TNA IMPACT 12 23 2010


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: December 23, 2010 (Taped: December 6-10)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

Eric Bischoff & Immortal (Jeff Jarrett & Abyss & Big Rob Terry) and Ric Flair & Fortune (A.J. Styles & Frankie Kazarian & Robert Roode & James Storm) + Matt Morgan + Mick Foley: Ric Flair said the fans had the opportunity to look at greatness in the ring all at the same time right now. Flair introduced “The Freak” Rob Terry, who was looking for an opportunity to show Immortal & Fortune that he’s got their back. Flair said he’s got to prove it to them and to himself. Eric Bischoff took over and said there was a weigh-in scheduled for tonight. Bischoff said there has been some discussion about Mr. Anderson’s condition, so they have doctors on hand to check out both Anderson & Matt Morgan to make sure they are both healthy. Matt Morgan came out and called the whole thing a sham. Morgan said to continue to put an athlete’s health at risk is a whole new low even for Bischoff. Morgan said job or no job he just doesn’t give a crap any more. Bischoff said he had two doctors from Florida to authorize that both Morgan & Anderson are healthy enough to compete. Morgan threatened to take Bischoff’s temperature by sticking his boot up his ass! Suddenly Mick Foley made a surprise appearance to interrupt the proceedings. Foley said it was his first time back since he wrestled Ric Flair on October 7th. Foley said a week after that match he was at home the victim of another concussion. Foley said that was probably the last great moment of his career. Foley said he is not the man he used to be because he suffered too many of those concussions. Foley said it was the amount of healing time between concussions that makes the difference. Foley said Ken Anderson was like him, and will do whatever needs to be done because he loves the business. Foley said he saw Anderson wrestle last week and he was in no condition to wrestle. Foley said he was there to make sure tonight’s match does not take place. Flair said Foley was the reason kids are getting hurt, and every company has suffered because of what Foley started. Flair said Foley raised the bar. Flair bragged about wrestling for hours, 365 days a year, and nobody heard him whine or cry. Foley said he doesn’t disagree with everything Flair said. The conversation got very heated. Foley said he and Morgan have donated their brains to science after they die. Flair said when he dies it will be in the ring or on top of a woman! Foley said they have made mistakes and they have learned from their mistakes. Foley said Mr. Anderson is in the prime of his career and he’s going to make sure Anderson has a career. Bischoff says he sees much more clearer now, and sees Foley out there trying to redeem himself. Bischoff said Foley wants to become a sympathetic icon and stand up for the wrestlers. Bischoff said Foley was living off the corpses of people that Foley forced to keep up with him and he has to live with it! NOW HIT MY MUSIC! Morgan shook Foley’s hand and thanked him as the heels were exiting.

Matt Morgan & Jeff Hardy: Jeff Hardy talked about Mr. Anderson (a self proclaimed asshole) and Mick Foley (the man who started this madness with a barbed wire baseball bat) and told Matt Morgan that he should make his own destiny.

Jeff Jarrett defeated Amazing Red: Jeff Jarrett copied Kurt Angle‘s entrance by popping up from below stage. Jarrett said it was obvious there was nobody in the audience that could beat him so he’s opening up the challenge to the professionals in the back. Jarrett said someone impressed him last week and wanted to challenge Amazing Red! Red came out and was “looked over” by a trainer, who actually rubbed something in Red’s eyes so he was partially blinded. Jarrett made short work of the blinded Red, making him tap out with the Anklelock. Jarrett asked Red if he has any friends or family that wants to take him on, and Red said he would bring his baby brother next week.

Madison Rayne & Tara: Tara wanted to get their match over with tonight because she had a party to go to with Generation Me. Madison Rayne called Tara a cougar and they giggled about it.

Frankie Kazarian defeated Max Buck and Jeremy Buck and Robbie E w/Cookie: Six-time X-Division champion Jay Lethal joined Mike Tenay & Taz on commentary.

Velvet Sky & Sarita + Angelina Love: Sarita entered Velvet Sky’s locker room and Velvet asked “can I help you with something?” Sarita just closed the door on the camera man. After the commercial, they were seen brawling backstage with Sarita whipping Velvet with a leather strap! It went on for a while, before Serita choked Velvet out and left. Angelina came in and pulled the leather strap off of Velvet’s neck as she gagged for air.

Eric Bischoff & Immortal (Jeff Jarrett & Abyss & Big Rob Terry) and Ric Flair & Fortune (A.J. Styles & Frankie Kazarian & Robert Roode & James Storm): Eric Bischoff said Dixie Carter is getting her lawlers ready to take them on so it was important for them to control all of the belts in TNA. Bischoff said there was no one in the room that can’t live up to the standard Ric Flair & Hulk Hogan have set, or the standard Jeff Hardy has set. Bischoff begged his boys to do it for the group!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Brian Kendrick was babbling on with his philosophical nonesense to the girl in catering until she gave him some cookies.

Angelina Love & Winter defeated Tara & Madison Rayne: Angelina Love came to the ring alone because Velvet Sky was assaulted by Sarita backstage just moments before. Midway through the match, Winter walked down and became Angelina’s partner. Angelina made the hot tag and Winter cleaned house, easily defeating Madison to win the TNA Knockout tag team titles! Mike Tenay & Taz were shocked that Winter had the aggression to compete in the Knockout division!

The Pope + Eric Young & Orlando Jordan: The Pope was on the phone talking to someone about his organization. Eric Young (in a squirrel suit) & Orlando Jordan showed up with a check to donate to the Pope’s foundation. The story here is that Pope is getting donations for “the kids” and spending it at the strip club.

TNA Television champion Doug Williams vs. A.J. Styles ended in a draw: 15 Minutes? Are you kidding me? Lame. A.J. Styles got the first fall and wisely ran down the clock like a true heel. Williams hit the Rolling Chaos Theory suplex with 20 seconds left on the clock and got the pinfall to even the score! Time ran out and the referee ruled it a draw. Styles wanted five more minutes! The referee restarted the match for a five minute over time period! They wrestled for five more minutes with no winner. Styles said the people wanted a winner, so he wanted one more match at Genesis. Williams said Styles has his rematch and he didn’t beat him so NO. Styles said he defended the title against everyone, and Williams is not a fighting champion! Williams reconsidered and said he’ll give Styles a rematch, but if Styles loses he has to walk away from Fortune. Styles said he will never walk away from Fortune, so he didn’t agree. Eric Bischoff came out and said if Styles doesn’t win back the TV title at Genesis there is no place for him in Fortune OR Immortal!

Mike Tenay & Taz + Mr. Anderson: Mr. Anderson said he’s done the test with doctors and he is cleared to compete at Genesis. Taz asked what kind of tests he had done, and Anderson gave a vague discription about seeing several doctors and the MRI showing nothing so he was cleared. Taz said last week Anderson didn’t look 100%. Anderson said there was nothing in his contract that said he had to answer to anyone. Anderson said he has spoken to doctors, he is cleared, and he’ll see them at Genesis. Tenay said he hopes Anderson brings the proper documents to the PPV to prove that he’s medically cleared – and Mr. Anderson ripped off his mic and walked off the set.

Rob Van Dam & Matt Morgan & Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin defeated Jeff Hardy & The Monster Abyss & Robert Roode & James Storm: The show ended and the match continued on Re-Action. I think for some reason the TNA Tag Team titles were on the line, but the Guns won the match by defeating Beer Money so it really didn’t matter..