TNA IMPACT 10 14 2010


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: October 14, 2010 (Taped: October 11-12)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

Eric Bischoff: Eric Bischoff greeted Dixie Carter’s lawyer and they had a discussion with the lawyer accusing Bischoff of altering contracts. Bischoff was smirky about it. He said the documents that Dixie signed last week were not the documents he sent last week. Bischoff said Dixie signed the papers on national television and basically told him to “tell it to the jury” because there was nothing he could do about it!

Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff + The Monster Abyss + Jeff Jarrett + Ric Flair & Fortune (A.J. Styles & Frankie Kazarian & Robert Roode & James Storm & Matt Morgan + Douglas Williams) + TNA World champion Jeff Hardy: Hulk Hogan (on crutches) & Eric Bischoff came out to modified nWo music with Hogan playing air guitar on one crutch. It’s the return of the cool heels. They tried to get under the skin of the fans, who were cheering and chanting “Hogan! Hogan!” Bischoff was all smiles as he introduced his mentor, his brother, and the man who made the industry famous – Hulk Hogan! Hogan asked “where’s that no good Dixie Carter?” and welcomed all the TNA maniacs to HIS COMPANY. Hogan said he and Eric decided enough of the GAGA it was time to take what was theirs. Hogan asked where Dixie was hiding at. Hogan said there was a motive to this madness. Hogan said they tried to do it the easy way but Dixie didn’t want to do it the easy way. Hogan said Dixie conned him into coming to TNA by promising him they would use all his ideas, but Dixie didn’t want to do it the easy way. Hogan said instead he grabbed everything that was promised to him and made it theirs. Hogan said it was now a company of Hollywood Hogan’s immortals and now the company would live forever. Bischoff said he loved it! Bischoff said normally in the business world, this would be called a hostile take-over, but it was actually a work of art. Bischoff bragged that most of the people in the company were like deer in the headlights and no one saw it coming. Bischoff said people couldn’t understand why Abyss turned on Hulk Hogan months ago. Bischoff said it made all the sense in the world for them. Bischoff called out a member of Team Hogan, the Monster Abyss! Abyss came out and hugged Bischoff and Hogan called him “my son!” Abyss yelled “THEY’RE HERE!” Abyss said for months he talked about THEY arriving on 10.10.10 to take total control of TNA, and all of the ignorant sheep didn’t believe him. Abyss said WE are in control of T N A! Abyss told Hogan/Bischoff that he was their soldier and he will destroy anyone who stands in their way! Hogan said “my son, it is your destiny! now that you are mine, you will live forever, because you are immortal!” Bischoff said the next member of Team Hogan didn’t start out on the same page as them, but it didn’t take them long to realize that he was one of them, and he knows where the bodies are buried (so to speak, I hope), none other than “Double J” Jeff Jarrett!! Jarrett came out and talked about how it felt to watch Dixie Carter take the company he started right out from under his nose and use “daddy’s money” to run him out of his own office. Jarrett said it has been a pleasure to work with Bischoff and a joy to work with Hogan – because they gave the entire Carter family exactly what they deserved. Jarrett said now everybody in TNA has to play by the new rules, which are dictated by the new regime. Suddenly, Ric Flair & Fortune came out and Team Hogan was cautious. Flair said he knows Hogan hasn’t been watching the show while he was away because if he was he would know that Fortune has been running the show. Flair said for 25 years he has hated Hogan’s guts. Flair said tonight one of them has to walk away. Hogan suggested “how about just you and me Flair!” Flair took off his jacket and was ready to fight but he then hugged Hogan and suddenly Fortune aligned themselves with Team Hogan! Bischoff talked about Dixie Carter bringing in a bunch of used up garbage (EV2.0) and comparing them to Hulk Hogan, calling it the nail in her coffin. Hogan said it was destiny, and called Ric Flair the greatest wrestler of all time – and he was destined to make this plan work. Flair said he would get up every day and love Hogan more than his five ex wives (and wherever they are they can kiss my ass woo!). Bischoff said this new regime wouldn’t be here tonight if it wasn’t for the star of the show, the most important person in wrestling right now, the new World Heavyweight champion – Jeff Hardy! Hardy came out and was booed by the sheep as he sauntered like a heel down to the ring. He shook hands with Hogan, Bischoff, Jarrett, and Abyss. The crowd chanted “you sold out!” but Hardy corrected them saying he “SOLD IN.” Hardy blamed the people for his pain, and his greed for his anger; all the years he has destroyed himself for nothing. Hardy said these men (in the ring) care about him and Rob Van Dam is just another polititian. Hardy said he is the whole f’n reason Abyss destroyed RVD because he had to be removed. Hardy said the greatness in the ring is immortal and will live forever! Backstage they showed Kevin Nash & Sting watching on the motitor. Bischoff invited Sting & Nash to come down and join the party. Hogan said there is more room at the table and invited them to join the future. They then went to commercial..

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: A terrified and intimidated Dixie Carter entered the building pleading with a team of security not to leave her side tonight.

