TNA IMPACT 02 10 2011


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: February 10, 2011 (Taped: January 31)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

VIDEO RECAP: The Show began again with recapping of what’s been going on the past few weeks with some footage mixed in of Mr. Anderson, Kurt Angle, and Robert Roode. Roode has some stuff he needs to get off his chest later.

Immortal (Eric Bischoff & Jeff Jarrett & Karen Jarrett & Jeff Hardy & Matt Hardy & Rob Terry & Gunner & Murphy) + Fourtune (A.J. Styles & Kazarian & Robert Roode & James Storm): Bischoff promised that the rebellion of Fourtune would have no effect on Immortal. Bischoff bragged that he’s the only man with his kind of brains and track record of success. He said the only reason they let Fourtune into Immortal was as a favor to Ric Flair. He then went on to make fun of each member of Fourtune. He eventually handed the mic over to Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett immediately called for Fourtune to come out. As soon as Fourtune reached the ramp, Jarrett asked them to “grow a set” and come to the ring. Fourtune complied. Jarrett apologized to Bischoff for what happened last week. Jarrett blamed himself for hiring all four members of Fourtune back when he founded TNA. Roode grabbed the microphone out of Jarrett’s hand. Roode credited Jarrett for giving Fourtune members their first opportunity but they used that opportunity to build TNA to what it is today. All the while watching as TNA would hire more and more washed up has been wrestlers that have come and gone from the company that were supposedly going to be the saviors of TNA. Meanwhile, looking over the men that built the company. Roode pointed out the number of times the members of Fourtune had the opportunity to leave the company but stayed loyal to TNA instead. He eventually called Jarrett a slapnuts and that’s when Jarrett lost his temper and the fighting broke out. Fourtune wasn’t making out too well because they were outnumbered – until Kurt Angle & Crimson & Scott Steiner ran out to assist. Putting a stop to it all and forcing Immortal to retreat.

Angelina Love & Velvet Sky + Winter: Winter and Velvet were yelling very loudly at each other and I couldn’t understand a word they were saying. Angelina walked in and stopped them . Angelina had to assign them their roles. Winter is Angelina’s tag partner and Velvet is Angelina’s BFF. Angelina had to break up the arguing a couple times throughout the process and insisted that the two of them get it together for a match they all have later tonight..

Eric Bischoff + Hernandez: Eric spent a minute kissing Hernandez’s butt and then asked him to hurt some people for a chance at big money in TNA. Hernandez agreed to it. Hernandez went for a fist bump and Bischoff recoiled like Hernandez was going to hit him but finally got the idea and did the fist bump back.

Rob Van Dam & Brother Devon & Samoa Joe defeated Bully Ray & Pope D’Angelo Dinero & Matt Hardy: As Ray was walking to the ring he paused a moment to talk some trash into the faces of Devon’s sons. But Ray got in the ring to await the introduction of his opponents. RVD & Devon & Samoa Joe stormed the ring and the fighting spilled out onto the floor with Samoa Joe chasing the Pope out of the area. RVD and Matt Hardy were the only ones left in the ring. Hardy went out to get a chair, RVD jumped over the top rope so that when RVD collided with the chair it also hit Matt Hardy at the same time. Both men were hurt outside the ring and Devon and Bully Ray got back in the ring. Ray hit Devon with a low blow but that’s legal in this match. That’s when Ray went out and got a table. He set it up outside the ring and but took a moment to talk some more trash to Devon’s sons. As Ray walked away and was about to get back in the ring Devon’s sons jumped the barricade and grabbed Ray’s legs so he was trapped standing on the ring apron. Devon charged at Ray from inside the ring and knocked Ray onto the table Ray had put there just a moment prior. Security came out to deal with Devon’s kids but Devon defended his kids. Devon took his kids in the ring to celebrate.

Jeff Jarrett & Karen Jarrett w/a large amount of security and bodyguards + Kurt Angle: Karen asked if we enjoyed the footage that was shown last week of their wonderful family as much as they enjoyed showing it. They decided to show what it’s like to be a Jarrett since we’re all so miserable. Thankfully Kurt Angle came out for the contract signing. Jeff had the security members form a wall between Kurt and the Jarretts. Jarrett said he’s got nothing to prove since he’s already beaten Angle before. So Jarrett’s decided to up the Ante. If Angle can defeat Jarrett at Against All Odds then the Jarretts would give full custody of Angle’s kids to Angle. Karen wasn’t aware Jeff was going to do this and began objecting, but Kurt demanded she shut up. I wasn’t like a lot of people and got all offended by the Jarretts involving their kids in the storyline until just now. But if Jarrett wins Kurt Angle has to give Karen away at their upcoming renewal of vows. Jarrett signed the contract then passed it on to Kurt Angle. Karen continued to try to talk Jeff out of it but Kurt signed the contract and walked out of the ring.

