TNA IMPACT 11 04 2010


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: November 4, 2010 (Taped: October 25-26)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

Eric Bischoff & Ric Flair: Eric, who was dressed in his karate outfit, said he had some major business to take care of tonight. Bischoff said everyone agreed that Matt Morgan was no longer apart of Fortune, no longer apart of Immortal, and as far as he’s concerned, he doesn’t even exist! Eric warned Morgan to stay away from the iMPACT Zone. Eric addressed Mr. Anderson, who Flair called “not tough enough to be a wrestler.” Eric said he knows Anderson wants to face Jeff Hardy, so all he has to do to get the match is pin HIM tonight! Eric said he read the doctor’s report and Anderson is probably at home with an icebucket on his head. Eric said if Anderson didn’t get his ass down to the ring right now he will never ever get a shot at Jeff Hardy. Eric addressed the referee who released Matt Morgan from the hand-cuffs last week and almost cost Jeff Jarrett his career. Flair hauled off and knocked the referee out and Bischoff said “you’re fired!”

EV2.0 (Tommy Dreamer & Stevie Richards & Rhino & Sabu) & Brian Kendrick + Rob Van Dam + Fortune (A.J. Styles & Frankie Kazarian & Robert Roode & James Storm & Douglas Williams): Brian Kendrick was reading from Mick Foley’s book for EV2.0 when Rob Van Dam showed up. They said Raven was not there and continued to claim that he was NOT “Bischoff’s Boy.” Fortune walked in and made fun of EV2.0’s disfunction. A.J. told them to keep argueing because one of them would be FIRED at Turning Point. Rhino stood up and got pissed off, and A.J. said they will definitely fire Rhino! Rhino got up and charged at A.J. but accidentally speared RVD!

Mike Tenay & Taz + Mr. Anderson: Mr. Anderson talked about getting his concussion at the hands of Jeff Hardy (not the first in his 11 year career). Anderson said he was on his way to the clinic right now to get checked out. Mike Tenay said last week Matt Morgan really stepped up to the plate for Anderson. Anderson said he appreciated it but it’s hard to know if even Matt can be trusted. Anderson said if Matt is really helping him than he will having Matt’s back because friends are hard to come by.

The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky) + Winter: The Beautiful People talked about Velvet’s match with Sarita tonight. Velvet asked Angelina to let her take care of Sarita one-on-one tonight. Velvet left to get ready and Winter (Katie Lea) showed up behind Angelina. Winter said Angelina will never have to be alone again in a weird creepy voice. Angelina said she likes being alone and she’s going to go be alone right now – then she left the room.

Sarita defeated Velvet Sky: Sarita pinned Velvet in a six-knockout tag team match last week, so Velvet was looking to get revenge. Mike Tenay & Taz wondered where Lacey Von Erich was (I didn’t care). Sarita actually defeated Velvet again, and this was very frustrating for her.

Eric Bischoff & Jeff Jarrett: Jeff Jarrett was helping Eric Bischoff train for his fight with Mr. Anderson. They talked about what Jarrett did to Samoa Joe…

Fortune (Ric Flair & A.J. Styles & Frankie Kazarian & Robert Roode & James Storm & Douglas Williams): Douglas Williams and Frankie Kazarian were bickering about their X-Division title past. Ric Flair said the Horsemen used to settle their issues in the ring and asked them if they wanted to wrestle tonight? They agreed and Fortune walked off, but Douglas Williams approached Christy Hemme saying he had something important to say. Hemme said the mic wasn’t on so she wanted another mic. Suddenly, Mr. Anderson’s mic dropped from the ceiling. Williams didn’t get to say anything….

Ink Inc. (Shannon Moore & Jesse Neal) & Mickie James defeated Generation Me (Max & Jeromy Buck) & Tara: Couldn’t they put the second Knockout match later on the card? The rules stated that the girls couldn’t fight the guys, but that didn’t stop the girls from hitting moves on the guys. Mickie kicked one of the Buck’s and Ink Inc finished him off for the win! Generation Me & Tara attacked Ink Inc. & Mickie after the match!

Orlando Jordan & Eric Young: In therapy.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Team 3-D talked to the Motor City Machine Guns about their match at Turning Point, saying it was an honor and every one of them were looking forward to it. They kissed eachothers butts.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Jeff Jarrett’s path of destruction through Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, and Matt Morgan..

