TNA IMPACT 06 02 2011

Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: June 2, 2011 (Taped: May 30)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

EARLIER TODAY: Eric Bischoff arrived at the Impact Zone and a man came up to him and Bischoff said he doesn’t do autographs, but it was a man from the ‘network’ who gave him a letter and said he had been served.

Velvet Sky & ODB & Lee South + Miss. Teesmacker: ODB attacked Velvet Sky who was doing a shoot with Lee South, Velvet was in her panties. They both talked trash to each other, using words such as ‘whore’ and ‘bitch’. They fought around the back making their way to the ring, ODB ripped Velvet’s T-Shirt off and she was rolling around in her bra and panties (puppy’s!!). ODB left her laying and Miss. Teesmacker came down to help Velvet Sky.

ANNOUNCERS BOOTH: Mike Tenay & Taz welcomed us to iMPACT Wrestling: Scheduled for tonight: Angelina Love versus Miss Teesmacker , A.J. Styles/Bully-Ray confrontation and Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett versus Kurt Angle & Matt Morgan.

ON THE ENTRANCE STAGE: Sting’s music came and out came Mr. Anderson dressed as old school Sting. He promised he will be facing someone from Sting’s past tonight.

Eric Bischoff + Brien Kendrick: Eric Bischoff was on the phone to someone until Brian Kendrick came to him and pleaded for another shot at Abyss for the X-Division title. Bischoff said all these X-Division guys want to do is getting beaten up and they are dumb, he said Kazarian has a shot at Slammiversary and then said Kendrick versus Kazarian tonight.

Eric Bischoff is worried about the letter and told someone its nothing to do with TNA it’s a Spike TV issue. His music started to play and before I knew it he was in the ring.

Eric Bischoff & Beer Money ( Bobby Roode & James Storm) + Alex Shelly: Eric Bischoff was in the ring and was very concerned. He asked Beer Money to come out right now. Bischoff said they are running out of time and Beer Money have to relinquish the tag belts because British Invasion are due for a title shot at Slamiversary,so he said hand them the belts. and Bobby  Roode is injured. Bobby Roode called him a son of a bitch and told them he is not getting the belts, he will be at Slammiversary and will get the belts over his dead body, he told his goons to destroy him.. Suddenly Alex Shelley came down. Alex Shelley said Chris Sabin is out for the rest of the year and said last year Machine Guns and Beer Money had 5 great matches and they respected each other. Alex Shelly said at Slamiversary for one night only can he team up with James Storm at Slamiversary. Bischoff complained and said you can’t do that, but Shelly said the network told him he can do that and let’s make Gun Money. Bischoff was livid.

“The Undefeated” Crimson defeated “ Cold Blooded” Matt Hardy: This shouldn’t be happening. Crimson won with the sky high and after the match Samoa Joe came running down but retreated after taking a spear. Joe versus Crimson at Slammiversary!

Mr. Anderson & Eric Young: Mr. Anderson told Eric Young he wanted to face the Great Muta as a rehash of the old days. Eric Young agreed to do it.

Winter & Angelina Love: Winter was livid after what happened last week when she started to bleed. Angelina Love said she understands what Winter wants and it starts tonight

Eric Bischoff & Immortal ( Bully-Ray & Matt Hardy & Abyss & Gunner & Jeff & Karen Jarrett): Eric Bischoff said Immortal have achieved many things, he has dealt with the network and politics. It’s been a great run and left Immortal hanging and confused.

Angelina Love (w/Winter) defeated Miss. Teesmocker: After the match Angelina Love continued the attack and started to choke her out. Angelina Love faces Mickie James for the Knockouts Title at Slammiversary.

The Great Muta (Eric Young) defeated Old School Sting( Mr. Anderson): Eric Young coloured his face looking like the Great Muta, who was announced as “not so great”. Kiyoshi played a Muta lookalike. Gunner tried to come out, but as the referee was distracted Eric Young sprayed the Old School Sting with the mist and rolled him up. After the match they continued to beat Eric Young up until Sting came out and cleaned house.

Kazarian & Brian Kendrick fought to a time limit draw & no contest: They gave each other a handshake of respect before the match started. Eric Bischoff through the use of the headphones granted five more minutes until Abyss came out and gave Kendrick the shock treatment and Kazarian the black hole slam. Abyss told the cameras the X-Division is dead.

A.J. Styles + Bully-Ray: A.J. Styles said no one called him out in his house and Bully-Ray came out. Bully-Ray said this is his house, because it is full of inbred rednecks. He told him to get rid of the smiles and last week he won a street fight, Bully-Ray said you didn’t beat him or piledrived him, you beat Tommy Dreamer, who is a horrible tag partner and is a bigger pile of crap then Devon. He represents everything he hates of a modern pro wrestler, he rather plays games on his laptop, and he goes I rather go to a strip club, drink whisky and get a lap dance. He is a man and you are a boy, he is a punk and he is a pro wrestler. Bully-Ray said A.J. Styles has fear in his face because he does it to everyone and if god was a bully it would be him. A.J. Styles said this is a guy who changed his name to Brother to Bully because of his penis size, Bully-Ray got insecure and started shouting at 3 front row blondes and there is nothing wrong with him, A.J. said he is a man and has Fortune and looks for a fight and kicks there head off, Bully screamed at a girl and called her toots. Bully-Ray questioned A.J. and A.J. challenged him to a last man standing match at Slammiversary. Bully-Ray said is he out of his mind, he asked does he know what he is getting himself into, A.J. asked him the same question. Awesome promo, great feud between these two. A.J. Styles versus Bully-Ray in a Last Man Standing Match at Slammiversary.

Jeff Jarrett (w/ Karen Jarrett) & Scott Steiner defeated Kurt Angle & Matt Morgan: A Slammiversary Preview Match. Kurt Angle fought with Jeff Jarrett up the ramp and through the side of the entrance. Back in the ring Steiner hit a low blow and got the win somehow, the camera was focused on backstage it looked like Karen Jarrett fell down the stairs and Jarrett calling for help. Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett were trading words and paramedics came to help Karen Jarrett.

Mike Tenay and Taz showed us what happened during the back with Karen Jarrett being escorted on to a ambulance. Hulk Hogan came out.

Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff: Eric Bischoff told Hulk Hogan if this the last time he is on national television, he wants everyone to know what he thinks. He has known Mick Foley for WCW 19 years ago, back when he was Cactus Jack in WCW he was pretty bad and built a career with a sock on his hand. Eric Bischoff said he has achieved more then Mick Foley achieved in the worse week of his career. Hulk Hogan said they made history and opened the letter, skipped most of it and said immediately MICK FOLEY is fired. Hogan and Bischoff celebrated.