TNA IMPACT 02 17 2011


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: February 17, 2011 (Taped: February 14th)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

Immortal (Eric Bischoff & Matt Hardy & Big Rob Terry & Gunner & Murphy) + TNA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Hardy + “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair: Eric Bischoff led Immortal out to the ring to address what happened at Against All Odds Bischoff introduced the NEW TNA World Heavyweight champion, Jeff Hardy! Hardy came out and joined Immortal in the ring, where he was embraced by his brother Matt. Jeff was wearing the new belt that was specially created for him by Immortal. Bischoff proclaimed that you cannot take the greatness out of the Anti-Christ of professional wrestling. Bischoff said some people were convinced that Immortal was finished, but they are back on top and that is where they were going to stay. Bischoff said it wasn’t just because of Jeff’s victory, and then praised Gunner, Murphy, and Terry for their match with Beer Money & Scott Steiner (even though they lost) – and also praised Matt Hardy for his match with Rob Van Dam (even though he lost). Bischoff said that the Spike network executives called him and wanted Jeff to defend the title against RVD tonight on iMPACT. Jeff wasn’t happy about it but agreed to the match. Bischoff said the Jarrett are getting ready to renew their vows, all is right with Immortal, Hulk Hogan would be back on March 3rd, but they are missing one piece of the puzzle. Bischoff said he’s been reaching out to Ric Flair for weeks with no response. Bischoff said he went to bat for Flair when he convinced Hogan to bring him into Immortal. Bischoff said he was starting to wonder where Flair stands, and said he would give him one week to come out and explain himself. Suddenly the Nature Boy’s music played and he walked to the ring to provide some answers. So Cal Val helped the Nature Boy into the ring and Immortal all clapped for his entrance. Flair said the guys in Immortal, including Bischoff, grew up on Ric Flair and nobody tells him what to do. Flair said he in the Hardys are tight, and he and Bischoff were getting tight. Flair added after 25 years he and Hogan finally rallied. Flair said when Bischoff questions his integrity – then reminded everyone he was a WRESTLING GOD. Bischoff said they were one big happy family and he’ll bring the family together, or he’ll separate it. Flair did a few wooo’s and invited a couple female members of the audience to his hotel room tonight.

VIGNETTE: Jeff & Karen Jarrett getting a couples massage and laughing about Kurt Angle having to participate in their wedding vow renewal ceremony..

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: A.J. Styles was attacked by Matt Hardy, who was helped by Gunner & Murphy, until Beer Money showed up to help Styles. Big Rob Terry & Scott Steiner also showed up and then TNA security & agents had to pull everyone apart.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Hernandez met up with Sarita & Rosita and exchanged a greeting in Spanish before walking off together..

Hernandez (w/Sarita & Rosita) defeated Doug Williams: Hernandez attacked Williams from behind as he was walking to the ring to kick-start their match. Sarita talked into the camera calling Velvet Sky a “pathetic loser!” Velvet ran down and attacked Sarita, causing Rosita to get involved. The men fought in the ring as everyone watched the girls on the floor. Angelina Love ran down to help her BFF Velvet. The girls brawled to the back. Moments later Hernandez finished off Williams with an extremely sick Border Toss – where he landed on the back of his head! Reports said that although it looked extremely bad, Williams was actually okay after the bump.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Eric Bischoff was talking with someone from SpikeTV on the phone trying to get Jeff Hardy out of the match tonight with Rob Van Dam. The network person said that ratings rule and they write the cheques. Bischoff accepted the decision and said the match was on. Bischoff hung up and said “son of a bitch!”

Pope D’Angelo Dinero + Samoa Joe & Okada: The Pope was in the ring with a cooked pig on a table. I quickly realized that this was going to be a pointless segment. The Pope rambled on for a bit and then used his punchline – which was SLOPPY JOE (the pig). The Pope told a story about how Jesus performed a miracle, by feeding 1000’s of people with a couple fish and a loaf of bread. The Pope said he was going to perform a miracle tonight by taking this Sloppy Joe and feeding all of the fans. The Pope got a text and said it was Jesus saying he believes in the Pope. The Pope asked who would be the first to feast, and then added it would cost $10 a pop. Samoa Joe came out, but it was Okada that distracted the Pope, allowing Joe to attack him! Joe gave the Pope a Muscle-buster on top of the cooked pig through the table! Joe put an apple in the Pope’s mouth!

TNA X-Division champion Frankie Kazarian defeated Robbie E w/Cookie by DQ: Before the match, Robbie E w/Cookie complained about being screwed at Against All Odds. Robbie said he was prepared to wrestle two people, but was forced to wrestle one person. Robbie said he was prepared tonight! Kazarian was shown backstage getting a good luck kiss from the original TNA Knockout, Traci Brooks (they’re actually married in real life). Kazarian said when he won the X-Division title he promised to bring the division to the forefront. Kazarian cut a promo on Robbie E and told him to send the little ‘treasure troll’ to the back so they can compete one-on-one. Cookie freaked out but eventually walked backstage. A minute later, Cookie came back down and whacked Kazarian with her pocketbook for the disqualification. Cookie rolled in and choked Kazarian, screaming “I want my belt!” Traci finally ran down and had a catfight with Cookie! Kaz pulled Traci off and Robbie pulled Cookie out..

Ric Flair & Fourtune (A.J. Styles & Robert Roode & James Storm): Ric Flair greeted all the members of Fourtune and praised them for what they’ve been doing the last two weeks. Flair iced the whole faction and Beer Money chugged a beverage. Storm chugged a second one for Styles.

