): The Shore finally debuted with TNA. Robbie E is long time indy wrestler Rob Eckos and he’s a spoof on the Jersey Shore’s “The Situation.” Cookie is indy cutie Becky Bayless (whom I love) and she is a spoof on the Jersey Shore’s “Snooki.” The gimmick is just as lame as the Jersey Shore, and generated instant heat (and not the good kind).

VIDEO SEGMENT: Kurt Angle promising to win at Bound For Glory. Kevin Nash promising to give the world the answers. Rob Van Dam talking about how big Bound For Glory is. The Pope saying it was the single event that defines TNA. Mr. Anderson talking about being in the main event of the biggest show of the year for the company he loves. Jeff Jarrett hyping the PPV. Ric Flair saying the greatest wrestlers in the business are in TNA right now. Mick Foley said 10.10.10 is the perfect day for a perfect storm. Samoa Joe talking about the greatness of athletes. Dixie Carter predicting it will be the biggest PPV in the company’s history.

Won by Kurt Angle!: The match involves everyone who is on the card at Bound For Glory. Mr. Anderson and Kurt Angle started the match, with new entrants every 45 seconds. The next entrant was Jeff Hardy (so we’re supposed to believe this was random?). The next entrant was A.J. Styles. Cut to commercial. During the commercial, Douglas Williams, Sabu, Max Buck, Chris Sabin, and Tommy Dreamer had entered. Jay Lethal was the next entrant (#10). Jeff Jarrett was the next entrant (#11). The Pope was the next entrant (#12). Nobody eliminated yet. Robert Roode was the next entrant (#13). Sting was the next entrant (#14). Cut to commercial. During the commercial, Jeromy Buck, Raven, Kazarian, Stevie Richards, and “The Monster” Abyss entered but nobody had been eliminated! Douglas Williams & Sabu were eliminated by Abyss. Jay Lethal was eliminated by Abyss. Stevie Richards was eliminated by Abyss. Chris Sabin was eliminated by Abyss. Raven was eliminated by Abyss. I guess he was pissed. Suddenly everyone ganged up on Abyss. Everyone was on top of Abyss in the corner when Sting did a Stinger splash onto everyone! Sting did a second Stinger splash onto Abyss, who easily flung Sting over the top rope to eliminate him! Kevin Nash (wearing jeans) was the next entrant (#20) and went right after Abyss. I wonder why Pope/Sting/Nash are targetting Abyss? Matt Morgan was the next entrant (#21). Morgan took down Abyss and then faced off with Kevin Nash. Samoa joe was the next entrant (#22). Morgan was trying to dump Nash when Abyss came over and dumped both of them! Nash & Morgan eliminated by Abyss. James Strom was the next entrant (#23). Generation Me was eliminated by Abyss. Alex Shelley was the next entrant (#24). Kazarian was eliminated by ?????. Rhino was the next entrant (#25). Rhino was eliminated by Abyss. Jeff Jarrett was eliminated by Abyss. The Pope was eliminated by Abyss. iMPACT ended but the match continued on ReAction. Alex Shelley was eliminated by Abyss. Samoa Joe was eliminated by Abyss. Beer Money started to fight each other (every man for himself). Robert Roode was eliminated by Abyss. James Storm was eliminated by Abyss.. Tommy Dreamer was eliminated by Abyss. A.J. Styles was eliminated by Abyss with a gorilla press slam. The final four was Kurt Angle, Mr. Anderson, Jeff Hardy, and Abyss. Hardy hit a Swanton on Angle, but Abyss went over and launched Hardy over the top rope! Hardy was eliminated by Abyss. After a long break, Rob Van Dam became the next entrant (#26). RVD did a flying body press on Abyss to take him out (RVD went flying over to the floor and Abyss had to basically throw himself over). Luckily the camera didn’t catch it. The final two were Kurt Angle and Mr. Anderson. Mr. Anderson was eliminated by Kurt Angle – making Angle the winner of the #100,000!! Angle was given stacks of cash and celebrated in the ring!