TNA IMPACT 03 24 2011

Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: March 24th, 2011 (Taped: March 15th)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

DARK MATCH: Robbie E (w/Cookie) defeated Bobby Shields

VIDEO PACKAGE: Mr. Anderson the asshole trying to get his rematch for the TNA World Heavyweight title, yet failing at every time.

Mr. Anderson & Professor Schwartz + Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff + Rob Van Dam + TNA World Heavyweight Champion Sting: A whiteboard was set up in the ring. Mr. Anderson came out with his professor who was the number one maths magician in the state of Wisconsin where Anderson was studying to be a asshole. Mr. Anderson explained on the whiteboard that he went to a double pin-fall and has a rematch clause which equals a title shot. The professor agreed. Before he left, Anderson said his school rush Mary Kate Batalski said he the professor called him a homosexual, the professor who looked really guilty said no. Anderson said he was going to give something a teacher should remember his student by and the reason why he asked? The professor asked because you are a asshole Anderson screamed BINGO and gave him a mic-check! Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff came out. Eric question Hulk what he sees in Anderson, he is nothing better than a loud and backstabbing person, he also thinks the network will not like what he has doe. Hulk said he enjoyed this stuff with the professor but Anderson has decided to take the long hard route and because of this will not get a title shot. Anderson said it is in his contract, but Hogan said a Dixie Carter signed contract which means nothing and shove it up his ass. Hogan said Anderson’s wrestling RVD again tonight, and if he beats him tonight, he’ll get his rematch. Anderson said RVD isn’t even in his league, and Hogan says we’ll find out tonight. RVD says that this is wrestling, and when you talk smack about somebody, their music plays and they come out for some smack talk. He asks Anderson if he has any funny words, RVD tells Hogan he’s not sure why he signed with TNA, he was sitting home burnt out on politics, Vince Russo, Eric Bischoff and Dixie all phoned him but it was Hogan’s call which persuaded him, and he asked if he just brought RVD in to screw him over. Sting’s music hit and he said the network called him and he will be the special guest enforcer, so its SHOWTIME FOLKS!

Mike Tenay and Taz previewed what is to come later in the show and gave us a update on A.J. Styles who is injured with a bruised spine.

Mickie James defeated Tara: Madison Rayne told Tara before the match that she had to win or else. Mickie James beat her long time rival after a jumping tornado DDT and Madison Rayne came out and they stared down at one another.

Mr. Anderson & Sting: Mr Anderson accused Sting of taking his title chance by “the network” and asked for any names so Anderson can confront them. Sting said he was given the title shot by “the network and it was just a phone call.

Samoa Joe & Okada: Samoa Joe told Okada to be on his toes but Okada replied in Japanese and Joe said alright.

Okada defeated “The Pope” D Angelo Dinero by Disqualification: Okada dominated the early proceedings but missed a top rope drop kick and Pope assumed control. Pope then took of his shoe at hit Okada in front of the ref (No DQ?), then used his rings to knock out Okada who was bleeding which prompted a DQ(finally). The Pope continued the attack and hit the referee, until Samoa Joe came out for the save: it’s the submission versus the street at Lockdown.

VIDEO PACKAGE: The same Sting video they have shown since he returned with his views on wrestling/Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff and hyping the Kurt Angle versus Jeff Jarrett match at Lockdown.

Rob Van Dam & Hulk Hogan
Rob Van came to met Hulk Hogan. Hulk said he agreed with everything RVD said out there and if it wasn’t for Eric Bischoff liking Mr. Anderson, RVD would be the one having the title shot. Hogan said he will be RVD’s corner, RVD looked puzzled. When he left Hogan started laughing and called him a idiot.

