TNA IMPACT 11 18 2010


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: November 18, 2010 (Taped: November 8-9)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

Ric Flair + Matt Morgan: Ric Flair said it was another full house in the iMPACT Zone (it’s easy to fill that small building). Flair said he had a problem, and addressed Matt Morgan’s actions last week. Flair said he was appointing himself as referee in Morgan’s rematch with Jeff Hardy. Flair ordered Morgan to come out to the ring so he could tell him to his face. Flair said Morgan can no longer call him “Naitch” because only his friends can call him that. Flair asked Morgan why he would turn his face on God? Flair said he could have Fortune come out and kick Morgan’s ass right now, but he has never asked anybody to do anything he couldn’t do. Flair said if Morgan wants his rematch, he’s gonna beat the Nature Boy tonight! Morgan said wrestling Ric Flair was #1 on his bucket list so HELL YEAH! Flair got fired up and promised to humiliate Morgan because he walked away from Fortune to be some kind of good guy. Flair said he would see Morgan in 2 hours!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Generation Me was headed to the ring when Tara showed up to wish them luck and flirt with them a little bit.

Generation Me (Max & Jeromy Buck) & Robbie E & Cookie defeated The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) & Jay Lethal & Velvet Sky: Taz revealed that Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky were dating. The finish saw Cookie & Velvet catfighting and distracting the referee, while one of the Gen-Me guys sprayed Sabin in the eyes with something!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: A barefoot Jeff Jarrett was decked out in MMA gear preparing for something on the show (involving Samoa Joe).

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Generation Me was celebrating their win over the Tag Team champions, when the Guns showed up with a challenge. Alex Shelley wanted an empty arena match with Generation Me to be shown on ReAction.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Jeff Jarrett was talking to Gunner & Murphy about his MMA fight with Samoa Joe, telling them to guard the building and make sure Kurt Angle doesn’t get in. Jarrett said Kurt has no integrity left! Jarrett told Jeremy Borash to introduce Jeff Hardy properly later or he’s be on the outside looking in. Jarrett said he has a point to prove to Samoa Joe tonight with six students in the ring for an exhibition. Jarrett said he wants Borash in the ring to describe the pain the students are going through. Borash asked Jarrett what happened to him, and Jarrett fired back that he bought in and they were going to make TNA profitable for once and for all!

VIDEO PACKAGE: Featuring Kurt Angle… if Kurt is supposed to be gone from TNA, and the people in charge want to get rid of him, then why was there an extensive video package produced dedicated to the progression of his storyline? Stupid TNA!

Jeremy Borash & Jeff Jarrett + Six Jobbers + Samoa Joe: Jeff Jarrett came out with six young students in the ring. Jeremy Borash read a disclaimer saying please do not try these moves at home. Jarrett proceeded to explain and perform MMA holds making each of the six students tap out. Jarrett then did an Anklelock on one guy, saying he leared the move from….. Ken Shamrock! Jarrett then demonstrated the Rear Naked Choke (Joe’s finisher) until Samoa Joe came out to the stage and interrupted. Jarrett said if Joe can go through two if his students (why the hell wouldn’t he say all six?) he will get a one-on-one with him TONIGHT! Joe went straight to the ring… Joe made the first guy tap quickly… Joe made the second guy tap just as easily… so Joe gets a submission match with Jarrett!

Jeff Jarrett vs. Samoa Joe didn’t get started: Joe had to take out all of the students first, but then Jarrett retreated up the ramp saying “not tonight!” Joe planted one of the students with a Muscle-buster…

EV2.0 (Tommy Dreamer & Stevie Richards & Raven & Brian Kendrick): The EV2.0 guys gave Raven a pep talk about facing Jeff Hardy tonight!

TNA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Hardy defeated Raven: There was a stipulation where if Raven loses he is gone from TNA. Jeremy Borash read the introduction written by Eric Bischoff; Jeff Hardy got a long detailed intro, and then JB said “and his opponent, Raven.” Hardy finished off Raven with a Swanton-bomb. Raven is GONE from TNA! EV2.0 (Dreamer, Richards, & Kendrick) came to the ring to console Raven).

Jeff Hardy & Hulk Hogan: Hulk Hogan then came out to congratulate Jeff Hardy! Hogan said it was quite appropriate, bringing up when Dixie Carter said EV2.0 meant to wrestling what Hulk Hogan meant to wrestling. Hogan talked about Raven’s “cry baby crap” and a furious Raven had to be held back by EV2.0. Hogan finished by saying “well you’re fired Raven, quote the Hulkster, nevermore!”