Matt Hardy defeated A.J. Styles: Midway through the match, Ric Flair showed up at ringside cheering for A.J. Styles. The finish saw Flair trip Styles off the top rope, allowing Matt to hit a Twist of Hate for the win! Flair & Hardy double-teamed Styles and Flair choked him with his jacket. Beer Money & Kazarian flew down to the ring to chase Flair & Hardy away from the ring. So Flair chose to stick with Immortal and dump Fourtune..

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Mr. Anderson said somebody is going to get their ass kicked, and that somebody might be Eric Bischoff!

VIGNETTE: Jeff & Karen Jarrett in the hot tub. Jeff was feeding Karen strawberries. Karen was doing something under the water with her hand. They got all mushy talking about their wedding ceremony on the March 3rd iMPACT.

Mr. Anderson + Eric Bischoff: Everyone has to talk on iMPACT. Mr. Anderson told Eric Bischoff to grow a set of testicles and get out there! Bischoff walked out and joined Anderson in the ring. Anderson was upset that RVD had a match against Hardy tonight, but he thought the (former) champ was first in line. Bischoff said Jeff Hardy is the champ, and he doesn’t like the match with RVD either – but the network booked the match. Anderson wanted to know since when the network had anything to say around here. Bischoff said it was the television business, and iMPACT airs on a television network, so the network makes the rules. Bischoff said the network wants ratings. Anderson said if the network wanted ratings then put him in the ring! Bischoff suggested that Anderson is not hitting the important male demographic and wanted Anderson to be more PG friendly. Anderson asked if they didn’t like the word ASSHOLE? He kept saying it over and over and over. Anderson said he won’t use the word ASSHOLE any more, ASSHOLE! He kept on saying it. Bischoff said he can’t change what the network wants tonight, but he had an idea to make Anderson the special referee. Bischoff told Anderson to call it straight down the middle, stand in line, and he’ll get his shot at the title. Bischoff wanted to shake on it, and Anderson accepted the gesture, but then took him down with the Mic Check! Anderson told Bischoff to tell the network that this ASSHOLE is gonna get his rematch one way or another!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Velvet Sky confronted Winter and told her not to stay away from ringside tonight, because if she doesn’t it will be the last thing she does around there. Winter picked up a pair of scissors, but Angelina came in and she put them behind her back. Angelina asked Winter not to interfere in the match tonight. Winter said Velvet could never care about Angelina they way she does. Angelina asked Velvet to leave the room and then asked Winter what her obsession with her. Winter said Angelina doesn’t understand it yet, but she will…… all will be revealed!

BACKSTAGE PROMO: A.J. Styles was pissed off about being betrayed by Ric Flair. Styles said it was about him and Flair, and challenged him to come get some – iMPACT, NEXT WEEK!

Sarita & Rosita defeated The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky): Velvet was about to finally beat Sarita, but Rosita pulled her leg from the outside allowing Sarita to pin Velvet once again! After the match, Velvet was screaming mad, saying she always has Sarita beat but Sarita cheats every single time! Velvet challenged Sarita to a match with no interference, no cheating, so bring it! Sarita said Velvet was a JOKE every time they get in the ring. Sarita said Velvet is a LOSER! Sarita said if Velvet wants her in the ring she will have to put her career on the line, so WHEN she beats her it will be Velvet’s last match in TNA. Velvet Sky responded with BRING IT!

VIGNETTE: More flirting with Jeff & Karen Jarrett in the back of a limo on their way to a restaurant and making naughty comments about what they’re gonna do to each other later.

PARKING LOT: Camera’s caught up with Kurt Angle, and asked him where he was going. Angle said he was going to the Jarrett’s little dinner party!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: TNA Knockout champion Madison Rayne was talking to Tara about brushing Mickie James away like a little fly. Madison said she has beaten everyone in the Knockouts division, including beating Tara in a 60-Minute Iron Woman match for the title (Tara actually laid down for Madison in 5 seconds for that match). Madison said she was getting bored so she was going to issue an open challenge to any woman in the world. Tara said that was AWESOME.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Scott Steiner accepting Big Rob Terry’s challenge for a Posedown next week on iMPACT..

HYPE: Jeff Hardy vs. Rob Van Dam – their history!

VIGNETTE: The Jarrett’s were at the restaurant complaining about their food but toasted to the renewal of their vows on March 3rd. They took a drink of wine and Karen took a fit that it was terrible. Jeff complained to the waiter and Kurt Angle came out from the kitchen with a cook’s jacket on.. The Jarrett’s took off and Angle yelled “what, no tip?”

BACKSTAGE PROMO: Rob Van Dam said he just wants to kick Jeff Hardy’s ass, and getting his championship back is just a bonus!

RINGSIDE SEGMENT: Mike Tenay & Taz talked about the situation between Bully Ray and Brother Devon at Against All Odds. They agreed that Ray’s actions was dispicable and said the network wouldn’t let them show it on TV. Bully Ray came out and got in Mike Tenay’s face about his comments. Taz tried to talk sense into him. Ray ignored him and continued bullying Tenay. Taz stood up and said Ray crossed the line on Sunday and told him to walk away. Ray said if he wanted to smack Mike Tenay he would do it, and nobody can tell him what to do. Taz was more aggressive with his suggestion until finally Bully Ray walked away..

Jeff Hardy defeated Rob Van Dam to retain the TNA World Heavyweight title: Mr. Anderson came out and said he is agreeing to be the referee for this match just to make his Assholes happy. After a long match, Jeff Hardy hit a low-blow and a Twist of Hate before covering RVD. Mr. Anderson relunctantly counted the 1-2-3 giving Jeff the victory. A bit anti-climatic as far as RVD is concerned. Anderson raised Hardy’s arm and then delivered a Mic Check! RVD got to his feet and confronted Anderson about not seeing the low-blow. Anderson shut RVD up with a Mic Check!