TNA IMPACT 03 17 2011

Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: March 17th, 2011 (Taped: March 14th)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

Douglas Williams defeated James Tarr

TNA World Heavyweight Champion Sting + Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff + Bully Ray + Fortune ( A.J. Styles & Kazarian & Robert Roode & James Storm) + Mr. Anderson: Sting opened the show walking out with a new TNA World Heavyweight Title belt and also holding Jeff Hardys old belt. Straight away Sting called out Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan who made their way slowly to the ring. Once in the ring, Sting handed over Jeff Hardys TNA belt and said this is all that is left with him, Hogan took the title and threw it out of the ring. Sting asked Hogan how it felt to destroy someone career, someone such as Jeff Hardy. Sting remembered when he first met Jeff Hardy when they shook hands backstage and he was so excited to be here, but he was somebody else two weeks ago after seeing him in the ring. Sting said Jeff Hardy has gone down a path which ultimately ended very badly because of Hogan’s promise of power, greed and money. Sting explained that there is fifty guys at the back who have hunger, talent and willing to go. Hulk Hogan said Jeff Hardy  let Immortal down not the other way round. Hogan goes Jeff Hardy couldn’t not keep up with Hogan and because of this it is his fault he failed. If Immortal was failing why is everyone including Matt Hardy on top of their game. Hogan goes Sting cannot help the company and since he came back two weeks ago, many main eventers have been ringing his phone asking for the opportunity to join Immortal and face Sting for the title. Sting then questioned where is everybody, all he sees his Hogan and Bischoff every week and a couple of punks, until Bully Ray’s music came out and he made his way to the ring. Bully Ray goes he has been waiting his opportunity his whole life for this chance, Bully Ray goes without Hulk Hogan the wrestling business wouldn’t exist. Bully Ray goes Sting is jealous and is just like Brother Devon a co-star a sidekick and it burns through Sting. Bully Ray went on to reveal his feelings when he first met Sting and said he was jealous then and still is now. Bully Ray then asked Bischoff and Hogan to be part of Immortal and beat Sting for the TNA Championship, suddenly Fortunes music hit and all four came out .A.J. Styles took the mic and said all of Fortune had Stings back 100%. A.J. asked what did Bully-Ray wanted to do when he came in to the business you wanted to be a singles wrestler ,A.J. goes without Devon there would have been no Team 3D. Bully-Ray said he would love to smack A.J.’s mouth and if it wasn’t for Dixie Carter wiping his ass he would have been either on the streets, he said he wouldn’t be surprised if Dixie wasn’t breast-feeding him still. Bully Ray goes he is a 23 tag team champion and if not for Devon he could have been a 23 World Champion, Brother Ray asked Hogan for his title shot suddenly A.J. Styles slapped him and Hogan restrained him back. Mr Anderson’s music hit and he came marching out. Anderson screamed where is his re-match for the title. Hogan called Anderson a asshole, Anderson started to jump around and admitted he was a asshole. Hogan said Anderson couldn’t beat RVD at the PPV, but Anderson said RVD didn’t beat him and it was “Terrence’s” call. Eric Bischoff took the mic and said the network want ratings, so he booked a fatal 4 way for the number one contendership: Bully-Ray v Rob Van Dam v A.J. Styles v Mr. Anderson.

A.J. Styles & Rob Van Dam: A.J. went up to RVD and said they couldn’t trust Anderson and Bully Ray . A.J. asked RVD if he could help his back out tonight and he will do the same, RVD rejected the idea and said he will win the match by himself.

Madison Rayne w/Tara defeated Alyssa Flash: While Alyssa was making her way down the ramp, Madison attacked her from behind and hit her with knockouts belt. She rolled Alyssa into the ring and hit her finisher to win the match. She carried on the attack until Mickie James ran down the ring and suddenly Madison and Tara bailed. Mickie James took the mic and said she is sick of these open challenges and challenged her to a match at Lockdown. Madison rejected the idea and she wanted it to be worthwhile and challenged her to a Hair v Championship match. Mickie James accepted.

Pope “D Angelo Dinero” & Blind Guy & Fat Woman & Disabled Woman: Pope was giving these random people a pep talk for when they go to the ring.

Mr. Anderson & Hulk Hogan:
Mr. Anderson was screaming at Hogan and wondering why does he have to wrestle a number one contender match, Hogan goes he never won the match and said he has to do things Immortals way or the hard way. Anderson chucked the camera man outside.

