TNA IMPACT 10 28 2010


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: October 28, 2010 (Taped: October 25-26)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: The show started with cameras finding Mickie James brawling with Tara. Mike Tenay said they had issues from back when they were in the WWE. The camera man got knocked down but managed to film the action from the floor. They spilled out the door where a second camera was conveinently located. Suddenly Madison Rayne showed up to help Tara. Then Velvet Sky & Angelina Love arrived to attack Tara & Madison. Sarita then showed up to help the heels. All six of them were wearing jeans so Taz called it a street fight. They fought their way out into the iMPACT Zone. Tara & Mickie were still going at it backstage, but eventually joined the other Knockouts out closer to the ring. Soon they were all inside the ring. Ric Flair came down with TNA Security (Gunner & Murphy). They tried to break it up, but Ric Flair got punched by Tara! Flair took off his jacket and flipped out. He tried to get between Tara & Mickie, and Mickie slapped him! Flair flipped out on the microphone, asking them if they think they are his ex wife or something! The girls listened for a second but then started fighting. Flair told them to get a grip, because if they wanna fight they can do it tonight! Flair booked the Beautiful People & Mickie James against Tara, Sarita, and Madison Rayne. They broke free and started fighting again!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Ric Flair was joking with Eric Bischoff about what just happened in the ring. Flair asked where Hulk Hogan was, and Bischoff said he was taking care of some acquisitions. The security guys were laughing along with Flair & Bischoff, and they got in trouble for it. Bischoff said if Kurt Angle gets anywhere near the iMPACT Zone they will be fired! The head trainer came in and didn’t want Mr. Anderson to get in the ring with Jeff Jarrett tonight because he has a concussion. Eric said Ric, Hulk, and himself are in agreement that that match is going to take place. The trainer said it was unethical, and Eric said guys get paid to wrestle here. Flair asked where the trainer was three weeks ago when he was rolling around in thumb tacks with Mick Foley. Flair said they play for real here! Bischoff said Hulk rolled out of intensive care to take care of business in TNA, so Anderson can get in and wrestle tonight. The trainer asked what happened to Dixie’s policy on head injuries. Bischoff dismissed the trainer, who made it clear that he didn’t agree with what Bischoff was doing.

Pope D’Angelo Dinero + The Monster Abyss: The Pope wheeled a casket out to ringside to talk to the congregation. The Pope said there was a monster on the loose, but he plans to pimp-slap the monster. Abyss showed up from the stands (since when does a heel do that?). Abyss said he had strict orders to distinguish the Pope’s flame. Abyss said when they meet, the only thing he’ll need is a priest to administer his last rights! Abyss said the pathetic sheep in Pope’s congregation are no longer safe, because he is coming for all of them! Abyss then picked up two fans (a guy and a hot girl) and dragged them backstage. The Pope jumped the rail and gave chase!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Jeff Jarrett cut a promo on Samoa Joe, calling him a big fat tube of goo. Jarrett then said he was going to eliminate Mr. Anderson TONIGHT!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Ric Flair was flirting with a crew member when Matt Morgan came in and interrupted. Morgan warned Flair that girls have camera phones these days (citing Bret Farve). Morgan wondered why they were forcing Mr. Anderson to wrestle with a concussion tonight. Morgan said it was important and people are doing studies on head injuries. Flair said whatever Bischoff & Hogan put down for Anderson then Fortune supports them. Flair went off to find the girl, but Morgan didn’t look too comfortable.

Robbie E w/Cookie defeated TNA X-Division champion Jay Lethal:

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Velvet Sky & Angelina Love were talking about their match later, then Velvet left to make a phone call. Suddenly “Winter” (Katie Lea) appeared behind Angelina. Angelina said she was starting to creep her out. Winter said when two people have a bond, it was the universe that brings them together. Winter asked Angelina if she believed it fate. Velvet came back and Angelina flipped out but Winter disappeared again. Velvet said she was starting to worry about Angelina.

EV2.0 (Tommy Dreamer & Raven & Rhino & Sabu & Stevie Richards) + Rob Van Dam + Ric Flair & Fortune (A.J. Styles & Frankie Kazarian & Robert Roode & James Storm & Matt Morgan & Doug Williams): Tommy Dreamer said they haven’t been able to contact RVD all week and wanted him to come to the ring. There was some little dude sitting in the corner. RVD came out to the ring. Tommy talked about RVD’s history with each member of EV2.0. Tommy said what happened last week with Sabu was an accident. RVD said he doesn’t know who he can trust any more. Tommy said this is what Bischoff wants. He said they were a family and they should come together. Tommy said Jeff Hardy has always been strange, and now he is just a scumbag. Tommy remembered Bischoff trying to destroy their old company (ECW). RVD asked Raven what he was laughing at. Raven said Bischoff was just like himself, he is a super genius – he has RVD all messed up. Raven told RVD to listen to them because they are his friends. RVD accused Raven of being a stooge talking to Eric Bischoff. Ric Flair came out backed up by Fortune. Flair said EV2.0 should be thinking about Turning Point where they face Fortune for the last time. Flair booked RVD & Raven vs. A.J. & Kaz tonight!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Fortune was talking loudly about the tag team match later. Ric Flair decided to take Kaz out of the match and replace him with Douglas Williams. More talking more talking and no wrestling.

