TNA IMPACT 05 12 2011

Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: May 12th, 2011 (Taped: May 3rd)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

Hulk Hogan + Eric Bischoff: Hulk Hogan was waiting in the car park with a lead pipe, Eric Bischoff questioned what he was doing and advised him just to wait for the network representative to arrive so they can sort it out.
We reviewed last weeks iMPACT with Karen Jarrett thinking Velvet Sky was Kurt Angle’s mistress but it wasn’t and tonight Kurt Angle’s partner will be revealed.  The Network causing Hulk Hogan problems, who could it be Ric Flair? Goldberg? Vince Russo? We find out tonight.
Jeff & Karen Jarrett + Kurt Angle: Jeff & Karen Jarrett decided to come out and call a truce. Jeff Jarrett called Karen Jarrett sweet, innocent and fragile, she wouldn’t hurt a fly and for her to be in harm’s way in the ring is terribly wrong. Jeff said he makes sure she doesn’t interfere in matches especially the ones he beat Kurt Angle in. Jeff Jarrett said if Karen is harmed it would be a absolute crime. Karen Jarrett took the mic and said she was the mother of his children and shouldn’t be harmed. She said the last three months have been a misunderstanding and she was looking out for his best interests with the restraining order. They will make up and move on. Kurt Angle came out. He said it’s done and Karen and Mr Doushbag have been pushing him for the last six months, he questioned why he married her and it won’t take Mr Jackass to find out she is evil and will take every penny he has. Kurt Angle said he was going to invite his business out now, but he won’t because the network representative asked him allow her to have a proper entrance introduction later on.
Mickie James & Ms. Teesmocker defeated Madison Rayne & Tara: Madison Rayne just berated Tara the whole match and she was eventually rolled up by Ms.Teesmocker.
Ric Flair + Hulk Hogan + Eric Bischoff: Ric Flair came wooing into Hogan’s office, Hulk Hogan accused him of being the network representative Flair goes do you know who he is, he’s been rehabbing his injury which he got at Lockdown. Flair told Hogan to screw the network he is bigger. Hogan apologised, Flair goes no worries let’s find out who he is.
A limo arrived
Tara + Madison Rayne: Tara wanted to be free from the little brat because she is annoying and like a child. Madison Rayne heard what she said and warned when she wins her title back, Tara’s life will be hell.
Tommy Dreamer + A.J. Styles: Tommy Dreamer said alot of stuff goes on after the show ends, A.J. Styles came out and asked him has he got something to say to him after what happened last week. Tommy Dreamer called him a boy and he knows nothing what he is going through, A.J. said he was a man with 3 kids, he was the one who put a fork in his eye and asked was it the EV 2.0 his reason. Tommy said no and no one knows who he really is.
Sting finished a photo-shoot, he praised RVD for being one of the best martial arts experts in the world and needs to prepare well. He also said a “network” representative is here tonight and it will be Showtime!
VIDEO PACKAGE: The history of Beer Money. What they have accomplished since becoming a tag team in 2008. We find out Matt Hardy’s new mystery partner it Jeff Hardy?
Beer Money ( Robert Roode & James Storm) + Matt Hardy + Chris Harris: Beer Money came out. Robert Roode said it was obvious who Matt Hardy’s partner will be, he asked him to come out, introduce his partner so they could accept the challenge. Matt Hardy said last week everyone saw Robert Roode become a man after going up against Hulk Hogan last week. He said he has noticed both of them coming out, having a sip of his beer it makes him feel sick. He called them worthless nobodys,he can say that because he is still one half of the greatest tag teams to ever set foot on the professional world of wrestling. Matt said James Storm was born a drunk and Robert Roode a annoying Canadian. No one has the balls to face Beer Money, but he and his partner will and take the titles this Sunday. James Storm said he knows he likes to have cold beverages after kicking ass but at this time Matt Hardy is wasting everyone’s time because they know he is part of the best tag team ever. Matt Hardy told him to show some respect, James Storm went up to Matt Hardy outside and told he was the type of guy who knock him out in a bar, steal his girlfriend and make Matt Hardy buy him a case of beer while he James Storm has a good time with her. James Storm told Matt to bring Jeff outside. Matt Hardy said the fans would have to pay to see the Hardy Boyz and its not Jeff Hardy, his partner knows James Storm inside out and said sorry until Storm took the mic and screamed “sorry about your damn luck”, suddenly some eerie music hit and out came Chris Harris who started down James Storm who looked shocked.
Sangriento (Amazing Red) defeated Suicide: X-Division action and a rematch from last week. Sangriento hit the flying RKO for the win. Immortal came out and Ric Flair low-blowed Suicide and kicked him out of the ring.
