TNA IMPACT 03 10 2011


Location: Fayetteville, North Carolina
Date: March 10, 2011 (Taped: March 1st)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

TNA World Heavyweight champion Sting + Immortal (Eric Bischoff & Hulk Hogan) + Mr. Anderson + Jeff Hardy: The show started with highlights of Sting returning to TNA and recapturing the TNA World Heavyweight title by defeating Jeff Hardy last week. Sting talked about some of his accomplishments, and admitted that he couldn’t do it on his own. Sting said the people have supported him every step of the way, so THANK YOU. Sting said he was also thankful for his opponent last week, Jeff Hardy, but even though he has been drinking Hulk Hogan’s Cool-ade, he is still one of the best wrestlers he’s ever competed against. Sting said he hopes when Jeff gets his heads screwed back on again, that he gives back to the fans some day. Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff came out sarcastically applauding for Sting. Hogan said it was good to see Sting…. after their history, they went their separate ways. Hogan said he knew he and Sting would end up in the ring where it started. Hogan said Sting saw it coming a hundred miles away and tried to warn everybody. Hogan said they didn’t listen to Sting and when they didn’t listen the momentum fell to his way. Hogan said when nobody listened to Sting, he took his ball and went home. Hogan said now that he’s back, Sting is too late…. the fans don’t need another hero, because they already have one – HULK HOGAN! Sting said he went home but he didn’t quit on the people, he quit on Hogan, Bischoff, and Flair. Sting said the more he sat at home a fire started inside of him and raged out of control – the same kind of fire the first time he wrestled Ric Flair, the first time he dropped Bischoff on his head, and first time he stepped in the ring with Hogan. Sting said the fire is not going out and he has a job to do, he has to take back what was never Hogan’s to begin with. Sting said it starts right here, and held up the TNA championship. Mr. Anderson came out to the ring and everyone in the ring listened cautiously. Anderson said he hasn’t spoken clearly or loudly enough, so he spoke slowly when he said “I WANT MY REMATCH!” Anderson said since Hogan’s little bitch, Jeff Hardy, lost the title to ‘this guy’ (Sting). Anderson acted shy and introduced himself to Sting; “I am Mr. Anderson, and I AM AN A$$HOLE!” Jeff Hardy came out next and said Fayetteville can kiss his ass (cheap heat). Jeff complained that he was robbed last week, because he had no chance to prepare. Jeff said if Anderson wanted a rematch the line starts behind him. Rob Van Dam joined the stars in the ring and reminded everyone that this all started when HE was stipped of his title and his best friend almost had him killed. RVD talked smack about both Anderson & Sting. Hogan said nobody calls the shots around there except him! Bischoff said he had an idea, and booked Sting & Rob Van Dam vs. Mr. Anderson & Jeff Hardy.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Angelina from the Jersey Shore, with Sarita & Cookie, walked in on the Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky) and cut a profanity-laced promo about kicking their butts tonight. Winter stepped up and protected Angelina Love from a verbal assault. The heels left and Velvet Sky told Angelina Love that Winter better be on their side tonight!

Pope D’Angelo Dinero defeated Samoa Joe: Before the match, the Pope came out of the crowd and knocked out Okada from behind! The Pope went after the distracted Samoa Joe, but Joe quickly took control and dominated. The Pope got out of the Muscle-buster and knocked Joe out with a steel chain for a cheap victory!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Bully Ray arrived at the building and the camera man asked him where he was going. Ray said he was going whereever he wants and threatened to destroy the camera if he didn’t get out of his way. Ray then cut a promo on Tommy Dreamer for sticking his nose in his business. Ray told Dreamer to meet him in the parking lot later!

Madison Rayne w/Tara defeated Roxxi to retain the TNA Knockout title: Madison Rayne said the reason the women in TNA are called “Knockouts” is because every time they step in the ring with her they get knocked out! Madison said she was getting bored with the competition, so again this week she has issued an open challenge to any woman on the planet. The challenge was answered by “The Hardcore Knockout” Roxxi!! Yes! Months ago Madison defeated Roxxi and forced her into retirement. Of course, they didn’t even talk about that. The match was way too short, and Madison won easily. Madison continued the assault after the match until Mickie James ran down. Mickie knocked down Tara at ringside and jumped in the ring to save Roxxi from further assault.

IN THE PARKING LOT: Tommy Dreamer dragged the camera man out to the parking lot and told Bully Ray to get his ass out there right now!

IN THE PARKING LOT (AFTER COMMERCIAL): Bully Ray went to the parking lot screaming for Tommy Dreamer to come and get some. Dreamer was nowhere to be found, but Brother Devon showed up and beat the hell out of Bully Ray for several minutes! Ray begged for mercy, but Devon started whipping him with a chain! Devon pulled out a sledgehammer and walked over to Ray. Tommy Dreamer showed up and said it was enough to just beat Ray him, but he doesn’t want to go to jail. Dreamer dragged Devon away while Ray was helped up by a security guard. Ray then sucker-punched the security guard for no reason and then whipped him with the chain! Ray then picked up a piece of guard rail and dropped in on the poor guy who was just trying to help him.

