TNA IMPACT 04 14 2011

Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: April 14th, 2011 (Taped: March 29th)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

VIDEO PACKAGE: A highlight of last week’s events when RVD beat the crap out of Mr. Anderson in the rafters and Mr. Anderson supposedly joining Immortal then turning on them which pissed Hogan off.

Immortal ( Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff & Ric Flair & Jeff & Karen Jarrett & Abyss & Brother-Ray & Matt Hardy & Rob Terry & Gunner & Murphy) + Mr. Anderson
: The whole of Immortal came out to start this weeks iMPACT. Hulk Hogan started things off and praised Immortal as the best talent ever and then said there is also a stench in the back and called Mr. Anderson out to the ring and he obliged. Hulk Hogan said Anderson could either have done his way or the Immortal way,but he chose the hard way. Mr. Anderson said Hogan was a hero to him and called Immortal “sheep,a swinging from Hogan;s nuts.  Anderson said he will not step out of line and said Bischoff made a living out of Hogan. Mr.Anderson said every morning he looks himself in the mirror and he says I am a asshole. Mr. Anderson said Immortal is up Hogan’s asshole…ass,then Hogan slapped Anderson soon after Matt Hardy, Gunner, Murphy and Rob Terry attacked him. They held Anderson up and Hogan promised he won’t make it till Lockdown, Anderson spat at Brother Ray who gave him a hard fist to the face.

Velvet Sky + Winter:
Velvet Sky demanded Angelina Love to open her locker-room door and give her some answers. Winter came out and said she is resting and wants nothing to do with Velvet Sky tonight. Velvet said she is calling Angelina Love out later on and said deal with it bit**.

Immortal ( Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff & Ric Flair & Jeff & Abyss & Brother-Ray & Matt Hardy & Rob Terry & Gunner & Murphy): Immortal were celebrating after what just happened, Hulk Hogan said his slap was like the one he gave to Andre The Giant. Eric Bischoff said “The Network” phoned and they wanted a 2/3 falls match between Fortune and Immortal, whoever wins gains a advantage for Lethal Lockdown this Sunday.

Orlando Jordan (w/Eric Young) defeated Doug Williams (w/ Magnus) & Crimson ( w/ Scott Steiner) & Jesse Neal ( w/ Shannon Moore):
These four teams face each other this Sunday. The match went haywire after a while when Scott Steiner attacked Shannon Moore, then Jesse Neal joined them and they fought to the back. Crimson tried to help but he was attacked by Abyss who chokeslammed him on the guardrail. The British Invasion tried to double team Orlando Jordan, as the referee was distracted by Eric Young however Magnus was knocked out of the ring by Young and Orlando Jordan hit the “gender-bender” aka cross-rhodes for the win.

Bully-Ray & Rob Van Dam:
Bully-Ray said its not time for RVD to play video games and said Hogan is going to offer him a deal better then everything before as the grass is greener and less seeds ( obvious mark at RVD’s weed obsession).

Matt Hardy defeated Kazarian by submission:
Earl Hebner sent both Immortal and Fortune to the back before the match. Kaz was on the turnbuckle but Hardy used the ref to push him against the rope so Kaz fell, Hardy used the “ice-pick” submission to win match number one.

Madison Rayne told Tara she will apologise after her criminal assault last week

Madison Rayne & Tara + Mickie James:
Madison Rayne tricked everyone said she would have ran over Mickie James again and slap Tara. She called Tara her bitch and the only reason why she was with the company was because of her, and if she gave attitude again she would get her out of TNA and make her live on minimum wage. Before Tara spoke, Mickie James came out. Mickie said her elbow will not prevent her from beating Madison to a pulp this Sunday in the cage and show how hardcore country she can be.

