TNA IMPACT 10 21 2010


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: October 21, 2010 (Taped: October 11-12)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

Mr. Anderson + Rob Van Dam + Jeff Hardy (on screen) + Eric Bischoff (on stage): Mr. Anderson’s arm was in a sling because it was injured at the hands of Jeff Hardy last week. Anderson immediately called Hardy out to the ring – right frickin’ now! Instead, Rob Van Dam showed up and said he was calling out Hardy first …. and Anderson can wait in line! Hardy came up on the screen and cut a weird promo saying they were all messed up. Hardy admitted that he did both of them wrong, and asked them to find it in their heart to forgive him. Eric Bischoff then arrived and invited Anderson & RVD to watch ReAction to see a segment where he talks about his masterpiece. Bischoff also asked the men in the ring for forgiveness, for not challenging them properly – so tonight he was going to make it up to them. Bischoff booked the injured Mr. Anderson in an Ultimate-X match with Kazarian and if he can “grab the X” he will get a title shot. Bischoff said he cares about RVD. Bischoff said everyone wants to be apart of Immortal. Bischoff booked RVD & Sabu against Beer Money (hinting that Sabu wants to join Immortal).

D-Lo Brown & Rob Van Dam + EV2.0: RVD burst into the EV2.0 locker room and demanded to know who was talking to Eric Bischoff (RVD fell for it hook line and sinker). RVD was pushing people around and specifically fingered Raven but they were pull apart.

RECAP: J-Woww confronting Cookie last week..

VIDEO SEGMENT: They copied a TMZ-style video catching Robbie E & Cookie on the street asking them questions about her confrontation with J-Woww last week.

Robbie E w/Cookie defeated Amazing Red: Robbie E sent a message to Jay Lethal, and promised to take the X-Division title. The crowd crapped on everything chanting “BORING!” as Taz faked marking out. Cookie said her line “Jersey’s in the house, BITCHES!”

VIDEO PACKAGE: Pope D’Angelo Dinero was at the strip club in Harlem, NY enjoying a dancer. The Pope talked about Immortal taking over last week. He said he knows all about gang warfare, and he made it clear that he was going to fight the fight. The Pope said he would start from the top and challenged A.J. Styles to a fight.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Mick Foley at a book signing doing a public reading and taking questions. Brian Kendrick stood up and read an excerpt out of Foley’s book and asked an extremely complex question about Foley’s interpretation. Kendrick marked out for Foley and offered his deep perspective like only he can!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Ric Flair & Fortune was getting rowdy talking about Beer Money’s match with RVD & Sabu, Kazarian’s match with Mr. Anderson, and A.J. Styles’ “fight” with The Pope. Then Ric Flair got ICED again and had to chug a bottle. Bischoff showed up and said it had to be fair tonight, so Fortune cannot interfere in A.J.’s “fight” or he’ll be stripped of the TV title.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Miss Tessmocher begged the Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky & stupid Lacey Von Erich) to train her to wrestle. The Beautiful People were still upset with Tessmocher for how she treated them when she was in power. She gave up and left the room, and then Velvet & Lacey got up and left too. Suddenly, former WWE Diva Katie Lea was standing behind Angelina. She introduced herself as Winter (acting like a crazy stalker). Velvet walked in and Angelina tried to introduce them but Winter disappeared. Velvet said Angelina needed to get more sleep. INTERESTING!

A.J. Styles defeated Pope D’Angelo Dinero to retain the TNA Television title: There was a stipulation that Fortune couldn’t interfere, so it was pretty obvious somebody from Immortal would get involved. After fighting around the iMPACT Zone, they made it back in the ring, where The Monster Abyss showed up and destroyed The Pope. This allowed Styles to cover him and score the pin to retain the TNA Television title! Eric Bischoff & Fortune came out to the stage to applaude Styles’ “successful title defense”..

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Sarita cut a promo on Mickie James and said she was going to welcome her to iMPACT tonight! They she got up and did a yoga pose on a desk.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: The Pope confronted Samoa Joe for not helping him. Joe told Pope to adjust his tone. Pope suggested they join forces but Joe said he didn’t need anybody and walked off.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Eric Bischoff and Ric Flair patting each other on the back after their plan came together tonight.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Team 3-D’s big announcement at Bound For Glory – announcing their retirement, and challenging the Motor City Machine Guns to one last title match so they can retire as champions. Ray said he has a career in the music industry (PFFFFFT! WHATEVER!)

BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: The interveiwer was trying to ask the Motor City Machine Guns if they accepted Team 3-D’s challenge but they were took busy tossing the football and flirting with Velvet Sky. Generaion Me showed up and tormented the Guns. Velvet Sky got in their faces and the Guns punched out Gen-Me!

RECAP: Jeff Jarrett destroying Kurt Angle last week and screwing Samoa Joe at Bound For Glory. Jarrett showed some remorse and said he was going to apologize to Kurt tonight.