The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky) & Winter defeated Angelina from the Jersey Shore & Cookie & Sarita w/Rosita: Winter inserted herself into the traditional Beautiful People entrance routine. I thought J-Woww was supposed to be apart of this match. The match quickly turned into a massive catight. Robbie E showed up and held Velvet Sky so that Winter could get a cheap shot. Winter stayed true and went after Angelina (Jersey Shore) & Cookie instead. Winter then took out Robbie E as well. Moments later, Velvet did a very weak roll-up on Angelina from the Jersey Shore for the 1-2-3 to win the match.. The announcers said that Winter wants to regain the trust factor with Angelina.

VIDEO PACKAGE: They showed clips of the Jarrett’s wedding last week featuring Kurt Angle playing along until it was over and pulling out an axe to destroy everything. The focus was on Bart Scott getting in the face of Kurt Angle and it looks like they’re setting up a match some day.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Mr. Anderson was sitting in Immortal’s office with Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, and Jeff Hardy. Anderson said he and Hardy don’t like each other. Anderson & Hardy started bickering until Bischoff told them to settle down. Bischoff told Anderson to look around because he’s outnumbered. Bischoff said it made no sense for Anderson to take out Hardy and find himself flying solo against Sting & RVD. Anderson stood up and walked out after saying they are ‘amazing’.. Hogan said it’s the nature of the beast, strictly business…

Ric Flair & Matt Hardy + A.J. Styles: Ric Flair & Matt hardy came out first and Flair said he wasn’t done talking to A.J. Styles. Styles came out to the ring to hear what the Nature had to say. Flair said he built the town and made a comment about sleeping with many of the fans mothers. Styles said wasn’t it Flair who said “are you gonna talk the talk or walk the walk?” Matt Hardy took over and said Styles will never understand what he’s been through in the business. Matt said the stuff he’s been through he wouldn’t wish upon his worst enemy. Matt said Styles can’t comprehend because he is young, innocent, and naive like a child. Matt said at one point he was like that too, and he became a victim of all the negative aspects of the wrestling business. Matt said it was never about what he wanted, it was about what the system wanted. Matt said what they do to Styles tonight is not personally. Styles said “personally, I don’t like you OR your brother” and a fight broke out! Cut to commercial.

Ric Flair & Matt Hardy defeated A.J. Styles: At one point, A.J. got Flair in the figure four leglock, but Hardy jumped off the second rope with a leg-drop! They fought at ringside and Matt used a trash can on Styles. Matt brought a ladder into the ring and used it as a weapon to drop Styles. Guess what, Flair was busted open and bleeding profusely. Styles went for the Clash on a folding chair on Hardy but Flair hit a low-blow. Matt hit a Twist of Hate on the chair and got the victory!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Sting said they got off on the wrong foot, and claimed that he thought RVD was apart of Immortal. RVD wasn’t very forgiving. Sting admitted that he made a mistake and apologized. RVD just said “I’m sorry too, Sting” and walked away..

Ink Inc. (Shannon Moore & Jesse Neal) defeated Generation Me (Max & Jeremy Buck): TNA Tag Team champions Beer Money came out and joined Mike Tenay & Taz on commentary for the match to scout Ink Inc. for their match at Victory Road. After the match, Shannon Moore cut a promo and predicted that Ink Inc. is going to be new Tag Team champions at Victory Road.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Jeff Hardy wanted to know if Mr. Anderson was going to turn on him tonight. Hardy said if it was Anderson vs. RVD & Sting, the odds wouldn’t be very good. Anderson agreed, but said he was different, in that he is illogical BECAUSE HE’S AN ASSHOLE!

BACKSTAGE PROMO: The Pope sooner or later he will put an end to his issue with Samoa Joe. The Pope said he was taking it to Joe at Victory Road…

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: The Jarrett’s complained about Kurt Angle ruining their wedding last week. Jeff said next was their honeymoon, in ORLANDO. Jeff said the lovefest will continue!

VIDEO PACKAGE: Featuring STING talking about his career.

BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash interviewed TNA champion Sting.. basically said he would be a fighting champion, but he was tired of talking about it. It’s SHOWTIME! Suddenly Mr. Anderson attacked Sting from behind and said he was holding HIS TNA championship!

TNA champion Sting & Rob Van Dam defeated Jeff Hardy & Mr. Anderson: So-Cal Val did the ring introductions. Sting didn’t come out because Mr. Anderon had attacked him. After a while, Hardy went for a tag but Anderson dropped off the ring apron. Hardy recovered and was about to pin RVD but his own partner (Anderson) broke it up. Anderson hit Hardy with the Mic Check and said he wants nothing to do with him! The lights went out and Sting appeared in the ring and went right after Anderson. Sting hit a Scorpion Deathdrop and then motioned for RVD to go for the Frog Splash! RVD hit the splash and got the 1-2-3 to win the match for his team!