Immortal (Ric Flair & Matt Hardy & Bully-Ray) + Fortune ( Robert Roode & James Storm & Kazarian) + Abyss: Ric Flair came out with a Hardy and Dudley. He said himself GOD would normally be the one to speak and steal the show, but this time he is allowing these two people, as they were part of the most decorated tag team’s in wrestling history. They are the ones to call the shots because they are the best thing going today..woooo. Matt Hardy took the mic and said twelve years himself and Bully-Ray changed the business, they were young and had ambition’s but were backstabbed by the politics backstage and now in TNA they will do what happened to them right into the faces of Fortune. Bully-Ray took the mic and asked A.J. Styles to come out? Of course he wasn’t there and last week sent a message, and he did because he can. Bully-Ray said he has had a big chip on his shoulders for twenty years and no one has knocked it off because everyone is scared of him. Bully-Ray challenged Fortune to a 4 on 3 match at Lockdown. Fortune came out and went on the attack on Immortal, they took control and Beer Money were about to give Ric Flair the DUI when the lights when dim and red and Abyss with a new look came in and gave both Robert Roode and James Storm chokeslams and Kazarian a black hole slam. Immortal were standing tall.

Abyss said he was made stronger after Fortune tried to put him out with Janice, but he is stronger and will come and get Fortune like a big monster he is.

Mexicano-American Contingent (Hernandez & Esteban & Sarita & Rosita) + Matt Morgan & Brother Devon: The new Mexican Americano group came out: Hernandez introduced the newest member Esteban ( he had so many other names). He said something in Spanish and Hernandez said he is the newest member of Mexicano American group. Hernandez has said day by day, one by one they are taking over: jobs, woman and money and why because they are the superior race. Sarita and Rosita said something in Spanish which seemed hot. Hernandez promised to everyone that they will stop worshipping the American flag which came from the top and start worshipping the Mexican flag which was massive and covered up the US flag. Hernandez then challenged Matt Morgan to a street fight, Mexican style. Matt Morgan and Devon came out and they accepted.

Hernandez & Esteban (w/ Sarita & Rosita) defeated Matt Morgan & Brother Devon: The match was a straight brawl all around the ring. Sarita and Rosita started to get involved then Velvet Sky came down to attack them, she was doubled team and Angelina Love was walking down when Winter told her to come back and she listened. Matt Morgan went help Velvet and Esteban hit Devon with some brass knuckles on the back of the head to win.

Scott Steiner & Crimson defeated Ink.Inc (Shannon Moore & Jesse Neal): Crimson hit the red alert for the win on Shannon Moore. After the match Shannon Moore threw Steiner’s head chain at him, Shannon then bailed and Steiner was stopped by referees. They are teasing a heel turn for Ink.Inc.

Number One Contenders match at Victory Road between Rob Van Dam and Mr. Anderson which went to a double count out. And the double pin fall last week on Impact.

Rob Van Dam defeated Mr. Anderson by disqualification: Late in the match the ref got bumped so Anderson decided to bring a chair in the ring Sting threw it out, in the mean time Mr. Anderson hit RVD with a low-blow and did a mic check on the ring post. Mr. Anderson pleaded with Sting to start doing the count out. Sting warned Anderson not to touch him and they started to fight each other, someone ordered for the ring to and judging by the commentary Rob Van Dam is the number one contender. Anderson and Sting fought outside the ring. Referees and agents came out to break them up.

Mike Tenay and Taz discussed what just happened and both think Rob Van Dam is the new number one contender. They said interviews were coming up next with all three guys

Rob Van Dam said he has a match later tonight but seemed a little lost and wasn’t right. He didn’t know he was the number one contender. It looked like he was concussed or high?

Mr. Anderson said he was disqualified for wrestling and said Sting is afraid of him and accused him of ringing the bell

Sting + Mr. Anderson + Al Snow & D Lo Brown & Simon Diamond:
Sting said he never rang the bell and told Anderson do not accuse him, then Anderson appeared and they started to fight and agents such as D Lo Brown and Al Snow appeared to split them up. Anderson and Sting talked trash to each other to end the show.