TNA IMPACT 02 24 2011


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: February 24, 2011 (Taped: February 15th)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

Mr. Anderson + Rob Van Dam + Immortal (Eric Bischoff & Jeff Jarrett w/Karen & Matt Hardy & Gunner & Murphy): Mr. Anderson said he doesn’t care who is calling the shots in TNA – Bischoff, Hogan, Dixie Carter, or the “Network.” Anderson said he had a rematch in his contract and he is going to sit there all night until he gets what he wants. Anderson said he didn’t know why they (the people in power) don’t like him. Is it because I’m an ASSHOLE? Anderson said RVD isn’t exactly a law abiding citizen, then made a “roll the joint” gesture with his hand. RVD came out to defend himself, asking Anderson about the laws of morality. RVD accused Anderson of feeding him to the sharks to get ahead. RVD said if it was someone’s job to officiate a match he should do his job. RVD said Anderson knows deep down inside who the better wrestler was between them. RVD said as long as Anderson has a microphone in his hand, he is a force to reckon with. RVD said he won’t hesitate to screw over Anderson, like he screwed him over last week. Anderson said he didn’t care about RVD, and all he cares about is getting his deserved rematch. Anderson said ‘before we do something one of us regretes…. ” but then suddenly RVD attacked him. They brawled and had to be pulled apart by an army of security guards, referees, and chunky road agents. Eric Bischoff came out to the stage with Immortal by his side. Bischoff said he was going to give Anderson his rematch tonight, but now he would rather see Anderson vs. RVD! Jeff Jarrett whispered in Bischoff’s ear and Bischoff said “that’s awesome!” Bischoff kissed Jarrett’s butt and then announced Anderson vs. RVD vs. Kurt Angle in a three way dance!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Scott Steiner cut a promo about his posedown with Big Rob Terry tonight while Eric Young flexed his muscles in the background. Steiner caught him and screamed at him, kicking him out of the locker room, and yelling for him to SHUT UP!

VIDEO PACKAGE: Jeff Jarrett and Karen picking out wedding dresses but Karen didn’t like anything that was shown to her. They keep calling her a princess.

BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Kurt Angle said it was only a matter of time before the world saw the Jarrett’s true colors. Angle said he couldn’t give Karen away quick enough on March 3rd. Angle told RVD & Anderson that he wasn’t in a good mood tonight.

Immortal Security (Gunner & Murphy) defeated Eric Young & Orlando Jordan: TNA tag team champions Beer Money joined Mike Tenay & Taz on commentary so they could scout their competition. Gunner & Murphy will get a title shot next week!

Angelina Love & Velvet Sky: Angelina tried to talk Velvet out of putting her career on the line tonight against Sarita. Angelina reminded Velvet that she did the same thing a two years ago and lost so it’s not worth it. Velvet said she needed time on her own and dismissed Angelina.

Brother Devon + Bully Ray + Tommy Dreamer: Devon came out to apologize to his sons, Terrence & Terrell. Devon said a father’s worst dream is when he cann’t protect his sons, and felt at Against All Odds that he could not protect them. Devon fought back tears as he described how Bully Ray assaulted his boys. Devon said those boys loved Ray and he put his hands on him. Devon apologized to his boys and said he should have been there to protect them. Devon fought back tears the whole time. Devon promised that it would not go unanswered. Bully Ray came up on the big screen taunting his former tag team partner. Ray was shown whipping somebody as he talked trash about Devon’s sons and called Devon a sorry excuse for a father. Ray wanted Devon to never forget what happened to his sons, so he’s going to do the same thing to one of Devon’s trainees. Ray picked up the jabroni and prepared to power-bomb him through a table but Tommy Dreamer showed up to intercept. Dreamer brawled with Ray out into the iMPACT Zone, where Devon joined in swinging a chair. Security ran down to hold Devon back – and he accidently knocked down Tommy Dreamer.

Madison Rayne & Tara: Madison said she was sick of people telling her she can’t defend her title without Tara’s help. Madison said with her open challenge tonight, no matter what, Tara must stay in the back. Tara was relunctant but agreed to not get involved..

BACKSTAGE PROMO: A.J. Styles said his message to Ric Flair is that he’s no longer taking a backseat to anyone. Styles said tonight he steps out of Ric Flair’s shadow..

Crimson defeated (Brutus) Magnus: Before the match, Magnus compared himself to Crimson – ambitions, impressive, great physic. Magnus said the one way they differ is that he’s not carrying Kurt Angle’s bags around. Crimson quickly took the battle to Magnus to start the match. After about two minutes, Crimson won after hitting his finisher on Magnus.

BACKSTAGE PROMO: RVD said he doesn’t even know what tonight’s match is about; entertaining Eric Bischoff, getting back at Mr. Anderson, or getting closer to getting his TNA championship back..

“The Freak” Rob Terry + “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner: Posedown’s are never good. Rob Terry came out barefoot wearing only spandex shorts and called himself the real genetic freak of TNA.. Scott Steiner came out wearing a suit and said there’s only one genetic freak and he’s it. Steiner told Terry to come up with something original, suggesting he call himself Chernoble, because he’s one vitamins away from a chemical disaster. Steiner said in the last twenty years he’s earned his nick name, while Rob Terry’s punk as comes from the bodybuilding world and take his name. Steiner said he wasn’t going to come out in spandex and oil up for a posedown. Steiner said he’s going to go back and get his wrestling gear on and come back, and if Terry is still there he’s going to kick his ass! Rob Terry said Steiner was a typical American. Steiner came back in and took off his jacket and shirt, giving Rob Terry time to attack from behind. Terry wrapped his workout band around Steiner’s neck and choked him out until security ran down and pulled Terry off of him.