Tommy Dreamer + Rhino + Rob Van Dam: Tommy Dreamer stayed in the ring and called out Rhino for an explanation. Rhino said everyone in EV2.0 knew his contract was expiring after Turning Point, but nobody in the group cared. Rhino said the only person who cared was Eric Bischoff, and Eric gave him a choice – employment or unemployment. Rhino said, at first, he told Eric to kiss his ass, but then he realized he was in TNA years before Tommy & RVD – but they came in and stole all the spotlight. Rhino said he doesn’t take a backseat to nobody! Tommy said he thinks Rhino is one of the greatest athletes to step in a TNA ring. Rhino said if Tommy pisses him off he’ll kick his ass tonight! Tommy said both he and RVD came to TNA because they were offered contracts by Dixie Carter, and they came in because they believe in TNA and the guys in the back. Tommy said contracts expiring are just a part of the business, but Rhino did something they swore they would never do, and that was sell out to the almighty dollar. Rhino asked if Tommy was going to take care of his family, and sometimes desperate people do desperate things. Rhino said the EV2.0 guys only thought about themselves, so from now on all he’s going to do is think about himself. Tommy said he was a dad too, but look what happened to Sabu & Raven. Tommy said they were all in this together, but the difference is Sabu & Raven went down with a fight, while Rhino just quit – quit on EV2.0 and quit on the people who have supported him. Rhino grabbed and twisted Dreamer’s dislocated wrist and then stepped on his hand. Rob Van Dam hit the ring and fought with Rhino. RVD went to check on Dreamer, giving Rhino enough time to recover and nail RVD with a GORE!!!!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: The Monster Abyss wheeled a casket towards the ring..

The Monster Abyss defeated Shannon Moore by DQ: Shannon Moore got way too much offense…. he should have been squashed! They pulled the old WWE trick sneaking the Pope into the casket midway through the match. Abyss opened the casket and the Pope jumped out and attacked him! We’ve seen it done a million times in WWE.

BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Angelina Love talked about her match with Mickie James..

Mickie James defeated Angelina Love: Mike Tenay & Taz did their best to create some heat for the match, but it was just a straight good vs. good match to a clean finish.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Angelina Love was throwing a fit when Winter (Katie Lea) appeared out of thin air. Winter said it was destiny that made Angelina lose that match. Winter said things are going to just fall into place now. Winter said she thought it was time they start to get to know each other…. (creepy!)

Brother Ray: Ray said everybody is asking “Why, Brother Ray, Why?” (did you kick your brother in the head?) – Ray said he would give an explanation because he’s in a good mood. Ray said 15 years ago he created the best tag team finishing move in the wrestling business – the 3D (Dudley Death Drop). Ray said everyone has fallen to the 3D and listed a long list of ECW, WWE, and TNA wrestlers. Ray said nobody had ever kicked out of the 3D until Chris Sabin. Ray said Sabin didn’t kick out because he was tough, it was because Devon was weak. Ray said his brother Devon has always been the weak link of the team. Ray said he was the star, while Devon was the co-star, standing two steps behind him where he belongs. The crowd chanted “We want Devon!” Ray said he is “the shawn michaels” and Devon is “the marty jannetty.” Ray said any one of their brothers could have been his partner (Little Runt, Big Dick, doesn’t matter!). Ray said Devon was kick a sick-kick who was nothing more than the guy who got his tables (from under the ring).

Matt Morgan defeated “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair: If Ric Flair wins, Matt Morgan loses his title shot, but if Morgan wins, he gets to pick the referee for his title match with Jeff Hardy. Oh yeah, they made a bit of a big deal out of Flair wrestling again. Of course the show went off the air, but the match continued on Re-Action. The referee was taken out so Fortune (A.J. Styles & Frankie Kazarian & Robert Roode & James Storm & Douglas Williams) showed up and destroyed Matt Morgan. Styles and Williams started arguing, so Williams clocked him! Fortune then turned their attention Williams, until Morgan got up and threw them all out! Morgan gave the thumbs up to Williams and they went after Flair. Morgan hit the Carbon Footprint and pinned the bloody Flair to win the match!

The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) defeated Generation Me (Max & Jeromy Buck): The match took place after house in the iMPACT Zone with the lights dimmed (poor lighting) with nobody around to witness it – except for the 12 people who watch iMPACT on Spike. There was a spotlight on the ring, so when they got in you could see what was going on. The announcers said the potential for injury was off the charts. Gen-Me dominated most of the fight. The Guns put one of the Gun-Me guys through a table at ringside. They tied the other Gen-Me guy up in the corner and threatened to kill him. The Guns yelled at the Buck, who just yelled and spit back. The Guns knocked him out and it was over.