Jeff Jarrett + Samoa Joe + Mike Tenay (on stage): Jeff Jarrett said he wanted to publicly apologize for humiliating Kurt Angle in front of the world. The crowd chanted “Jarrett sucks!” and “King of Nothing!” Jarrett said he regretes (then changed tone) NOT KICKING HIS ASS MORE THAN HE DID! Jarrett said the King of the Mountain is on top again! Jarrett said just like many who have come and gone from TNA, he made Angle and broke Angle! Jarrett said he had a gracious heart, saying he gave Angle a job when noone wanted him! Jarrett said he stripped Angle of his dignity, his pride, his honor, and his precious career! A pissed off Samoa Joe interrupted but he was intercepted by TNA Security (Murphy & Gunner). They hand-cuffed Joe so that Jarrett could assault him more easily. Joe briefly fought back, but Jarrett tossed Joe over the rail to the floor! Mike Tenay stood up and asked Jarrett what the hell has gotten into him. Tenay talked about the last eight years and said now Jarrett has turned his back on everybody! Jarrett looked distraught but then looked down at Joe and was suddenly impressed with his dirty work – adding “looks like Joe needs a little help” before laughing.

Beer Money (Robert Roode & James Storm) defeated Rob Van Dam & Sabu: Mike Tenay pointed out that if Jeff Hardy can turn on RVD, then RVD probably thinks any of his friends could turn on him. Tenay and Taz started to bicker after Taz talked about the respect he has for Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff. RVD & Sabu were a cohesive unit, but shells of their mid-90’s success. Sabu brought a chair in and threw it at James Storm, but he ducked, and the chair knocked out RVD! Tenay wondered if it was an accident! Beer Money capitalized and won the match. Sabu rolled in and apologized, but RVD was really paranoid. They started to circle the ring but the rest of EV2.0 ran down to break them up while Tommy Dreamer tried to talk sense into RVD. Tenay said Bischoff successfully planted the seed of doubt in the mind of RVD.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Mickie James cut a silly promo about her match with Sarita.

Eric Bischoff & Ric Flair & Kazarian: Eric Bischoff said he just talked to Hulk Hogan and he loves everything that is happening. Flair & Bischoff gave Kazarian a last minute pep talk for his match with Mr. Anderson.

Mickie James defeated Sarita: Woooooo, what a world-class women’s match on FREE TV! This would be Mickie James’ first match in TNA (I might have saved it for PPV). Tenay continued to bug Taz about his friendship with Eric Bischoff, accusing him of having a different attitude since 10.10.10. They said it was Mickie’s in-ring debut and later Taz said that Mickie & Sarita wrestled on a recent episode of Xplosion. Come on, guys! After the match, Tara snuck in and destroyed Mickie James! (doing the dirty work for Madison Rayne)

BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Mr. Anderson said his “good buddy” Jeff injured his shoulder and now he has an opportunity to give it back to him!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Mickie James said she was going to Eric Bischoff’s office. Mickie said Tara was playing games with the wrong girl!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: The entire Fortune faction (minus Flair & Kazarian) beat the hell out of Mr. Anderson and carried him to the stage! They put the boots to him and walked off.

Kazarian defeated Mr. Anderson: Kazarian came out and looked “shocked” and wondered what happened to Mr. Anderson? Kazarian just stepped over his opponent and walked to the ring. Kazarian ordered the referee to start the match and the bell rang. Anderson started to crawl down the ramp towards the ring as Kazarian climbed up the Ultimate-X structure towards the X. Anderson jumped in the ring and pulled Kazarian down just in time. Anderson looked under the ring (possibly for a ladder?). After commercial, Kazarian almost got the X again but Anderson yanked him down! Anderson tried to go accross the cables but his shoulder gave out. Kaz focused on the injured shoulder. Kaz once again climbed up and came close to the X but Anderson pulled him down again! Anderson looked under the ring again and did find a ladder this time! Ladders used to be illegal in Ultimate-X matches, but they failed to mention that this time. Anderson set up the ladder and began to climb. Anderson couldn’t get teh X down before Fortune ran do wn and Matt Morgan gave him a Power-bomb! They threw the ladder out and then put Kaz on Matt Morgan’s shoulders so he could reach up and grab the X to win the match. Anderson found a steel pipe under the ring and chased Fortune out of the ring with it. Jeff Hardy ran down and bashed Anderson with a chair from behind! Anderson started to gush blood from the back of his head. Hardy put Anderson’s arm between the ladder and bashed it with a chair! Hardy was totally heeled out and doing a good job (in my opinion). Hardy ripped up a ringside sign and almost got into it with some fans.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Eric Bischoff and Ric Flair were patting themselves on the back again. They got into a limo and drove off, but Kurt Angle jumped out in front of the vehicle to stop it. Angle pulled the driver out and threw away the keys. Angle then smashed the windows with a bat and threatened the two inside. TNA security Gunner & Murphy showed up and Angle disappeared into the shadows. Flair said he wanted Angle arrested!