TNA IMPACT 05 19 2011

Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: May 19, 2011 (Taped: May 16th)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

TNA XPLOSION: Desmond Wolfe returned as the “commissioner of Xplosion”, he introduced a new belt which will be called the Xplosion Championship. The champion can challenge any other title holder. A tournament will take place and the First match was Pope versus Suicide.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Sacrifice Highlights and post match comments.

Editor’s Note: New intro video to do with the ‘impact wrestling’ name. The whole Impact Zone has changed and everything is blue, the lighting, the ring ropes etc.

Immortal (Eric Bischoff & Ric Flair & Bully-Ray & Matt Hardy& Abyss & Gunner) + X-Division( Brian Kendrick & Amazing Red & Max Buck & Jeremy Buck) + Fortune ( Christopher Daniels & Robert Roode & James Storm & Kazarian): Immortal made their way out to the ring with Ric Flair sucking on a lollipop. Bully-Ray scared off and started to shout at So Cal Val, Bischoff said once a bully always a bully. He took credit for the changing of the whole Impact Wrestling Zone. Bischoff said Hulk Hogan was having meetings with Mick Foley and executives in New York, so he, Flair and Immortal are in charge tonight and if anyone has a problem they will see to it, until Brian Kendrick and the X-Division stars came out and interrupted. Brian Kendrick says the non wrestler has a problem with the wrestlers such as the X-Division; Kendrick called Bischoff a leech who has slithered his way to the top. He said Bischoff has left the X-Division out in the cold without a team. Bischoff got out of the ring and said tonight he will destroy the X-Division: He booked Kaz defending the title versus Abyss (no weight limits remember), Moderate Red (Amazing) who gave him the middle finger versus Samoa Joe and Generation Me versus there idol Matt Hardy and himself. Kendrick asked what does he get Bischoff then said he gets a slap, then Immortal attacked the stars on the ramp and started to beat them until Fortune came out, the brawl ensured until Immortal retreated but Flair got pissed and said go attack them, Immortal finally retreated when Red did a flip of the top rope onto Abyss and Gen Me did simultaneous dives onto Matt Hardy and Gunner, then it started again until Immortal went away, Ric Flair was pissed and called out Robert Roode tonight.

Sting arrived showing his feet and hands

Mickie James & Tara & Miss Tessmacher defeated Madison Rayne & Sarita & Rosita: Tara pinned Rosita after a sitdown powerbomb. Hernandez and Anarchia were on commentary

Abyss defeated Kazarian to win the X Division title: Bischoff gave Abyss some pre match advice, it worked as Abyss hit the black hole slam to win the title.

Gunner is looking for Eric Young who stole his title

Samoa Joe defeated Amazing Red: When Joe was coming out they showed what he used to be like with his 18month undefeated streak comparing it with Crimson…Impact Wrestling= one match over in 50 seconds, poor Red. Such a talented guy wasted. Joe continued the attack until Crimson saved his brother and sent Joe packing with a T-Bone suplex.

A.J. Styles + Tommy Dreamer + Christopher Daniels + Bully-Ray: A.J. Styles in a neck brace was in the ring and called out Tommy Dreamer, who came out in a suit. A.J. told Dreamer he only did what he did because Immortal are telling him to otherwise his contract is over and he understands. Tommy Dreamer asked A.J. does he think he couldn’t beat him without a injured neck already. Tommy said he has worked injured, built a company and has done more than A.J. and said he pile drove him the first because he was asked now he will do it for himself and sucker punched A.J. talking trash. Daniels came out and Dreamer pretended to retreat but Daniels saw him coming until Bully-Ray came in and smashed A.J. Styles with a chain then Dreamer low-blowed Daniels who got a massive kick from Bully-Ray. Dreamer gave A.J. Styles with another piledriver.

Sting: Sting promised he will be the best champion possible and still wants to get rid of Hogan and Bischoff

Old School Sting walking around

Kurt Angle + Jeff Jarrett + Karen Jarrett + Velvet Sky: Kurt Angle said ding dong the bitch is dead. He said the big throbbing pain in his ass is finally gone and gave credit to Chyna. He loved it when she broke Karen’s ankle and beat the crap out of her. He said at Slammiversary after six long months him and Jarrett one on one, but in a number contenders match, the final chapter. Jeff Jarrett came out and said why he deserves one more match with him but every time he faces Angle he wins. He said it was not down to Karen which is bullshit and only him Kurt Angle that he was distracted all those times. Jarrett said he will face him at Slammiversary if he puts up the gold medals on the line, Angle accepted. Suddenly Jarrett’s music hit and Karen Jarrett was in a wheelchair through the elevated ramp and said Big Daddy will not be alone at Slaammiversary until Velvet Sky came from behind and told her she is going for a ride and ran her wheelchair down the ramp she then knocked into Jarrett injured. Kurt and Velvet laughed.

Generation Me ( Max & Jeremy Buck):Generation Me promised to put their differences aside and do it for the X-Division

Eric Bischoff got a phone call from Hogan who apparently said the meeting went well.

Jeff & Karen Jarrett: Jeff Jarrett was on the phone to Bischoff who booked Velvet in a match with Winter and Angelina Love.

Immortal (“Cold Blooded” Matt Hardy & Eric Bischoff) defeated Generation Me ( Max & Jeremy Buck): Squash match with Bischoff pinning Max Buck after some karate moves.

Winter & Angelina Love: Winter told Angelina Love this was it for Velvet Sky, and then kissed Angelina on the lips.

Velvet Sky defeated Winter & Angelina Love: Velvet rolled up Angelina out of nowhere but was attacked by the returning ODB.

Eric Young & Mrs Teesmocker + Gunner: Eric Young and Mrs. Tees mocker were doing a photo shoot with Eric Young started to strip to show her how it’s done , until Gunner showed up and attacked Eric Young and took the old TNA belt.

Ric Flair + Robert Roode + Immortal ( Bully-Ray & Matt Hardy & Abyss & Gunner):Ric Flair came down and called out Robert Roode right now. Flair asked Roode if he has ever been pissed and not able to sleep, he hasn’t been able to live with himself since he tapped out at Lockdown. He asked who does he think he is for attacking Flair. Roode said he was one of the guys first under his wing when he arrived in TNA, but at Lockdown it was a war not a wrestling match and if he had the same opportunity he would have done the same, but Flair said no he would have put him out of wrestling forever. Flair said he was teaching Beer Money to be real wrestlers getting laid, hammered and wrestling. Flair said lets go right now, Roode goes rejected and said he’s a man and it’s his time now Flair has had it, Flair said people have said it’s his time for the last 25 years asshole. Flair said to be the man the man you have to beat the man now to beat the man you have to stay the man he asked Roode to do it one more time, but Roode rejected he then slapped Roode and hit him Roode then put him in a armbar submission until Immortal came out and beat the crap out of Roode, Bully-Ray whipped him with the steel chain, then they got a chair against Roode’s collarbone and smashed it with another chair. Immortal triumphed.

Sting on his way to the ring

Old school Sting was shown walking.

Sting + Old School Sting ( Mr. Anderson):Sting said he was pumped and loved being in the impact wrestling zone. He praised Rob Van Dam for being a top wrestler and taking him to the limit. He still promised he will get rid of Bischoff and Hogan and allow the power to be back where it belongs. Now he said Ken Anderson went to his face last Sunday suddenly Sting’s music played and it went dark, when the lights where back on Mr. Anderson dressed as old school Sting hit the real Sting with the bat and gave him the scorpion deathdrop and taunted him.