Immortal ( Hulk Hogan & Ric Flair & Eric Bischoff) + Jeff & Karen Jarrett + Mick Foley + Chyna: Hulk Hogan was pissed and said he runs everything ,he demanded the network representative to come out. Jeff & Karen Jarrett were in the ring after the commercial. The network representative was…. MICK FOLEY. Mick said March 3rd Hogan had everything in place Immortal was at large and Jeff Hardy the TNA World Champion, but suddenly the network started to check mate every one of Hogan’s moves so he doesn’t get the full grasp of TNA like he thinks he has, that someone was him Mick Foley. Eric Bischoff got in Mick Foley face and he pushed him down, Foley threatened them if he is touched they will be out of a job, he told them the show is about wrestling. Mick Foley said the wrestling when Hulk Hogan won the title at Madison Square Garden or when Flair and Steamboat went at it for 48minutes. He renamed the show Impact Wrestling. Foley said he wants wrestling and booked a 25 man battle royal tonight for the number one contendership. Mick then introduced Kurt Angle’s partner…. CHYNA the ninth wonder of the world! Immortal were shocked.
Mick Foley & Chyna: Mick Foley s aid it felt great to be back and now he is authority, he wanted to fire Immortal if they touched him but they stood their ground. He told Chyna wherever Jeff is Karen is as well, she left and he said there was always a vague sexual tension between them both
Mr. Anderson: Mr. Anderson told that wrestling is real, people are fake,something he has said for a long time and Mick Foley has denied him a title shot this whole time. He promised he will win the battle royal tonight.
COMMENTATORS BOOTH: Mike Tenay & Taz previewed Sacrifice this Sunday!
Crimson defeated Abyss & Samoa Joe: Joe took down Crimson, but Abyss came and black hole slammed Joe and you could see his missing teeth, Crimson speared Abyss and pinned Joe to stay undefeated. After the match Joe was pissed but Abyss attacked Crimson, Joe left. Abyss left Crimson laying. They gave us a close of Abyss missing teeth.
TNA stars getting ready for the Battle Royal next.
Rob Van Dam: Rob Van Dam said he has a front row seat for this battle royal
Mr.Anderson wins the battle royal: Participants: Kurt Angle, Mr. Anderson, Immortal ( Jeff Jarrett (w/ Karen Angle), Matt Hardy, Bully-Ray & Gunner), Fortune ( A.J. Styles, Christopher Daniels,Kazarian,Robert Roode & James Storm), Matt Morgan, Scott Steiner, Pope “D Angelo Dinero”, Mexican America ( Hernandez & Anarchia (w/ Rosita & Sarita), British Invasion ( Magnus & Douglas Williams),Ink Inc ( Jesse Neal & Shannon Moore), Devon, Robbie E (w/Cookie), Tommy Dreamer, Orlando Jordan and Eric Young: Matt Morgan eliminated both British Invasion members in quick succession then Orlando Jordan tried to rub his ass against him; Morgan threw him over the rope and then eliminated Anarchia as well. Soon it was some close elimination, Eric Young was crazy, Hernandez threw Jesse Neal over and then leap-pressed Shannon Moore onto Neal on the outside and eliminated both of them. Matt Morgan eliminated Robbie E. Gunner threw Eric Young over the rope but he held like HBK went back in and threw Gunner over the top rope, he was eliminated. Suddenly Eric Young started to jump back and forth onto the apron then on the floor, he thought he won the TV title and started to celebrate. Gunner chased him to the back. After the commercial no one was eliminated until Kaz tried to suplex Jarrett who was on the apron, but Bully-Ray hit Kaz and Jarrett did a over head suplex on Kaz to the outside and it looked like he hurt his knee. Storm and Matt Hardy fought on the apron and both eliminated themselves. The referees separated Storm from Hardy, and then Matt Hardy eliminated Robert Roode. Mick Foley joined on for commentary. Daniels tried to run to Bully-Ray who leapfrogged him over the rope. Morgan clothes lined Hernandez out then Steiner eliminated Matt Morgan. Steiner trashed talked Morgan who held onto his arm and Bully-Ray eliminated him. Steiner and Morgan fought to the back. Last eight superstars: Kurt Angle, Jeff Jarrett, Mr. Anderson, Bully-Ray, A.J. Styles, Tommy Dreamer, Devon, Pope. Devon tried to charge at Pope who used the rope so Devon as eliminated then Angle clothes lined Pope over the top rope. A.J. Styles drop-kicked Bully-Ray over but he held on then Dreamer threw A.J. Styles over the top rope. Bully-Ray then eliminated Tommy Dreamer. Bully-Ray and Mr. Anderson were on the outside after going through the ropes. Kurt Angle was preparing to eliminate Karen when she grabbed his foot Jeff Jarrett then eliminated Kurt Angle. He thought he won the match by Chyna came in and eliminated Jeff Jarrett. After a few minutes of fighting Mr. Anderson eliminated Bully-Ray. He proclaimed he has his rematch and is going for either Sting or Rob Van Dam.
Sting + Rob Van Dam + Mr. Anderson: Sting said he is happy he will be facing Mr. Anderson until RVD came in and said first he has to defeat him. Mr. Anderson came in and he doesn’t care who will win because come Slammiversary he will be on his best form..Assholes…Assholes.