TNA IMPACT 12 16 2010


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: December 16, 2010 (Taped: December 6-10)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

EARLIER TODAY: Mr. Anderson threw a fit backstage (presumably because he wasn’t cleared to wrestle). Matt Morgan came in and asked why Anderson was upset, because he told everyone he would have a doctor that would clear him to wrestle this week.

Matt Morgan + Mr. Anderson + TNA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Hardy: Matt Morgan talked about the choice he made when he turned on Immortal/Fortune to do the right thing and stick up for Mr. Anderson. Morgan said tonight he and Anderson are supposed to have a tag team match with Jeff Hardy & (Frankie) Kazarian. Morgan said he has done everything to protect Anderson from himself up until now, so if something happens during the match it won’t be his fault. Morgan said he would have Anderson’s back 100% tonight, but wanted to know if Anderson was healthy enough to have his back too. Anderson came out and said he appreciates everything Morgan has done for him, but he’s a big boy and can take care of himself. Morgan said they were wrestlers and they were at the iMPACT Zone to wrestle. Anderson wanted to know if Morgan wanted a note from his mommy. Morgan told Anderson to show his fans (the Assholes) the doctors note saying he can wrestle, because none of the fans would want to see him in a match tonight knowing it would jeoprodize his life. Morgan talked about the commitment they made to Christopher Nowinski’s Sports Legacy Institute, saying when promoters put them in harms way they stand up and tell them to F-off! Morgan told Anderson to look him dead in the eye and tell him he 100% has his back tonight. Before Anderson could answer, they were interrupted by TNA champion Jeff Hardy. Hardy wanted to know if Morgan was going to propose to Anderson because they’re acting like a married couple. Morgan & Anderson fired back with jokes at Hardy. Hardy planted a seed in Anderson’s head that Matt Morgan might still be working for Immortal. Hardy told Morgan that he should worry about his own health. Hardy said the fans know they are professional wrestlers and at the end of the day it’s all about the TNA title. Hardy said the match is going to happen tonight and he & Kazarian will prove that Immortal is superior.

Jay Lethal defeated Robbie E w/Cookie to recapture the TNA X-Division title: Christy Hemme ran down and hand-cuffed herself to Cookie so she would prevent her from interfering in the match! A few minutes later, Cookie kneed Christy and tried to pass pepper spray in to Robbie, but Christy pulled her back and pepper sprayed Cookie! This allowed Jay Lethal to pin Robbie E to recapture the X-Division title! After the match, Lethal kissed the firey red-hot Christy Hemme!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: A.J. Styles made fun of Robbie E for not getting the job done. Eric Bischoff said he finds it ironic to hear Styles say that when he lost the TV title to Doug Williams two weeks ago. Bischoff challenged Styles to step up, and told him to go out and get the TV title back and earn his keep.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Doug Williams greeted Magnus backstage and it looks like they are chums again. Williams asked where Chelsea was and Magnus said he and Chelsea were done. Magnus said Desmond (Wolfe) has got the football thing out of his system and he’ll be back soon. Williams continued with his interview, but was attacked by A.J. Styles, who beat the crap out of the TV champion! They brawled into the dressing room of Madison Rayne & Tara, sending them into screaming fits “get out of here!” “we have a match to get ready for!” “get out!” Styles finished off Williams and said “guess what? I’m refreshed!”

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Eric Young arrived to the building with two hooters girls and wearing the old TNA championship belt around his waist. Orlando Jordan greeted him and Young said he found the belt in the garbage (it’s the belt they threw away when they gave Jeff Hardy a new one). Young sent the girls away, and walked into a room to consult with Brian Kendrick (his sensei). This keeps getting more bizarre.

BACKSTAGE PROMO: TNA champion Jeff Hardy talked about getting into the heads of Mr. Anderson & Matt Morgan tonight and hopefully teaching them how to create their own destiny.