Jeff Jarrett + Samoa Joe: Jeff Jarrett came out and cut a heel promo on Kurt Angle. Jarrett mentioned how Angle went after Eric Bischoff & Ric Flair a few weeks ago. Jarrett said Bischoff & Flair didn’t try to cripple him, it was HIM and he should be focusing on THAT! Jarrett said he had one word for Samoa Joe, “I’m Sorry!” (seriously). Jarrett said if he know how high the stage was when he threw Joe off of it he would have found something higher! Jarrett said good guys always come back, so he challenged Joe to a match at Turning Point. Jarrett told the fans not to chant “you sold out!” because the truth was he bought in! Jarrett made his exit, but Joe popped out from under the ramp and attacked him! They brawled at ringside and then inside the ring as the fans chanted “Joe is gonna kill you!” Joe went for a Muscle-buster but TNA security Gunner & Murphy made the save. Jarrett escaped and ran away.. Gunner & Murphy tried to hurt Joe but he kicked their butts!

BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Rob Van Dam said he was angry about not knowing who to TRUST.

TNA Television champion A.J. Styles defeated Rob Van Dam and “The War Machine” Rhino: After the match, Rob Van Dam and Rhino went nose-to-nose until the rest of EV2.0 (including Raven) came down to keep them from fighting. Tommy Dreamer grabbed the mic and shouted “enough!” Dreamer asked what was going on with RVD’s head? RVD asked if he was supposed to trust EV2.0, and accused Tommy of being too defensive. RVD asked Tommy what he was hiding. Tommy said RVD needs his head fixed, and suggested they go old school at Turning Point – me versus you and we settle this! RVD said “tell your man Bischoff, you’re on!”

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: The Monster Abyss cut a heel promo on The Pope..

Frankie Kazarian defeatred Douglas Williams: Ric Flair came out and joined Mike Tenay & Taz on commentary for the match! A minute into the match, Beer Money (Robert Roode & James Storm) made their way out to ringside. Flair praised both men throughout the match. Storm got up on the ring apron to drink a beer, but Kazarian threw Williams into the ropes and knocked Storm off. Storm was upset that he spilled his beer, and Williams & Kazarian started yelling at each other. Flair entered the ring and shook Williams’ hand. Flair talked to both men and asked them to shake hands. They shook hands and Fortune was unified once again!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: The Pope cut a promo on The Monster Abyss..

Orlando Jordan & Eric Young: In therapy. Orlando Jordan admitted that he was Bi. Eric Young said, “YES! Bi-Polar! I diagnosed that months ago.” Eric then called the doctor a damn scam!

Pope D’Angelo Dinero defeated The Monster Abyss by DQ: Abyss was disqualified for pulling random (planted) fans over the guard rail and beating the crap out of them. The Pope challenged Abyss to a Lumberjack match at Turning Point with members of the congregation surrounding the ring as lumberjacks!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Robbie E & Cookie cut a promo on X-Division champion Jay Lethal..

TAPED PROMO: Jeff Hardy.. Celebrate the Anti-Christ, celebrate Jeff Hardy!

Eric Bischoff & Jeremy Borash + Matt Morgan + Ric Flair: Eric Bischoff came to the ring under the impression that Mr. Anderson was not there, and challenged him to come out and pin him to get his match with Jeff Hardy at Turning Point. Bischoff forced Jeremy Borash to read the introductions off a cue card. Of course Earl Hebner was the referee. JB introduced Bischoff with a long list of embellished accomplishments. JB then read the intro for Anderson, which was a long list of insults. Bischoff said “this is ridiculous, he’s not here,” but Eric forced him to read the whole thing! Bischoff said they all know Anderson wouldn’t be there tonight, but millions of fans are watching cause they wanna see him GO. Bischoff challenged JB to a match and then stomped his foot! JB sold it like a heart attack. Bischoff pounded on JB until Mr. Anderson’s music hit! Anderson didn’t show up but Matt Morgan sure did! Morgan flattened Bischoff with a Carbon Footprint! The show went off the air just as the referee counted 1-2-3!! The scene continued on ReAction…. Matt Morgan picked up the contract and signed it to get himself a title shot against Jeff Hardy at Turning Point!

Ric Flair came down and helped Bischoff up. Flair said the biggest mistake Morgan has ever made was walking away from Fortune. Flair said in three days now he’s gotta face Jeff Hardy at Turning Point, and garanteed that Morgan was going to bleed, sweat, and pay the price of a wrestling lifetime! Flair basically cemented the deal, much to Bischoff’s shock. Flair helped the groggy Bischoff up and gave him a hug.