TNA IMPACT 01 27 2011


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: January 27, 2011 (Taped: January 24-25)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

Kurt Angle + Immortal & Fourtune (Eric Bischoff & Ric Flair & Jeff Jarrett & Karen Angle & A.J. Styles & Kazarian & Robert Roode & James Storm & Rob Terry & Gunner & Murphy): Kurt Angle was introduced and he came to the ring without entrance music, grabbed a microphone and told us he intended on brokering peace last week but unfortunately the Jarrett’s weren’t interested. Kurt reminded us of his old vow that he wouldn’t wrestle again if he had lost his match at Bound for Glory, but he can no longer honor that vow. He first asked the crowd’s permission by asking, “who would like to see Kurt Angle in the ring one more time?” Of course the crowd cheered but shortly thereafter he was interrupted by Immortal. Eric Bischoff basically explained that it wasn’t up to the fans whether Angle would wrestle another match in TNA. After a lot of other bluster, he basically explained that while Angle wouldn’t get a match he would instead get an ass kicking and he sent Immortal down to beat up on Angle. After they beat on him for a minute or so, Crimson stormed the ring with a baseball bat. Immortal ran out of the ring and Flair grabbed a mic and started talking some serious trash. He doesn’t care who “they” are, Immortal will take care of “they” next week and Flair is God. Flair lifted the ban and made a match between Angle and Jarrett. The Jarrett’s were very upset about this and began arguing with Flair. But Flair essentially changed the Jarretts’ minds when he made the match a handicap tag match with most of Immortal against Angle & Crimson.

Eric Bischoff & Ric Flair: Eric and Ric were arguing about Flair putting Angle back on the roster. It was pretty heated but in the end it looked like Ric got his point across better and louder.

Velvet Sky & Angelina Love & Mickie James defeated Madison Rayne & Tara & Sarita: Before Angelina & Velvet left the backstage area they were interrupted by Winter who was upset that Angelina was tagging with Velvet. Angelina explained that Velvet is her BFF and that she is well aware that Winter & Angelina are knockout tag champs together. Angelina had to scream at Winter to chill out. After the Beautiful People left, Winter threw a quick tantrum before walking off camera. Shortly after the Beautiful People were in the ring both sides began arguing with each other until they all just started fighting. The commentators were kind enough to explain that this is elimination style rules. Finally, the referee got control of things, the bell rang, and the match officially began. Madison Rayne is still wearing that MMA glove that is supposed to be loaded with some sort of foreign object that requires Rayne to pump her hand a few times. That’s what she did before she tried to strike Velvet Sky and missed. She almost hit Sarita instead but stopped herself just in time. This allowed Velvet to knock Madison out of the ring though and that allowed Sarita to roll Velvet up into a pin and eliminate her from the match. Tara is also still wearing her elbow brace and used it to strike Mickie James. After a lot of mayhem ensued in the ring Madison tried to strike Mickie with that loaded glove but missed again. This time though after a lot of struggle Madison fell and hit her head on her own glove knocking herself out and allowing Mickie to pin and eliminate her from the match. After the referee completed his count, Sarita grabbed Mickie and rolled her up using Madison’s body still laying in the ring as leverage and she pinned and eliminated Mickie from the match. While the match was going on they showed Velvet backstage picking herself off the ground recovering from a head injury. Without actually saying it they’re insinuating that Winter attacked her backstage. Tara & Sarita dominated Angelina for several minutes but Angelina would kick out of every pin attempt. Out of pretty much no where Angelina hit Tara with a botox injection and immediately covered her to get the pin and eliminate Tara from the match. Just after that three count was over Sarita rolled up Angelina but Angelina reversed the move and rolled Sarita up for a three count to win the match. Angelina was the sole survivor!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Kurt Angle was on the phone with someone asking if they were in town. Apparently they are and Angle told them Angle needs them there tonight and that they would have to speed up the process.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Matt Hardy looked straight at the camera and talked some trash on Mr. Anderson. Matt’s plan is to prevent Anderson from making it to the February 3rd edition of iMPACT!

Max Buck w/ Jeremy Buck defeated Chris Sabin and Amazing Red: Before the match began and while the wrestlers were making their way to the rings they showed some old school backstage promos of the wresters saying why they were going to be the next number one contender. Max was smart and left the ring for a moment to let Red and Sabin beat up on each other for a bit. But overall all three men had a lot of fast action, high spots and near falls. Jeremy Buck took time to distract the referee to prevent Red from pinning Sabin and tripped Red later when he had climbed to the top rope. This allowed Max to pin Red to get the win.

Jeff Jarrett & Karen Jarrett: Karen was very upset and worried about the fact that Angle had called someone for back up. Jeff dismissed the idea using the phrase “conspiracy theory” a few times. Jeff then asked Karen to loosen him up for his match…

Velvet Sky & Angelina Love: Velvet was understandably very angry and screaming about Winter attacking her from behind. Angelina was skeptical that it was Winter who did it but Velvet, though she didn’t see her attacker, was sure of it. Velvet said she was tired of it and if Angelina wouldn’t handle it SHE would!

