TNA IMPACT 11 11 2010


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: November 11, 2010 (Taped: November 8-9)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

Immortal (Eric Bischoff & Jeff Jarrett & Abyss) & Fortune (Ric Flair & A.J. Styles & Frankie Kazarian & Robert Roode & James Storm & Douglas Williams) + TNA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Hardy + Hulk Hogan + Pope D’Angelo Dinero + Samoa Joe + Rob Van Dam + Matt Morgan: Eric Bischoff praised Abyss for defeating the Pope at Turning Point, calling him the smartest monster in the world. Eric Bischoff also said Jeff Jarrett put on a Mixed Matial Arts clinic at Turning Point against Samoa Joe. Ric Flair said Immortal & Fortuna dominate the sport and are what wrestling & TNA are all about. A.J. Styles threw up the Fortune hand signal and said it was all about fame and fortune. Styles bragged about sending EV2.0’s Sabu to the unemployment line. Styles promised to send another member of EV2.0 home tonight, threatening to break Stevie Richards’ neck. Bischoff then introduced the TNA Immortal Heavyweight champion, Jeff Hardy! Jeff cut a strange promo about retaining the title against Matt Morgan at Turning Point. Hardy said he is and forever will be IMMORTAL. Bischoff then introducsed HULK HOGAN! Hogan came out doing his best impression of a man who can walk and said it was great to be surrounded by family. Hogan said when he came to TNA the one thing he had to have was Ric Flair, because without Ric Flair you don’t have a wrestling company. Hogan said his phone has been ringing off the hook the last few weeks while he was at home, and said Ric has been keeping the company together in his absense. Hogan said he had a little surprise for the CHAMP. A new belt was lowered from the ceiling and Hulk presented it to Jeff. The belt looks really stupid, but in reality it was made for Jeff Hardy by one of his friends in real life. Since TNA can’t say no to its stars who are bigger than the company, they are using it on TV during his reign (a la the smoking skull belt for Stone Cold in the 90s). Hogan then threw the old belt in the trash can because it represents Dixie Carter’s regime. Hogan asked if there was anyone else left to challenge them? The Pope came out and stood within the crowd with a microphone, and scolded Bischoff for paying off his family and even his brother at Turning Point. The Pope said he would put Bischoff in a casket and push him off the stage tonight and there was nothing he could do about it. Samoa Joe then showed up on the stage and told Immortal than the Pope isn’t there only problem tonight. Joe says it is adorable how Jarrett is walking around calling himself an MMA fighter. Joe challenged Jarrett to shoot with him tonight. Joe said when he’s done with Jarrett, it will take more than his two hillbilly girlfriends (Gunner & Murphy) to wake him up. Rob Van Dam came out and said the games end now. RVD said he only knows one friend shallow enough to sell out – looking right at Jeff Hardy. RVD said he never lost the title, and Jeff never really won it. RVD said he takes comfort in knowing someday Jeff will have to face him in the ring. RVD wanted Jeff in the ring TONIGHT! Matt Morgan came out next and said RVD should get a title shot, but not before he gets his first. Morgan said Jeff Hardy was not a champion, because he exposed him at Turning Point. Morgan said if given the opportunity he would expose Jeff’s ass all over again! Morgan said he can’t put all the heat on Jeff, adding that the man pulling the strings was Hulk Hogan. Morgan said he woshiped the group that Hulk walked on when he was a kid. Morgan said Hulk’s integrity lured him into the wrestling business – but look at ya now, Hulk! Morgan asked where Hulk’s BALLS were? Hulk said when you want a fight, that’s what you get, brother! Hulk said he would go backstage with Eric & Ric and put a battle plan together, and if you want a fight, you’re gonna get a fight, brother!

Eric Bischoff & Hulk Hogan & Ric Flair: The three Immortal leaders discussed what just happened out in the iMPACT Zone. Hulk said if they want a war they’re gonna get one. Hulk booked “Samoan” Joe against Gunner & Murphy, RVD against Kazarian (if RVD wins he is #1 Contender), and Matt Morgan against Beer Money & Douglas Williams. Hogan & Flair left to go flirt with their daughters while Bischoff took care of some referee business.

Robbie E & Cookie: They celebrated their X-Division title history and talked smack about Jay Lethal & Taylor Wilde..

Robbie E & Cookie defeated Jay Lethal & Taylor Wilde: We’re supposed to believe that Cookie has never wrestled before, as she was playing the cowardly heel not wanting to get involved in the match (but that didn’t stop her from running her Jersey mouth). Taylor went after Cookie and pulled off her boot, then chased her around the ring. Inside the ring, Robbie E used Cookie’s boot to knock out Lethal and win the match!

VIDEO PACKAGE: The career of Team 3-D..

Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon): Team 3-D came out all smiles shaking everybody’s hand and celebrating their career with the fans. The fans chanted “Please Don’t Go!” Ray said that was a hell in a tag team match at Turning Point, and the Motor City Machine Guns deserve to be tag team champions. Ray said they were proud to help make tag team wrestling in TNA. Ray said it’s been a hell of a run, and all they can say to the fans is THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Devon said the fans have always given us the respect, showed us love, and been in our corner. Devon said without the fans, there would be no Team 3-D! Devon said it was time to move on; Ray wants to be a Rock’N’Roll star, and Devon has two boys who are gonna be the next Team 3-D. Devon did the “oh my brothers, TESTIFY!” for the last time (yeah right). Team 3-D hugged and then Ray turned on Devon by bashing him from behind and shaking his head in disgust! Wow.

Eric Bischoff & The TNA Referees + Matt Morgan: Eric Bischoff was yelling at the referees, and scolding senior referee Earl Hebner over the young referee (who Bischoff fired last week). One referee took the blame, his name was Jackson James – and he happens to be the real life son of Eric Bischoff. Matt Morgan came in and yelled at Bischoff for yelling at referees. Morgan stood up for Jackson James and said he gets it, he messed up, so give him a chance to redeem himself. Morgan suggested Jackson be appointed the referee in his handicap match tonight and Bischoff agreed. Some of these backstage segments must read like a different language for someone reading my recaos.

Samoa Joe defeated Gunner & Murphy: Joe destroyed them both. After the match, Joe put the Rear Naked Choke on Gunner until Jeff Jarrett ran down and bashed Joe with a nightstick! Jarrett then put Joe in the Anklelock as Gunner & Murphy cheered him on. Kurt Angle ran out from the audience and jumped the rail, taking out Gunner & Murphy and chasing Jarrett away from the ring!

Hulk Hogan & Ric Flair + Eric Bischoff: Ric Flair was pissed and promised to fire Gunner & Murphy. Eric Bischoff came in and Flair said they need to get Kurt Angle off the property.

Eric Bischoff + Abyss + The Pope: Eric Bischoff told the camera crew to stick with him in case Kurt Angle shows up so he has video evidence against him. Bischoff told Abyss to hurry up and finish shitting. The Pope showed up and attacked Bischoff and they brawled with Abyss.

Frankie Kazarian defeated Rob Van Dam: They announced that Rhino’s contract expired and he was gone from TNA. If RVD wins, he is the number one contender for Jeff Hardy’s world championship. Midway through the match, Ric Flair walked down to ringside with a chair after the referee was knocked out. Suddenly, Rhino ran down and knocked the chair out of Flair’s hands and jumped into the ring. Rhino looked at Kaz, but then GOREd RVD! Kaz covered RVD for the 1-2-3 to win the match! Tommy Dreamer came down to yell at Rhino and check on RVD – but then Rhino bashed HIM with a steel chair!

Eric Bischoff & The Pope: The Pope was holding Eric Bischoff hostage and yelling at him for messing with his family. The Pope bullied Bischoff as he begged and pleaded forgiveness. The Pope dressed Bischoff up like the Pope and told him to rap to him. The Pope said he has something else for Eric and dragged him off.

Hulk Hogan & The Monster Abyss: Hulk Hogan scolded Abyss for letting this happen to Eric Bischoff. Abyss was apologizing profusely. Hogan told Abyss to go find Bischoff and take out the Pope.

A.J. Styles defeated Stevie Richards: Stevie Richards attacked A.J. Styles during Styles’ entrance! A.J. finished off Stevie with an ugly botched Styles Clash, with Stevie landing right on his neck!

Eric Bischoff & The Pope: The Pope put Eric Bischoff inside of a casket and wheeled him towards the iMPACT Zone..

The Pope & Eric Bischoff + The Monster Abyss: The Pope wheeled the casket down to ringside when suddenly Abyss showed up. Abyss opened up the casket and tried to revive Eric Bischoff. The Pope attacked Abyss and beat on him with a lot of intensity. Bischoff woke up and stumbled out of the casket and then low-blowed the Pope. Abyss then took over and started beating on The Pope. They dumped the Pope into the casket and pushed it into the side of the stage!

Matt Morgan defeated Douglas Williams & Beer Money (Robert Roode & James Storm): The referee was Jackson James (who is Eric Bischoff’s real life son). During the match, Bischoff came out and joined Mike Tenay & Taz on commentary. Bischoff was pissed about the disrespect shown towards him tonight. Bischoff said if Morgan doesn’t win tonight he will NEVER get a title shot at Jeff Hardy. Bischoff said it was personal and they crossed the line from professional to personal. Bischoff said he was a pro and started losing his cool. Morgan actually managed to win against all odds and Bischoff blurted out “SON OF A BITCH!” and ordered somebody to fire the referee! After the match, Jeff Hardy came up on the big screen delivering a taped promo. Hardy then showed up from behind and attacked Morgan in the ring! Hardy hit the Swanton-bomb on Morgan and held his new belt over his head!