Madison Rayne & Tara & Sarita defeated The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky) & Mickie James: As we reach the end of the first hour of iMPACT we begin our second match. Referee Earl Hebner, with Gunner & Murphy, broke up the initial brawl so the match could begin. Sarita scored the pin on Velvet Sky!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: The Pope was searching the backstage area for Abyss and the two captured members of his congregation! After commercial, he found Abyss and they started fighting. Abyss took out the Pope and slammed him into the casket. Abyss went searching for Janice (the 2X4 with spikes) and started bashing the casket with it. (I bet that hurt the Pope, eh?) Abyss then pushed the casket over (okay that might have hurt a lot).

The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) defeated Generation Me (Max & Jeromy Buck) and Ink Inc. (Shannon Moore & Jesse Neal) to retain the TNA World Tag Team titles: Ink Inc. hit their finisher and was about to win the titles but Generation Mee pulled the referee out of the ring. A minute later, the Guns recovered and pinned Jesse Neal to win the match and retain their titles!

Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon): Team 3-D praised the match and said TNA has the best tag team division in the world. Brother Ray said they made up their minds to retire from wrestling. Ray said if they were going to go out they wanted to go out against the best, and the best is whoever was the tag team champions. Ray said they were just waiting for an answer from the Guns. Alex Shelley said they learned a lot from Team 3-D years ago, but now they have climbed the ladder and consider themselves the people’s champions. Shelley asked if they fans wanted to see the match, and they obviously cheered, so the match was made official. Generation Me & Ink Inc. didn’t look too happy about it.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Matt Morgan expressed his concern to Eric Bischoff about forcing Mr. Anderson into the ring with a head injury. Morgan called it a tad irresponsible, but Bischoff said it was wrestling and it was part of the game. Morgan said it wasn’t about money or ratings, it was about their safety. Morgan said he’s given somebody a concussion, and put him on the shelf for three months. Morgan said it was a bigger deal than Bischoff thinks. Bischoff said everyone was safe and he didn’t care about Anderson’s safety, he cares about business, and the way business works is when people do what they’re told. Bischoff said Mr. Anderson will compete tonight and had Morgan thrown out of the office.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Matt Morgan went to discuss the situation with the head trainer, and then went to talk to Mr. Anderson about it.

TAPED PROMO: Jeff Hardy cut a weird promo calling himself the Anti-Christ.

Fortune (A.J. Styles & Douglas Williams) defeated Rob Van Dam & Raven: A.J. Styles & Douglas Williams beat up Raven while RVD took his good time walking to the ring. Midway through the match, Flair ran down and whacked Raven with the TV title belt (but RVD didn’t see it). RVD went looking for a tag but Raven was not there, so he assumed he abandoned him. RVD was messed up and easily finished off by Styles & Williams! A.J. tagged himself in and stole the pin on RVD. Williams was a bit upset with Styles. RVD was pissed at Raven (who was bloodied) as he was totally paranoid.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Clips of TNA wrestlers vs. Knockouts on Family Feud.

Jeff Jarrett + Matt Morgan: Jeff Jarrett said “come on out here ya one armed bandit, let me cave in the other side of your head!” Mr. Anderson’s music played and Matt Morgan came out in street clothes. iMPACT went off the air and the match continued on ReAction (cheap stunt as usual). Morgan said he and Jarrett are in the same group, and hoped that he could talk a little sense into Jarrett. Morgan said Jeff has been wrestling since he was 16, and has probably wrestled with his share of concussions. Morgan said we didn’t know then what we know now about concussions. Morgan said he was a card-carrying member of the Sports Legacy Institute (run by former wrestler Chris Nowinski), which does brain surgery research on formerly concussed ex-pro-athletes. Morgan said there were 50 year old athletes walking around with the brain power of an 80 year old. Morgan said it was up to them to do the right thing and dictate when a guy is down he has had enough. Jarrett looked like he was affected by the speech, but snapped and asked “are you freaking kidding me?” Jarrett said he doesn’t give a damn about Anderson or his concussion. Jarrett said he was in it for survival and doesn’t care about anybody. Jarrett said he doesn’t care about Joe, and after tonight, he doesn’t care about Matt Morgan. Jarrett said the massacre of Mr. Anderson will happen tonight and there’s nothing Morgan can do about it. Jarrett told Morgan to get out of his ring and called out Anderson. Jarrett dropped the end of the chain, and Morgan picked it up and attached it to his wrist. Jarrett tried to beg Morgan off, but the bell rang and the match started!

Jeff Jarrett defeated Matt Morgan: Jeff Jarrett won the match in two minutes and bloodied Morgan in the process. After the match, Jarrett begged Mr. Anderson to come out. Morgan took off the chain and attacked Jarrett. Suddenly Fortune (A.J. Styles & Kazarian & Beer Money) attacked Morgan and beat him down! Jarrett used hand-cuffs to make a neuce out of the chain and they proceeded to hang Morgan over the top rope by the neck!