Velvet Sky & Winter: Winter wanted to let bygones be bygones tonight. Velvet didn’t want to even see Winter. Winter said nobody thinks Velvet can get the job done, but she believes in Velvet. Winter said Velvet can get the job done, just like her and Angelina when they won the Knockout tag team titles. Velvet got pissed and said when she’s done with Sarita she’s coming after Winter’s ass!

VIDEO PACKAGE: Jeff Jarrett and Karen talking to the priest about their wedding vow renewal ceremony. Karen said they were already married but they want ‘Kurt’ to see their love. The priest asked who Kurt was, and she said her ex-husband has to walk her down the isle and give her away. The priest seemed disgusted that they would put their kids on the line just to get back at Kurt.

Ric Flair + A.J. Styles + Hernandez + Beer Money (Robert Roode & James Storm) & Kazarian + Matt Morgan: Never mind any actual wrestling matches, this IS an episode of iMPACT after all. Ric Flair said it was hard to be humble, when you’re the Nature Boy Ric Flair. The fans chanted “Nature Boy!” and Flair told them to save it. Flair called out A.J. Styles and gave him the opportunity to apologize. Flair said he would give the same opportunity to Beer Money & Kazarian, but tonight was A.J.’s night! Styles came out and joined Flair in the ring, but didn’t look like he was going to apologize. Styles said he was avoiding Flair all day because all he wanted to do was beat the piss out of him. Styles said he wasn’t going to let Flair get to him, because if he allows that then Flair wins. Styles said there was a reason they didn’t tell Flair about what was going down, and that was because Flair would try to talk them out of it. Flair talked about his path of greatness, and teaching Styles how to be a champion. Flair said he was going to teach Styles about respect, and slapped him! Styles went after Flair and they rolled around the ring a little bit until Hernandez showed up and attacked Styles. Styles recovered and flipped Hernandez out of the ring and then went after Flair. Hernandez got back up and attacked Styles again. Flair took of his shoe and went after Styles, who hit Flair with a low blow! Styles then hit the Pele kick on Hernandez and went after Flair again. Flair bailed out of the ring and Styles followed, for a brief brawl at ringside. Flair was split open on the forehead and his pants were ripped up the side. Styles stomped Flair back in the ring until Hernandez attacked him for a third time! Hernandez picked up Styles and dropped him head first on the ring apron. Flair barked orders at Hernandez, who pushed Styles back in the ring. Styles kicked Hernandez again, chopped Ric Flair, and then dove over the top rope onto Hernandez. Styles got back in the ring and ripped Flair’s suit off. Flair did the Flair-flop. Styles set up for a Styles Clash, but once again Hernandez made the save and attacked Styles from behind for the fourth time! Hernandez & Flair double-teamed Styles until Beer Money & Kazarian ran down to chase the heels away! Matt Morgan snuck up behind Hernandez and attacked him. They continued brawling throughout the iMPACT Zone. Fourtune stood tall in the ring.

BACKSTAGE PROMO: Mr. Anderson said the deck has been stacked against him for months by Eric Bischoff, but he will overcome it. Anderson said he has tunnel vision on his TNA championship!

Madison Rayne defeated ODB to retain the TNA Knockouts title: Madison wants to prove that she doesn’t need Tara to fight her battles. Madison talked about knocking out every challenger TNA has thrown at her. Madison said she was getting bored, and reminded everyone of the open challenge she issued last week. Madison called out her first challenger. ODB returned to TNA to answer the challenge! ODB got all her offense in, Madison somehow came out on top and retained her Knockout title.

Velvet Sky + Sarita & Rosita: Velvet Sky entered Sarita’s locker room and told Rosita to mind her business. Sarita asked if Velvet had come to wave the white flag. Velvet said she’s doing the opposite, and is accepting her challenge for next week. Sarita said she was pretty impressed with Velvet and promised to not pull any tricks – both agreeing that it would be a straight wrestling match. They shook on it and Velvet left the room. Rosita & Sarita started laughing and Sarita said she is going to screw Velvet so bad next week!

BACKSTAGE PROMO: Matt Morgan rambled on about being the Blue Print and complained about Hernandez taking his opportunity at becoming TNA champion. Morgan said he’ll take a huge chunk out of Hernandez’ ass on March 3rd.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Jeff Jarrett and Karen at a tux fitting while Karen constantly complained about everything. Karen & Jeff laughed about how Kurt is feeling about giving her away. Karen did think Jeff looked handsome in his tuxedo.

VIDEO RECAP: They showed clips of Robbie E & Cookie being confronted by J-Woww – star of the ridiculously stupid Jersey Shore TV show. Cookie cut a promo on J-Woww and slapped her across the face! Robbie E & Cookie then did a new interview talking about bringing Jersey Shore’s Angelina to challenge J-Woww! ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz

Mr. Anderson defeated Kurt Angle and Rob Van Dam: Late in the match, Kurt Angle was setting up for an Anklelock on Mr. Anderson when suddenly the wedding song came on and the Jarrett’s walked out all dressed up to distract Angle. Anderson hit Angle with the Mic Check from behind for the win! The Jarrett’s grinned, kissed, and then walked backstage arm-in-arm.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Angelina from The Jersey Shore will be on iMPACT next week, as will New York Jets football player Buck Scott… plus Sarita vs. Velvet Sky, Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan, Beer Money vs. Gunner & Murphy, and of course the Jarrett’s renew their wedding vows and Kurt Angle will walk former wife Karen down the isle and “give” her away. They showed a clip with their version of WWE’s 2-21-11 (Undertaker) but they are doing 3-11-11 – and it will probably be Sting.