Jeff Hardy + Mr. Anderson: Jeff admonshed the fans for not caring about him over the years. Jeff predicted that he would take back his championship next Thursday on the LIVE iMPACT. That’s when Anderson’s music came on and he came out to the ring. Anderson was still carrying the Jeff Hardy Championship belt. Anderson accused Hardy of bitching too much and cut a promo right in Jeff’s face. Anderson predicted he will retain his championship next week and left the ring.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Crimson reminded us that he is Amazing Red’s brother and that was how he initially got to TNA but he received an offer he couldn’t refuse and next week we’ll find out who made that offer.

Velvet Sky + Winter + Angelina Love: Velvet walked to the ring still holding her head and when she grabbed a mic she screamed that Winter is a bitch. After some more screaming she called out Winter and Winter came to the ring as requested. Before she could get into the ring though Velvet attaacked her and Velvet continued the attack outside the ring. Winter didn’t get in any offense at all for a few minutes. Eventually, Winter snapped and began attacking Velvet until Angelina ran down to the ring to break it up.

Pope D’Angelo Dinero: The Pope actually started the segment apologizing to Samoa Joe. Then continued stating that he was going to make a confession. He claimed we all have times we have to sit next to someone we can’t stand but still put on a happy face. But once that other person leaves we talk about them behind their back. Pope said he’s better than all that. After much pause he finally said that the Pope doesn’t like Samoa Joe. And next week the Pope is going to give a member of the Pope’s congregation the opportunity to confess their faults.

Immortal (Ric Flair & Jeff Jarrett & Karen Angle & Abyss & A.J. Styles & Kazarian & Robert Roode & James Storm & Rob Terry & Gunner & Murphy) + Eric Young: I have to admit that when I saw Eric Young standing in the back of the Immortal I had to be rushed to the hospital because I’d laughed my ass off. Flair had to shout to get Immortal to stop bitching amongst themselves. Flair then spoke to each member of Immortal in an effort to get them pumped up for their tag match. After Immortal left Eric Young was yelling about how Flair is right and Flair turned to him to ask what he’s doing there. Eric showed his old TNA championship belt to Flair and said that Young is the champion. Flair threw the belt aside and told Eric that he’s not champion of anything. Young assumed Flair was using tough love but Flair only cared about getting Young out of the locker room area. Young picked up his championship belt and left.

VIDEO RECAP: The history of Immortal and the lawsuit Dixie Carter has going on was recapped for several minutes..

PHONE INTERVIEW: Mike Tenay & Taz had Dixie on the phone, and she didn’t have much to say other than she is confident that she and her legal team will come out on top next week in court.

BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Eric Bischoff was given a rebuttal. He predicted Jeff Hardy would regain his championship next week and that Hulk Hogan would also win his legal battle. He indicated that the “they” that Crimson is talking about is just wishful thinking.

TNA World Heavyweight champion Mr. Anderson defeated Matt Hardy: They went back and forth for a few minutes. Matt hit Anderson with the side effect. When Matt covered Anderson for the pin Anderson reversed it into his own pin and got the win. Anderson rolled out of the ring and started celebrating but Jeff Hardy ran down from and attacked Anderson from behind. After the Hardys beat down on Anderson for a moment Rob Van Dam ran down to break it up.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Kurt Angle was walking the backstage hallways with Crimson. He told Crimson not to worry because they wouldn’t be alone out there.

Immortal (Jeff Jarrett & Kazarian & Robert Roode & James Storm & Rob Terry & Gunner & Murphy w/Ric Flair & A.J. Styles & Karen Jarrett) defeated Kurt Angle & Crimson: Jeff Jarrett was supposed to be in the match as well but was conspicuous by his absence. At one point in the match Flair got in a quick shoving match with the referee. A moment later James Storm accidentally kicked the referee in the face when he missed Kurt Angle. After it was determined that the referee was out of action everyone involved in the match got in the ring to start beating up on Angle & Crimson. For some reason this is when Jeff Jarrett’s music came on. He came strutting out holding hands with his wife Karen, got in the ring and wanted the beaten Angle to himself. This was a mistake as Angle was able to suplex Jarrett. But there were too many men in the ring for that to make much difference. After Jarrett performed the Stroke they called another referee down so that Jarrett could cover Angle to get the win. But the beating didn’t stop there. Everyone in the ring took turns taking shots at Kurt Angle. That’s when Matt Morgan’s music came on and he came running out but again, the numbers were just too great for Matt to make a difference. And then the lights went out. Sirens started playing and when the lights came back on Scott Steiner was in the ring holding his famous lead pipe. Scott Steiner is back wearing a fancy suit. Is this the return of the Main Event Mafia?