Everybody from the first segment + Sting & Kevin Nash: When they came back from commercial, Sting & Kevin Nash were in the ring. Bischoff said it may seem it was a little over the top, but this was a business and it’s about money. Bischoff said after everything that has happened, everybody in the ring is willing to put it behind them, and Sting & Nash were more than welcome to join them. Nash said it was almost a perfect fit for him, because it has always been about money for him. Nash said he got older and he got wiser, and with wisedom came compassion. Nash said the guys in the back are his friends and family. Nash said this time he would pass on the money and wanted nothing to do with Team Hogan. Nash said if they want to run the company into the ground, they can do it without him. Sting said when he came to TNA five years ago he didn’t come for this. Sting said he came here because he loves TNA, and five years later he wouldn’t still sacrifice his body if he didn’t love TNA! Sting said this (pointing at Hogan) and this (pointing at Flair) is a no-win situation and the answer is NO. Sting & Nash left the ring and Bischoff called them nuts. Bischoff said it’s always been about money. Bischoff said if they change their mind, they know where to find them – they’ll be the ones on television while Sting & Nash are at home watching them!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: The Pope intercepted Kevin Nash & Sting and pleaded with them not to walk out of TNA. The Pope said he was going to continue fighting for Nash & Sting’s cause. Dixie Carter walked in and begged Sting & Kevin Nash not to abandon her. Sting said he tried to tell her, but she said he should have talked to her in plain english. Sting & Nash just walked out. Hogan & Bischoff walked in and Dixie yelled “what are you doing?” at Hogan and then slapped Bischoff’s face! Dixie told Hogan to look her in the eye and tell her why he screwed her. Hogan said if Dixie wants to have that conversation, they will have it in HIS office!

Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff & Dixie Carter: Gezz couldn’t they squeeze a match in here? Dixie Carter demanded that Hulk Hogan tell her why he did what he did. Hogan said since day one Dixie said they would change the business, and claimed that he couldn’t communicate with Dixie because she was always playing with the computer. Dixie was furious and blamed Eric Bischoff. Hogan said it was HIS company and Dixie said “over my dead body!” Bischoff snickered and Dixie called him a “smug shit!” Dixie said it was over and ordered Hogan/Bischoff out of the office. Hogan said that TNA security (Gunner & Murphy) works for him, and ordered them to take the trash out of the room. TNA security started to drag Dixie out of the room. Dixie’s husband, Serge, tried to intervene, but he was knocked out by one of the security guys.

PARKING LOT: Some woman who I didn’t recognize showed up and walked into the building. Update: Oh it’s J-Woww from the Jersey Shore – no wonder I had no clue who she was. I don’t watch stupid TV shows.

Madison Rayne defeated Tara in five seconds to win the TNA Knockout title: 45 minutes into the show and they finally get around to some wrestling. Oh wait, Madison Rayne has to talk on the mic. Madison talked about getting screwed out of becoming a three time Knockout champion at Bound For Glory because her title is with Tara right now. Madison said Tara has her to thank for her job in TNA, so she demanded that Tara give her a title match right now. Tara came out and was yelled at by Madison “you owe me Tara, we had a deal!” Tara took off the Knockout title and handed it to the referee. So 50 minutes into the show and we finally get some wrestling. Tara dropped down to her back and Madison pinned her to win and capture the TNA Knockout title! Madison acted like the title was well-earned and gave a victory speach, giving Tara credit for doing the right thing. A five second match! We now return to our regularly scheduled soap opera. Mickie James came out and said “how dare you make a mochary of any championship!” Mickie said she came to TNA to make history and win the Knockout title. Mickie went to the ring and knocked Tara out of the ring, giving Madison time to escape. Mickie picked up the belt and held it up in the air before returning it to Madison (for now).

The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky & Lacey Von Erich) + J-Woww + Eric Young + Orlando Jordan: J-Woww walked in and was greeted by a wannabe celebrity named J-Woww, who said she was looking for a bitch named COOKIE. The Beautiful People wanted to help J-Woww make this Cookie’s last night in TNA! They went looking for Cookie (Becky Bayless) and found Eric Young, who marked out at the sight of J-Woww and begged her for an autograph. Orlando Jordan showed up acting all cool and said he would love to put his lollipop in J-Woww’s mouth. The girls left and Eric was still marking out, but Orlando yelled “The Jersey Show sucks!”