Madison Rayne & Tara & Sarita & Rosita defeated Velvet Sky & Angelina Love & Winter & Mickie James: Rosita is indy female wrestler Divina Fly… As Angelina & Velvet came out with their standing entrance of Velvet crawling between Angelina’s legs, but when she was through Winter attempted to follow which Angelina wasn’t prepared for nearly causing her to fall over. Winter acted as though none of this happened and continued with the entrance. There was some problems getting into the ring as Winter held the ropes open for Angelina but got in the way of Velvet “Letting the pigeons loose.” Jealousy between Velvet and Winter. Rosita had a somewhat impressive showing. She may be the smallest knockout in the company. Her and Sarita had some good double team moves as well. Rosita ended up getting the pin on Velvet Sky with a moonsault off the top rope. The team of Angelina & Winter & Mickie got all tangled up with one another in the corner. Mickie James grabbed a mic and called out Madison Rayne.

Mickie James + TNA Knockout’s champion Madison Rayne: Even though Mickie called Madison into the ring when the commercial break was over it was Madison with the microphone. Madison had a lot to say that boils down to Mickie being passed her prime. Madison got out of the ring to end the segment.

PROMO: Jeff Hardy was sitting on some stairs reiterating the terms of the upcoming match between Matt Morgan and Mr. Anderson and how whoever wins will face Jeff Hardy in the match that he is the most comfortable in. A ladder match.

A.J. Styles & Robert Roode & Kurt Angle: Kurt was asking Robert Roode & A.J. to do whatever it is they needed to do but if he could have been in the match he would want to destroy Jeff Jarrett for what Jeff had to say about Kurt’s kids. Angle was asking a favor of Roode & A.J. that they do as much damage as possible to Jarrett. Roode did one better and volunteered to take himself out of the match so Kurt could take his place.

Mr. Anderson defeated Matt Morgan to retain the TNA World Heavyweight title: Before the match officially began, but both participants were in the ring, Jeff Hardy’s music came on and he came out carrying a personalized ladder. He set it up just a few feet from the ring and climbed to the top and sat down on the ladder to watch the match. This bothered both men in the ring but the match went on. The match had a lot of back and forth with some impressive spots. Just when it seemed as though Matt Morgan had control for a few minutes Anderson would reverse things and keep control for a minute or two himself. Anderson had his neck snapped on the top rope knocking him back into the referee. With Matt Morgan outside the ring Hernandez ran down to the ring and attacked Morgan and rolled him back into the ring allowing Anderson to cover Morgan to get the win. As Anderson was celebrating, Hernandez got in the ring and attacked Anderson from behind. Hernandez held Anderson’s legs while Jeff Hardy performed a swonton bomb onto Anderson.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Bully Ray was recuperating backstage calling Devon’s sons bastards. He called Devon weak and said that Devon raised two weak sons. Ray told us his head hit the concrete when he went through the table. He challenged Devon to bring his sons to the street fight match they’re having at Against All Odds.

Robbie E w/Cookie defeated Brian Kendrick and Suicide (Christopher Daniels): Even though Brian Kendrick was first to the ring Robbie E grabbed a mic on his way into the ring. Robbie feels as though he was robbed of the X-Division title. And that tonight is the first night on his way to becoming the two time X-Division champ. After Suicide used a grappling line to get into the ring and began his Suicide pose Robbie E attacked him from behind to start the match. Brian Kendrick was sitting in the corner meditating or something. After Robbie dumped Suicide out of the ring Brian Kendrick finally got into the action and he dominated Robbie E until Suicide got back into the match. As Suicide hit his finisher on Kendrick Cookie got on the ring apron to cause a distraction allowing Robbie E to attack Suicide from behind and cover Kendrick to get the pin.

Ink Inc. (Jesse Neil & Shannon Moore): Shannon said they represent the 1% of people that show the world who they really are when they wear tattoos or simply color their hair or whatever. Jesse says they also show it when they win their matches.

Devon & sons: Devon said he’s glad Ray is angry. Devon said not to mistake the fact that his sons are young for them not willing to perform in the ring.

Jeff Hardy & Jeff Jarrett w/Karen Jarrett defeated Kurt Angle & A.J. Styles: Once the match started A.J. and Jarrett were in the ring, but A.J. tagged in Angle, and Jarrett ran out of the ring. So Hardy started the match instead of Jarrett. Angle & A.J. dominated Hardy for a few minutes. With A.J. in the ring Jarrett was willing to get tagged in. But once Angle was tagged in, Jarrett ran out of the ring tagging Hardy on his way out. Once Hardy had Angle on the defensive Jarrett was willing to be tagged back in again. When Jarrett had Angle on the second rope Karen took a moment to scream some stuff I couldn’t understand at Angle. Angle got Jarrett in the ankle lock for a moment but Hardy interfered and Jarrett tagged Hardy in shortly after. After commercial Angle suplexed Hardy off the top rope leaving both men down for the count. The referee made it to the count of 8 when both men tagged in their partners. A.J. took control of Jarrett quickly but Jeff Hardy stopped the momentum then Angle suplexed Hardy out of his way and then chased after Jarrett. Jarrett ran out of the ring and Angle chased after him. When Jarrett got back in the ring he prevented Angle from getting in the ring allowing A.J. to dive onto Jarrett and get the pin. When A.J. & Angle were celebrating, Jarrett attacked both men from behind. Hardy joined in the beat down. Members of Fourtune with Scott Steiner & Crimson ran down to the ring to help out Angle & Styles but then Immortal ran out to even things up quickly followed by RVD. Matt Hardy clipped RVD’s leg. The beat down continued with Immortal dominating everyone else. Ken Anderson ran out and took out three men himself. Immortal scattered.