Pope “D Angelo Dinero” & Fat Woman & Blind Guy & Disabled Man + Samoa Joe & Okada: Pope said he was going to cure people like Jesus Christ did 10,000 years ago like a real Pope. Pope went to the blind man and asked him to kiss the Pope’s ring, he missed so the Pope held the mic and removed his glasses ,put some spit over his hands instead of the “holy water” he promised rubbed over the blind guys face and he was cured! Next up was the disabled man, he kicked his legs but couldn’t feel it because he is a cripple he then touched his legs flicked his face and he got up and was cured! Finally the third person was the fat woman, he started to feel her and said Jesus couldn’t help her, suddenly Samoa Joe and Okada came out to the  ring. Pope hid behind the fat girl and was pissed that Joe and the Green Hornet rip off came out, suddenly Pope bailed and grabbed Okada and had a knife to him. Pope threatened to take him to the streets and threw Okada down the entrance in the tunnel. Pope was using a fake-knife.

Pope “D Angelo Dinero”  & Okada + Samoa Joe
Okada was hanging with his hands tied together, Pope was beating him with a stick and giving him threats until Samoa Joe came and ran him off.

Rob Van Dam & Mr. Anderson: RVD accused of Anderson of being selfish, Anderson said don’t accuse him of being selfish when he just blew of AJ. RVD said he will see him later

Winter & Angelina Love & Velvet Sky:  Winter said Angelina was coming to team with here, but Velvet said they have a street fight tonight. Winter started to plant seeds that Velvet cost them the match, Velvet pleaded with Angelina, Angelina didn’t seem interested and left with Winter.

Jeff & Karen Jarrett + Kurt Angle
Jeff and Karen Jarrett came out. Jeff said he has nothing to prove he has beaten Kurt Angle, embarrassed him and humiliated him. Kurt Angle has no shred or dignity life in him. For the sake of the kids Jarrett cannot do this to the 2nd father and because of this he is offering him a truce to Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle came out holding a present wrapped in gift paper. Kurt said Jeff Jarrett was always the better man and grateful he showed him the way. The gift was a symbol of forgiveness. Jeff Jarrett started to open it and it was a guitar with a American flag on it, Angle then hugged and raised both the Jarrett’s arms, he suddenly got the guitar and smashed it over Jeff Jarrett who was busted open, Karen Angle tried to low blow Kurt but he had a protective box. Kurt Angle got serious and challenged him to a one on one at Lockdown, if they don’t accept,Kurt Angle will find them and make their life hell, Jeff Jarrett accepted.

Eric Bischoff & Gunner & Murphy & Rob Terry:
Eric Bischoff told Gunner, Murphy and Rob Terry that they have stripped Abyss of the title because of his injuries and these 3 members will face off for the title tonight to determine the new Television Champion.

Jeff & Karen Jarrett
Karen Angle phoned the police to get Kurt Angle arrested.

Gunner defeated Rob Terry & Murphy to win the title: Gunner hit a modified F5 onto Murphy to win the belt .Eric Bischoff applauded him after the match.

A.J. Styles + Ric Flair
A.J. Styles said he can take care of himself against everyone tonight and will win the number one contendership tonight and eventually the TNA Title, suddenly Ric Flair appeared and said he has to deal with him also A.J. then slapped Flair to the ground.

Police & Jeff & Karen Angle:
Karen angle was screaming to get Kurt arrested.

Matt Morgan & Angelina Love & Winter defeated Hernandez & Sarita & Rosita: Hernandez took the mic and cut a anti-American promo, saying they took over and it is their land. The match was over in about two minutes after Winter pinned Rosita with a backbreaker, after the match the mystery man started to attack Matt Morgan but he suddenly started to fight back and the Mexican group bailed.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Mr Anderson & Rob Van dams individual quests for the TNA World Heavyweight Title.

Bully-Ray & A.J. Styles & Rob Van Dam & Mr. Anderson fought to a non contest: No tags and everyone was to be in the ring at the same time Bull-Ray was about to hit A.J. with the chair but the ref took it away, Anderson hit a suplex on RVD onto the chair, both shoulders were down but the ref counted to three, Bully-Ray then knocked down the ref and kicked Borash.He and A.J. continued to fight onto the ramp. A.J. was about to hit Bull-Ray with a chair when Ric Flair low-blowed A.J. then Bully-Ray did a sit down powerbomb onto A.J. from the ramp through the table!!

Fortune and paramedics came out to help A.J. Styles who was put on a stretcher Bully Ray started threatening Robert Roode who he called a “fag”, while Roode called him a “fat bastard”. Everyone including the commentators, crowd (they showed Brooke Hogan) and road agents looked deeply worried about the situation. They showed footage of taking A.J. Styles to the hospital. Kazarian phoned A.J. Styles wife while Beer Money accompanied him to the hospital.