Kurt Angle + Jeff Jarrett: Kurt Angle came out wearing street clothes and said he came to the iMPACT Zone a little late today to get a few things off his chest before his retirement. The crowd chanted PLEASE DON’T GO (very thunderous)! Angle said he appreciated it but he was a man of his word. Angle said for six months he busted his ass, and at Bound For Glory he gave everything he had. Angle said he dislocated his ribs, re-injured his neck, and got stitches in his eye. Angle said he wanted to know why Bischoff & Hogan screwed him at Bound For Glory. Angle said he didn’t expect them to come out right now but if he’s going to retire, he needs some answers. Angle said he didn’t win the TNA title at Bound For Glory, but he didn’t necessarily get pinned either. Angle said he was in a dilema right now. Jeff Jarrett came out representing Team Hogan (I think the group will be called “Immortal”). Jarrett said there was no dilema, because Angle stated if he didn’t win the TNA title he would never wrestle again… nothing about not getting pinned or getting screwed. Jarrett was surprised to hear Kurt Angle making excuses, adding (and I quote): “Kurt Angle, the 1996 olympic gold medalist, the father, the husband – well, the EX-husband!” The crowd flipped out at that statement and chanted “kick his ass!” Jarrett said he will never forget how Angle made his life a living hell when he brought him into TNA. Jarrett said he vowed that one day he would turn the tide at any cost. Angle said “first of all, you can have that slut!” Crowd went nuts again! Angle asked how Jarrett can make his life a living hell. Angle said he put TNA on the map and talked about TNA everywhere he went. Angle said he taught everything he knows to the rookies. Angle asked how many TNA titles Jarrett won before he got there, and suggested that he held everybody down, but couldn’t hold down Kurt Angle! Jarrett said that had nothing to do with it, but it had everything to do with taking back what was his. Jarrett said he sold his soul to the devil, because destroying Angle’s career was more important than stealing his life. Jarrett said taking Angle’s career was the final nail in his freakin’ coffin. Angle left the ring (holding his ribs) and went after Jarrett, but he was side-swipped by Gunner & Murphy. They hand-cuffed Angle and while Jarrett taunted and cheap-shotted him. Jarrett threw Angle unprotected head-first into the stage crunching his neck (looked really bad). Jarrett faked sympathy, but then jumped on Angle and punched him repeatedly. Suddenly, Taz got up from the announce position and intervened. Taz yelled that Angle had a “f**cked up neck” and that Jarrett “went too far!” Jarrett called off his men as Angle was looked at by trainers and EMTs. That was heated.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Samoa Joe said it was a rarity when he makes mistakes. Joe said he made a mistake when he let Jeff Jarrett convince him to help fight his fight. Joe said Jarrett chose him for a reason, to destroy everyboy in front of him. Joe said now Jarrett can go to sleep every night knowing that that man is now coming for him!

Samoa Joe defeated The Monster Abyss by DQ: At the 1:15 mark, we have a real wrestling match! After five minutes, Joe did a dive out of the ring and Abyss hit him with a chair. Abyss clocked Joe with the ring bell to cause the DQ. Joe was bleeding from the forehead. Abyss continued the assault, punching Joe to open the wound. Rob Van Dam hit the ring and Abyss retreated with Janice over his shoulder.

Rob Van Dam + Jeff Hardy (on screen) + Eric Bischoff: RVD called out Jeff Hardy and said he wanted an explanation. Hardy came up on the big screen and said friendship in the wrestling business is an illusion. Hardy said some people are referring to him as the new anti-Christ of professional wrestling. Hardy said RVD may want him, but so does everybody else! Eric Bischoff came back out and said if RVD wants a shot at Jeff Hardy at Turning Point, he will get it, but only if he beats Mr. Anderson tonight!

Eric Bischoff & Miss Tessmacher + Mr. Anderson: Eric Bischoff was hitting on Miss Tessmacher and she was enjoying it. Bischoff snapped on her yelled at her for sharing information with Nash & Pope. Bischoff said they were finished and said Tessmacher can get a pair of boots and join the Knockout division. She ran off in tears and Mr. Anderson showed up from behind. Anderson shook Bischoff’s hand and squeezed it hard. Anderson said he never thought he would meet a bigger asshole than him, but then changed his mind and called Eric a douchebag. Anderson said Bischoff wasn’t going to win this WAR.

Fortune (A.J. Styles & Frankie Kazarian & Robert Roode & James Storm & Douglas Williams w/Ric Flair & Matt Morgan) defeated Pope D’Angelo Dinero: Fortune beat The Pope and then destroyed him.

The Shore (Robbie E & Cookie) + J-Woww w/The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky & Lacey Von Erich): Robbie E is indy wrestler Rob Eckos and Cookie is the lovely Becky Bayless. The crowd crapped on them big time. They are good workers with a stupid gimmick. Robbie E said they were on at the same time as the Jersey Shore and since they debuted on TNA last week no one wants to watch the Jersey Shore. Cookie said the Jersey Shore posers are done-for, calling out “that skank, J-Coww!” J-Woww came out with The Beautiful People backing her up. J-Woww went nose to nose with Cookie, who immediately started to run her mouth. Cookie slapped J-Woww, and she jumped on her and started to catfight. The Beautiful People took out Robbie E as J-Woww embarrassed Cookie. I think she embarrassed the entire company.

Rob Van Dam vs. Mr. Anderson ended in a No Contest: Of course the show went off the air and the match continued on ReAction. Late in the match, Eric Bischoff came down and ordered referee Brian Hebner to go backstage with him. Suddenly, Jeff Hardy ran out with a chair and bashed both Rob Van Dam & Mr. Anderson. Hardy wrapped Anderson’s arm in a folding chair and hit RVD with a Twist of Fate on top of the chair!