Orlando Jordan & Eric Young w/Two Hooters Sluts defeated Generation Me (Max & Jeremy Buck): Mike Tenay plugged some Holiday “Hooters” special they are doing on Spike TV on December 21st. That’s why Eric Young had two Hooters sluts with him (their names are Tara & Lara). Orlando Jordan came out wearing the traditional Hooters outfit (orange shorts and Hooters shirt). I wonder wear they’re going with the belt around Young’s waist. Eric Young said he was a fighting champion, and tonight was on the line in the most dangerous match in professional wrestling – the Battle Royal. Young jumped in the ring and dumped the referee over the top rope! The referee jumped back in and said it was a tag team match. Eric ignored him and threw both members of Generation Me as well as Orlando Jordan over the top rope. Eric celebrated until he was attacked from behind by Generation Me. Jordan came in and took out the Bucks, but was eventually overtaken. A few minutes later, Orlando made one of the Gen-Me guys submit to win the match. Eric celebrated with the Hooters sluts and held his belt up over his head. They plugged the Hooters special again.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Mickie James approched Eric Bischoff and asked him who her tag team partner was tonight. Bischoff told her it was Miss Tessmacher, but Mickie protested “she’s not a wrestler!” Bischoff responded “she wasn’t a secretary either, but I hope she’s a better wrestler than a secretary!”

Madison Rayne & Tara defeated Mickie James & Miss Tessmacher: Miss Tessmacher was looking really good – that much I can say. Too bad she can’t wrestle yet. Tara used her elbow brace to knock out Mickie, allowing Madison to get the pin!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: (Frankie) Kazarian approached Big Rob Terry (is he still around) backstage and said he has a huge opportunity tonight and that Eric Bischoff & Ric Flair were watching. Kazarian said Big Rob needs all the help he can get. Big Rob said “screw you!” and tried to walk away. Kazarian said Rob can be made or he can be gone – just ask Rhino!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Some guy came in and gave The Pope another donation. The Pope was elated and put the money away before saying “time to tend to business.” I bet you a heel will come along and steals the money!

Bully Ray defeated Amazing Red: Brother Ray said nobody has been worthy of being his tag team partner, especially his brother Devon. Ray said Devon called him a bully, and damn right he’s a bully! Ray said tonight he starts his singles career, and he chose the biggest toughest guy in the locker room! Out comes Amazing Red. After the match, Bully Ray grabbed a chair and was about to murder Red when Brother Devon ran down. Ray jumped out of the ring and ran slow-motion through the crowd as Devon gave chase!

PARKING LOT SEGMENT: The Pope got into his car and drove away. Wow that was some exciting non-stop action. Next we’ll get to watch Abyss brush his teeth and if we’re lucky we’ll get to see Tommy Dreamer reading a book.

Rob Van Dam defeated Big Rob Terry: RVD yelled at Eric Bischoff that he will go threw whoever he has to until he gets Jeff Hardy’s ass!

ON LOCATION: The Pope arrived at Rachel’s Adult Entertainment and entered the building (to spend the donated money he received earlier?)

Jeremy Borash & Jeff Jarrett + Jose from Puerto Rico: Jeff Jarrett came out with an entourage of “students” from the Jarrett Dojo. The open challenge was for any “fan” to take on Jarrett in an MMA match. Jeremy Borash asked for volunteers and of course Jarrett picked a small punk from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Jarrett asked the poor idiot a few questions and then slapped him! Jarrett then kicked the living crap out of him and made him tap out with the Rear Naked Choke. The Jarrett entourage celebration was over-the-top as usual. There was a mark in the crowd who was really taking this gimmick seriously and wanted a piece of Jarrett.

Jeff Hardy & (Frankie) Kazarian defeated Matt Morgan & Mr. Anderson: Jeff Hardy & Kazarian made fun of Mr. Anderson’s concussion and actually targetted the back of his head. The finish saw Big Rob Terry interfere on behalf of Immortal in an attempt to impress Eric Bischoff.