Jeff Jarrett ( w/ Karen Angle) & Hernandez (w/ Anarchia & Rosita & Sarita) & “Pope” D Angelo Dinero defeated Kurt Angle & Matt Morgan & Samoa Joe:
After Kurt Angle & Matt Morgan were dominated by the heels, Joe got the hot tag and cleaned house and gave a scoop slam to Jeff Jarrett for a  near pin-fall. Joe was setting the Pope for the muscle buster when Jarrett hit Joe and threw him out of the ring, Angle was preparing himself for the angle-slam when Jarrett ran backstage and Angle followed him. Joe had Hernandez in the rear-naked choke when the pope did a top rope elbow on him, Morgan came in and threw the Pope out, and suddenly Hernandez had the brass knuckles but Morgan crossbodied Hernandez over the rope. The Pope took the brass knuckles and hit Samoa Joe for the pinfall. Post match Hernandez hit Matt Morgan with the brass knuckles.

Jeff & Karen Jarrett + Kurt Angle:
Jeff and Karen Angle were about to leave when Karen realised she forgot her purse,mshe went back but Kurt Angle popped up and Jeff Jarrett sped away.

Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff + Rob Van Dam + Sting:
Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff came out. Hulk Hogan said Immortal were riding high tonight and asked Rob Van Dam to come out. Hulk Hogan told RVD do not make the mistake what Mr. Anderson did. Hulk Hogan said he wanted RVD to be part of his moment. Hulk Hogan goes he likes the new attitude of RVD and also told he took advantage by beating Sting last week. Sting came out. Sting called Hulk Hogan a liar and said Rob Van Dam didn’t see Mr. Anderson hit him last week, Sting gave him advice not to take Immortals side. He felt privileged for being TNA champ but wants to get rid of Hogan and Bischoff. Sting warned RVD if he joins Immortal he will win the title over his dead body. Bischoff said he feels confident and Stinger could never be the same as Hogan and has upped him every time, Bischoff said Sting will be check-mated but Sting goes no that’s his word and hit Bischoff and gave him the scorpion-deathdrop. Sting warned Hogan he will beat him in his own time.

Abyss defeated James Storm:
New music for Abyss. Abyss hit the black-hole slam for the win. Man advantage goes to Immortal at Lockdown. Immortal came out and celebrated and were about to attack James Storm when Fortune came down for the save.

Velvet Sky was on her way to the ring.

Velvet Sky + Angelina Love + Winter:
Velvet Sky told Angelina Love to come out and if she does not apologise she will kick her ass. Angelina Love came her out looking hideous and portrayed a zombie with bruised eyes. Angelina attacked her and left her laying, Winter told her to back and she did.

Mike Tenay & Taz previewed Lockdown this Sunday!

Mr. Anderson is on his way to the ring to face the Immortal Guantlet

Mr. Anderson defeated Murphy:
Murphy aimed for Anderson hamstring but was soon hit with a mic-check and eliminated.

Mr. Anderson defeated “Big” Rob Terry:
Terry tried to dominate but was hit with a mic-check and eliminated

Mr. Anderson defeated Gunner:
The Legends champion was next and has a lot of intensity in him. Anderson eventually hit him with the mic-check

Mr. Anderson & Bully-Ray fought to a no contest:
Last opponent was Bully-Ray. Bully-Ray hit the referee on purpose and the match was cancelled

Bully-Ray took Mr. Anderson up the ramp and preparing to do what he did to A.J. Styles a few weeks ago. Hulk Hogan came out and was getting excited, he decided to rip off his backbrace and prepared to do the powerbomb when Sting came out, Abyss tried to attack him but got a baseball battering and same with Bully-Ray,Hogan retreated and Sting pointed at Mr. Anderson who was laying.

Fortune promised to beat Immortal and end it once for an all. James Storm was pissed and told Immortal to bring it and they will do more then beat them.

Rob Van Dam didn’t say anything

Mr. Anderson said nothing has changed and wants his belt back.

Sting said he will eliminate Hogan and Bischoff. Sting said he feels good and fired up, its showtime folks!

Hulk Hogan promised Sting a war and they want their title back this Sunday and they will break him.